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    SearchThisVideo: Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare (Part 1)

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    let's us again what are you doing

    nightmare plane awakening the nightmare

    campaign let's go baby baby

    I will not be talking through cutscenes

    okay continue there's a cutscene to

    start we're not talking there better be

    a [ __ ] cutscene to start there is we

    mute the mics okay

    oh the hype is real squeaky chair

    do not disobey your orders again the

    shell salvaged the ships that is it ET

    ox was clear I'll look around and if we

    find fries right back how could that go

    wrong for this listen

    you failed him one more time trying to

    prove yourself and I will not be able to

    save you and it will be both our skulls

    beneath his mace relax brother

    you know they both kind of look like you

    that fair is that a fair assessment

    Wow wow just wow everyone the comment

    section Nick sucks that's hurtful that

    is pretty [ __ ] dope that they brought

    it back in hi charity let's have it you

    just skip the [ __ ] thing so no knows

    what the [ __ ] is happening

    let's give anything over oh you skip

    something no did you oh I just the

    cutscene was over they gave us our

    mission breakdown they could pause that

    [ __ ] if they want to see the mission

    breakdown let's go no they had arguing

    that oh my god unsubscribe I'll take a

    picture and post it right here in the

    [ __ ] top right screen making me do

    post editing let's gather resources

    because we've never played this game

    before yeah those two dudes look like

    giant burnt onesies firm babies at the

    good one

    yeah we just wears high charity what

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    parts I I think that was high charity

    she wasn't a very good picture it was

    actually called logic low charity okay

    Oh suicide mission oh dude we made it

    you see that [ __ ] all right let's go

    no we gotta get the reason man way out

    here 400% misery the resources let's go

    professional expert walkthrough guide oh

    we [ __ ] well it's all over

    wait those are ours where I want that

    little itch like drips as it flies over

    bro just gonna hop skip and jump this

    can I know oh yeah it'll toppity

    skippity dude uh that's not my character

    hop skip somebody get what do you expect

    most from this I expect these should to

    be killed off by a trucks it's all

    sunderland I'm gonna sit before this

    baby fathom and then and pour pour it

    ice I got the locusts bro they just knew

    they liked slick that EP locust King we

    must collect supplies do you not know

    how this worked

    what do we just smash open no salvage

    salvage all cuffing our resources

    yeah we're getting closer to her charity

    I don't know how this has just worked

    into the halo wars 2 timeline but that's

    fine I guess I don't know how I'm

    getting all these units once your pity

    game will give me units when it feels as


    I bet y'all keep both of my units alive

    for the entire campaign mission yeah cuz

    I'm Mike Alexa since I always try to

    take my Thunder babies

    Oh settles our okie please in there in

    campaign here we go ridiculous grunts -

    they won't yeah this one what oh god you

    got the grub oh wait no one has inserted

    something there we go cash money

    so this is a complete guide walk through

    all the secrets everything okay turn

    around you [ __ ] you're getting

    stopping back

    feel like they're talking down to me at

    some points here

    settles our okie again bro a disrupted

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    Ellen we build on the space you again

    let's go alright oh dude Reina fires do

    we get a trucks is for two don't know

    how that works considering a trucks

    isn't here but fine it's fine

    it's very nice of him to you know even

    though he's threatening to kill us

    pretty soon here alright so I'm gonna go

    this way and you go that way I'm gonna

    go with my grunting my Reaper okay you

    know squad up friendly men dudes just

    wanna go this way bring in the squad

    rain of fire that looks really cool

    Reina fires dope did do minute power

    income right now bro eco just upgraded

    oh wait the second power reactors coming

    up you know don't you wish you could

    pick up supplies like in the real game

    wish your girlfriend was hot like me hey

    guys maybe do it straight do you think

    it was perfect tone

    what do you think the flooding others do

    what that means

    the humans are here motherfucks yom

    about to burn them alive yeah look at

    the Joe watch it just do this just do

    this orbital designate this oh yeah Dora

    will designate that and then drop the

    EMP on top

    boom we're not to go over there oh wait

    we have to be still to kill the [ __ ]

    whoops-a-daisy hey it was too easy

    [ __ ] you just upgrade it really

    put their head a trucks oh wait I can

    drop them one of these puppies boom a

    little bit of that little bit this brush

    them started building what are you

    making out of a sign now I might lose my

    grunt maybe won't break mine lost my


    no blossom I'm making grunts and [ __ ]

