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    SearchThisVideo: HALO REACH Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Noble Team (Master Chief Collection)

    Watch video at 00:00
    a part of me I just wanna let's this
    background music just breathe right now
    cuz soda static it's just so good ladies
    and gentlemen what's going on my name is
    Nick as always you guys can call me
    touch for ninja and this is going to be
    last-minute kinda I didn't really plan
    this fall but this is going to be a
    campaign walkthrough of Halo Reach this
    is a legendary franchise and even though
    they're logged great games in this
    entire series Halo Reach in terms of the
    campaign was definitely my favorite of
    all the campaigns that halo has to offer
    which is kind of crazy because spoiler
    alert it doesn't even have Master Chief
    in it but it was just there's such good
    stuff in it yeah Adam it's I'm just
    itching to play around anyways yeah I'm
    gonna play through this entire campaign
    for yo guys enjoyment hopefully you guys
    are gonna like it
    we've gotta like it as always a thumbs
    up is greatly appreciated and let's jump
    right into it in the world of rich team
    for those of you are unaware this was
    actually bungees last Halo game that
    they ever made
    so it's gonna have that bungy feel to it
    those 60 frames though I can tell
    immediately that's the 60 frames so this
    game was actually released on PC as well
    it was actually very first time
    mainstream camogie Connecticut released
    on PC but we're gonna be playing on xbox
    one X just to kind of keep the nostalgic
    feel live contact with visited relay was
    lost last night all signals flatline to
    2600 hours I responded with trooper fire
    teams which have since been declared
    m.i.a and now you're sending us the
    Office of Naval Intelligence believes

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    deployment of a Spartan team is a gross
    misallocation of valuable resources I
    disagree commander so that's our new
    number six get you read his file only
    the parts that weren't covered the black
    ink anyone claimed responsibility sir
    only thinks it might be the local
    insurrection the five months ago they
    pulled a similar job on harmony hit a
    relay to take out our eyes and ears then
    stole two freighters from drydock that
    cannot happen here we just do damn
    important I want that relay back online
    number one sir
    consider it done then I'll see you on
    the other side Howland out
    Lieutenant Commander sir
    I'm Carter noble team's leader that's
    Kai at noble two meal and George four
    and five you're riding with me noble six
    not gonna lie to you lieutenant you're
    stepping into some shoes the rest of the
    squad would rather leave unfilled me I'm
    just happy to have noble back up to full
    just one thing I've seen your file even
    the parts the oniy sensors didn't want
    me to I'm glad to have your skillset but
    we're a team that lone wolf stuff stays
    behind clear
    got it sir welcome to reach
    listen up noble team we're looking at a
    Down relay outpost 50 clicks from visit
    grad we're gonna introduce ourselves to
    whoever took it out and then cats gonna
    get it back online
    rebels want to cut off from the rest of
    the colony we got a chance maybe can ask
    him George
    commander we just love that signal HQ
    backup channels nada I can't say with
    Jimmy oh you heard her dead zone
    confirmed command will not be keeping us
    company this trip
    drop it in part
    shoot down attempts are like so
    yes sir let's stay focused watches
    there's the communications outpost maybe
    it's gas people
    so this game as we probably tell could

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    be the missing troopers let's check it
    is very old
    doesn't age the best that being said
    given the games came out around this
    time I would say it has your eyes on the
    sky so has an age the worst my personal
    let's go six
    alright noble team spread out watch the
    let's go get it please Anil
    stop to 0.34 but it's clear from this
    this way boy
    they introduced the handgun and this
    game that they took away just because
    they're so broken in the 50s but they
    reappear and they
    make out any id- but it's military
    why are we not seeing explosives residue
    Nobel three can you confirm any e.x
    residue in the area
    alright noble looks like there's nothing
    here let's move on smoke at the next
    structure bus circle west to check it
    noble team you have permission to engage
    the be selective we don't need to
    Telegraph or presence
    so one thing they also introduced in
    this game when it first came out was
    which is really controversial was Balu
    when you shot like the circle that
    really I could fall but yeah actually a
    song which I'd said it from day one that
    actually slowed down combat me at less
    six move into the house go and quiet
    right behind
    they would actually revert back

