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SearchThisVideo: Golftopia V1.0 Impressions (Part 2)

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hey guys this is kirob speaking and
today we are back in golftopia
and we are continuing our quick look at
the finished or well kind of finished
1.0 finished in
the sense of that it's out of early
and i assume from here on out there will
minor content editions and patches

but i have not spoken to the developer
uh in recent times so i can't confirm
that right now um but yes that's
what i assume is likely so does it feel
better than
during early access yes it does feel a
lot smoother especially when building
and starting out the game the
interactions with the weeds and so on
we have in the past in the last episode
looked at some of the still weird stuff
that is in there of course

and also played a few holes and what we
wanted to do now
in this one is to continue our
um lost links course
and host the tournament and see how that
goes with all the new
uh golf mechanics changes can discuss
those a bit more and just enjoy
a nice cup of tea nice couple shut the
and a nice round of golf so let's
get going uh let's do this

yeah participants 36 yeah yeah let's go
okay here we are on hole number one
we have um the driver
uh can we get over the bunker that's the
eternal question
hopefully yes so let's hammer it oh yes
that was a good one
oh and my competitor got stuck in the
plug it in the side wall of the bunker
of course that is not being simulated

uh or maybe it was claire is not having
a good time
so what do we do here ions are
recommended i really don't
get that differentiation i i dislike it
actively dislike it that you have that
you're forced into a certain
type of iron because the fairway is
for ions than for wedges but wedges are
i don't i don't get it also from this
distance hitting an iron

even the nine iron like short ish
is quite hard because you need to
uh you need to slow down your swing so
much or
you do a half swing or three quarter
swing or whatnot
uh to get it right let's play
um let's play a backspin shot
so you're kind of supposed to do this i
guess let's see if we can haul it
uh we are going to go here

there 80. no okay oh this stops on a
dime okay
well that is what you would expect from
a high lofted wedge shot not from a
an iron shot but you somehow open up the
club face
just smash it um okay second hole
this is where it gets really weird as we
have discussed before
um you are hitting backspin shots with
your metal woods
and try and get it close so let's see if

we can do that i think i want to land it
somewhere there
let's play it a little safe aim it
slightly to the right
there and uh well we hold it okay that's
that's a decent result i take it oh i
think by the way that is our first hole
in one isn't it
the first time that there and now let's
see with
all our mice can we defeat the dick
well we could try something new and just
bounce it off this hard fairway

and then jump it
hard into the hard dick bunker but uh
now let's
let's try to go here like all the way
over there in the middle somewhere and
hope for the best and uh too far
got it a little little too far into the
cut rough
so here irons are recommended okay i can
can get that so
did we i think this has a bit of slope
on it

just minimum amounts yeah so let's try
to hit it out there
and yeah okay we're on the green we have
a chance
for uh is this a path five this is a
long powerful
it is a par five so we have an eagle try
so slopes of the green how did that work
uh do we have a slope in here do we just
have to
play it straight let's see
yeah okay that was it still super easy

so that's a little disappointing too um
there's one of the reasons why the
scores are all so damn low
uh the putting is no challenge to the
this one is interesting uh let's go for
the high
lofted one and try to just inch it
to there hit it a little short even
yeah because that jump is massive
so let's deselect that that is a 54 yard
after the first bounce and in total we

hit it
all right next shot let's say we are
still leading the tournament
at the moment um what are our options
here again uh
an iron shot and this one hopefully
stopping on a dime once again
there headed to there and yeah nice shot
easy birdie all right doctor manager

is right here below the
fifth green or rather still on the t but
below the fifth grade we do want to play
another high lofted
metalwood to somewhere such that we are
right down there at the slope so maybe
to there
see yeah stop yeah okay that was pretty
and now we're going to see how the ball
reacts to
severe uphill um that will be

as discussed in the past it's not
supposed to look like that
uh not really at least oh well it could
depending on how you hit it but
uh no no it's not supposed to look like
so if this is a normal arc that you
would see but maybe it's just
preview that is not showing it correctly
but yeah this is a normal arc for
short and then this is not what it looks
like when you hit it up here
it doesn't just conform to the terrain

but rather it has the exact same arc as
there and
well if you hit it too low then it goes
into the slope
um so you have to loft up in order to
get that shot going
but let's see if that is actually
possible here let's hit it
as far as we can and oh it actually
goes the distance it said it would
which is good i mean that at least gives
you some
some uh way of of gauging us

but why are we supposed to do a bump and
run here right now
i don't know uh let's do a backspin
high loft i lofted one and
let's put it to uh we need to be
perfectly aligned
come on that one needs to be hold to
there maybe
oh what the what's that
okay nobody here
oh number six this one is tough

two approaches to this one oh and yeah
okay now this should be
working quite a bit better with the new
because we have a lot of range now as
you see we could hit this
way far and even with the backspin type
of shot
we can hit it with the iron to right
close to the pin so let's try to aim
and see how that goes stop

okay that was an unlucky bounce there to
bouncing it off the slope i think these
fairways need to be softened a bit this
not not how fairways play outside of the
middle of summer
all right can we hold this one for a
nice little
birdie yes we can okay another uphill
shot yeah this one is going
going nowhere 250. let's aim it
exactly to the slope here because if we