    just useless stuff I'm dealing with a

    yet what you make is it kept this this

    far no that's just sitting right next to

    us up is it paranoid okay

    yep that's gonna cool us my screw-up

    self did not know ain't nobody scrub

    like me you all right these guys I'm

    gonna shoot oh my god these are [ __ ]

    beasts our Marines over here in this

    garrison I'm starting in Citadel let's

    go check to you on the way

    oh my god oh my goodness oh my goodness

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    oh my goodness oh my god

    but I almost got [ __ ] by these humans

    over here bro do you see how these

    humans you're gonna make me deal with

    the vermin's are here the humans are


    here this turret I got this old dude

    commanding on the not very good this

    whole stupid human okay stupid heatoman

    you just call captain coder D cap T

    cutter stupid I call him captain butter

    lil fat mother trucker you know he's a

    global rally point set for both of us

    I'm not sure we'll find out in a second

    you want a raid camp or do you want a

    banshee or aircraft apex I won't vote so

    you don't want a foundry alright it's

    currently well okay I guess strong I

    guess we wouldn't get a foundry I want

    to build the locusts [ __ ] we got to do

    this to this we ready to all those oh we

    get a bit more guys let's just let's

    refocus means you clone look how long it

    takes for one locust to kill one veteran

    star [ __ ] marine I've been shooting

    this and tired are you saying that

    marine should be nerfed marine should

    probably be nerf yeah I'm for spending

    all the money by the way come over here

    what are you doing come over with me

    this one this one is nothing on it

    I'm just [ __ ] this one has captain

    cutter and his campaign against the

    humans firm and

    I've got the student so great that I got

    some beans

    actually these guys making a video with

    Fergie we're gonna make locust yeah well

    that was the only reason else making a

    founder anyways why'd you make a foundry

    that's what I originally yeah I just

    don't want you to think that you had

    like any authority over it

    Oh what I do yes

    yo look at those things on it it was

    that ours is that you did they give it

    to you

    it's careful 99% okay well you know give

    me the rest of your units since you're

    not doing anything with no I don't

    absolutely useless

    I finally killed all those stupid units

    are all right I'm sorry that one single

    Marines I'm about to finally take

    control of this area over here okay and

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    then continue our campaign against the

    humans yes

    we've so often done in the past yes we

    better eco right now fun economists look

    at min boom one did

    make sure you get the turrets on that as

    well tears on what each of these should

    have turrets near them I assume I guess

    you'll see that one in a second

    then over do you know okay okay let's do

    this boy yeah you just keep on truckin

    where's this skirt going like thanks for

    the scare but it's literally going

    nowhere it's like a little side quest

    mission you know

    nice job three four three watch out

    someone else playing the campaign like

    that's their mission

    Mike isn't he navigate a scarab yeah you

    can't mention destiny around here people

    get triggered I'm just gonna use our

    powers I'm gonna do what you got to do

    all right I figure you're gonna help we

    need to drop at the shorty you mean

    they're sending a good new earth that's

    not okay

    football that one's disrupted down I was

    really cheeky comment

    should I go up here or should I come

    over there and help you what do you

    think did you get this one over here I'm

    bad - yeah memo I just clean up they

    keep [ __ ] rebuilding more things oh

    my God my Lucas died are you kidding me

    let's just restart them bro look it's

    just not worth it if the locust dead

    what he hasn't done anything this entire

    time and I was just taking the cutscene

    away from us okay so he's clearing paths

    I'm gonna go help all the Scarab then

    cuz he's definitely gonna get rocked

    about two sentinels you know these these

    things go

    for super sentinels are made out of

    plastic crap that's crazy yeah this

    scarab won't shoot at them there's a

    [ __ ] ton money over here Nick

    might be swimming it all swim

    throw that left

    looks like the the burnt babies are a

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    little salsa

    yeah it's unfortunate they will both die

    at the end of this campaign calling it

    now do you think they're gonna live no

    way they look they even kill off any

    characters inhale overs to let me read

    it either

    yeah I need money to block this thing

    sorry I had every draw a loopy

    disruption like they randomly like move

    in with your significant other for the

    first time what happened to all my money

    no you know I spent it on first purse

    alright let me go to the bathroom and

    think this off oh the bathrooms covered

    in [ __ ] absolutely toiletries everywhere

    all right oh my god this [ __ ]

    barricades health is just ridiculous no

    can you build the turret on this sure no

    I physically can't hatch the turret what

    what is 3-foot do they do anything okay

    Jake it chicken it's a joke it's a joke

    it's a yoke we use it one of our


    I'm shooting at this berry enough new

    400 defense system its turrets Terry's

    greatest enemy it's a turret just drop

    in that one yeah

    right all right we are moving along here

    it sounds like there's some serious [ __ ]

    going on you know between these two yeah

    they're shading each other kind of like

    we do but they have a bigger picture

    that they hate that you can tell they

    hit a trucks

    no no they one of them loves a tree ox

    the other one that's just like [ __ ]

