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SearchThisVideo: Guardians of the Galaxy Full Episode 2: Under Pressure Walkthrough 60FPS HD

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you have something I desire the Eternity



maybe I should quit while I'm ahead go

out on a high note

I keep thinking of how nebula imagine

how she's going to react when she finds

out we killed Santa Mike you said she's

your sister trust me

family is worth fighting for maybe

you're right

Pano's eradicated my people destroyed my

planet now that you have killed him the

Eternity porridge will be our salvation

you have a body a temple women will

dispatch them officers to your location

the galaxy owes you a debt I can never


I will not rest until we have conquered

every star system in the galaxy starting









Wow no no sorry Ruth back foul diamond I

am whoa hey as if not normal

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get behind me I will protect you from

this monstrosity guys it's me

it's Peter lord I done stark will ah I

mean sure it's like you work yeah so uh

I guess I was dead and now apparently

I'm not this is impossible impossible is

one thing this this is freaky how do we

know you are really Peter quill prove it

to me what do you expect him to do if he

is really Peter quill he will know oh

come on

who else could master these sink moves

stop stop doing that with your pelvis

like this what is most disturbing

okay great everybody calm now huh we

call I root

he's right the dead don't just come back

there's got to be a catch I mean this is

insane you see that don't okay rocket

everything comes at a cost

do you think I'll get superpowers heat

vision invisibility ooh maybe I'll be

able to pass through walls if that's the

case then we're all doomed

you don't want to take this seriously

than fine what was that

hey Paula she's caught up to us everyone

upstairs we got to move

I already died once today I really don't

want to try it again everyone hold on

things are going to get a little bumpy

yeah Natalie Peter you just died are you

sure you're okay fine we get it almost

every night

easy well Adam got you a compromise not

really true guru says he's gonna puke

again everybody here is out of sight

they don't bark and they don't find the

key sings uzbeki single I ever thought I


I think we lost his Halloween's

relentless but why she want this

eternity thing so bad her ship was full

of dead cream thousands have been

preserved in safest pod huh okay now I

might puke save it for when we land

buddy she could create an unlimited army

of crew soldiers

if this relic falls into Holly's hands

that mad news for everybody agreed

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although I would relish and killing her

and bringing her back to life and then

killing her again and bringing her back

to life and then killing her again and

then bringing her back to life and

anything now that will be a fair fight

one I would not lose you know I'm all

for people having opinions but sometimes

track shouldn't be allowed to speak yes

group now is one of those times

agreed yeah army SHM army we could take

them all on yes

five against thousands those odds are

wonderful ah so stupid

Solano can't take much more of the team

I barely got her up and running up your

last so-called landing we don't find

someplace to lay low and fix our yeah

I'm on it now got just need her to hold

together for a little longer rocket I

might know someone who can help us out


ever please


where are we I don't like you out in the

open with Halle on our trail let me do

the talking

we'll if you hear trouble e far behind

my ships blocked it man and here the

only guy who can fix it this is why you

never loan too tough to people haven't

seen you stealing me in the ravages I

hear your real hero now been helpin out

don't over court boys you think I'm

again now you've lost the other half of

your mind never thought you'd turn into

a spineless goof on one speak up


so hatin which is bad for business quill

tear people see in the authorities on my


hey you practically raised me man look

my mom said you're responsible for

whatever happens to me at least you can

do is let me at least I can do is


well you back on in then before someone

sees you

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make yourself write it home Oh

