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    SearchThisVideo: Halo Infinite Gameplay World Premiere with HaloFollower – Full Stream

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    oh my god guys it's happening
    it's happening five freaking years
    the hype is real and there are so many
    [ __ ] warts in the chat
    or work
    oh my gosh are you guys having any
    issues because this is the first stream
    i've done in a
    long time i don't know if the music's
    too loud
    should probably turn that if you guys
    can hear me fine
    say yes
    there's a little bit of a delay here so
    i just
    yes okay i've seen a lot of yeses all
    are you guys excited for [ __ ] halo
    infinite gameplay because
    that is what we are getting in the next
    well either 20 minutes which would be
    pretty soon because the um
    the pre-show is starting in 20 minutes i
    right yeah so 20 minutes pre-show
    and then after that an hour and 20
    um that is when the main show is gonna
    i don't know if we're gonna get much of
    anything interesting
    in the um the pre-show
    uh regarding halo infinite um but uh i'm
    starting to stream
    uh early here uh with you guys because i

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    want to
    uh just be here when it all happens with
    you guys i mean
    i thought about it more and more and i
    was like okay look i've been following
    this game
    for over half of my youtube career or
    whatever you want to call it
    um i started the channel back in 2011
    the day halo 4 was announced and
    um well i've been here on youtube for
    nine years now uh in one month
    so over what i'm trying to say is over
    half that time
    i've been making videos about halo 6 and
    halo infinite
    and um yeah i guess halo 4 and halo 5
    released within five years of each other
    right 2012 and then 2015 three years
    later so
    um this is kind of massive you know
    for for the community i mean to this is
    basically two halo games put in one if
    you want to look at it like that so the
    expectations are pretty freaking high
    right now um i actually had a little
    warm-up video for you guys uh where we
    kind of
    i don't know if it's really necessary to
    put here now i think i think
    uh i was gonna put it in this starting
    soon screen
    instead of um
    yeah oh my gosh i'm sorry i'm so
    distracted right now there's just so
    much to
    to think about so um there's so many
    warts you guys
    chill on the warts
    wart wart wart means go go go doesn't it
    and sankili
    or covenant language whatever whatever
    it is
    face cam we got a nutcam that that i
    might throw up here soon
    because i have had blue balls for five
    so many warts all right uh hero uh this
    is what we're gonna do guys we're gonna
    swap over to some video uh that i had
    made kind of to warm up the stream um
    it was gonna go after this starting soon
    screen but i'm gonna i'm gonna um
    i'm gonna throw it up here i wasn't
    planning on talking before but
    uh let's go ahead and by the way uh
    please forgive me for any technical
    that we might have here in this first
    section because um it's been a while
    um i don't foresee any technical issues
    uh for the
    xbox game show because it's just simply
    switching the screen and meeting my mic
    um but yeah off screen i'm gonna i'm
    gonna do a reaction which i'll i'll um
    probably post here on the youtube
    channel later but you guys won't see
    that right now
    i want you guys to get a pure experience
    word word word waffles

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    all right let's uh let's go ahead and
    switch gears here start stream
    all right
    so um this warm-up section
    session was uh actually going to be me
    talking a little bit about
    uh halo 5. hopefully the music isn't
    so um where we left off was
    kind of a weird place kind of a massive
    right and
    halo 5 was kind of like
    we followed agent lock master chief was
    like supposedly a traitor although the
    execution of it was kind of like
    it wasn't super great
    but a little bit um
    we followed uh master chief kind of
    hunting them down
    three-fourths of the campaign and uh
    then we had a uh betrayal by cortana
    try to lock him up in a crypto and now
    we're kind of like
    oh [ __ ] what happens it's been about
    three years probably
    since everything has has happened
    because uh the e3 2019 trailer
    kind of pointed it to it being a 2561
    was it september i think 19th
    2561 halo 5 ended in october 25 58.
    so that is a lot of time for things to
    have happened all right i i have no idea
    how they're going to do this without
    having some kind of flashback
    but we do know that the banished are
    going to be involved somehow
    and guys the wars i thought we said no
    more warts
    um wildlife to look forward to
    for sure um onset of halo i'm really
    excited for this so let's let's go ahead
    and watch
    some clips from halo 5 and i'll uh come
    back at the end all right
    argent moon signs of hostile activity
    but she's still here
    copy that 117 eliminate all hostiles
    secure argent mode
    you may deploy when ready affirmative
    117 out
    here you go thanks kelly
    everyone ready affirmative
    you good
    blue team

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    the domain is open meridian
    is next cortana
    john the reclamation is about to begin
    chief what's wrong
    she's on meridian who
    i have failed you
    he is the last person i need protection
    hello john it's good to see you
    you've changed
    it was time
    i know we have a disagreement
    but once you understand my plan your
    is we do as you say i'm offering people
    a chance to be more than they are
    naturally like dr halsey did for me
    no that monster forced you
    this is a gift listen to yourself
    stand down cortana
    come home with us it's not too late to
    stop this
    stop no john
    this is too important to stop
    i just needed to know if i could still
    trust you
    you'll be safe inside this krypton until
    my work
    goodbye john
    where's cortana

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    she's gone sir
    it's cortana her and the other ais are
    shutting down everything from earth to
    the outer colonies
    roland found you
    hyden seeks over infinity
    lieutenant jet emergency slip space now
    the mantle of responsibility for the
    galaxy shelters all
    but only the created are its masters
    we're in the clear captain no reason to
    think she can continue random jump steer
    clear major settlements
    we're just gonna run only until we could
    find a way to fight
    all right that's where we are
    that's where we are um that was
    three years ago if i have the timeline
    about a little yeah a little short of
    three years ago
    if halo infinite starts in 2561 right 25
    59 25 60
    you know the flood breaks free from
    the uh high charity and now are probably
    all over the ark
    and just knowing the flood they will
    probably have escaped
    um there was a little bit about the um
    portal to
    voy and that i wonder if it's going to
    play in somehow
    um you know the promotional material
    so i mean it's crazy it's crazy um a lot
    of grunt lives matter
    a lot of warts still all right it's all
    right you guys have fun
    doing the warts um wart
    uh i am so this
    is great it's it's uh who has had dreams
    who has had dreams about halo infinite
    and and i hate to say it but i've had
    more dreams about
    the game sucking
    and and you know i guess fear might be a
    little bit more powerful than
    than uh optimism here
    oh wow uh thank you guys for the
    donations i appreciate it

