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    Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2: Complete Beginners Guide Part 1

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    Link to the Fighting Game University discord! Join to talk fighting games with other players of all skill levels to learn to play and make friends. ►https://discord.gg/XATQ6bX


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    Comment (43)

    1. Thanks for this guide! Bought this game a couple of months ago (PS4) but it was hard to get into it without any help.

      Mechanics aside, is it possible to set the BGM to random instead of loop in the Dojo?

      I set it to random at the character select screen but then it only selects a random song for the stage and loops it until I leave and re-enter.
      It's really annoying if I have to hear the same song for the 10th+ time in a row while training.

    2. I have been playing fighting games since the 80s and have never hered of this bulshit number system in my life who the fuck came up with that unnecessary bulshit some nerd. forward down forward punch was good enough instead its 535 punch wtf.

    3. As someone who has only recently gotten into fighting games, I find your tutorials incredibly useful. Your teaching style is very clear and easy to follow. You really deserve more views! I'd also urge everyone to go watch your live coaching vids!

    4. I’ve played ALOT of fighting games, but never have I heard of numpad notation. It’s unnecessarily confusing until you’ve learned it, like military time.

      I have straight up heard nobody use it. I always see stuff like DB or QCB.

    5. This video is great. I feel like what makes people so intimidated with getting into fighters like this is how so many guides assume people already know their way around the game. There are “basics” guides that jump right into lists of abbreviations that mean absolutely nothing to someone who is just starting out.

    6. It may be a year old, but thank you for these guides! I got the game yesterday, and it’s super intimidating, but you explain things in a really concise and easy to understand way.

    7. thanks! i dont typically play fighting games so ppl on discord hate on me. Ive never played a fighting game not on roblox that is like this cause of cost. thanks for this tutorial!

    8. Lol, I play GG for at least ten years, and yet I didn't know about chaining basics in order or about 6P invol, or that you can't block 2HS from the air.
      But then I am a Ky main, so I suppose it is normal for our kind…

    9. I started learning Guilty Gear recently in preparation for Strive I played DBFZ before and I'm loving this game thank you for this guide!

    10. Amazing. Fighting games are a pain in the ass for me but I decided to give GG a shot and I think I am hooked. However, maybe it's just my impression but the community seems dead 🙁

    11. I’m new to the fighter genre as a whole, the only others I’ve really played are smash bros. Hopped on guilty gear, was super drawn to Faust for some reason, learned some combos, hopped online and got my ass kicked numerous times, but it just makes me want to get better so bad lol

    12. This is a really great guide!! Bought the game last summer, but the mechanics and speed of the game were a little more complex then I was used to at the time. Your guide defenitely made things more clearer and I'm going to try out what I've learned soon!

    13. I dont have an arcade controller, only the PS4 default one. Is it possible to play the game in a good level with a normal controller? (my english kinda sucks so sorry about that)

    14. Blazblue Cross Tag got me into these games, but I found it super hard to transition to Rev 2. This guide has really helped me with figuring things out!

    15. Man this game looks nuts, the only problem is making my lil brother play this with me… you know when your fav game is kinda hard, and the person you are playing with doesn't want to put in effort.

    16. This guide is unreal. I'm just picking up guilty gear for the first time today and this video is the holy grail. I've been playing melee for years and have never seen a tutorial set that explains fundamentals so well. Thanks dude


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