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SearchThisVideo: Gundam Versus – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

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BRET: And he has that little

CYRUS: Yeah that little Vulcan.
I see that.

BRET: Yeah. And he can turn into
a bird basically.

BRET: Yeah.

RYAN: I don't know if you've
ever seen a real bird,

but that was not a bird.

BRET: It's a Gundam bird.

RYAN: That was definitely
something more than just a bird.


RYAN: Hello, my friends,

and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground.

On today's show, Gundam Versus.

And joining me to play this game

is Cyrus and Bret from
Bandai Namco. Gentlemen, hello.

CYRUS: Hi there.

RYAN: Welcome to the program.

CYRUS: Super excited to be here.
Thanks for having us.

RYAN: It's my pleasure.

Cyrus, you and I have been on
camera for this game before.

CYRUS: Yeah.
We're old friends.

RYAN: Now we're just talking
about it.

There's a lot to go through, so
Bret, why don't you jump into --

you said you wanted to go into
Gundam Select,

and we can talk a little bit
about all the Mobile Suits.

BRET: Yeah. We were going to
take a look at Free Battle.

There's a bunch options here,

but Free Battle let's us look at
all the Mobile Suits.

This game has a lot, 94.

CYRUS: 94 different mobile suits
in this game that you can choose

from, all with their own special

It's a lot of fun.
It's a lot of fun to jump into.

RYAN: So, Bret, what we're going
to do is blindfold you,

and you're going to name every
Mobile Suit from memory.

CYRUS: He can do it.

RYAN: Does that sound good?

BRET: That's really tough.
Maybe I can hit 60.

I don't know if I could do all
94. I think I could, but, yeah.

No, this game is awesome.
Two-on-two game.

You got different Mobile Suits
from almost ever anime.

CYRUS: 17 different series in
this game.

And with Gundam, that is pretty
incredible because there's so

many different ways that you can
jump into this anime,

this series, this franchise,

and this game has 17 of those
different animes.

RYAN: And I kind of the like how
it's divided up by series here.

So this is -- I'm a UI junky.

I love seeing how people display

Potentially some might argue the
most boring part of a video

game, but I think it's vital and

CYRUS: It's extremely crucial.

You can't jump into it without
some great UI.

RYAN: This is how we enjoy the

Do we have any personal
favorites, guys,

that we're going to look
at today?

CYRUS: Bret, for you, what's
your personal favorite?

BRET: It's probably got to be
Gundam Wing

from Wing Zero.

CYRUS: Yeah.

BRET: That's my bud.

CYRUS: It's your bud.

RYAN: You guys have coffee on

BRET: Yeah. Definitely.

RYAN: Well, do you want to jump
into a match

and start messing around?

CYRUS: Yeah. Let's show a little
bit of Wing Zero.

Let's explain the Striker system
a bit. There are --

I know we said there were 94
different Mobile Suits.

This is going to kind of blow
your mind.

There are a 140 plus Striker

So the Striker Units are your
assist functions.

And with those, there are a ton
of Mobile Suits here that you

won't actually be able to use in
the game

as an actual Mobile Suit to play

but as a Striker Unit,

you have your own assist that
you can use

to kind of change the tide of

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

So there's a lot to choose from
here is what you're telling me.

BRET: Yeah.

They're from the different
series just like the suits too,

so a lot of these guys are kind
of maybe smaller suits that

maybe aren't big enough to be
the main character,

but you got a lot of cool

and even some nice cameo

CYRUS: What's your favorite
Striker to use?

BRET: I really like the
Iron-blooded Orphan,

Kimaris Trooper, this guy.

He's pretty awesome.

CYRUS: Why is that?

RYAN: That is a name and a half;
I tell you what.

BRET: He's just really solid.

He comes out with a spear and
hits you, so.


You'll see.
I'm going to throw it out.

He's a big scary dude with a

and he's going to hit people.

CYRUS: Melee attack with
Destroyer Lance.

RYAN: And hits you with it.

BRET: You can see there's a
little type underneath.

This one's fighting here, and
this one's shooting,

so you can have different types.

I think there's some various
miscellaneous options too.

It kind of helps you figure out
what kind of assist you want.

CYRUS: Awesome.

So you're going to go with

And then right here we have the
Blaze and Lightning gear.

Bret, can you talk a little bit
about this Burst functionality?

BRET: Yeah.

So there's this mechanic called
Burst in the game.

It's a meter that builds up when
you take damage or deal damage.

And when you have enough of it,

you can kind of activate it and
go into a super mode.

So this option here chooses what
kind of super mode.

You can see there's two options.

There's Blaze and Lightning

So Blaze gear basically helps
you fight those close-range

battles a lot better.

And the Lightning gear kind of
lasts longer

and it's more about preserving
the range game.

So you have your choice based on
your play style.