I thought it was just you will not all

your little playmates

hey hey no plants on the roof I am rude

that means you would be these guys are

my family

yondu great okay quick introductions

then this is Gamora say now nice to meet

you it that away or I'll cut it off

that's crude Jack say hi these are

terrible what do you think you're doing

that's my food my poor your must eat and

last but not least rocket rocket

I don't trust rabbit they'll shoot you

in the back first moment they get will I

don't trust in a moose that contol want

to hear me talk okay I'm gonna blow your

friggin head off how's that for talking

rocket we are guests inside yondu's

beautiful home please don't blow it and

everyone inside of it two tiny little

pieces this place is already a garbage

heap a little kaboom would do it good

oh just a space oh I've been fine

black-market trinkets off this little

freak for years and I've been gladly

accepting this idiots money you got

anything new for me oh we got some but

it ain't for sale well he she abused get

it right in with my collection could

clear some space one can never have too

many trinkets and little dude an oboe

before you get too attached you should

know the Kree are after it

they're willing to kill for it too oh I

was just having a bit of fun cuz I'd

rather have the Kree after your hide

than mine let me see that thing



beautiful sometimes it takes stepping

back from your problems to see how small

they actually are these last few months

hadn't been easy for either of us but

I'm I'm not always going to be here I

worry about you you've grown up so fast

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I know Mom I'll do better and I know you

will you guys are more than this live

Peter I know you are you're going to

save the galaxy they're gonna kill that

up and change everything wait

yes this isn't how it happened you you

didn't say that before please trust me

baby I'm trying to help you hmm every

time I look up there I find something

new something I overlooked come sit by

me baby hmm you can see the Stars even

better from over here Peter please just

for a little bit yeah

of course mom just for a minute though

okay that's good

so what am I supposed to be looking at

the star I know they don't look like

much I think that one is Canis Major

shaped like a dog that's right

you wanted a pup so badly when you were

younger as you can never have one how

much money closest thing you were ever

going to get with that constellation is

to wish that dog sweet dreams

every single night that's Orion no doubt

about it if it is indeed first

constellation you ever learned

that's that's Gemini right the twins

yep you used to say they were dancing

together yeah I thought it was you and

Dad you have one active imagination


that looks like the Eternity Forge sure

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I'm writing it wasn't there before


what wanted to say



come find me Peter guys I don't think

they can hear us did you just see what I

saw it's been decades since I've seen

your mama's face now that was a special

tree Peter something was off about that

memory that wasn't how the night ended

can't help you I wasn't there the first

time what just happened I saw my mom you

heard her right she wants me to find her

wait look I've seen glyphs like that


it's ancient Kree stop eating already

God can't hear myself think it's hardly

ever used anymore I haven't seen it in


I'll keep us in suspense what does it

say you can read that filthy language no

but I think my sister can't

Pano's was after something an object

with these same markings let me see that

nebula and I stole it friend I don't

know what it does but my sister may have

been able to learn something from it if

we can find nebula maybe she can help us

translate this yeah right before she

cuts off all our heads and takes up

Fords for herself and who do you think

the first guy she's gonna use it on

counterpoint you worry too much we have

to figure this out before holidays

are you hearing yourself every story you

tell us about that Robo chick ends with

somebody getting eviscerated and that is

something I'd like to avoid for the

foreseeable future stand behind me then

Rocket's right if we go after nebula we

better be careful I'm prepared for any

danger I'm got you covered

I tried to get in contact with nebula

not long ago she won't be hard to track

down better let me have a look at your

ship there I may have something to fix

that lying around move your foot I am

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Groot somebody get this tree away from

