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    the world a year and three months ago I

    was there

    that's where I met OVA and Sheena as the

    three of us grew closer I felt I'd

    finally found a place where I belonged

    but then there was the incident in the

    who'll grounds cathedral she no fell

    into a coma and Oban disappeared from

    that point forward the only thing left

    to sustain me

    was my desire for revenge on triage


    seeking power I became the terror of

    death but all that power was lost when

    triage hit me with a data tree even

    after that my search for power continued

    inside I was still seething boiling over

    with feelings of injustice and rage

    it was then a land of epitaphs

    players strong enough to combat the out

    of spec phenomenon Nobles light the

    immense power flows players avatars

    proved irresistible

    except through that power

    and to think I met and dealt with all

    kinds of people since it all started

    people I could only understand by

    dealing with them Petofi troublemakers

    who were good deep down people who had

    different reasons for doing things but

    shared the same goals people I could

    count on and when I found out the truth

    when I drew back the curtain to find Oh

    Vaughn orchestrating everything it was

    thanks to all those people that I was

    able to cope


    when Oh Vaughn's avatar Corbin ik

    unleashed rebirth summoning forth the

    anti existence kuba

    I was able to survive because everyone

    was there that's what I realized

    true power comes from all the people

    that we encounter in our life's journey

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    so to make my peace with power once and

    for all and to awaken them before it's

    too late I've come back back to the



    yeah it's been forever since I last

    logged into the world


    the desktops just like I remember hmm

    they've stopped doing updates

    well whatever what I'm looking for I'll

    find inside the world

    time to login


    server failure


    and they're going to shut down the



    I have to hurry I better log into the





    sure has been a while hasn't it but I

    don't have time to drown in nostalgia

    not good it's more unstable than I


    gotta get going unless you didn't put

    the area word at the Kaos gate


    it's from psyche I see you're logged in


    yes I'm right in front of maka news

    chaos gate psyche we're in the world no

    need to be so formal but come on

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    sure thing

    hi I trust you know where to go and what

    to do head for Delta hidden forbidden

    dark grotto and ascertain the situation

    once you arrive understood I'll monitor

    you from the real world

    and just in case you weren't already

    aware here's what's up the world is

    currently experiencing server issues and

    bugs across all systems leading to

    widespread instability no one knows why

    even the admins aren't sure how to fix

    the instabilities at this time if I had

    to venture guess as to the cause

    I'd say the service were straining under

    the weight of all this illegal activity


    not the least of which is the rebirth

    and the emergence of cobia in any case

    this place is careening down a path to

    destruction and then there's CC Corp

    they've made the decision to permanently

    shut down the world r2 on New Year's Eve

    the last day of 2018 there's only a few

    days left

    rescuing hem is going to be a race

    against time don't worry I know what's

    at stake I hope you succeed

    for your sake ant yes

    I will I have to make this work




    this is the newest lost ground on earth

    by nan ja home cavern I finally found

    him and here of all places

    guy who first got me into the world who

    guided me so he could save his little


    ina from the ida virus that infected her

    and then he activated his avatar corbin

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    x4 biddin power rebirth

    the man who reset this world oh it's

    been over a year since then but OVA

    Masato indem still lies in a coma in the

    real world I'm going to smash that ice

    to pieces and wake you the hell up

    deal I can't even scratch it

    I still not strong enough okay calm down

    I can do this there has to be some way

    to save him hang in there open I'll get

    you out of there one way or another I'll

    find a way to break you out of that ice

    whether you want me to or not that's a


    I knew it I need to get that power back

    the power to get you out of there



    Paseo Paseo

    it really is you

    you're all here she knows sent word to

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


    she told us you were coming back ha sale

    we have all been here waiting for you

    huzzah oh you can't just log in and not

    tell anybody okay

    and she know

    welcome back a sale we've all been

    waiting for you


    you didn't have to inform everyone of

    course we did everybody has been really

    worried about your sale come on a sale

    let's go to the central square yeah come

    on when they found out you'd logged in

    everyone just kind of gathered around


    I can't believe it everyone came here to

    see me I should say hi to all




    ha sale huh I know what you've been up

    to ever since last year

    you've been trying your best to save him

    haven't you

    when you logged into the world today it

    was it was to come and save Obon wasn't

    it then why why why what what's gotten

    into her why didn't you tell me earlier

    why don't you feel like you can trust me

    all I wanted to help you huh sale all I

    want is to be there for you wait I'm


    really but just just let me explain

    I've been researching at psyches place

    this whole time trying to figure out how

    to find OVA I told you right PI's name

    in the real world is psyche earlier this

    year she quit her job at cc Corp and

    transferred to nab the network

    administration Bureau so I kept bugging

    her until she got me a job there as well

    I mentioned that too right anyway

    I finally discovered ovince location

    just this morning in fact so you see I

    honestly didn't have time to contact you

    or the others that's all it was

    you told she no yeah well she knows

    taking care of OVA in the hospital in

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    the real world honestly I didn't even