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    i appreciate that um
    i think i had a dream that one of my
    more positive dreams
    was in forge and i
    i i was just amazed that there was a
    scale option
    where you could get into a massive
    warthog or a little small warthog
    and i don't know why that just made me
    so excited it's probably something
    that's pretty easy to do on a technical
    level but
    um i've always wanted to scale option
    um also i i don't know if you guys have
    seen this
    but i'm trying to get jake up here
    he might be able to make it later um
    so real quick the show is going to start
    in seven minutes
    seven minutes and 40 seconds so we'll
    i'll i'll stop talking before then
    but um if the pre-show doesn't have
    halo related i'm probably just going to
    kind of talk over it and
    um and then just kind of go back into if
    mention something halo related or or
    whatever we'll we'll take breaks on an
    play by ear but anyway what i was just
    saying i was saying um
    forge um
    yeah and then multiplayer okay so chris
    ray gunn made a video the retro
    retrospective of uh halo
    just in general and it was so cool
    because i i think
    he i i think most of us kind of know
    like subconsciously thank you for the
    um most of us kind of know this like
    what is wrong with halo why is halo 5
    feel like so different than halo like
    like chris ray gun i also agree
    and i've said this for a while that halo
    5 wasn't a bad game it was just
    it wasn't a halo game it wasn't really
    what we wanted as a
    halo game it was kind of like a run and
    gun parkour
    paintball um as chris ray gunn put it
    um you know what is halo what is at the
    core of the multiplayer
    you know what is it it's it's an arena
    game and
    all the things that make a halo game
    good um
    is is the sandbox that's really what
    that's the heart of it and that's why i
    think halo 3 did it so well because
    of the really fun pickups like the power
    drain the bubble shield
    these allowed for really fun organic
    shenanigans which by the way
    was something mentioned a while ago they
    said um halo infinite
    uh one of the developers said that
    they're interested in big team
    organic shenanigans which which in my
    opinion is what halo is all about
    of course there's a competitive side but
    halo 5 had nothing
    um had nothing like big team battle wise
    only forge maps which to be fair forge
    was well but
    i i still think it was kind of uh almost
    a sin
    to not have big team paddle at all on a
    halo game and i i think that's going to
    change here
    but um going on what with what chris ray

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    gunn was talking about was that
    everything that is in halo 5 needs to be
    um all the loadouts all like the sprint
    the clamber and the
    the jetpack and everything this needs to
    put into the sandbox where sprint is
    a one-time pickup where you can um you
    put it on yourself and you you can
    and of course it has its own drawbacks
    maybe it uses a weapon slot like maybe
    even a grappling coke on the map
    maybe that can be used to uh jump onto
    vehicles and board them
    um so taking what worked in halo 5 like
    you know um things that could have
    worked like in halo 5 like the the
    sprint the thruster
    things like that they need to be placed
    onto the map oh my goodness thank you
    for the donation i appreciate it man
    um so yeah things like that need to be
    into the arena one grappling hook one
    jet pack
    and i think things like that would have
    made halo
    uh three even better i think that's how
    you improve on the sandbox as you add
    new dynamic things to the sandbox uh
    thank you for the donation i just
    realized you guys have comments here did
    you ever have a nightmare where chief
    takes off his helmet and it's spartan
    lock and he says
    wart high from ireland um no i did not
    scotty um
    but most of my fears revolve around just
    the gameplay itself not so much the
    which is funny because i care a lot
    about the story probably more than the
    gameplay itself but
    uh uh angst ireland says hey halo
    follower from an og halo ce player
    thank you for what you do keep it up and
    keep fans like us up to date on the good
    discussion can't wait for the reveal
    today yes
    same here we are just minutes away so
    um maybe we should maybe we should get
    that up and
    up on the screen here now um
    i will say fair warning and
    i don't know how many of this is uh how
    many of you guys actually care about
    this but fair warning here
    uh i think the stream here is running at
    so if you want a really high quality
    experience watching this for the first
    then you should probably go watch it
    where it is official officially
    like on youtube.com xbox but if you want
    more like um
    you know more interactive experience
    with me here and um i guess more
    community based or whatever
    uh focused on halo because they're
    probably not only going to be talking
    about halo at this event
    um then stick around um i really love
    the uh
    the discussion we're having so far so
    yes holy crap 4300 4300 viewers is
    that's insane um
    cortana is the cc grant lives matter
    okay the comments are going by way too
    fast also cheeky puck for
    we might have time we might have time
    that um let me see
    my friend halo vfx

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    and i were wanting to put our our thing
    we don't have enough time for anything
    else than this i think we might have
    just a second
    because it's only one minute long
    we got two we'll have enough time to
    watch this guys don't worry
    all right so just to clear up any
    confusion guys that is not halo infinite
    i probably should have said that a
    little bit before that is my friend halo
    uh project charity falls um and if you
    refresh the
    the stream you will see that i post a
    link down in the description you can
    also check him out on patreon.com
    halo vfx that stands for visual you know
    fx so that isn't halo infinite
    um but yeah that was just uh a project
    that uh
    he is working on which honestly looks
    amazing so we uh we're we're going into
    the pre-show the pre-show is going to be
    um more community-based i heard
    there's going to be some halo infinite
    stuff here but it's we really don't know
    think it's just coming down to
    speculation and rumors but i don't have
    big expectations that's
    one hour from now that thing should uh
    should kick off
    please let halo infinite be playable
    right that would be cool i'm
    really excited hello everybody it's jeff
    keeley and
    welcome to this special xbox game
    showcase and our pre-show here
    leading up to the big main showcase that
    happens in one hour at the top of the
    next hour
    uh welcome to youtube gaming and our
    exclusive coverage this obviously
    is a different year for all of us in

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    2020 and
    normally every year i love getting
    together with with everyone around the
    world to watch all the e3 events but
    this year of course uh given where the
    world's at we're doing things
    virtually uh before we get into this i
    certainly want to acknowledge
    everything that is still happening
    around the world with the covid pandemic
    and certainly hope everyone is safe and
    feeling okay today and excited about
    video games which
    uh i think have been a source of comfort
    for many of us in 2020
    so today is really about celebrating
    games and the future of games where
    games are going
    um in the future you know this is still
    a big year for games and that new
    consoles are launching
    and today is all about xbox and the xbox
    series x which is coming out this
    holiday season although today is less
    hardware and is going to be more about
    the games and in our pre-show we've got
    a lot of great guests
    joining us to preview what we expect
    from xbox and we also have some world
    premieres and some great new game stuff
    to show you guys
    as well the xbox story for series x of
    started last year at the game awards
    when we revealed the xbox
    series x hardware on stage i uh i
    miss memories of thousands of people
    together and the excitement of shocking
    the world with that announcement last
    uh that was such a special moment that
    no one had any clue it was about to
    happen and we've revealed the hardware
    um but of course everyone wants to know
    about the games that are going to run on
    the system and today
    is all about a game that was sort of
    mentioned in that teaser
    halo halo infinite we are going to get a
    first look
    at the gameplay of the campaign of halo
    in the xbox game showcase that's
    something that we're all
    very excited to see i'm sure we'll be
    talking about that a lot over the next
    uh and xbox has already said we're not
    gonna hear a lot about hardware today we
    don't expect to hear
    the release date for series x we don't
    expect to hear about pricing
    it really is going to be a showcase all
    about games and focused a lot more on
    their first party studios
    meaning games that are coming
    exclusively to the xbox ecosystem
    which of course includes game pass and
    and even xcloud there's a lot to talk
    about kind of what xbox is doing with
    gaming and their approach
    um so we've got some world premieres for
    you and we've got a lot of guests so
    let's get ready for the countdown here
    58 minutes away from the show
    before we get to our first world
    premiere though i want to welcome some
    panelists to talk about what we're
    expecting today
    from xbox so first up joining me is my
    good buddy jacksepticeye
    jack welcome to the show hi it's good to
    be here
    thankfully it's right there here how
    early in the morning in los angeles
    we've also got lauren syde here lauren
    how are you
    hey good how are you i'm doing fantastic
    good to see you as well
    and finally we've got a guy who uh who
    got to go up to microsoft and check out