    [ __ ] you a tree accident one yeah but I

    mean they're both gonna die because of

    it so they might as well learn to hate

    them so okay so they're good the last

    part of this campaign is gonna be us

    finding the flood we're gonna run to

    aatrox aatrox is living in his sin side

    of the head with a hammer and that's the

    end of the campaign

    yes that's gonna be all right it's well

    alert can anything take paranoids enough

    no I don't think so I just have these

    two guys you use a disruptor over here

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    no I just

    yes again my skipper my skipper up my


    I don't even know if this is an actual

    thing it's not I guess it is can you get

    this all this eco and like throw it our


    now go home coming up right here from

    okay get out mr. sack that [ __ ] this

    scarab needs such he'll we got to drop a

    little thingy on that you got a little

    thing you do that

    yeah he met her I hardly know her

    got him emitter ash that you need to

    admit her you might not know where you

    might not have taken her out to dinner

    yet but why am i guys walking backwards

    Oh cuz there's only one way to go

    I know skirts cleaning a path pool never

    he's gonna come all the way through here

    he's gonna cut here and then I'll meet

    you over there

    we pretty much need to guide the Scarab

    to here to here okay I can't click that

    for whatever isn't whatever I don't want

    to click it anyways I'm upgrading board

    all right and I'm getting reinforcements

    let's get all of our middle in the

    second Roshan though the effects coming

    out of that scarabs nose piece it's

    pretty [ __ ] dope I'm gonna drop in

    emitter right here let's let the drop

    okay let's see what's the next one need

    one 75% this one except 60-ish ones half

    so this will be the next one then you

    sure way to persuade you know the rain

    of fire is incredible isn't it yep I

    love how you guys have to burn a path

    back think I can I mean walk over there

    normally but I want to help the Scarab

    because I know we're gonna have to drag

    them along at the end of the mission

    yeah it's not very strong oh you meant

    oh yeah

    I'm gonna say he was weak and I bulwark

    them I would heal him and my board

    look at that he'll such a lazy heel

    should have made engineers W

    um this one right here I got under money

    this one's gonna be next if you want

    drop on there by the way nothing happens

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    unless escape cheating gonna

    Pepa tuning in this for like 20 minutes


    so yeah we did we do need the scare of

    anyways drop a emitter over here

    mitr I hardly know her

    I feel like we made that joke already

    yeah classic ptc name [ __ ] joke over and


    oh my god I'm gonna speed this part up

    if the scare doesn't walk any quicker

    I don't ever wonder why the Covenant

    lost the war

    slow scared lot of slow ones

    but Amit Amit Amit Amit mitt mitt mitt

    mitt mitt

    I assume you used yours already of

    course so I am almost ready to drop mine

    I need to scare a bit look where he's


    Oh My gods here you can climb mountains

    I've seen you do it inhale it where's

    one unless the banished are just having

    a lot of budget cuts right yeah tell

    your skier ban she's issued this money

    sights unit

    I'm dropping a minute over here we even

    I don't know if we actually do any

    damage to it just in general I could

    have just been [ __ ] and didn't like

    realize that it was doing no damage

    right there you might be right

    okay so we all right now you know let me

    ask you what was the point of the point

    to do the six no - you know what was the

    point of this effect right here where it

    just slows us down for no reasons

    instead of continuing the mission I did

    drop one of these things on it - and

    like nothing happened

    alright so now we're just waiting around

    doop do doop de doop de doop doop doop

    doop doop doop scare belt is that a

    hundy though I bet you that is that's an

    achievable I'd be very surprised

    well this is the 100% guide so you know

    it's already in achievable we're about

    to run out of description honors

    it's actually just gonna take 25 years

    Oh like there's no point that they

    campaign just drag on like this you

    gotta feel the $20 this is for those

    people who say that like a dollar an

    hour kind of thing this is specifically

    for them but they're dragging around do

    a 20 hour um and I'm gonna I'm gonna

    drop a emitter on this and the sack all

    the turrets rebuild them dropping

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    emitter on that when you get a chance

