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    Google Slides The Complete Beginners Overview

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    This is a complete overview of All the options and features of Google Slides. Slides is Google's answer to presentation Software. It's fast, cloud based, works offline and has some very useful features. Especially when tied into G Suite and used in the classrooms, Google Slides is not only a great platform for collaboration, its also a wonderful suite of tools that enables your students and teachers to quickly create a presentation that looks professional without wasting any time!

    Check out the many available tools and features in this Complete Overview video. This complete Beginners and Advanced users Tutorial will show you everything you need to know about Google Slides!

    Also, if you are interested in the latest updates, such as the insert Audio feature, check out my video here: https://youtu.be/7HgPaeCVViA
    I also have a Playlist on everything Slides here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwXXOxvDboea6SnnRK4ToVXb-tDLn_mfZ

    Thank you for watching and remember to share this out! (Scroll down for Timestamps.)

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    0:00 Intro
    0:20 Who can get Slides?
    0:45 How Do I create a new Slideshow? Different ways of creating the files.
    1:05 URL Shortcut for New Slides
    1:20 Name your File
    1:30 Organize your files by selecting a folder
    1:55 Star your files for easy work
    2:13 What are Themes or Templates in Google Slides
    3:04 How do I add a new Slide to Google Slides
    3:15 Add a Slide with pre-arranged object and placeholders
    4:00 What can we add to our Slides?
    4:20 Insert and image into your Slide
    4:25 Why use the built-in Search for insert image?
    4:45 Insert with Safe Search
    5:20 Format Images
    5:40 Use the Explore function in Slides for easy design
    6:34 Speaker Notes
    6:45 How to see speaker note when presenting
    7:00 What is different about the Presenter View in Slides?
    7:30 Timers when presenting in Presenter View
    7:43 Audience Tools
    7:50 Q&A in Presenter view with Google Slides
    8:15 Q&A as a back-channel
    8:50 How to hide of Skip a slide
    9:30 Insert Video from YouTube
    9:50 Insert Video with Safe Search
    10:00 Format Options for Start and End Times
    10:30 Video Playback Options
    11:30 Version History and Version Info
    12:30 Insert a Chart from Scratch or Use charts from Spreadsheets
    12:45 Keep your Chart Linked to have an up to date Chart
    13:15 Animations and Transitions in Slides
    14:20 How to Auto play a Presentation by Publishing the Slides
    15:00 Auto advance the slides at a set time
    15:20 Copy Slides from Presentation to Presentation and KEEP them LINKED
    16:20 See all your linked objects
    16:40 Link within the Slideshow to different Slides(Great for Choose your Own Adventure style Slideshows)
    17:35 Don't forget to leave your favorites in the Comments and Let me know which feature is the one you use the most!

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    Comment (47)

    1. This is a helpful video. I'm studying to complete a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language and want to set up my first training video of the first 100 instant words and first 100 nouns most used in the English language for an A1 beginner level class.

    2. The demo for using google slides is excellent. I love the way each step is described, as in where on the screen to go to find a particular icon, etc. Very Helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
      ps I clicked on the bell and chose personalized notification; not sure if it worked.


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