me enough with the snacks could you be

any more useless right now

what's up man everything okay

look I'm no good at this so I'm just

gonna do it fast I know we don't know

what kind of up the relic but the one

thing we do know is that it brought you

back to life don't tell me you ain't

thought about how you can use that power

well anything happened you guys I'd use

it on you the ultimate life insurance of

course you would because we're important

you don't know a lot about me but before

I met you guys there was some

he's gone but maybe with that relic I

can make her uncle I just have to try

you've got to go to happen I know going

at the nebula the logical movie I get it

you got to find out why this thing's

affected but this favor I got asked I

ain't told anybody about this before

this person means that much to you

we'll go really Thanks

a minute help me out with this boy

single beer keys dropping it on my foot

it slips


let's get going


that'll do have that little fur ball of

yours give her a good rail to warm up

the engines should be right to go where

are we going star-lord we got a little

detour to make my quilt rocket ask some

business to take care of on halfway we

don't have time for a detour

we've got more urgent problems to deal

with right now Peter there's something

you need to see hey you promised we're

going I found nebula she's taken Santa's


she's heading to a remote Nova Corps

outpost Peter she's going after Stannis

his body and we're supposed to care

because if I know my sister she'll kill

anyone who gets in her way and once she

has Thanos if she goes off the grid


I can't guarantee I'll be able to find

her I made a promise to rock they're

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just gonna have to wait forget your

promise we need her to help us translate

the Eternity Forge nebula isn't going to

just wait for us to intercept her look a

promise is a promise

Pete and I are going to have work

intercepting nebula is more important

you don't get to say what's more

important when it's a matter of civilian

lives yes I do we're going to half world

thanks buddy I owe you one

Peter but nebulas good lucks translating

the Forge without my sister

coast looks clear

who has been eating all this candy


that's all this none of your business

don't make me regret letting you in here

it wasn't easy to find those guy who

sold them to me try to charge me a

fortune I convinced him otherwise you

got a lot of sharp knives in here how do

you sleep with this stuff everywhere



hey Gamora you uh okay this might have

been our only chance to catch a nebula

and I she could be gone by the time we

find her and then I don't know what

happens then I'm sorry I I really don't

want to talk about it

it's funny how alien all my earth junk

starts to look after a while come on

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don't die on me

need some help with that no no it's fine

just shorts out every now and then ah

crap I think I got something in the

engine room to fix this you want to talk

I'll be down there

don't touch that I gave you this [ __ ] or

at least I think of you can barely

recognize it now look at all this crap

you attitude


hey Drax

we're doing all right when Thanos was

alive I was a warrior with a singular

purpose but now I am useless the others

have made that very obvious to me maybe

I should have seen it sooner I was

ordered to stay here while you and

gomorrah fought holla even then you're

no longer needed me they just want the

team to be firing on all cylinders

you've been pretty lost recently we're

all worried about you do not be worried

Peter it is a pointless emotion clearly

my skills they are no longer as helpful

as I had hoped

you should try talking to the others now

maybe they can teach you something new

help you find a new purpose who would

you suggest I don't know I do not think

any of them would want to

go talk to Gamora she'll teach you to

focus and she's no stranger to the whole

changing your purpose abruptly thing yes

focus would be good I will speak with

her I should get going

star-lord you still seem troubled by the

visions of your mother I am here to

comfort you about such matters unless

you do not wish to speak honestly I'm

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

freaking out these visions they they're

real visions cannot be real Peter quill

that is why they are visions if I could

see visions I would be concerned as well

I'm agitated as you are okay education

is for the weak good to know thanks for

the pep talk tracks really great you are

welcome friend

hey how's my favorite tree I'm good


one of these days you and I are going to

be able to have a conversation I am


there's not a learn to speak group class

I can take is there


well this has been a lively and

fascinating conversation

Oh your group a group are your group in

gerak it's gonna be okay

I'm worried about it I am Groot

well I'm gonna go now I am Groot


ah you open your home to a bunch of

misfits and what do you get

slobs Peter that's what you get


hey rocket hi quill I'll leave you alone

later quill back again yep thanks for

the talk uh-huh next time you better

have a drink on you noted thanks for the

talk uh next time you better have a

drink on you noted thanks for the talk

a group me again well I'm gonna go now

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carbon emissions are good engines all