With this particular set, I like
playing Blaze gear,

but it depends on the suit.

So there's a little bit of
customization there.

CYRUS: Cool.

Well, let's just jump right into
a battle, shall we?

BRET: Sure. Yeah.

We can also choose our

There's a bunch of stages to
choose from here.

RYAN: There's so many options.
Get out of here with all this.

BRET: We'll leave it up to the

CYRUS: Let's leave it up to
random. Why not?

RYAN: We're rolling the dice.

CYRUS: All right.
So going into this match here.

RYAN: Let's do it.
There was a lot of options,

but I'm feeling good about your

CYRUS: Wing Zero?
Wing Zero and V2.

And can you talk about V2 as a
Striker unit.

BRET: Yeah.

V2 as a partner is really

He's got all kinds of tools.

He's also a big suit.
He's a Front Suit like mine.

We call that -- a Front Suit is
a 500 suit.

You can see there's this
cost system.

On the top left you can see this
team bar, and what that does is

whenever you lose your suit and
get knocked out, you come back,

and in the process you take away
from your team health bar.

CYRUS: Got it.

So it's extremely important to
be communicative with your

partner as to what types of
costs you guys are going with

and what strategy you're going
to use.

BRET: Definitely.

Kind of like a high-level

But one of the big things in
this game is figuring out who

gets knocked out first.

Whoever comes in second kind of
has some health penalty,

so it can be important to make
sure the right person actually

gets knocked out first.

CYRUS: I was just wondering why
you like Wing Zero.

RYAN: Because he gets coffee
with him every Sunday.

We went through this.

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

BRET: Wing Zero, he's not super

but he has a good tool for every

So he's kind of got that
elegance to him where you don't

have a billion different

but the ones that you do are
really good and good for all

kinds of important situations.

And he just looks cool.
I like the design.

RYAN: So you're saying he's a
Gundam of all trades.

BRET: Definitely.
He's kind of all-purpose.

RYAN: Sorry.
I'll see myself out.

CYRUS: Please do. Please do.

RYAN: Cyrus, you can handle the
rest of this; right?

It seems like you're asking all
the right questions.

CYRUS: What is the -- can you
talk a little bit about the

different characteristics that
Wing Zero has,

the ability that he has.

I saw you brought up a shield
right now.

I know that Wing Zero can

BRET: So he can do a lot of

His most signature move is this
kind of long shot here,

which is unique in the sense
that it's very active.

It's good for all kind of

And he has that little Vulcan.

CYRUS: Yeah, that little Vulcan.
I see that. Okay.

BRET: And he can turn into a
bird basically.

RYAN: What?

BRET: Yeah.
And this mode --

RYAN: I don't know if you've
ever seen a real bird,

but that was not a bird.

BRET: It's a Gundam bird.

RYAN: That was definitely
something more than just a bird.

CYRUS: Oh. You're alive.
You're alive.

BRET: I'm going to lose if I get
hit here.

CYRUS: Show us what you got,
Bret. Show us what you got.

RYAN: Can he make it through?

CYRUS: Oh no!

We're going to have a couple
more matches anyway.

RYAN: See. This is a cooperative
game and a competitive game.

Are you're always with an AI

or can you team up with another
human player?

CYRUS: Yeah.

You can definitely team up with
another human player.

The game is -- Gundam Versus has
been going on for about 15 years

in the arcades in Japan.

It's always been a 2-versus-2
video game, competitive play,

but we've added into this one,
1-versus-1 as well as

three-versus-three, which is
kind of a more party mode

for all of your friends to
jump into.

RYAN: Would you say 2V2 is sort
of the traditional --

CYRUS: Yes, absolutely.

RYAN: Are you going to do Wing
Zero again,

or are you going to switch it

BRET: We can try a different
suit because why not.

CYRUS: Yeah.
Let's give him a different suit.

What are you most comfortable

BRET: Cyrus, what's your
favorite suit?

CYRUS: Okay.

My favorite is Exia.

BRET: Exia?

That's cool.
I like that.

Exia is awesome.

He's a smaller suit as you can

He's a 300 fighting suit.

CYRUS: Yeah. So you have a lot
of range with how you play it.

RYAN: Sp you can just bring in

a straight up tank as your

CYRUS: You definitely can.

BRET: This one?

CYRUS: Yeah.
Look at that little guy.

BRET: So he shoots a little
machine gun cannon.

CYRUS: You're going to use him?

BRET: Yeah.
I'm going to use it.

RYAN: Am I sabotaging your build
by being, "pick that one?"

RYAN: I hope it's good.
It sure is cute.

BRET: There's so many Strikers.

That's one of my favorite new
additions to the game.

This is a long-running

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

and they really add a lot of
creativity to the game.

CYRUS: There he is!

RYAN: He tried so hard.