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    the xbox series x hardware before
    lockdown austin evans austin good to
    have you with us matt
    hey jeff thanks for having me man yeah
    great to have all you guys here so
    let's kick things off here by talking
    about what you want to see from xbox
    uh you know they had an event back in
    may that people wanted to see
    even more um from they wanted to see you
    know more gameplay more games they
    wanted to see halo
    they're going to deliver that today what
    are your expectations as as
    fans of games what what do you want to
    see at the top of the hour from xbox
    let's start with you jack
    um well i mean our the big elephant in
    the room the big chief elephant in the
    room is everyone just wants to see halo
    and i'm really curious because i'm not
    the biggest halo fan but this even this
    one has kind of gotten me
    intrigued and excited so i'm curious to
    see about that i want to see more
    hellblade 2 if we're going to get some
    of that because the
    when we saw that trailer at the game
    awards and we were sitting in that
    and that music kicked in and rocked
    everyone's socks i was really impressed
    with that and seeing what the hardware
    could kind of do
    in engine there um i'm a sucker for from
    soft games i
    my heart's going to be broken when we
    don't see eldon ring today but
    it's been so long since it was announced
    i need to see it somewhere
    and see that it's it still exists and as
    long as i get a good
    world premiere see i'll be happy oh wait
    wait wait we got the world premiere
    guy actually doing the voice here when
    we come to our first goal
    it's crazy take care of you but yes as
    you said
    um you know everyone would love to see
    elden ring everyone would love to
    to see new game announcements too um you
    mentioned halo
    lauren is that is that the big thing for
    you like seeing halo what are you
    excited to see
    no so i feel like halo was like my first
    introduction into
    like first person shooter games and why
    i should not play them because i'm
    horrible at them but that was like my
    it holds a special place in my heart
    because like that was the first time
    realizing i was terrible at them
    um i'm really excited i'm big into like
    psychological horror games
    uh so the medium i really really want to
    see more about i want to see gameplay
    they haven't told us a whole lot about
    it um but i'm i'm living for it like the
    silent hill music everything
    um and everwild is the other one i'm
    really interested uh
    for like to see more about because both
    of those are kind of a mystery i haven't
    i haven't seen much on them
    oh that that's great because as you said
    there are lots of other games across
    the studios everwhile that they teased
    last year at exo from rare looked really
    interesting i agree hopefully we'll get
    to see something on that
    tim schaefer's got psychonauts that you
    know they acquired that studio hopefully
    there'll be an update on that one and
    he said microsoft's got so many studios
    so many games um
    across the portfolio that i think we'll
    get hopefully some new game
    announcements and also some updates on
    those existing ones
    um austin you are one of the the few
    people i think in the
    world that uh you know got to check out
    uh series x you got i remember you did
    so you got to check out
    gears how that was looking on the
    hardware and everything like that so you
    have a really interesting perspective on
    um what do you want to see at xbox today
    so i mean i love the nerdy details right

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    i want to see
    the 120 fps and the hdr and the
    all the the ray tracing i'm really
    interested in seeing kind of like what
    this next generation is able to do as
    far as pushing the envelope forward
    right i mean look
    don't get me wrong i'm going to be all
    over halo i really want to see what
    they're able to do especially
    considering that that's going to be a
    game that will be on
    xbox one and sort of swimming with pc
    and series x and kind of seeing how
    they're able to stretch that
    and i'm definitely a huge fan of the
    forza franchise right i mean that's sort
    of been
    really you look back at the xbox one
    generation for me i have definitely
    spent more time playing for
    the forza games as well as the horizon
    games more than anything else right so
    definitely has like a special place in
    my heart from the gaming side but what
    i'm really curious about
    is getting a really good look at kind of
    what this new slate of titles look like
    right i mean obviously we know that
    there are a bunch of games that are
    coming out sort of holiday season
    i'm assuming we're probably going to see
    some games kind of teased for the next
    maybe year or two or whatever the case
    is but i really want to see a good sense
    what the xbox series x is capable of
    right i've seen little bits and pieces
    i got to try a couple of tech demos i
    know the specs i know all the kind of
    the basic stuff but what i really want
    to do is kind of see how all that comes
    and brings what this next generation is
    all about yeah no i think that's a great
    point it's
    you know they keep saying how powerful
    this console is like we want to see that
    power right and see what this is able to
    do and
    microsoft's philosophy on xbox that phil
    spencer has
    expressed is you know a little bit
    different than playstation that they're
    saying that all these games are going to
    show you today conceivably will still
    work on your current xbox will work on
    pc and they might you know they work
    better on the new xbox but
    i'm curious for you guys um you know how
    does that affect your sort of
    decision on what you're going to do with
    xbox like what's going to cause you to
    to want to upgrade to the next system
    because it's different that you know
    halo as you said will work probably on
    if you have an xbox right now to work on
    the current system
    so i assume part of what they have to
    show today is why it's going to be
    even better on the next one
    yeah i think for definitely what i
    expect yeah i think for me
    what i what i like most about the xbox
    that kind of sits at
    in my house is like we always get sony
    with their exclusives and i would love
    to see some really cool exclusives come
    out of
    microsoft today it's the the thing that
    people keep talking about all the time
    but i love
    the kind of home entertainment aspect of
    my xbox i love the
    the kind of ui and the the speed of the
    system and kind of sitting down i use it
    for everything i only use my playstation
    gaming but i really use my xbox for
    almost everything i watch
    netflix on it i watch movies and i play
    my my 4k
    blu-rays and everything on it because my
    my playstation couldn't do that
    so i i'm really curious to see how they
    evolve kind of the the os
    of the system and make it snappier and
    faster and how you're able to
    switch between games on the fly and
    being able to have all of those old
    be playable on the new one they keep
    talking about backwards compatibility
    a lot and how that's a big factor for
    them and i'm curious to see how far that
    goes and how many games

