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    Halo wars 2 Awakening the Nightmare Full campaign Gameplay Xbox one The return of The Flood

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    1. I have the Season Pass from pre-ordering the game but only one campaign was free to download, so why the hell do I have to buy the last campaign DLC?

      Also the only thing that I got for free was the commanders except for the two Brutes, that makes the Season Pass for the first time to piss me the fuck off.

    2. I watched and thought it was cool for you to approach the game, but I think it should improve a bit before posting the video.

      Not only did it ignore almost all side missions, but it also has a very strange play style and at various times it seemed to be lost on the map (although it was linear). You does not use the leaders in combat, an example was the second mission, which, frankly, was torturous to view. Really, his skills in this game are terrible and his vision of the map is non-existent. The game itself sends out voice messages and captions about things that happen, but you could still ignore it.

      Thanks for the video, I believe you are one of the few who really tackles the whole DLC at once, but you should improve your game skills a little more.

      Thanks for the video and I hope your channel grows.

    3. why were you stopping every few seconds and standing still for nearly a minute, I might as well have had problems loading the video, at least then i would know the reason.


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