running smooth some funky red light is

blinking yes that's probably fine



seriously this stuff's everywhere I am a

collector of fine art only present I

ever got from yondu founded on a stolen

freighter covered in garbage said it

reminded him of me rock it wouldn't let

me put these in the common area let's go


oh yes I must have got it working again




Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00




corrective museums a collector is out it

starla huh

so you heard of me yes unfortunately the

collection is open only for exclusive

after time Society members please clear

the line Nova Corps this is the

guardians of the galaxy you need to

secure Thanos body and prepare your crew

for an attack because outer nebula is

heading your way okay it is the Houston

or Pau okay of course right away thank

you so much for the warning sir I just

done it made me do it

okay I'm hanging up now


heads up everyone we're going to half


latest will don't be a stranger

and take care of the Milano she's a ship

not a trash can

it's always fun seeing you yonder it has

been a pleasure

don't overdo it idem on


all around us this is what we call great





Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

what is this place


I've been back here since thanks for

trusting me rocket I'm glad you brought

me here this isn't what we're here for

come on rocket let me let me help you

don't touch her



subject seems to be responding well to

the program vital signs are good still

no rejection of the artificial vertebrae

or neural implants

the only one who wasn't a total failure

everything rests on

rocket you okay

I heard you screaming in there these

walls aren't exactly soundproof not that

he cares yeah I'll be fine or worse than

usual hurts a little less each time so

did you get it you mean this

hey wait it's the right one yeah that's


once my computer's finished we can

finally break out of here advanced

security supposedly unhackable blast

doors piece of cake right you sound



hey you can do this just stick to the

plan it's going to work

B I don't know what I'm doing I can't do

this without you you know more than you

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

think okay

not more than me but you know close



right making this look way too easy

power source designed by yours truly

okay moment of truth

go ahead and hook it up to the underside


stupid piece of junk you know your ear

twitches when you're frustrated right

it's cute

oh yeah you're cute I meant that as an

insult I'm so offended why do you keep

doing that with your face

it's called smiling you should try it




now all I need to display and we're in




yes now we just think it's the

facilities Network

you keep having that dream still outside

again and the fresh air somewhere it's

warm right I can't hear a thing except

the river rushing by it felt so real I

can barely remember it's been so long

but in this dream I don't know

I'm almost there that's a nice dream

Lila I promise you see it again just you


spent our whole lives waiting we have to

get these cages open there should be a

hallway just outside that door from

there we make a break for the main

entrance when I get out I'm gonna find

that place and I want you to come with

me we'll find the river I know it's got

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

to be out there will you come with me

I'm going wherever you're going lady

find home somewhere


subject 89p13 still no progress begin

prepping lethal injection pocket I can't

I can't lose you don't lose hope okay

this isn't over you hear me rocket




we gotta move


what are you doing come on please lunge

action Oh hot maybe hot naked blower and

then I thought oh no we're so close you

have to make it rock it there you Walter

kill them I'll create a distraction buy

you time to get out

I can still cause a little chaos before

it kicks in for sure I might as well try

to take a few of them down with me right

you go rocket they'll be sorry for what

they did to us don't know you're not

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00


I won't let this happen please don't

make this any worse than it has to be

survive Rocket


go you need to get out now

I'm asking you again

if you're gonna run run and you can't do

that carrying me come on we're getting

on here both rocket please I've got you




it's beautiful isn't it hila



what just you had no right to see that

those are my memories not yours

look hey listen I'm sorry little late

for that well I still mean it it didn't

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

even work

how could it not work come on

I really wanted it to work too rushed

you got to come back she's the one who


just take it

sorry I dragged you out here


thanks for you know going with me I know

you had other things to do you still

hope rocket will find a way to bring her

back I don't want to talk about it no no

no come on please don't do this

yes I got a go good you're back

looks like nebulas started tearing up

the nova corps outpost hopefully we can