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    they're farmers look at them ask them
    what they're doing here
    Midwest agita market opening honey
    hiding sir take nap idea asam seed of
    Asia cha dong-young she called us a
    sniper's world class like be [ __ ]
    screams gunfire difficult I've stopped
    around sunrise says something in the
    field killed his son something copy that
    get them back inside awesome Natalie
    noble team double-timing
    what a good leader Carter was
    damn we've got military casualties two
    of the missing troopers looks like they
    were interrogated
    it's messy
    your motion tracks
    see anything oh yeah with that DMR
    oh yeah they also introduced power/lock
    in this game which is the absolute worst
    oh sorry
    armor lock okay today noble to move up
    to the West we're about to be flanked
    covenant contact contact handed into the
    basement move down to the lower level
    that's not for everyone
    yeah health pack
    forgot about those
    there's a DMR though hook the up
    that's us going

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    dagen uses the controls again
    yeah they come yeah the story this game
    is absolutely
    but probably why the
    that's my first opinion we all know what
    to say about pinions
    that Muzak
    all baby gimme
    newb combo man down know who'll stand
    down contacts
    covenant share up big man his old Valley
    just turned into a free-fire zone cat we
    got a one hauling I need you at that
    relay outpost now boss I'm showing what
    activity to the east
    copy that Jun we're on it six you got
    give me a sniper you only gets point in
    this type of Apple
    we're the shielded bastards
    dodge day
    like that that my new combo needs a
    little bit work apparently
    are they decreased the house aiming a
    run interference on the ground we'll
    meet you at the office
    get to work Noble
    everyone on

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    do you clear on foot
    no combo
    we're doing what we doing
    you said we were clearing clear no no
    I'm almost out
    boss I'm showing my activity to the east
    advise you check it out
    Roger three burn roof
    alright back in
    let's go Carter
    and on site
    Charlie six attach the Covenant forces
    to covenant his own wage and repeat the
    Covenant is on reach the troopers
    noble three we've located a trooper
    squad request immediate evac
    all right corporal Travis sir three

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    Charlie it's the Covenant we know
    corporal let's get you out of here
    Oh give me that give me that you man
    that's my origin
    the original view kicking
    PMR baby
    he's alive
    and steady Oh up back up back up back
    we're clear
    move horde
    transport LZ is clear moving for Eva
    that's both inbound
    everyone on
    noble two
    word route to your location
    I guess didn't have subtitles during the
    game of then cut the scenes back in the
    wanna slam right
    wants it the compost drop within the
    courtyard sick breaks over
    great that 30 seconds
    don't worry bro like I'm coming

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    yeah George we got a mang how we doing
    I've got about halfway
    music pumping in your brain though
    got a grenade
    that's blanket from the right here
    down always cuts grenades kamikaze
    Lisa Melrose
    that timing
    what are you good up there
    so gently Oh what what the heck has
    happened there
    controlling a Cylon grenade
    that's what happened
    that'll come back to here dead right
    I know how did I know
    you know
    let's go
    I'm back I'm back
    I'm out of ammo
    I'm standing here you guys

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    and we not now we're not falling back
    close that door get that garbage out of
    we're operational
    loading screen loading
    can't see a thing noble six turn on your
    night vision
    control and go easy
    number six search that body
    where's the rest of your unit we got
    split I don't think they is sounded bad
    on the cops all right corporal stay put
    we'll get you a combat surgeon damn
    close my damage found something now take
    that six it's still I'll release you it
    by coming out
    that hangover vet burns o- floors stay
    on the entrance to handle her five and
    six clear the hole
    nighttime like in need yes
    bouncer bouncy

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    and so simple but perfect
    thanks oh that's
    that's why they pay us the big bucks
    you're getting paid for this
    there's more flush a mouse awkward you
    watch out watch out watch out
    it's gonna be a visible guy with the
    sword no where do you got
    give me that sword back into the back in
    the day handle - sword you just
    literally just whip it out really
    quickly and then just [ __ ] fly across
    the screen with a lunge a command to
    lunge they toned it down to previous
    halos afterwards they made with dross it
    was like instant like lightsaber you can
    whip it out but kinda nerfed it a little
    bit later maybe draw a time longer and
    also give it energy so you only got a
    certain mass swings how long question of
    my life if the question is when will the
    station be back online two weeks
    earliest this is plasma damage or major
    uplink components of fried two minutes
    is too long which is why I'm splicing
    into the main Overland bundle to get you
    the redline to Colin in Holland you're
    in my light commander
    find out what she knows
    Oh what's your name
    do you live around here
    Arnim George shara shara said what
    little Nev your accent sounds familiar
    shop on Hungary
    Brenda Lewis father sighing alone I'm
    sorry why would you be
    big man forgets what he is sometimes she
    just lost her father she needs a full
    psychiatric workup she's not the only