miss it
to the side of the mountain it will
probably bounce off and into the fairway
if we miss it slightly right then that's
fine too
uh because there's all fairway so let's
go and
that that was the worst of situations
but i think we're close enough to um be
able to arc it
into the green and close to the flag
this is a well-designed hole after all
it's a little tricky

claire is not having a good time there
let's go with the iron and backspin type
shot because that's
a high arcing one and let's
put it close to yeah we don't want to
put it too close here because then it
could potentially if it
goes short bounce off the steep cliff
and into the water so let's
uh give it a good thumping here
and yeah let's aim it straight at that
yeah perfect okay easy birdie

oh i think we have some weed
that i've been neglecting uh let's turn
on the weeds
oh they're getting closer
uh over here we don't have any troubles
anymore so let's uh just uh relocate
them a little
and yes we have a two shot lead at the
now the question is can we pull out a
450 yard
drive once again

uh wouldn't that be fun
we're definitely going to try good mood
and everything
so uh driver recommended uh let's go low
and try to hammer it down there
and yes go go somewhere close to that
go go go oh yeah okay that was a good
i i like that off the rock very nice
now we have the problem of you're
supposed to play irons
and why do you sound like decade kane

i don't know the soul stone
burns with hell fire as an eerie red
glow blurs
my vision fresh blood flows into my eyes
and i know flows in into your eyes they
uh you hear the tormented whispers of
the damned
oh wow that was a very nice bunker shot
there claire
i didn't expect that of you uh and
this one oh almost

from 50 yards out
i almost made it still a birdie
number nine let's see how we can go with
this one
i think medium here might be good
let's uh go into the middle of there and
just have it roll out to here maybe we
oh wow that's aggressive pretty close to
the stone there
uh i think we can get it in there easily

can we get it over the rock though
not quite but we could attempt to just
lay it short there
oh oh let's take a look at how close
is little too close for comfort isn't it
uh if we go like really far
is this safer not really
yeah this was not the best play was it
should we maybe try and play it around

it's wrong direction
we could try to play it too like here
all right let's let's go with that
hopefully it doesn't roll out too far
like this
and oh it did roll out like half a
kilometer at least
and she almost nailed that that was like
a 50-yard run
after playing that all right dr manager
uh please hold this one go yes

easy 26 yards
who cares so easy okay this one
yeah that's uh we need to get that's a
difficult one we need to get down there
far so let's drop it into low loft
uh medium loft low look yeah um do we
need to get that far though
yeah i think so otherwise we don't have
the iron in chance really
so let's hammer oh oh what a shot
uh okay how far was that

something wonky going on here that was a
come on deselect it
that was a um yeah there's something
wrong here
why are we having it indicated
a distance of uh what was it 265
i believe something like that and then
the ball goes 395 yards
i think there's something wrong there uh
this is a little too wonky for my taste

that's for sure
um cool uh let's go with
yeah if it recommends iron so i guess we
go with ions
and then backspin uh yeah let's
hold it right right into the hole there
now okay
close enough that will be a birdie
hole number 11 we tried that in the last
and we're quite successful at it despite
it being uh
weird and very difficult um let's see

so that we play the draw and then we
rely on the 550 yard
rollout which means that we i need to
aim it to somewhere like
there yeah let's go
and oh oh oh oh yeah that wasn't too bad
another easy birdie uh what happened now
where's my man what
wha what happened claire doctor manager

my ball is in the back
what oh no for sake i clicked
a while while doing weed work this
popped in
and i still had him selected and he shot
to like i
clicked somewhere here to relocate stuff
yeah that is not great okay uh that
that will cost us uh shuttles so
yeah let's see what what goes on there

see if we can salvage it let's get out
of there oh yeah okay that wasn't too
so we're back in play and
now let's play it safe here just go down
and this is a past six after all
i was planning for an eagle but that
didn't happen
so let's just keep it keep it safe
that wasn't safe that was oh

claire just hold out from there
like straight into the hole what the
what the
okay uh here bunker shot go hard yeah
decent decent decent
stroke number five stroke number six
come on yes hold it
perfect so we didn't
lose a stroke there despite the um
questionable decision making on the
direction of the drive
um so yeah we get that one but

uh let's aim to
here that seems to be working reasonably
on average
then we can just lob it over
so before we it's our turn to to play
let's uh check on the weed situation
over here because that is getting a
little out of hand or was
until we cleaned it all out all right
doctor manager here we go um
we are going with the backspin type shot

you can go over these rocks and
let's go there yeah decent enough that
a lot of bounce there but easy birdie
as expected oh there we go very
nice 13-under and the others didn't
didn't manage to follow so we have a
two-shot lead again
let's play a draw on this one there's
room for it

uh something like like that
maybe yeah oh
this is ridiculous
100 yard raw on a not firm fairway
i mean that's not how it's supposed to
be is it
so i do want to get this one close uh
backspin type short
and yes
i i think yeah that's uh only just
barely reachable with the iron so i