    this has to be a glitch like the fact

    that they didn't know that one's good

    what it looks good nothing that one's

    good let's just try to get all the

    upgrades listen oh we knew it you yeah

    well that's part of the hundred percent

    got is to get everything done I'm just

    supervising activated the vision thing

    and it's just like continued to be black



    [ __ ] they're getting mine oh you know

    you're upgrading that one I just solved

    a minute we got the eco bag

    just gonna keep upgrading all turrets

    you drop a emitter over there uh-oh Oh

    another cutscene black bars

    okay I think the scarab alive cool hey

    can you uh put an emitter on this just

    drop mine and I'm gonna let's all push

    up to that 110 yeah got it

    all right the next one only one shoots

    next one friends will be that I'll get

    that one it won't be good no so all this

    [ __ ] is dead right here Oh charity all

    right here are you looking

    everything's clicking right now I can't

    really see

    yeah but else yeah I'll drop let me

    actually drop the emitter back at the

    other one

    all right so the next one will drop

    there let's just move on to this part we

    probably can't do that until we get that

    last submitter done

    well how come Anders can't read a

    sentence this great [ __ ] who knows

    oh we're not even there yet

    looks like a Old Covenant of Battleship

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    though yeah I like the you know C

    engravings like painting

    little up up this one's got red on it

    though wouldn't that be now there's some

    red markings and heavy ships is there

    yeah well you don't know you drop a

    emitter on that thank you

    let's cut across real quick and

    hopefully end this mission before I drop

    another emitter nope we have to drop two

    more because you know up in a minute are

    there whenever it comes back I just

    shuffled on the other one

    where did he come from he wasn't scared

    but they say oh you everything for that

    no I tried out to protect this project

    that this one's Dan says this one

    how the hell are you supposed to do this

    over very carefully no it's one of those

    things where whatever you do doesn't

    matter because the very

    look at these two little Sentinel

    brothers just hanging out floating the

    way across the world Lucy good bird look

    use that huh our base is under attack

    bro he's gonna clutch up for his team

    she's talking about the Sentinel

    ferocity is picked up you're talking I

    keep roasting moss on so that's some why

    he's right there well we're getting

    disrelish back man back we need this you

    have a emitter enough emitter I hope

    he's still the knower okay

    did this map just also in turn light or

    has it always been life bro look at

    least turrets they just dropped in bro

    like where'd the economy come from drop

    those in

    do we have every single node that

    covered right now oh oh not this one bro

    I was supposed to do what row row you

    wanna see everywhere oh my I really hate

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    the Qatar trackers he just bailed said

    not to date huh let's see if they do

    about this one and nothing they only

    have one animation that was their only

    animation dropped no we don't need to

    kill those we just seem to cover we do

    did you know he's Reavers there you drop

    those emitters oh yeah okay I'm flying

    we're all remember yes 100% good let's

    do this

    Marines are we

    and they just over dramatis eyes these

    two birds

    oh not the Retriever Sentinel now what

    are we gonna do what are we gonna do

    wait what do we have to do kill is to

    retrieve your sentinels nah dude go to

    the middle

    another thingy and hit it you gotta you

    gotta save this bro you gotta you gotta

    save this bro

    oh [ __ ] rotate the inner clock rings

    hurry up dude I got it I wasn't ready

    for a puzzle dude the pub lorry you

    never wanted to be helped

    alright and that's how you 100% puzzle

    no there's a reason there's a lot of fog

    over for no reason there's a lot of fog

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    over it for no reason for no reason

    hit'em [ __ ] Wild West [ __ ]

    yes yes

    let's go



    let's [ __ ] it go that was one of the

    best cutscenes ever oh my god did we get

    gold let's go baby

    that's the 100% guide for mission number


    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    yeah some [ __ ] sentinels my ass cheek


    my therapy

    but I say this enough that this is the

    best move through four three his mate



    well she might robust micro oh my god

    moving move away move away move away all

    did this campaign just turned into


    [ __ ] fired up shut three four three

    and see yeah you've done it Ambler are


    oh [ __ ] my micro is not a

    throw the sound should they're gonna

    come above whose [ __ ] run run run these

    [ __ ] never saw the flood man I fought

    the flood seven thousand times over and

    over and over again so maybe I'm [ __ ]

    like God like shot is gonna killing

    he does you this ghost from destiny no

    I'm not I didn't mean to bring that up

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    where do we need to go now what do we