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00
    you can really play with that and how
    far they're pushing it and stuff like
    game pass has come out and it's it's
    kind of a game changer because there's
    so many times when i just go on
    and i don't want to buy a new game but
    it's game pass is a good way of kind of
    trying it out and
    testing it and just downloading it there
    and playing straight away and i really
    love that aspect so i want to see
    how far they push that and xcloud i
    is what their trump card will be this
    time at least for me personally the way
    consume the the media on my xbox
    yeah no i think that as you said the
    game pass is another big part of it that
    you know a lot of these games now come
    as part of game passing microsoft said
    kind of all their first party titles are
    are in game pass and that i think lets
    people sample more games right it's no
    longer like you have to spend 60 dollars
    to play everything um austin i want to
    ask you about
    the the specs and the you know the frame
    rates and all that type of stuff
    you know you live in the world of tech
    and you know
    our dna architectures and whatnot like
    what do you think
    what does that all mean to the gamers
    like how do you think the games are
    going to be different or what are the
    things we should look for
    here in turn you know ray tracing and
    things like that like what do you think
    are going to be some of the big leaps
    we're going to see um in some of these
    games hopefully today
    so i think the interesting way of
    looking at sort of the previous
    generation sort of xbox one ps4 going
    into this new generation
    is that it's a much more well-rounded
    package right so you look at something
    like the xbox series x
    spec wise it is equivalent to a very
    high-end gaming pc
    that's not something we've seen in the
    console space for a long time right you
    look at the xbox one
    it had good graphics right it was able
    to provide some really impressive games
    you look at something like red dead 2
    running on an original xbox one it's
    really impressive that that was able to
    be sort of
    accomplished but the thing is this
    generation with the series x we have now
    the ssd which i think people are going
    to very quickly get used to not
    minute load times but you know a few
    second load times but also you have that
    really powerful cpu which going to
    enable these bigger open worlds
    sort of more interesting looking physics
    and then you have on the graphics side
    not only sort of more detailed things
    and i think
    the higher frame rates are something
    that especially as more and more tvs are
    developing that sort of tech that
    people are going to really start to
    appreciate but also these new features
    like ray tracing right which are just
    going to help ground these worlds in a
    much more sort of
    realistic sort of location like i guess
    for me it's more about making the
    console a much more complete package
    right you're not sort of sacrificing
    because you're
    playing on your pc versus your xbox or
    anything like you're going to be getting
    a very similar level of performance
    in a lot of cases something like the
    series x is going to be significantly
    more powerful than
    any other gaming device in your home yep
    all right well hopefully we're going to
    get to see some of that
    lauren you get the last word here
    anything you're hoping is a surprise
    today you talked about some of the games
    we know about like the medium and
    everweld anything that you're secretly
    hoping they they show here in some way
    uh i i you know i was looking
    yesterday to see if there was anything i
    could think of that like they could
    surprise me with
    um i've personally been more of like

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    pc gamer uh playstation so if they can
    surprise me
    and pull me in with more like xbox
    exclusives um i mean game pass has been
    a game changer for me i've been using
    that a lot lately
    um so just like bringing me into that
    if they can do that like then they've
    they've surprised me so
    no that's that's part of what they're
    trying to do here is you said you know
    you can play all this stuff on your pc
    you can play you know on your phone via
    xcloud and like you know
    bringing more games to more people so i
    said hopefully we'll see a bunch of
    games today right and we know halo is
    going to be a big focus
    um but obviously they've got a lot of
    other things to uh to fill out that hour
    all right well
    thanks lauren austin and uh jack we will
    see you guys later we'll all be watching
    uh and we do have some special world
    premieres uh throughout this show we've
    got a number i think we've got over i
    think a half dozen things we're going to
    show you guys over the next
    45 minutes here to give you a little
    preview of some stuff that
    will be coming to xbox and we're going
    to start right now uh
    with this world premiere announcement
    check it out my god world premiere
    oh my god all right [ __ ] up guys
    all right it's not halo i'm gonna have a
    heart attack
    oh my god of all
    all right oh my god
    i'm gonna have an aneurysm
    okay so
    it was in 45 minutes like i said i don't
    think they're showing
    anything halo related here which is kind
    of why i'm like i was kind of
    you know anticipating on just kind of
    you know talking a little bit more
    because you guys are here for halo stuff
    so um can we see someone talking about
    square enix
    i i don't care it's not halo
    so um bro i'm raging right now the world
    premieres out
    dude it's going to be 45 minutes all
    right that might be when
    it starts um but i'm i'm i'm streaming
    because you never know what if we get a
    teaser or something but
    um so one thing he said was gonna is
    gonna be a big focus and um i think
    that is kind of clear because
    that's what xbox keeps marketing this
    event about
    and i'm starting to wonder if they're
    premieres here on the pre-show i wonder
    halo infinite's actually going to take
    up a massive
    part of the um
    the main show right like

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    i'm talking about like maybe not five or
    ten minutes like e3 usually does but
    maybe we're talking about like
    20 to 30 minutes which um
    i don't know maybe that's a stretch but
    it's it's gonna be uh
    uh it's got to be a big focus you know
    so we have a comment here real quick
    by um let's see by jrob 88 he says he
    put so much time and effort into
    improving the halo community i'm so
    excited he decided to stream the event
    can't wait to see
    what news is ahead and watch your
    breakdown of all the news so yeah i was
    i was thinking i'm not streaming the
    um because i just wanted to be able to
    like jump right into the uh
    the news and stuff right after the event
    but i think the fact that we've been
    waiting for
    this for a long time is uh i think it's
    i think it's worthy of streaming right
    requests coming for the first time to
    and now we're gonna get right into
    another world premiere this is a
    brand new game announcement um a smaller
    team in studio that has a new title to
    uh today on the pre-show so take a look
    at this
    all right so this isn't
    yeah um we're probably gonna see we're
    probably gonna have a lot of this we're
    like is it halo is a halo
    i don't expect any side releases if you
    guys are uh
    expecting that i don't expect like halo
    5 odst or
    or anything like that i think this is
    just going to be purely
    halo infinite stuff so um the fact that
    there's gonna be a lot of pre-show stuff
    happening here i think we're just gonna
    uh jump to some gameplay real quick
    that um that i already uh
    had there for a while but uh why don't
    we uh
    put our
    the stream on the side here just so
    just so if you guys want to see what's
    kind of going on if
    just in case there's any halo stuff so
    it did you
    if you guys have any questions for me um
    about the channel
    or about halo in general i would like to
    start a discussion here if you guys want
    to um let's see what uh this guy's
    good night uh coming uh in late 2021 and
    that's a first look at that
    uh we do have more new uh games and some
    cool stuff we've got
    something very cool to wrap up the
    pre-show as our last premiere that i'm
    really excited to share with you guys
    so stick around and of course at the top
    of the hour we're going to get a look
    at a lot of the first party games uh
    from microsoft including
    the world gameplay debut of halo
    uh right now though we're gonna turn to
    our second panel to preview what we're
    uh all our hopes and dreams for xbox
    today uh
    joining me first off is aaron hansen
    from the game grumps