still catch her


it was me hey group I am well I'm gonna

go now


it's okay to miss her you know

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

come on rocket it'll help you to talk

about it you've been keeping this to

yourself for years worked out fine so

far thanks for the talk

look I lost someone to Rocking okay I do

know what you're going through

that doesn't make you an authority on

other people's pain you don't know

anything about what I went through

what happened after you escaped that lab

never been offworld before never been

anywhere before I just got lost and

everything that galaxy had to offer yeah

I have to be in a cage all my life I can

still remember how big it felt how empty

thanks for the talk thanks for the talk




let's go tap



Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00




hey everybody to the bridge going to the

Nova Corps outpost to intercept nebula



we need backup all pilots fall back and

enhance the fugitive but sir we lose the

body that is not our priority now

engaged nebula immediately I knew this


we should have come right away she'd

already got down on his body

we can't lose her too rocket was my

prayers he needed

I needed you to Peter sorry Lord thank

you for coming to our age oh you were

hoping you show up a little earlier hey

what's going on

I warned you that nebula was on her way

I think oh we secure the body like you

said but she snuck in using a stolen

ship of ours we were overwhelmed made

off with the body we can still take her

down weapons loading lethal force has

been sanctioned get us a position


oh I'll be damned if I let the Nova

court below my sister Stardust we need a


otherwise we've got no chance of

translating the Eternity for try to you

on my orders whatever your name is

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

rooks sir you can call me rooks if you

want it's kind of a nickname now as good

as your stuff star-lord

great listen rook I'm going to need you

and your guys to stand down

what don't shoot the cyborgs gross


hilarious I always heard you were a

jokester yeah yeah fire when ready

okay when words don't work there's

always fire mouth



whoa hey what are you doing stopping you

are you all back if you do not follow


we'll be forced to return fire no

star-lord we have to follow protocol

please listen to him no the officers

form a blockade

Peter quill by order of the Nova Corps

you will stand down and miss the cap


nebulous award is human the biggest left

of the galaxy now that they don't dead

guilty of multiple crime we have

explicit orders to eliminate her


we can't before to be lenient here it's

too risky

not if you leave her in our custody

killing her isn't the only option

assisting her will only place you at

odds with the Nova Corps I do not wish

to see you as an enemy star-lord

look nebula is important to us we've got

something we need and we need her alive

to save the galaxy but Sir you want to

see the galaxy destroyed no sir I don't

which is why I have to do this

I tried officer rooks signing on hope we

could still be friends

I think that went well he's not target



laughing God Peter Coyle

I was expecting you to show your face

kind of a difficult claim your glory you

had to kill me yourself you brought this

so you think you should be thanking me

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

I killed your bullying of the dead and

kept the Nova Corps off your back I

deserve a medal can't you speak that way

about my father

I mean intelligently fine look we need

your help

you have to come with us I will never

help you

I just had to make this difficult

disabling her engines on heels today I

can't get a clear shot we'll have to

force her out




morning mr. patrol morning definitely

watch yourself

she may be incapacitated but she's still



Peter our ship is drifting into the

planets gravity field you need to hurry

haha go away I refuse to accept your

help or your pity

I'd rather die here I fail again

we have

I'm not leaving you behind nebula I

don't care how much you hate we just

want to play out your little Guardians

fantasy lead a hero

Peter your sisters being difficult

Gamora join us over real pity party it's

gonna be an emergency please sign here

somewhere Oh




Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

that's the last of it I don't like

knowing Panos his body is out there


oh one thing at a time we have to figure

out how this relic works before we start

worrying about the dead guy we're

running a scan of her cybernetics but

it's taking some extra time just to be

safe we need to get nebula to help us

decipher these symbols just watch

yourself Peter she's not exactly happy

to be here

okay she's definitely not happy to be

here yeah I don't really blame her

her dad's dead we beat her up and then

she gets locked in her sister's room

she's not having the best couple of days

it is what she deserves for serving

Thanos rocket may be able to get her arm

working again we could use it as

leverage don't bother we are going to