He had that one shot to pull

and then they're like, "sir,
you've done your due diligence.

Please remove yourself from the

You're really just a liability
for the giant fighting robots

right now."

BRET: Make another one.
Did not help me, but.

RYAN: I'm sensing a pattern.

I think we may have chose the
wrong tool for the job.

BRET: We'll be okay.

RYAN: You get penalized for
leaving the play area at all?

BRET: There's edges of the map.
RYAN: Okay.

I was going to say it's not like
an instant out.

CYRUS: One of the most important
things that I've noticed with

this game is the targeting
system and being able to know

exactly where your enemies are.

RYAN: Yeah. How do you keep
track of the chaos?

CYRUS: How do you keep track of
the chaos, Bret?

BRET: It's hard.

It's practice, and that's one of
the most interesting parts of

the game is being aware of

RYAN: Spatial awareness has
always been a huge part of

fighting games and combative
games in general; right?

CYRUS: Absolutely.

RYAN: It seems like, especially
when you're dealing with a game

like Gundam Versus where the
battlefield is 3D

and you're moving in a huge 3D

you have to keep track of a lot
of information.

And it's 2-on-2.

CYRUS: Absolutely.

RYAN: So there's even more stuff
to think about?

CYRUS: This game truly makes you
feel like you're living in the

anime because you need to be
able to know exactly where your

opponents are and know exactly
what's going on in this

battlefield, or you will die.

RYAN: Yeah.
I mean, not in real life.

CYRUS: Not in real life.

Well, maybe.

RYAN: If the stakes are high


Not just good, great.

CYRUS: Very impressive; very

RYAN: Well done.
Look at that victorious pose.

I'm just walking along the sword
right now.

CYRUS: Walking along the sword
as that little tiny tank.

BRET: The tank was the winner of
that match.

RYAN: That would be if I was
this game,

I'd be one of the tanks.
I wouldn't be a tank pilot.

I would be just one of the
people inside the tank like

manning the air-conditioning.

"Sir, is the temperature at an
appropriate level for you

for your strategy?"

CYRUS: You don't give yourself
enough credit.

I think I hit --

CYRUS: I'm going to see you
online. I can tell.

RYAN: I don't know about that.

CYRUS: Why don't we show off Hot

BRET: Hot Scramble.

Cyrus, what's special about Hot

CYRUS: Hot scramble is going to
be part --

RYAN: It's a delicious way to
prepare eggs.

CYRUS: It's a delicious way to
prepare eggs.

Absolutely delicious with a
little bit of pepper.

But it's also part of the
preorder bonus.

The preorder bonus will have
three different suits,

but Hot Scramble will only be
available in the preorder bonus.

The other two suits will be
available as DLC.

RYAN: Very nice.
Thank you for that info.

It's like you had all that
prepared on the tip of your


CYRUS: No, no.
I just spewed it out.

RYAN: It's all improv.
All right.

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

BRET: Oh, you did?

CYRUS: I did.

BRET: Really?

RYAN: All right.
Well, here's the scene.

CYRUS: And now your partner is
G-Arcane; correct?

BRET: Yeah.

CYRUS: So how does G-Arcane play
as a partner?

BRET: G-Arcane is a Sniper suit,

and it's kind of a dedicated
support suit.

It's kind of small.

Not really good at helping

but great at picking
opportunities that you make.

So G-Arcane is really a great
asset to any team that is

partnered with a heavy-hitt
ing suit.

CYRUS: So you're pretty excited
about this random partner?

BRET: Yeah, especially because
it's a high difficultly.

The CPUs are actually pretty
good at aiming right.

They are basically new types.

They just read what you do.

CYRUS: To all my new types out

If you play against the

you will play against your own
brethren for sure.

RYAN: Oh, man.

BRET: So these guys on the other
hand are pretty small.

You can see one of them already
got knocked down,

and it only takes a little bit.

RYAN: A couple hundred of the

BRET: So usually in this game
it's pretty important to have

this dynamic of like a big suit
and a small suit because

otherwise these little guys,
it's really hard for them to

make anything happen because the
bigger the suit you are,

the more mobility, the more

the more health you have because
you cost so much more.

RYAN: Can we talk about
soundtrack real quick in this

fantastic vocal of the

It's hyping me up.

BRET: It's pretty amazing.

RYAN: It's hyping me up a little

Taking some hits.

BRET: I'm getting back up.

RYAN: "I'm getting back up.
I feel great."

BRET: I feel great.

Speaking of knock downs though,
another great thing is that this

game kind of encourages more
neutral gameplay.

If you get knocked down, unlike
other games,

it's actually to your advantage.

You have a lot of invincibility
when you get back up.

So you kind of go back to this
range play.

So it's not super focused on
running the train and getting

all the knock downs.

It's more about this team rival.