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    aaron you ready for blanks oh dude
    you're way ahead of me brother i was all
    all blinked up and you just brought me
    away you've been waiting all summer for
    this moment well the time sweeper
    returned all right
    uh good to have you with us erin uh
    we've got danny o'dwyer from uh noclip
    hey danny how you doing hey how you
    doing man i'm just really happy to
    for uh aaron to get his blinks he's been
    waiting for like
    what was it a month since we child
    talked on playstation uh
    you know forget all these all these new
    studios and all these new games that all
    their acquisitions are gonna do it's
    it's all about the blinks
    bring back the time sweeper right that's
    that's clearly the closer of the show
    right you must know something
    uh and finally we've got atlanta pierce
    joining us hey elena
    hey how you doing i'm doing great all
    right you're all chipper we're ready to
    go this is xbox day
    um gonna be hopefully some excitement um
    for all of us uh with what xbox has in
    store so we joked about uh blinks but
    xbox has
    a lot of franchises a lot of history in
    gaming over the past
    uh 20 years i'm gonna open with the same
    question i had for the last panel
    what are your hopes what are your
    expectations what do you want to see
    from xbox in this next hour that's gonna
    you know
    convince you that uh they've got a lot
    of great stuff and uh you know
    charting the future of gaming uh aaron
    let's take blinks off the table
    beyond that what else can we do for you
    today uh well you know if i'm gonna be
    honest man
    i wanna know what the heck's going on
    with exo mecca because that
    like i was not expecting something like
    and holy crap reaction that appealed to
    my 80s early 90s culture
    mind i was just like it's just big
    silver robots punching each other and
    there's a robot dragon i guess that
    breeds fire great i'm in let's do it
    all right um so guys uh they're kind of
    talking about different
    unrelated things to have you know you
    visit a lot of studios around so um
    again i want to keep this
    stream kind of like strictly focused on
    halo because that's what you guys are
    here for
    um i have a few comments from you guys
    from your perspective
    and um let's let's go ahead and get to
    the first one uh
    they say what are your speculations
    about halo infinite being a spiritual
    so uh i think i think halo's
    for our second mission named halo and
    silent cartographer that's going to be a
    big part of it and i think that is
    like a major focus for them to have that
    kind of
    linear type open world gameplay where
    you kind of choose how you want to
    engage the enemy
    um i've talked about this a lot but for
    the sake of you know
    convenience for some of you that might
    not know that's what i think this game
    is going to be
    really heavily focused on about i don't
    think it's going to be like i i've said
    this many times
    that the game is going to be like
    destiny but really the whole time i
    should have been saying it's going to be
    halos halo ce's second mission
    um so
    that's what i think about the spiritual
    reboot as far as other things i mean

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    just look at the new cover art
    i mean the uh the cover art i mean my
    goodness guys
    it's just beautiful but
    we have another comment would you ever
    like a big custom game with your fans
    yeah i haven't done one in a really long
    but um that is something i am intending
    on doing uh four just kind of broken at
    launch otherwise i probably would have
    had some custom games running up
    um i do occasionally like making forge
    maps um
    and like fetch infection modes you know
    i love those kind of
    drive or die or run for your life or fat
    kid game mode so i'll probably be doing
    some of those with fans
    um would you prefer sprint or no sprint
    in halo infinite halo follower
    it really depends i think sprint has a
    place on big
    team battle matches but
    like like the gameplay you're seeing
    here i don't even know if sprint is
    really necessary i think that
    it could be a pickup that is fairly
    common in the map
    but um i just prefer things being
    pickups you know now that i really think
    about it it's
    it adds to the sandbox and it doesn't
    take away things and and losing sprint
    after you die if you don't have that
    or uh the weapon slot or ability slot
    oh this kill is so freaking funny
    i'm really proud of that kill it that's
    a funny funny kill
    so um yeah and i think we have
    no that was it that was it we have a
    comment from argent thanks again man for
    the donation he's just i say
    uh gonna just drop this here again also
    halo follower this donation is also an
    invitation to play our bungie police
    event in halo 5 sometime
    uh just dm me at arjun ireland
    zero one zero one all right i'll uh go
    ahead and save that for later thank you
    argent for the invite and donation
    appreciate it man um let's uh let's tune
    in to the event real quick and just see
    what they're
    they're talking about now liking that
    you're gonna sort of get all these games
    all this content and that'll mean
    big games but also you know potentially
    smaller games that people are more
    likely to sample
    um which i think is you know a huge
    opportunity here to see a diversity of
    um that you know there'll be some stuff
    for the super core gamers but maybe some
    stuff that's a little broader
    in its appeal too um let's talk about
    uh they've done a very good job over the
    past week hyping everyone up
    around uh you know master chief's return
    seems like a
    bit of a spiritual reboot in a way of
    halo i mean we saw the
    kind of key art the box art yesterday
    was like very reminiscent of the
    halo combat evolved um we know we're
    going to see the campaign today we saw
    it was last year at e3 we saw kind of uh
    we've actually passed two e3s we saw
    kind of teaser assets
    for infinite originally we saw kind of
    the engine and then last year
    we saw you know sort of an in-game
    sequence uh or at least rendered in
    um what do you guys what are your hopes
    what what does halo have to do
    um you know obviously a legendary
    franchise i think there's a big
    opportunity here

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    for them but it's a very competitive
    space uh
    with first-person action games right now
    what do you want to see in a new halo
    what will convince you that uh
    halo's back on top more chief
    less luck that's my number one
    um i think we'll get that yeah i think
    so too i feel like that's that's
    something that they've really focused on
    and i know that they got a lot of
    criticism for the story and i'm actually
    from what i've heard uh halo infinite's
    development got pushed a little bit
    because they reworked the narrative
    after people were so upset about the
    lock focus of the last game
    um halo is an interesting one and then i
    don't want it to shift too far from
    classic halo because that's sort of been
    with me my whole life
    um but i would also same token like
    a a story like an odst i really liked
    the way that was told
    i feel like that's really unlikely but i
    want a groundbreaking story
    uh i want something that kicks me in the
    feels like reach did
    or like odst did um but with the
    the lore and the nerdiness of probably a
    halo 2
    just as long as chief's with me the
    whole way i'm going to be good though
    yes i completely said they're a focus on
    master chief in terms of the the style
    of game play
    danny you know we see kind of
    first-person games going in different
    directions you know with co-op with
    other sort of you know
    aspects to it the sandbox style of halo
    is something that i think people really
    like the the skirmishes and whatnot
    um in the gameplay do you think does
    that still hold up in 2020 or what do
    you what do you
    when you see this demo or gameplay
    footage what are you going to be looking
    for that's going to cue to you like
    halo's back yeah i think that's the big
    sort of question on this um
    when we first saw infinite it was around
    the time that that big sort of shift
    into games as a service was happening
    um where games like the division and i
    mean destiny is obviously the the sort
    of most obvious
    one where we're turning into these
    platforms that we're getting
    catered to and new content over and over
    and over again and obviously the word
    infinite sort of implied
    something along those lines um so i'm
    really interested to see
    you know halo when i first came around
    and then when it had its sort of like
    soft reboot in a way with halo 3 it's
    sort of like re-reemergence
    i feel like it was very much a game that
    was pushing
    both single-player and multiplayer and
    also just a lot of interconnectivity
    with different types of modes and stuff
    so it's always been on this sort of
    bleeding edge of like gameplay design um
    and the other side of it that i'm really
    interested in is just
    how the slipspace engine works because
    they've had
    access to the hardware or they've known
    what the hardware is going to be like
    longer than anyone so really you know we
    always look at the forzas as the you
    know beautiful showcases for new
    hardware but
    i think in the same way whatever we see
    from that gameplay is going to give us a
    real indication of just
    how good games can look on this system
    no that's a great point i think as you
    said this is hopefully going to be the
    high bar
    of you know what we can look for
    visually in terms of gameplay and the
    experience with it
    uh aaron are you much much of a halo guy
    besides the you know
    the blink skin or something like that
    some people argued with me about this