dismantle this cyborg piece by piece

fear won't work on someone like nebula

you'll just roll her up good not good

she was trained to slaughter thousands

she may hate you but she does not fear


she will oh if you say so I do

glad you are seeing things my way hey no

need for violence here we can barter

with her now even once her arm back so

let's use that to our advantage I do not

like this plan

you okay to go in there frankly no I'm

not okay I wanted to reconnect with

nebula you told me to reconnect with her

and then this happens maybe she'll come

around someday but I can't see you're

wanting to reconcile anytime soon

so here's the deal nebula you've got a

bit of a missing arm problem and I've

got a way to fix that so you interested

in the trade I'm listening

vanos wanted this relic and I know he

had you learn how to read these glyphs

that's the Eternity fortune you've heard

of it how did you make it was ruined the

pair I thought didn't work I don't know

that's what you're here for

oh really I need you to help me

translate them that's not gonna happen

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

you think I'd so easily betray my father

we are not all spineless I was serious

about this look you helped me with this

one teensy tiny little thing and I will

let rocket reattach your arm I know you

have no intention of helping me she

wants to see me suffer killing our

Father wasn't enough for you you have to

rub it in my face too

he raised you Gamora he loved you that

was not love nebula and you let this

imbecile murder him you are the reason

he's gone Johnny would have ruined my


look I know you're upset

I'm sorry about your dad no you're not

hey I'm I'm trying to apologize here I

do not want your apology enough nebula

you can't judgment on me on my father

but I know you Kimura you may have

forgotten tarball but I have I'm warning

you never seek the name tarballs

how do we need from you one way or

another you want me to talk get rid of


don't be ridiculous nebula I have

nothing to say to you I'll make you talk

no I can't I'd like a same try

I think Morris got the right idea Oh


real mature

you should watch your backs shackles

won't keep me tethered for long and once

I'm free

you'll be sorry you're the one who will

be sorry nebula I won't go easy again


leave Gamora alone I can fight my own

battles Peter I don't need your help

oh poor star-lord sounds like she

doesn't care about you and you can stop

twisting my words sister

star-lord Stan found something strange

device in the cyborgs skull


nebula I know I know you hate me and

maybe that will never change

but I have to try I am trying one call

and enough it's a start though isn't it

I can't wait to see your face when you

lose everything when I take what you

took for me you'll have to watch as

everyone you care about dies and maybe

it will be even hey you do what you have

to do Gamora I'm not gonna stand it away

stop please I'll give you what you want

Oh first well tell you what you need to

know now get out gladly

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

I almost I told myself I wasn't going to

be that person anymore

she just under my skin I can't help it

are you kidding that was awesome ah are

you serious I see you tried my plan the

important thing is we got the the gree

thingy so I did a cipher module there

are not many left in existence

all right so how does this work I think

I can upload this to my own translator


okay it says come find me in the temple

helpful didn't we find it in a temple my

mom said the same thing when I died but

maybe we missed something we were a

little preoccupied at the time how find

me who you think he is temple was

completely abandoned when we showed up

except for all the dead Nova Corps

bodies attendants put there it's got to

be my mom if you think it is

and I hope you're right let's get moving

we're going back to the temple rocky

we're almost there

I have not seen him emerge we should

give rocket some space okay let him be

for now fine

well rocket is in no shape to guard

nebula someone's got to stay back and

keep an eye on her

I will stay behind to guard the prisoner

um hang on

no you won't I am NOT leaving him here

with her

you heard it before he wants to rip her

apart I did Satan she's my sister dress

does this mean you're volunteering

Gomorrah yes

I'll guard her no you cannot be

seriously considering this you're the

one who told me to reconnect with her

now that she's here I deserved that

opportunity and I'll make sure she

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

stayed that trouble nebula is my

responsibility your record on that

matter is questionable

gamora you should stay behind and keep

an eye on nebula it'll give you a chance

to talk thank you Peter you you side

with her again Peter quill perhaps I

truly have no purpose let us return to

the temple I will be ready when you are

find me in the temple let's go find out

who's wait for us

I uh I forgot how slow this elevator was

I do not like being back in this

