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    SearchThisVideo: HALO: CE ANNIVERSARY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – PILLAR OF AUTUMN (Master Chief Collection)

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    kirtana all I need to know

    I think we both know the answer to that


    we made a line jump how did they get

    here first the Covenant ships have

    always been faster as for tracking us

    all the way from reach at Lightspeed my

    manoeuvring options were limited

    we were running dead yes until we

    decelerate no one could have missed the

    whole wheat or in subspace

    they were waiting for us on the far side

    of the planet so where do we stand our

    fighters are mopping up the last of the

    recon picket now nothing serious but

    I've isolated approach signatures for

    multiple CCS class battle groups make it

    three capital ships per group and in

    about 90 seconds they'll be all over us

    well that's it then bring the ship back

    up to combat alert alpha I want everyone

    at this station everyone sir

    and Cortana hmm let's give our old

    friends a warm welcome I've already

    begun a bunch of all of that working out

    the human secured airlocks on deck 11 44

    June rendezvous with 22nd tactical at

    volt LED charlie bored me you are the

    lady move like you got a purpose this is

    not a drill

    I repeat this is not a drill once again

    it is our job to finish with the fly for

    started we are leaving this ship letal

    and engaging the covenant on solid

    ground when we meet the enemy we will

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    rip their skulls from their spines and

    toss them away laughing am i right

    Marines sir yes sir

    hmm damn right I am now move it out

    double-time alleged over the hill we are

    really to the enemy vegetable and middle


    all you greenhorns who wanted to see

    covenant up close this is gonna be your

    lucky day

    sir right let's throw him out okay

    bringing low-level systems online

    cracking the case in 30 seconds

    he's hot blowing the pins and five

    to chose green cycle completely sorry

    for the quick thaw Master Chief

    things are a little hectic right now the

    disorientation should pass quickly

    welcome back sir

    we'll have your battle ready stat chief

    please look around the room I need to

    get a calibration reading for your

    battle suits Diagnostics good thank you


    I'm bringing her health monitors on line

    sir vital signs look normal no freezer

    burn okay sir go ahead and climb out of

    the cryo tube

    I gave you a double dose of the wake-up

    stem take a quick walk around the cryo

    Bay and join me at the optical

    diagnostic station when you're ready

    I know the ordinance Tech's usually take

    care of your targeting sensors but we're

    short of time chief just look at each of

    the flashing panels to target them when

    you lock-on it'll change color okay that

    looks good

    sir I'm getting some calibration errors

    I'm going to advert you're looking pitch

    so as you can see if you like it better

    that way

    try targeting the flashing lights again

    is that better or should I switch it

    back okay try looking up and down again

    please ease do you want me to leave it

    like that or switch it yeah yeah okay

    I'll leave the pitch in normal but if

    you want you can change it yourself


    I'm ready for the energy shield test now

    please follow me to the energy shield

    test station fire teams report with

    defensive positions alpha through Sierra

    sensors show inbound covenant boarding

    craft stand by to repel boarders

    okay bring his energy shields on line

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


    all right shields read us fully charged

    okay sir bring them down to test the

    automatic return

    recharging normally we're showing Green

    across the border bridge to cryo - this

    is Captain Keith's and the Master Chief

    to the bridge immediately

    captain we'll have to skip the weapons

    diagnostics on a double for a moment aye

    aye sir

    the skipper seems jumpy we'd better get

    moving we'll find you weapons later okay

    I'll leave the self-diagnostics running

    at least Oh God they're trying to get

    through the door security intruders a

    God to please him Sam come on we've got

    to get the hell out of here this way

    captain Keyes

    good to see your master chief things

    aren't going well

    Cortana did our best but we never really

    had a chance

    a dozen covenant superior battleships

    against a single Halcyon class cruiser

    with those odds I'm content with three

    make that four James

    no thanks to your driving yeah

    report he must have been one of their

    boarding parties I'd guess an antimatter

    charge ma'am fire control for the main

    candidates offline captain the cannon

    was my last offensive option all right

    I'm initiating Cole protocol Oracle soon

    we're abandoning the other that means

    you too Cortana

    while you do what go down with the ship

    in a manner of speaking the object we

    found I'm gonna try and land the autumn

    on it with all due respect sir this war

    has enough dead heroes I appreciate your

    concern Cortana but it's not up to me

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    protocol is clear destruction or capture

    of shipboard AI is absolutely

    unacceptable and that means you're

    leaving ship lock in a selection of

    emergency landing zones upload them to

    my neural lace and then sort yourself

    for heart rates

    hi sir which is where you come to get

    Cortana off this ship keep her safe from

    the enemy if they capture her they'll

    learn everything force deployment

    weapons research earth I understand the

    autumn will continue evasive maneuvers

    until you initiate a landing sequence

    not that you'll listen but I'd suggest

    letting my subroutines handle the final

    approach excellent work

    thank you are you ready

    yank me good luck Master Chief

    hmm your architecture isn't much

    different from the autumns

    don't get any funny ideas I don't keep

    it loaded son

    those worries could use some help cheap

    don't you do that

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    you're using our lifeboat airlocks to

    attach their boarding craft we go out

    and they come

    having it on the landing of other nice


    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    let's find him

    prepare to abandon

    like pods are launching we should hurry

    the Covenant are destroying the light

    bulb we have to use the ship's

    maintenance access ways follow the nav

    point it will lead you to an opening

    I'm detecting covenant movement outside

    the access ways activating motion to

    safe exit we're too close we need to

    find another route all remaining crew

    and hops personnel get sunlight photos

    fall back to use activating motion

    tracker shows all clear

    wait we need to get to that nor but it's

    been damaged by an explosion analyzing

    the doors control mechanism is off my

    we'll be able to bash it open with a

    letter freeway

    it looks like the pendant

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    like we could get bored before lounges


    now would be a very good time to leave

    we're gonna make it army sir I don't

    want to die out here look

    what is that thing Ratan

    knew it the autumns accelerating Keys is

    going in manual

    bears up everyone this is it for

    injuries or exam is very fun

    sure you wouldn't rather take a seat

    we'll be fine

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    still had fingers they'd be crossed


    Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an upcoming compilation of remastered first-person shooter video games from the Halo series for the Xbox One. It consists ...


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    1. Feels pretty weird playing it again then finding out ya can't Spartan charge,iron sights, and sprint your way outta there, halo 5 is very different compared to the original game


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