    want to tell her or anyone else for that


    things might get really messed up again

    I didn't want to put any of you guys in

    danger and have you suffer for it fail

    so you weren't trying to keep it a


    damnit you know what normal people say

    when they're in trouble if you need help

    you ask for it it's common sense

    in real life online wherever well don't

    you agree with me haseo well of course I

    look forward to helping you


    yes all right am I glad to see you huh

    say oh yeah been a while how you been


    ah you know same old same old you heard

    the big news I hope

    CC Corp is shutting down the world can

    you believe it

    we've all had so many good times here


    yeah we wanted the adventures to just go

    on forever whoa yes that was a big one

    huh there sure have been a lot of noise

    bursts like that lately

    I think the server's corrupted it's no

    use contacting the admins though we're

    looking into it gee thanks a sail

    there's something I gotta ask those

    noise bursts are they part of the reason

    why you came back

    I mean I'm not trying to pry or anything

    it's just if you're here on a mission

    we're here to help like before you know

    a team all you have to do is just say

    the word it could be our way of repaying

    the world for all the joy it's brought

    us or something like that that's right

    we want to help syllabus gasps Bart

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00


    greetings master Issei oh it's been a

    long time I'm pleased to see you're

    looking well kya where zelkova off

    performing his inspections I believe

    unfortunately he did not inform me of

    his destination before he left a strange

    choice considering the state of the

    world I don't know where he could have

    wandered off to so he's not here Zell

    Cova moon trees guild master I wanted to

    ask him about something I'm worried

    about Lord zelkova master haseo if you

    happen to determine his whereabouts

    would you please let me know of course

    will do


    hey hey sue guess what it's been six

    whole months since I beat the demon

    palace the holy palace and the sage

    palace I've defended all three titles

    for over six months pretty sweet huh wow

    that said the arena's already been shut

    down and since the world is about to

    disappear for good

    the player base has been steadily

    shrinking it's way different from the

    old days when you were champion

    Pepa sale


    there's a reason why you decided to come

    back to the world now right if anything

    happens you know you can count on me


    after all I am the champion gotta prove

    my worth let me know what I can do no

    matter what it is



    I should say hi to all of them


    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    it's me

    you call me I'm like a kitten to catnip

    I appear


    did you always talk like that

    now that I'm here you needed to worry

    your whiskers a little bit let me know

    when you're heading into an area don't

    you forget


    everyone's still just the same as ever

    a sale

    Shino well

    I couldn't do it I gave it everything I

    had but I couldn't break over on out of

    that ice Oh

    about Oh LaVon he may not actually want

    to wake up you know what just maybe he

    doesn't want the story he created to

    come to an end I refuse to believe that

    I can't I'm going to find a way to Waco

    Vaughn back up I swear it Oh be right


    that ISO Vons encased in it's clearly

    outside the games back I wonder if I use

    the epitaphs power would that be enough

    to break through it assail I am going to

    seal scan your avatar does not belong in

    this world

    hmm a short male ionize in the hull

    grand Cathedral guess I'd better head

    over there


    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00


    I bet I can guess what I know wants to

    discuss this won't be pleasant but I

    gotta do it




    welcome back the sale how are things

    fine I guess


    for me

    my brother's condition is worsening he's

    been getting weaker and weaker over the

    months the doctors say that he might

    only have a few days left I know you

    possess a mysterious power a power that

    once saved the world so why can't you

    save my brother I truly believe that if

    anyone was gonna save him

    it would be you I believed in you this

    whole time but it's it's too late


    with the other eight vases absorbed stay

    this far too strong for this world he's

    likely to summon the anti existence all

    on his own the power I used to have

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    scathe it's gone


    I guess I should get back to gnaw canoe


    hello are you huh sale huh looking for

    me are you

    hacia the same haseo who a year in three

    months ago won the arena triple crown

    the same house a over a year and three

    months ago when the pique tournament the

    same house a over a year and three

    months ago blue canard into a huge Gil

    forgive me I just had to be absolutely

    sure that it was really you I have a

    favor to ask please would you mind

    coming to this area why should I

    who are you that man in quoi home cavern

    ov on he's part of what I want to

    discuss take care

    wait I don't get it how the hell does

    she know about Hovan and beyond that how

    does a normal PC even know about qua

    home I guess I should head to Delta