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    but obviously this first person this
    whole event is about
    advertising halo on the xbox series x
    but let's go back to them so like i was
    never huge for the single player
    campaigns i always played online
    always played with friends and the thing
    that i really hope
    is that there's sort of like a uh
    dedication to the old style
    of of halo right like i feel like every
    game nowadays is like
    heroes heroes this here is that and i
    love overwatch
    but if we're playing halo i want to go
    back to death match i want to go back to
    capture the flag king of the hill like
    i'm i'm way into that kind of dude yeah
    if they can like
    modernize that and make it still happen
    sort of
    you know like it feels new it doesn't
    feel like oh they're just really
    re-releasing halo or like unreal
    tournament or something
    that's what i'm looking forward to what
    can i do with multiplayer that's what
    he's trying to take a really profound
    tournament yeah there we go also i did
    like halo 5 multiplayer i was actually
    okay with that
    i am just more scared about kind of what
    you said danny that they're going to
    a fight a single player campaign which
    is a very
    a profitable thing to do so i get why
    studios want to do that but i'm scared
    yeah i know you said how they blend
    single multiplayer and it sounds like
    they're talking about
    campaigns i don't know if we're even
    going to get much on the multiplayer so
    he said how that's all going to blend
    and how they're going to kind of explain
    what it is right and that's part of the
    thing with these streams sometimes
    we see lots of footage but then we have
    all these questions afterwards about
    like well what is this
    what are we actually seeing is that a
    co-op is that single player
    so we will have aaron greenberg from
    xbox is going to join us afterwards to
    break down some of what we see and
    hopefully we'll get some information in
    the in the show as well
    about what they're doing with halo uh
    all right guys well well thanks for
    joining us
    we will all watch everything together
    here at the top of the hour
    we are about 30 minutes away from the
    xbox game showcase uh we don't know
    where it's going to start or where it's
    going to end but the one thing we do
    is that halo infinite is going to be
    there and we've got the countdown clock
    up there as well so uh you guys can
    wait with us but we've got much more to
    talk about when we've got some more
    world premieres
    um show you guys right now we've got an
    update on a game that is coming out
    later this year you just saw it at
    ubisoft forward here's a new look
    at watchdogs legion
    all right um so not halo
    i don't care um
    this is uh i'm gonna i'm getting pretty
    hyped guys um
    five years and we are we are about
    30 minutes away we are about 30 minutes
    and i'm just gonna go back to the game
    play here real quick
    hopefully uh this hadn't already played
    here but
    halo infinite
    what's gonna happen i kept annoying my
    uh my friend about this
    but oh we have a comment here from a

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00
    donation i'll get to that in a second
    i kept annoying my friend about this but
    i have a theory and this is something i
    really wanted to like this is like half
    the reason why i made this stream is
    just to ramble on
    about my theory all right if you guys
    have seen avengers
    all right you'll know what i'm talking
    about here but thanos could kind of be
    like atriox
    you know and don't even get me started
    on like atriox versus master chief
    but i do think master chief is going to
    encounter hyperious
    i kept calling him hyperis but hyperious
    anyway to have like um just like a list
    of generals and
    you know heavy hitting enemies like um
    yeah i guess just like generals uh would
    be really cool for master chief
    to uh to deal with um with atriox kind
    of being like
    uh kind of being like the major last
    final boss fight or whatever and i hope
    it's not something like
    i i hope it's kind of like tartarus like
    from halo 2 it's been so long since i
    played that
    that but i uh i really would think it
    would be awesome if the halo infinite
    gameplay demo or whatever or the trailer
    portion like the cinematic
    kind of story portion shows off atriox
    torching the infinity like it's just
    destroyed and um it would be really cool
    if like you know
    that this is probably you know i'm not a
    writer at 343 for a reason all right
    it's just my ideas
    but um to give you some food for thought
    putting his heel on thomas lasky's head
    and um asking for information about the
    the the key to halo how to fire it who
    has the key
    um [ __ ] i forgot the name for it um
    but yeah you guys know like the key you
    need to fire the halo ray
    so that would be pretty cool uh having
    some kind of like
    uh oh [ __ ] moment would be really cool
    so we actually have a few donations here
    i don't want to miss them
    um well let's go let's kick atriox's
    butt for five dollars thank you juwan
    juan juan actually juan i'm sorry i'm
    terrible with names
    and the tank one three three seven my
    goodness dude thank you so much
    uh 20 donation since he says since halo
    infinite is like leaning towards
    open world do you think it would
    probably be better than the destiny one
    and two i think they're gonna be
    different i i think
    destiny one and two they have their own
    unique things that make them like really
    special um
    versus like uh things in halo it's just
    different game
    um but when i talk about it being the
    same as halo i'm talking about it in
    being form of like
    it's got a linear path
    set out for the player from uh you know
    point a to point b
    the index right thank you halo
    bfx just told me that but it's got a
    path from point a to point b there's a

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    place where you're supposed to be which
    i guess
    in every open world that's kind of the
    case but it's more like
    linear based i'm just hoping that all
    the mountains and all the things aren't
    off limits
    i think that would be pretty pretty
    who is this guy daddy halo follower
    we have a couple more donations ireland
    thank you again man
    uh five dollars he said one more odst
    relief drop here but
    i'mma be cheeky this is the shout out to
    my fellow bp
    c community members as well as all of
    you here
    so shout out to you guys also no r in
    ain't angst is it angst
    i'm sorry i i don't think i'll be able
    to pronounce your name
    and i don't i don't have the luxury of
    being able to edit out mispronunciations
    here or
    voice cracks so you guys will probably
    hear a voice cracker too
    uh maybe maybe minnie what's
    ninja talking about oh let's see what
    they're talking about here
    i saw this and got excited about the
    brand new game from a smaller studio
    that you haven't heard about but i think
    looks pretty cool
    check so yeah my friend was just like oh
    my gosh ninjas ninja's on
    but uh yeah i'll be sure to like recap
    any details here too
    oh i felt really proud of that that's
    that grenade
    dropped there anyway um i again anything
    that's announced here isn't going to be
    super big and i'll be able to recap it
    if we
    if we do miss anything or gloss over
    anything too too quickly
    um let's see how much time do we have we
    have 24 minutes guys
    24 freaking minutes uh let me go ahead
    and throw up some
    different gameplay because i think you
    guys have already seen this
    i think it's just repeating now
    there we go all right yeah if you guys
    have any uh
    uh questions for me or questions about
    halo i would love to uh
    to recap that um
    that you're gonna miss some donors you
    already did yeah yeah let me let me get
    back into this uh all games matter
    uh so zn said i just hope they do
    good exposition like i'm lost in the
    lore i just want to play the games i
    don't even know
    what you're talking about
    yeah um well there's there's plenty of
    lore videos
    um hidden experia covers some really
    insane crazy stuff
    um i've covered some some pretty funny
    things too that kind of shocked
    me along the way while writing the
    but uh yeah setting things up
    in a way that's like comprehendable like
    halo 5 there was like all these
    different things that you needed to know