    need to keep going all these guys run

    where you eventually gonna go here to

    here bro look at the mini-map yes yeah

    okay I'm gonna go to the right side you

    go to the left

    you stay here I'm gonna go to the other

    side oh [ __ ] nope we're not going in

    here oh just doing a clean sweep

    very new stuff this is a penny

    always I'm telling you he's gonna beat

    the living [ __ ] out of them until they

    die wait for it what if aatrox dies of

    this now they killed like my entire

    grunt squad along language we got here

    we'll just pump out you send a pump out

    grunts yeah and choppers


    damn him that's your brother

    okay another theory I'm gonna keep

    throwing off these theories until I'm on

    all of them

    the brothers gonna have to kill the

    other brother because he's gonna be a

    flood form he's gonna get super


    maybe the whole [ __ ] thing that would

    be Thanks

    yeah it's gonna be like that brother I

    told you not to do it I told you then he

    [ __ ] finishes them just takes off his

    head so it's Fortius who's now out and

    about phoenix log thanks well this is

    the complete walkthrough pat 100%

    barricades right here on the supplies

    for it and I'm standing next to a bunch

    of other than I got to be

    need them to be let's say do you need to

    build up some these barriers where the

    berries ones over here isn't even worth

    investing in this stuff cuz you know

    it's just gonna keep pushing us back

    until we run all the way over here right

    now my question is wool well us failing

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    just move us to the next part kind of

    think we should just I'm conflicted on

    if we should fail or if I should

    actually invest in terraces well the


    sir it improve already two seconds here

    we go do not know what that means he's


    get over yourself um your primary hold

    the first defense line what let's flood

    have the ship Pat we got no is maybe

    colony looking out for us really

    [ __ ] okay no we actually have to hold

    the line well those [ __ ] destroyed

    that Maya team a GLAAD TV I do not like

    the sense you know those - oh [ __ ] we

    got to get up here in this choke point I


    yeah ages it clutching it all right make

    some rangers huh literally make two

    Rangers Halo has never been so Halo

    recent memories this is the most hey lo

    its gonna get reset them alright sir

    right sides mind up

    commander three pages and it gets better

    here we go

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    you're good

    you know can you see that my elites are

    yeah see that

    I'll let your video on it and I'll do it

    look I'll shamelessly flicker so I think

    I'm at the other side that idea

    yeah thanks

    literally with you'll purchase or injure

    than all the money left

    from where

    the shoppers open alot of

    this chocolate is bad as my trip lines

    [ __ ] but you already put trip mines

    under I said I guess our left

    that noise is so creepy

    yeah reminds me when I first saw the

    floating halo one got that jittery



    I'm sending cigarettes in here shoot you

    Ultraman or it's very good no bro look

    at suicide the judge oh my god

    should we do a orbital I mean sorry

    should we do Ultra months later point

    it doesn't matter he still needs to buy

    over here for you

    it doesn't it doesn't okay

    I can't buy ultra much these guys hold

    on okay there's an actual contact going

    on I was wondering how long it was gonna

    take these flies to do something

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    it's gonna give them all my good

    who knows what's up will not give me any

    control minutes we should definitely

    make an extract to the Sun

    what's under it

    all those [ __ ] notice you're not

    really holding off we're running slowly

    brothers like random grow oh my god

    that's so [ __ ] like try to get close

    to one when it gets infected oh oh get

    close to this front spot right now even

    on the spent squatters I'm on it send

    them over there send them over there

    I don't have to control this one that's

    a yeah

    okay I'm gonna send with him on down

    there okay it's like [ __ ] zoom in on

    it okay Lebanon it's so [ __ ] a the

    sound of just terrifying bro just look

    at his chest pop out oh there goes the

    young that's [ __ ] crazy

    we've been [ __ ] around for about 40

    seconds or a minute and 20 you made

    another extractor what you do that there

    you go

    we have no ego

    I'm gonna go attack these [ __ ] yeah

    let's fly down there I want to make a

    bunch of hunters pardon me

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    what'd you justify your terrible choice

    we [ __ ] there's a cross pass oh [ __ ] run

    chop your mind some runs oh my god those

    [ __ ] lines are clutch


    and so you need a hold the line for four

    more minutes we agreed alive why don't

    they all just work on one whoa look at

    the time in third I don't like it one

    bit no good the right I'm gonna drop

    mines that's why we have three teams bad

    teams [ __ ] dead oh my god they come

    out of the ground

    put a lot of minds on think oh my god

    they have a big choppers you know like a

    thing going on

    sexual thing over here

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00


    check out our new content

    the leader rush

    I was going down there to save you but I

    guess if you're trying to die then

    obviously they can't watch you die


    just gonna start one shutting everyone

    like a Hitler to Jacqueline

    only just

    I'm just making things thank you tried


    what's happening what's happening but I

    look at all the lines that


    create some fun

    oh because we can just stasis them and

    then worry about them later you're right

    any weights to this again sir if I can

    do I'm being overrun on the bro bro we

    are getting

    all good run literally run your tail

    what because they're like


    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    are those I don't think they are we have

