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    Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 (Story Mode), Part 1: Gods & Gears – Button Jam

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    Donny, Dean, and Brian jump back into story mode to watch a hint of greater things to happen. Maybe a sequel this fall?

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    Comment (23)

    1. here's the thing,sol can't handle or control his full power,which is why it's always held back with his headband,sol's actually too scared to show his full power,while ky has full control of his power,sol lost because he didn't show his full power to ky

    2. Just so you know, That Man turned himself into the American authroities. America was the country that started the Gear Project (100 yrs ago when Sol, Aria and Asuka were lab buds). So That Man might be up to something.

      Also, something to note: where the fuck is Aria? She came back after Jack-Off merged with Gundam-Justice. You'd think Sol would be spending time with his girlfriend/lover he thought was dead/hasn't seen for 100 years.

    3. One of the little things that the GG series has done well compared to other fighting games is that they actually maintain something resembling a continuing storyline throughout each game. It's just fluff, but it's a nice little touch to have Ky starting out as a literal teenager in the very first game to him actually changing into a different character by the end of Revelator. All without actually changing what actually matters in terms of this being a 2-player fighting game, unlike something like the Soul Calibur series where they just killed off characters for the sake of story.

      I also enjoyed the 30 second fight between Ky vs Sol a lot more than Ryu farting on Necalli in SFV.


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