CYRUS: When we had you guys come
into the office --

congratulations -- when we had
you guys come into the office,

I saw a lot of people when they
got knocked down,

they stayed down for a while
without getting back up.

Is that strategic?

BRET: Yeah, strategic.

You're not sure what the guy is
going to do.

So there are some tricks you can
do if you knock an opponent down

to kind of do some weird knock
down mix up or something.

So not doing anything can be a
really good idea to just see

what they're doing and mess up
their timing.

CYRUS: Should we do one more
match up?

RYAN: Let's do it.

I think we have time for at
least one more for sure.

BRET: Cyrus, you got another

CYRUS: I really want to see
the --

RYAN: One of the Mobile Suits
is named Rick?

CYRUS: Oh, yeah.

RYAN: Rick Dias.

CYRUS: Rick Dias.

BRET: Yeah.
Rick Dias.

RYAN: You don't have to play
Rick. Oh, my god.

CYRUS: Let's do it. Let's do it.

BRET: I'm going to let you pick
the pilot too.

It's purely cosmetic, but.

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

BRET: Okay, yeah.

RYAN: I'm probably butchering

the pronunciation of these

CYRUS: You want to pick a
Striker for me?

Just anything.

RYAN: Yes. Keep going.
Hover Truck.

BRET: Hover Truck, let's go.

RYAN: They're all about these

How can I pick anything else
than Hover Truck?

If you show me a screen and
Hover Truck is on it,

then I'm picking Hover Truck.

There's no question.

CYRUS: You will see him online.

With the Hover Truck.

RYAN: Yeah.

It's Hover Truck, nothing else.

Everyone, it's all Hover Trucks.

Everyone has to pick Hover

BRET: So we were just talking
about the small suits,

and you definitely picked one.

RYAN: Really?

BRET: If I get knocked out --

RYAN: Because he looks like a
big boy.

BRET: He is big, but looks can
be deceiving in this game.

RYAN: Our lights went out again.

Here we go.
I'm turning them back on.

BRET: If I get knocked out,

you'll see that I will only take

RYAN: Okay.

CYRUS: You're going up against
the guy you get coffee with

every Sunday.
Watch out!

RYAN: He's so upset that you
betrayed him.

You went out for brunch with
someone else.

CYRUS: With me.

RYAN: With Hover Truck.

CYRUS: With Hover Truck.

BRET: Hover Truck is -- he's
putting in the work.

RYAN: Yeah.
BRET: There we go.

CYRUS: Real quick, Bret, could
you talk about how important the

movement is in this game.

BRET: Movement is everything in
this game.

You know, the way you defend is
by moving.

It's not a game where you can

RYAN: Oh, you can't block.

BRET: You can, but --

RYAN: It's not viable all the

BRET: Yeah.

The blocking in this game is
what you want to do in a pinch.

And instead, normally, you just
want to dodge stuff.

So dodging is the best way.

All these guys are shooting at

And just by moving,

you can avoid all this stuff
pretty easily because everything

doesn't have amazing tracking.

So as long as you're moving in
an arc,

you'll avoid stuff.

CYRUS: And there's one main new
mechanic with movement in this

game called Boost Dive.

Boost Dive allows you to
immediately jump back to the

ground while you're moving which
also allows you to kind of

change your styles of battle.

You can see Bret doing that
every single 20 seconds or so,

which is pretty impressive.

BRET: Yeah.
It's a new mechanic.

It's one of the most interesting
things in this version because

this game's been out for so

But Gundam Versus for the PS4
has introduced so many cool

elements that we've never seen

so developers are definitely
still adding more cool stuff to

evolve the battle.

RYAN: I love it.

Gentlemen, thank you so much.

Final thoughts before we end
today's episode.

CYRUS: Yeah.

Well, we're just really excited
to bring this here.

Gundam Versus is going to be
launching on September 29th.

And jump in, jump online, play
with your friends,

play with your enemies, play
with your rivals.

Show us what you got online.

You'll see me online.
You'll see Bret online.

We'll definitely see you online
with those Hover Trucks.

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

Cyrus, Bret, thank you guys so

This has been PlayStation

Again, Gundam Versus out
September 29th.

CYRUS: September 29th on PS4,

RYAN: For everyone here at

and for everyone driving a Hover

we will see you next time on
PlayStation Underground.


Let's play Gundam Versus on PS4! With dozens and dozens of Mobile Suits to choose from, we leap into battle with our friends from Bandai Namco and unleash the power of Hover Trucks on the enemy. Enjoy the show!

Gundam Versus launches September 29 on PS4.

Watch the Source Video Here!

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  1. What if it was 3rd person with zone of enders 2 gameplay but a full game with over 100 missions like star fox and after each lever is boss battle in time trial mode you could select any gundam to be boss at the end of said mission


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