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    like all these different mediums he
    needed to um
    uh like the books and halo nightfall and
    just like all this context
    outside of the game which i think is
    dumb but the fact that's another thing
    someone asked that earlier
    what do you think's going to be changing
    about the spiritual reboot thing is that
    well halo
    ce it had a lot of mystery in it but it
    wasn't like
    game breaking it wasn't things that you
    needed to know to understand what was
    going on necessarily
    or at least the the things that you
    needed to know that were
    absolutely important for the game um
    yes so also
    um i did want to talk about the channel
    a little bit
    doing yeah yeah more videos i'm probably
    going to be doing lore videos pretty
    soon here too
    um so let's see we have a few comments
    that just came up uh is halo
    coming to pc yeah halo infinite is
    coming to
    halo um it's coming to pc sorry uh xbox
    so current gen and then xbox series x
    and this is kind of like a part of the
    idea that
    um xbox wants to keep things
    open i think i read an article the other
    day them saying that
    they didn't want uh that they're not
    gonna have exclusives
    on xbox series x for like the next two
    um which is crazy and i think it's a
    huge step forward and
    i don't know i don't quite know why
    microsoft is doing it but i know it's
    earning them a lot of love a lot of good
    and it was kind of like the opposite a
    few years ago where
    playstation was kind of kicking
    microsoft's butt
    there was that guy that was uh before
    um before phil spencer there was another
    xbox guy and he was the one that
    announced the dmr
    and then microsoft just had terrible
    leadership you know like the deal with
    deal with it that you don't own your
    games things like that
    um austin miller said hey just wanted to
    say thanks for making me such a big fan
    over the past eight
    like eight years uh that's that's
    awesome you've been watching for uh
    for eight years austin yeah some of you
    guys have
    some of you guys were kids when you
    started watching the channel and and now
    you're like
    and you're going into your adult years
    which is insane
    um i know for me i was uh
    i mean i didn't have my driver's license
    back then you know i was super
    super young um if we had if we had more
    time i would show
    my first video on halo 4 uh the very
    first one i made june 6
    2011 because it is funny i was talking
    about flying squids and everything it
    was it was just
    so funny um but random reviews said halo
    follower i've been watching you since i
    was 12. now i'm on 21.
    that's insane dude
    12 and now you're 21. damn time has
    really passed us by oh
    so uh jerome someone mentioned jerome
    earlier and i apologize
    um it was a donation comment uh jerome
    so that may have been you austin miller
    so the spirit of fire oh
    okay so they're talking about halo we'll
    touch upon this again soon

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    hey summer game fest audience lamar
    wilson here and here are the five games
    that i'm looking forward to them
    announcing today so the first one is
    halo infinite now i came into halo late
    with halo 5. i know i know but i love
    this so much and i can't wait to see
    what's next then there's a new game from
    rare called everywhere
    it just looks amazing at breathtaking i
    have no idea what the game is about but
    i want to see it number three i
    definitely want to see a gear six this
    is to be a game really about revenge
    and taking the horde out at the center
    at the literal core
    hopefully for the final time number four
    since we're talking about gears
    why not a legos gear saga you know they
    did the funko pop thing on mobile but
    what about
    lego like i would actually like to play
    that so they need to announce that today
    finally cuphead 2 i know now cuphead 1
    tore me a new one it's one of the most
    unforgiving games ever but for some
    i just want more why do i want more what
    about crazy
    yes yes i am
    lamar fully decked out his xbox gear
    ready for
    uh the show and it was so cool to have
    gamers from around the world joining us
    from india and mexico and obviously here
    in the united states because one of the
    things i think we found this year more
    than ever is that games bring us
    and uh people are watching all around
    the world so i want to say hello to
    watching this special event where
    hopefully we're all just going to be
    excited about games
    as we we watch through it and the stream
    is coming up in about
    18 minutes you can watch it live right
    here on this feed we're gonna go right
    into it and then immediately afterwards
    we've got our exclusive post show with
    guests some of the developers
    featured in the showcase and aaron
    greenberg from xbox will be joining us
    to answer questions and we'll also have
    some creators join us as well to
    grade see how xbox did based on our
    expectations and i'll also do a poll on
    so make sure to vote on that but right
    now it is time to get to
    another world premiere this is a sequel
    to a game that if you watch
    uh youtube let's plays and youtube
    gaming videos you've probably seen check
    this out
    all right so this this can't be halo
    um i'm just cautious i'm just cautious i
    mean i don't want to miss anything
    but again we got 17 minutes until the
    world premiere

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    okay wow okay i feel dumb i was just
    talking to myself for a while there all
    right let me start over
    we have a comment from austin miller uh
    thanks to you guys for uh for not
    hearing that all right
    so i forgot to turn off my mute um we
    actually have a new comment before i get
    into austin miller real quick he says
    uh tyler donated five dollars he says do
    we know if the game
    will be cross platform so we can play pc
    and xbox players together
    um i have no idea and i don't know if
    that's going to be at launch
    um but yes all right i'm so sorry austin
    i think he's donated a couple times
    wanted me to talk about this do i think
    jerome will be in will show
    i don't know if he's going to show today
    but i do think at some point he is going
    to show up in the campaign
    because the fact that the banished were
    shown off
    in halo wars uh two um
    as well as the spirit of fire right and
    then the fact that they're pretty much
    confirmed to be in the game and a major
    villain you know
    heidi and master chief's visor on the
    cover art i think is a
    it's pretty much all the proof we need
    that they're going to be a big villain
    um which has kind of given me the theory
    that halo wars 2
    was a way to set up the
    uh the story for halo infinite to give
    context give a proper introduction
    to the banished which is good
    storytelling but they they're kind of
    setting the stage for
    you know the banished and what they're
    kind of after which is the halo rings
    probably um
    you know they were in in uh halo wars 2.
    uh albeit their their motivation wasn't
    really completely clear
    um but i think jerome red team
    um i don't know if that will give much
    room for master chief to shine or blue
    team to shine or
    i mean god forbid agent log to shine
    but i uh i do think that uh jerome will
    play a part so yes
    austin i do um a lot of people are
    talking about a face reveal i
    i'm probably gonna do that uh not in the
    stream but um
    because i don't want i don't want
    anything really to interrupt y'all's
    experience seeing the gameplay coming
    here in
    probably 14 minutes by the way
    my goodness uh but i'll probably be
    recording it on the side
    with uh maybe my phone um and i'll uh
    i'll probably be uh freaking out um
    albeit muted
    so you guys can enjoy the gameplay and
    then immediately after we can go into
    the uh
    um kind of my like live reaction a bit
    although i mean i don't know what what
    what do you guys want um
    why don't we go ahead and and make a
    poll because i i think that would
    probably be the best way
    i don't know if you all want to see um
    for forgive me for for doing this last