    unknown evenings drama of deliverance

    that girl she has to be up to something

    going alone might be risky I should

    probably take some friends along


    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00






    let's head further in







    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00








    don't let your garden





    I didn't even break a sweat


    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00





    we're still okay





    here goes





    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00


    that was nothing



    here goes







    it comes




    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00




    you could be





    I didn't even break a sweat



    I'll crush you



    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00



    this is





    you're often



    here goes





    so this is a piece of cake


    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00


    bring it on



    here it comes






    I didn't even break a sweat




    bring it on





    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00









    so this is a piece of cake





    come on

    there's gotta be someone better




    you're open

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00



    here it comes






    splendid leave done the monsters here

    are set to a level far higher than usual

    and you just SWAT them aside like flies

    haseo you truly are the one I've been

    waiting for actually I'm the sail huh oh

    pardon me I can't quite match faces to

    names it's fine but who exactly are you

    let me introduce myself my name is Koh

    sabirah I come from the next la me the

    net slum I know the nets Lama it's an

    illegal town crawling with hackers and

    rogue a eyes I hope you can save my

    brother from a monster a monster yes

    two days ago an enormous monster

    appeared and completely wiped out the

    next slum the name of this monster is

    the shadow of the gulten

    the ghoul time I don't know that enemy

    time it is not a part of the world's

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    game spec the creature is ugly wretched

    and terrible PC and PC object you name

    it it's my brother acted as a decoy to

    try and protect the net slum but


    the Vegalta captured and swallowed him

    but my brother has a special security

    wall equipped there should still be time

    before he's completely trapped we can

    make it if we hurry you've got to get my

    brother out of that Vegalta hmm okay and

    what's your brother's name he's called

    so Cova zelkova main tree zelkova wait

    you're his little sister yes I told you

    that already didn't I

    no whatever at least now I know who you

    want me to help and when we met back at

    maka knew didn't you say you had

    something to tell me about OVA well

    Oh wine who's ovine the man in qualm

    cavern those were your exact words uh

    forgive me I'm not very good at matching

    names with faces uh yes

    ov on that was his name he has rejected

    the outside world and sealed himself

    inside that ice I understand what he's

    feeling his wish is to disappear along

    with this world what but I know the way

    in which he may be saved

    and I will tell you if you help my

    brother please go to this area and

    rescue zelkova this is in your hands now


    what is with that girl

    there's something not quite right about


    but even so she does seem to know about

    Oh Vaughn

    maybe she even actually knows how to

    save him from that ice and zelkova is

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    involved a sale the procedure is

    complete you are no longer an epitaph

    user back to just a sale the PC whatever

    this is it's big but I don't see much

    choice and I had business with him













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    Comment (34)

    1. Does part 4 not have an intro cause I wanna know what it says before the intro music starts. Part 1 had "do you know tri-edge?" Part 2 had "do you know the truth?" or "Do you not wish to know the truth?" (depending on the version you got) and Part 3 had "That's why I'm here". Doesn't part 4 have one?

    2. Ffs, how much of this game is purely cutscenes? I dove into this video to get an idea, but there is no gameplay at all so far. Just a bit of walking here and there. And it's cutscenes again.

    3. My god there are volume 4 and they still use the same boring PS2 graphics and gameplay mechanics !?

      I'm starting to think this game wasn't worth my money !

    4. I've been ignoring this movie cutscenes for a year, hoping I can experience the story myself while playing. I'm finally watching this now after I know my old 5 year old laptop can't handle the game :'(

    5. I wish we had an idea of what was going on with the characters after the game. It's just stuck on the final day and cant access anything, not even goodbye-emails to look at. Just left that empty void in my stomach lol. Based on 4:33 it doesn't sound like its PERMANENT, and Piros the 3rd gave hints of a World-3 one day. So i hope we can see another .Hack game in the future!

    6. The longwinded drama and overt emotional yet superficial character development and soap opera intrigue in this type of games is what puts me off. It's got this romantic element, usually love interest of a main character, and through cutscenes I cannot help but think grandmothers would enjoy that. And with a bit of explaining, the gameplay as well.


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