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    one lock it down
    both of you get her on her feet the body
    stays here thank you sir
    signa it's patchy but it's there I'll
    take it let's not touch anything you
    wouldn't want to ground this place
    very getting you what's your situation
    over carnal this is noble one there are
    no rebels the Covenant are on reach
    acknowledge come again noble one did you
    say covenant affirmative it's the winter
    contingency may God help us home
    we advised kill three three and the kilo
    three four your current LZ is too hot
    Roger that dodge vampire receive a
    response yes another just--let's
    coordinates received initiate immediate
    course correction the Office of Naval
    Intelligence sword race is presently
    under siege from the Corvette class
    covenant SL due to the sensitive nature
    of this facility user all little rounds
    has been promoted negative regrettably
    might have looks to obtain relevant data
    on enemy forces have been unsuccessful
    however current defensive forces are
    insufficient only has requested
    t-mobile's direct intervention to help
    secure sword base all right people
    we're stuck with that ship for the time
    being let's focus on the hostile
    infantry those youtubers have got
    picture out here
    George Emil your next can prep let's
    move lieutenant
    drop me in boys
    it's not something I wanted Kneedler on
    hello where are you if we give me

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    come on then we head in charge enough
    huh let's not room
    drive the Portland
    oh yeah baby I like that
    in the fork
    give me a second here
    pop it out
    ordinance no the sword control
    the invincibility temporarily
    like the hammer dumb before is cool
    sarakin station has its own cops a train
    that should bring us back on London
    committed air view base has an anti-air

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    batteries through the sky
    alright let's try this again
    physics I'm a beach ball right here
    come on this thing let's go
    what in
    hey I will deal with it goes a lot
    thank you you got back in let's go
    oh my god
    everyone in please
    fine fine whatever
    to coast
    I'll spawn her in right
    ball moving boys
    he went for it
    you hope for it
    mano-a-mano dude
    chillin right there that's where the
    ghosts style that our Roloff
    all of it
    yeah Adam
    then in the plaid
    bored me not gonna happen

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    get my shield back
    generator is up and running find that
    complex a bit of
    dropping in
    neither rifleman
    now to say the big guns for the big boy
    I mean rocket launcher and a sniper
    Sparta's the suspect
    don't tell me twice scope
    a surprise you guys but on my
    multiplayer I was actually always the
    driver for multiplayer

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    that'll talk a lot of you
    it's true though
    and speaking of a power source close to
    the ADA
    we've gone over there should be elusive
    he's worth somewhere to get it online
    oh they can hopped on my warthog
    come on
    better run
    I don't want to waste this on you
    because if I bake the shoot at
    [ __ ] dude come on
    it's all good it's all good
    hop it up baby
    between the wrestler
    these works buttons who have turned a
    sword base rusted your team is inbound

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    come on cap
    I'm staring at a wall
    not your normal gun
    avoid that area altogether
    thank you
    here no heat
    fancy now early potatoes shields into
    the mattress a head shot or a body shot
    picture first shot else
    she'll come across the map if you have
    to that guy go
    hit'em with that no school
    whatever dude whatever man
    oh the achievement hidden commander
    commander Bob
    in fact you guys do back here

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    Oh No
    come on dude
    screw off got three bullets left
    okay aggro him
    cat where's the aggro come on
    we've got a talk barking see work
    they're a growing the guy for me
    remember that the flex during like MLG
    play the accurate hey guys
    five map
    your mom always our boots
    I'm clear forget what this map is called

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    all now
    why not
    oh my god huh No
    yeah they'll voice we are needles we're
    going needles
    oh my god son above it
    Rob back we got flames
    what payable for you sir
    for down
    yeah if it died
    humanity the space won't survive another
    salvo from that Corvette kill those
    the wrong weapon
    though you're tagged George crazy man

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    oh hello
    and in
    we really are get it done Spartan
    tt1 swords are inbound and ready to push
    portal defense is standing by to take
    the shot take the SAP
    wait for it
    beautiful ain't so much take a picture
    nice work by the way I aim to please
    five six get down to the science wing
    dr. Halsey wants to debrief but command
    thing roars repeat sounded like you said
    Hosey all right ad copy that on our way
    don't need come on to tell me been all
    hers half my life
    I requested your assistance commander
    and do not need a report on events that
    occur on my own doorstep what I do
    require is a detailed account of your
    previous engagement George it's been too
    mom what have you done with my armor
    just some additions I've made indeed mom
    visit grad relay it's data center was