wretched place well this ain't a field

trip tracks markings on the Forge said

find me in the temple so here we are in

a temple again hello anyone here yes I

am here as is Groot

but I should be guarding nebula on the

ship even over this tracks so why don't

we just spread out they look for secret

doors or passages or whatever I've got

my scanner if anyone's here we'll find

these footprints are fresh

hey Gamora how's it going with nebula

how about as well as I expected

she has been pretty quiet so far well

that's good I guess better than the


she doing here

star-lord it's Halle oh my god oh god

why I saved you that was a hologram you

big dope look why did he go they went up

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

okay how's it going up there

not now come on now kids okay this is

gonna sound like I'm hanging up cuz I'm

hanging up still more footprints hey

group last time we were all in this room

you can freely kick some Thanos ass

thanks for that all right yeah I feel

your buddy

have you seen anyone around who seems

like they might know what an attorney -

forges our route Oh something over there

I should look at

well thanks group hey you think I chose

the right person - car nebula bright

orange right thanks pal keep up the good


just check it in anything new to report

nebula is finally talking to me that's


thanks for giving us this opportunity

absolutely man Thanos really packed a

punch I still can't believe we all

survived that fight Oh


looks like Thanos is armored

didn't exactly protect him good it is a

comfort to know the mad Titan was mortal

after all

quill I apologize for my outburst on the

ship however I should have been the one

to guard the cyborgs instead of Gamora

Gamora has too much of an attachment to

her sister she might let her feelings

get in the way

Gamora needs this time with nebula they

had a lot to talk about perhaps but I

still do not trust the cyborg she has

much wickedness in her circuitry hey

you're not still upset about me choosing

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

Gamora to guard nebula are you you have

explained your reasons to me and I will

accept that that is enough okay good


it's weird being back in this place

again gives me the creeps

this place I cannot help but think of my

family and how the vengeance I strived

after it ended in this room let's not

forget why we're here had he found

anyone yet no but I have seen fresh

footprints in the dust yeah

seen him too let me know if you notice

anything else let's get back to it

hey Gomorrah how's it going with Nebulon

about as well as I expected

she has been pretty quiet so far well

that's good I guess

better than the alternative more

footprints over here

this is where Thanos found the Eternity


I was here too

her hand is going through the wall

there's something behind here hello

anybody home


it's like some kind of button

okay so much for that

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

whatever they're doing looks like

they're doing at the same time

I'm putting on this one


looks like some kind of button

hate your ex you see that statue press

the button on its helmet when I say so

okay you okay okay one two three

what happened

you went early no I did it one two three


I was waiting for the go fine one two

three go and it's Christmas

check this out that definitely looks

like the Eternity fortune and those

souls are being absorbed by it that's

why it didn't work for rocket it wasn't

charged oh so she was touching the mural

when she reached through the wall you

are so smart Peter this actually mean

anything to you no but I like the


look at this

looks familiar

and here is where Hollis failed no

eternity forge no prize it goes nothing


Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

what does it say hang on let's see if

nebulous cipher was worth all the

trouble the Eternity Forge resides here

pending such time as it can be wielded

responsibly until then she shall remain

entombed across the galaxy

so this is not the correct temple and

came here for nothing

hang on a second is warm use the temple

were looking for is on a place called M

meals symbols are a star I know how to

get there Gomora Peter whoever we're

looking for isn't here but we figured

out what it finds get those engines

fired up we're going for a ride um about

that Rockets down in the entrance he's

yelling some new and creative curse

words yeah you might want to talk to him


look I know you miss Lila it's okay I

don't I don't hey hey hey hey what's

what's going on talk to me hey I didn't

do didn't want you do it to see she's

gone she was the only thing keeping me

alive and I couldn't see that she

protected me and I couldn't I couldn't

help but you can't blame yourself for

what happened it's not your fault I keep

telling myself that but I don't know I

thought if I could just get her out of

there she could just see it this is all

I have left of her

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

this stupid computer I can't do this