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    this stream is uh it's all last minute
    but we're gonna we're gonna do a little
    poll here alright so
    so we're gonna do it like this all right
    you're gonna type one in the live stream
    do you want me to do a live reaction
    here on the stream
    all right keep in mind that
    you know at least my voice is going to
    be here in the chat we have a
    donation comment i'll get to that one in
    just a moment
    um type 2 if you do not
    want me to interfere with your
    personal you know heavenly moment of
    seeing halo infinite
    uh in the campaign demo um obviously
    like i said in the beginning of this
    stream if you guys want the most solid
    kind of pure experience you should
    probably watch this on the official
    sources but this is more like uh
    me interacting with you guys and kind of
    having a more
    more um community kind of uh you know
    collaborative experience i guess
    can't find the words for it we have a
    five pound
    uh donation uh from kh284 she says hello
    homefront developer here just wondering
    if you're ever going to review halo mods
    from other games such as uh homeworld uh
    and then he gives me his discord uh yeah
    i'll look into it i've never heard of
    homeworld i don't think or
    i've heard a home front but um
    yeah anyway let's go ahead and look at
    all the uh number ones and number twos
    i'm seeing a lot of number ones
    now i'm seeing a lot of number twos
    maybe i should like set up an actual
    poll but it looks like you guys are
    almost 50 50 honestly
    uh rem remiss remiss i think that's how
    you say it
    um it says i uh he gave a 10
    donation thank you very much man i
    appreciate it he says i'm not a huge fan
    of this multiplayer mode but do you
    think halo infinite will have a battle
    royale since it's gotten so popular by
    the way
    love the channel
    it's hard to say they said they're not
    interested in br but i
    i have to like i have to be
    kind of conflicted about that they said
    that you can make
    battle royale yourself probably with the
    forge mode although it wasn't explicitly
    but i mean battle royale i mean it's
    it really i don't think it's gonna do
    any harm if it's just in there as a side
    you know and if it was like a community
    mode even better
    because the developers didn't even spend

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    any time working on it for people that
    don't like battle royale
    but first we're staying factual here i
    mean hey battle royale is really popular
    or at least it was i'm not quite sure
    nowadays i it i mean i i thought it was
    fun for a while there but i
    it's kind of confusing how so many
    people found something so
    intriguing even though like every game
    you started over and over but i guess
    it's kind of like a thrill thing
    um you know each match is kind of a
    thrill and
    kind of a survival multiplayer mode so
    it's interesting
    um hard to say for sure
    one one one two one two two two
    oh bryce just uh dropped a big donation
    thank you man
    i appreciate all the donations guys by
    the way i i really do appreciate it
    um i have to know what changed you uh
    name from chris toronto what happened to
    all the other creators on the channel
    um so this is something i'm not going to
    get into really here on the channel but
    as far as the first question um
    from chris tehran you'll have to see
    later in october
    when project eden is released which is
    a uh 90 minute halo animation film which
    which will i i'll just say it'll make
    it'll all make sense soon
    all right so um it's fun it's fun it's a
    it's essentially a halo comedy um
    about two friends that uh basically
    travel the world to um find master chief
    and to save halo
    it'll make sense then all right we got a
    lot of number twos
    so i think i think the best thing we can
    do here is
    yeah rocket sloth i appreciate rocket
    sloths video on it i i did see that some
    of you guys were asking about that
    so by the way guys oh my god time is
    just slipping by
    nine minutes nine freaking minutes
    i uh i i'm so freaking thrilled for this
    is exciting so um i'm trying to think of
    uh what what should we cover next
    because i
    i thought there was a lot of things i
    wanted to to cover i mean besides like i
    i guess last minute theories right we
    should probably do last minute theories
    about what we're gonna see because
    i have a feeling that halo infinite
    might actually come
    first so that little timer you see on
    the top right is probably going to be
    it's probably a countdown timer to halo
    infinite gameplay
    and since this event is all about
    games there isn't going to be any like
    much there's probably not going to be
    much foreplay honestly
    all right it's going to be it's going to
    jump right into the the action there's
    probably gonna be straight up just like
    jumping right into the gameplay it's
    gonna be that little rated m
    hopefully uh intro
    um and then it's gonna jump right into
    master chief
    and the banished and maybe a little bit
    about cortana

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    um i've been thinking about doing this
    for a while making going back and kind
    of looking at videos
    uh that i've made a long time ago and
    see if my predictions were right um i
    made a lot of wrong predictions for halo
    um a lot about mendicant bias it would
    be great if we saw many goodbyes
    um but i'm going to talk about actually
    what uh
    what i uh i do expect to see one more
    time uh here in the stream for the
    convenience of you guys so
    uh diabetes vevo says bread and cheese
    all right thanks for the five pounds man
    really do appreciate it
    um speaking of which i am going to be
    halo infinite giveaways um i think it's
    kind of unethical to say that you're
    doing a
    giveaway before you know how much the
    game cost
    because i don't think it would ever
    happen but let's just say halo infinite
    you know 300 it won't i'm just saying
    what if it did i don't want to say i'm
    giving away 10 copies of halo infinite
    and then not be able to
    to give it away because i don't have
    enough money um
    but yeah i expect giveaways uh nothing
    official yet but i'm going to be doing a
    halo infinite giveaways and probably
    a couple xbox series x giveaways as well
    but um just hang on to um
    that for now and um people are always
    shocked when they they're like holy crap
    i actually got it it's always kind of
    like that
    um let me see real quick someone talked
    my audio let me ask my friend
    audio okay okay so we have a few
    comments here uh mag
    cone one says do you think there will be
    a forge
    uh yes and how do you think they're
    going to use it also can't wait to see
    the new vehicles and enemies new ai
    all right audio's all good um six
    minutes left guys all right
    do you think forge uh yes they're
    they're forge is already confirmed uh do
    you think they're going to use it
    yes i think there's probably going to be
    some default modes and i think it's
    going to be kind of
    um default maps i'm sorry and um
    yeah all right so can you guys
    we have a lot of twos coming in all
    right a lot of ones too