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    home to one of my Zeno archeologists
    professor Lazlo sir dad perhaps you
    could shed some light on his death if he
    was a civilian male in his mid 60's he
    died with a covenant energy sword
    through his abdomen
    they engaged us as well it was just just
    after we found your scientists daughter
    mom she was hiding in Maryland the
    elites tell me more about them three
    zealot class one got bias the leader
    from the looks of him you're certain
    their armor configuration matched shield
    strength too
    I gave the order not to pursue our
    primary objective was to get the
    station's relay back online
    your primary objective command are you a
    puppet or a Spartan ma'am there are
    those that only myself included who
    believe the Covenant dispatch elite
    advanced teams to hunt down artifacts of
    value to their religion survivor
    accounts suggests such teams are small
    nimble and almost always a zealot class
    no doubt they came to the station for
    the abundance of Oni excavation data
    stored there and you let them get away
    data retrieval was not a command
    directive even had we known we had other
    more urgent matters to attend to warning
    the planet
    professor serve ads final entry in his
    field notes made reference to a latchkey
    discovery latchkey not a word he would
    use lightly so let's hope that the data
    module your lieutenant commander stole
    contains it Chad
    before you ask I was alerted at the
    moment you attempted to access its
    contents as I am with any unauthorized
    tap that data is classified Tier one I
    could send you to the brig for
    interfering with my work maybe you'd
    like to join her I'm sorry
    we're currently under emergency
    planetary directive winter contingency
    I'm sure you're familiar with the
    punishment for civilian interference
    with the Spartan deployment are you
    threatening me commander
    just making a reading suggestion ma'am
    noble team mom that will be all George
    is a

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    recon team Bravo reporting in three and
    six in position starting to get crowded
    up here cat
    supports any common instructions or
    direct action may be necessary copy that
    what cat runs and up direct action is
    always necessary yeah you may need these
    high-velocity armour-piercing they'll
    take the hat off an elite at 2,000 yards
    and they ain't cheap Oh baby give it to
    me you speak the language I like I'll be
    in touch overwatch
    I feel so alone all of a sudden it's too
    all right all right ladies and gentlemen
    he'll pick up in the next episode right
    here it's the first episode I'm Halo
    Reach why can it like it it brings back
    the feels and I can guarantee you in
    terms of story lore the best is yet to
    come so the guys to go enjoy as always
    enjoy thumbs up or greatly appreciated
    and we will see you guys next step for
    support Halo Reach as always have a

    HALO REACH Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Noble Team (Master Chief Collection)

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    1. @1:01 When i try to start campaign it says i am lacking required DLC then takes me to marketplace and there are 3 DLCs 10 dollars each. Why do i need DLC for campaign?????

    2. Is their a difference in the Xbox one between reach on the mcc and backwards compatibility

      Cuz if have the 360 reach if it’s improved I’ll download to my mcc

    3. I wish they would add Halo games to PlayStation, I played Halo Reach on Xbox 360 and it was my last halo game I haven’t played another one since I bought PS4 , still a fan of the game series. . . I Started playing Halo around ODST days

    4. Seeing that Mark V helmet embedded in the dirt at the start of the campaign told me that we weren't going to be ass-kicking super soldiers anymore. Reach was a tragic game…

      And Bungie wanted us to know that.

    5. The fact that Nick didn’t remember the First Invisible Elite hurts me

      Should’ve sprinted straight out the spawn, killed the dude and gotten intel! Hahaha backseat gamer boys

    6. Personally I think Reach has aged well considering it came out in 2010. I mean it was a 9 year old game in this video (but 10 years old at the time I’m writing this).

    7. One time my brother FINALLY let me play the first level of reach while he was in a class, i was about 3/4 of the way through the level and i was having SOOOO much fun because this was the first time he let me play by myself. Then, the power went out for a second and he didnt let me finish the level. I was so sad. Soon, for christmas i will be getting an xbox 360 and he will let me play his games on it.

    8. i thought it was a remaster with graphics and all that looks the same tbh best halo game still tho but il just stick to my old halo reach cd thank you very much but a 130 gb ill pass


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