without a beat I thought I could but I

can't I can't she's always gonna be with

you rocket you haven't lost her but is

God he can't fix it this time there's

nothing left

I still can't I don't want to give her

up it's all I got

you should hold on to it rocket means a

lot to you what's going on

get the Eternity Forge keep it safe

go help rocket what are you going to do

remember inviting you to

oh that's right there's no air in space


wait let me fight you trust me on this

piece of junk and now we're surrounded

by pissed-off Kree I don't want to die

here and neither do you

if you can see here can kill you your

friends and then they'll come for me to

let me out without me you're just going

to get us all killed

it's your only option let me fight in

those pre are dead admit ok but one move

against my crew any of them gets hurt

and this little trust exercise is over

do you understand I understand



these are some invisible enemy



dress you okay dress not okay

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

hurry tomorrow

shoulda guessed nebulae would passes the

chance to fight

well someone on this ship has to keep

you all alive here blend yours



almost like old times

we've got a move now

goodness said it better myself

and that is the engine room

rocket nebula and I will keep the bridge

secured just get the power back on

right engine rocket ha you think you

could possibly win against the clean now

that I've obtained literally reports for


That's not me just just stop I really

don't care how dare you speak to me like

that I'll be right you come on question

you bust up my team and then you go

about spouting your evil plan like a bad

monster movies prove your son Halla will

how I can kiss my beautiful

hey guys what's it like being a fire

that bad stupid

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

you must think you're clever Peter quiz

but you can't run forever the forge will

be mine do not be foolish its purpose is

much greater than this

I saw the damaged rocket did your ship

lady you're gonna have to dock soon and

you know it and you can't keep running

either you will see how wrong you are

Peter you better get the engines running

the revenants weapons are coming online

rocket I'm on it

Gamora instead of course for em anyhow

drop off our stowaways on the way there




is everything okay

whatever you say I think your mom is

really down there I hope she is no bug

again see her again talk to her just one

more minute you do almost anything to

get that I mean if you can bring your

mom back what then you're still gonna be

doing this

come on I wouldn't do that to you guys

the Guardians stick together no matter

what and what Meredith quill becomes our

new pilot


this is it so what now I'm sure Peter

has a plan you do you have a plan right


I know what I'm doing guys trust me can

argue that

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00



[ __ ]



we get it almost every night when that

moon gets a big and brightest

supernatural design everybody everybody

here is out of sight but they don't bark

and they don't fight they keep things

that keep single life everybody was





we never fight that you can't dance and

stay up tight at the supernatural



Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

they don't






it just never stops we were at each

other's throats over it I am Groot I am

Groot I am Groot you ever play that game

monkey in the middle

no well here's the thing there's a bunch

of jerks they stand in a circle I toss a

ball around and some poor turd in the

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

middle tries to catch the ball that's

heard that's the monkey and I man

I was that turd ah Peter just he's not

the most with your sometimes gonna be

just a huge sorry it drives me crazy I

don't think I was really prepared for

what we found on meos Oh Peter was

definitely not prepared at all you don't

look surprised

nah I got my ship back and that was that


worry him I've never been happier in my


we'll all of them they fell into a dark

hole real real real gone all that

ancient stuff we found guess what it

wasn't meant to be found

honestly why didn't they just bury it

you know why they leave all these clues

and crap just hide it better so dumb in


she might have who knows then again

maybe she would have stopped if it

wasn't for us

I felt like Daniel was coming around I

don't know certainly she was just as

angry as she oh it was terrible well I

thought it could be just like it was

before before Tarble

really real dog

real green we real when we finally found

her I couldn't make sense none of us


oh yeah the second it was out of her

mouth like I mean you get a chance like

that so much power and your hands what

would you do if you had to make that

same choice no one should ever have that

much power ever everybody looking at you

don't think about responsibility it

sucks like a lot real real real dog dark

man you know still fun though



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