guess that's
what we're going to do um let's place it
right there and that was a good one yeah
easy birdie
doctor manager this one is a tricky one
and we're supposed to play it with our
driver um
yeah let's just lob driver into
the green ah
the naming here is still a little wonky
i would never call a driver
like metalwood or something to be more

accurate but then again
i don't know if the average joe who
doesn't play golf
is making the connection like they
probably have heard driver
as a name for a golf club but metal
sounds a little weird um yeah so we're
going to play the driver
to right there and hold
out easy you see no okay not quite
but again easy birdie versus just a par

from the plebs number 16
this one is tricky because you need to
hit it so far
otherwise you can't really reach so low
and 251
yeah i think we need to hit it down
there into the fat part
maybe we can hit another player that
would be nice so let's go um
oh close no heart yes you need to heart
because that was another ridiculous

there was 350 yard drive in the rain
okay this one is a little tricky uh iron
shot and we can't
get it there with just
the normal means so let's try to roll it
uh with a draw shot let's place it
to there and then hope it rolls out
to the top of the green no off okay that

that was terrible
and i think that was on me for not
reading the slopes right
now we're left with a probably just par
so let's let's go there ah so close
we are having another wheat hive here so
oh ho ho ho let's get rid of that really
quick please
hole number 17 already yep let's uh

play that one and it's a
bit of a tricky one uh severely uh
sloping green
as you see there but not the lower lower
unfortunately the ball doesn't follow
the the physics there too much
and just keeps rolling down but um
well it does while it's calculating
um and still rolling but it has a
tendency to stop even in
steep slopes so here we go uh how do we

want to place this shot
probably would want to place it
somewhere over there
um how do we do this
maybe play a fancy one again and trust
our skills
or is that ridiculous maybe it is
should we go with the high lofted one
this is down sloping by the way
so you can't go too far this is in
several tiers this fairway
yeah let's let's play it very safe and

play it
to here
okay go go go ball
is that fair way holy okay that was
i i didn't think that would be that
close to the edge
we should have a very nice um
shot into the green here with
a backspin type shot we get very close
to the green
to the pin so i'm going to take that one
because i like my chances of not having

it roll out too much
let's go go go what was
what was that how did you fail
so hard at a shot that you're usually
pretty good at
okay so yeah let's let's go there and
come on oh no i'm so close
again oh no this is getting tight
that was supposed to be a birdie i was

supposed to be a birdie and it wasn't
oh no we're still leading by a shot
and that won't hold for too long so
let's not
it up now let's try so we do want
to aim
let's get the camera right we do want to
aim into the middle
of where we want to go there
so somewhere there and yes i'm
aware that uh we have the medium lofted

one because if we
add like 60 yards of
travel to it uh we should be in this fat
portion over there
if we go with low loft then
maybe that's also true for that and
is it less accurate let's just hammer it
go go go
go go yes yes yes oh that was a
beautiful drive
beautiful drive let's deselect let's
our dick size very quick

313 yards
oh xavier has hauled out he's 15 under
oh oh and doctor manager has stopped
because why bother right because claire
like hundreds of yards in front of him
why why are you standing there claire
oh she's already walked to the ball okay
that's a
pretty bad spot to stand in um

so zack is still out on course
he's at 15 under and still has not hold
so you might get to 16 under do we have
to pick
the z driver and try to get to the green
in order to get the no
if this is par five then this should be
good enough
if we are going low loft just nailing
claire in the process
happy times yeah let's try to hit it

go go yes okay that
is in range for a really nice approach
joyce has just hit 16 under
oh and still not finished oh
oh that that doesn't bode well uh
irons do we want that or
basically wedge or wedge doesn't get us
there backspin type
shot let's hold it okay let's hold it
let's go

right there and
no no backspin out oh that was
so close
come on so now let's go
that is 16 under joyce has
i think that means that we
managed to win the tournament i think
that means we managed to win the
let's see though yeah
we did it you won first place

beautiful there we go
and one thing we wanted to check out
here is how the course is
repopulated and it looks
quite good there are plenty of players
out there
anyway what is the verdict well it is
fun it is a very arcadey uh
take on golf that's for sure and some of
the things
even for an arcadey version of golf are

just whack like driving distances
and roll out and and that is on
normal fairways um but
but yes it is definitely fun and
it is hard to like because you are
required to play 16 under power
um putting is awful in that it's way too
um and doesn't take any reading of the
and there's no way to read the greens
anyway so
that's that's fair i guess um but yeah

is it fun yes it is so i have a few more
video series planned at the moment
cyclist related and pcm related and
stuff so
that is probably coming first but then
let me know in the comments below if
and well i'm going to see it from the
video number of likes as well as views
if this is something that you would want
me to play
in version 1.0 building a proper course

once again
and just see how it plays like properly
in version 1.0 without restricting
to a classic tight golf design
like this but rather have it all more a
little bit more spread out and
maybe a little bit more wacky in places
yeah let me know and i hope you enjoyed
and see you guys next time


Just coming out of Early Access is Golftopia, a golf tycoon sim similar in style to the classic Sid Meier's Sim Golf, but with a futuristic theme. We're having a look at ...


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