    a base council swear by the base and one

    of the comments will correct us on what

    they actually are how much she to build

    err Pez or infantry whatever nope that's

    what we need actually

    all right Nick you're going on that

    mission right how old the make out of

    there's only one way to get to him it's

    by Death

    I gotta set up on the base we're bored

    I'm gonna send these guys over here as

    well send you guys it's pretty normal

    for you we just see his children

    maker based invisible not a little bit

    too easy mm-hmm oh [ __ ] there's mr.

    Bagley yeah they're all over the marked

    areas are some back here - oh she's need

    there's a locust here oh I want that

    tipper otters and the mix might be nice

    all right get the Parenthood

    and a Lukas let's go

    oh [ __ ] we can make great thanks

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    think i think i just i've they're mine

    now because i cleared the area no I

    didn't go for those ones I'm about to go

    for these ones on some done with the

    three here

    anything Q&A any is it the old boys hold

    Xie codes

    you're gonna give me the poster beds I

    think I think they're just there for


    oh sure that's why I'm gonna be able to

    love it's like I'm still the worst F yes

    okay we're not gonna do anything with

    them we'll just stay alive for as long

    as I can we need children Jenna

    what's back here oh this thing that's

    the other one has read these the [ __ ]

    down we've everything today that's the

    last poster back I assume we piece out

    through here this when we go through

    here it looks like a late bridge

    at Brookhaven in this case

    stasis so looking good

    all we should it's an 11-minute [ __ ]

    go get your mother out of there

    let me welcome

    we can fit better

    mr. Lafitte there's no time

    all right love house shows like The Wrap

    they're gonna run in the name it is for

    YouTube one baviaan truck is like 7,000

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    this is



    unlock more blister bags back here's why

    behind us now I see why

    yes Alex headed


    nobody will know for a pruning

    tournament now whatever many people are

    going to use the new leaders

    over there subject

    let's go

    mr. bet you don't war

    I do we've got stays fun


    it's a job nailed your minds

    my right hand

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    grab-grab now require many of us

    oh it's back Halo Wars one flood on

    oh [ __ ] there


    they say on whether about to drop their


    let me hold close to the halo wars

    general oh [ __ ]

    come to the front again

    and another table I just and

    Beatriz where's the assistant


    you can only read yeah yeah watching

    that's it then

    you're such a

    I don't think what I can say is

    appropriate but yeah that'll definitely

    get educated

    five minutes

    why doesn't he see the timer Oh

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    for the music's like

    it is

    the Bliss knees

    [ __ ] what bro you know the arbiters

    yellow Anakin stasis

    successfully surrounding us my asking

    oh [ __ ] every great yep

    get the little hand

    oh my god 2 minutes and 30 seconds we

    have to hold this [ __ ] there's no way in

    [ __ ] alright so this is what we lose

    our entire defensive line

    mr. Dex

    got this

    it's devastating

    I forget it we go

    meanwhile I should happen to buy this

    she upgrades on them turrets uh we can't

    think they come free infantry now I've

    been up reading over it

    and though the bus tonight really

    I just lost a lot of grunts than that

    one I'm gonna try to save these blister


    there's tentacles all over

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    oh good this is like what

    yes well [ __ ] we only have 55 seconds I

    imagine we're gonna take you should put

    it unit right there right here so you

    can bail up to the top of here as you

    know that's what we're going to need to

    do just cancer fun well let's set up our

    units over there yeah

    if the server to keep this

    and the bait mating is employed I guess

    so thank you have utilizing objective

    maybe for work anyways we can sport the

    bass comes to that

    the tentacles crowd I will not everybody

    already all right let her wait a fire

    the front of the biz

    well [ __ ] now we gotta really defend the

    space too much that

    hey hold on and they [ __ ] shut down a

    couple of these

    look at that [ __ ] chill chill we had

    their [ __ ]

    all sweet we're gonna hear what a truck

    has to say

    never the life

    bro the total that's a great more

    no [ __ ] bro is that the great ones

    like I don't


    I'm so nervous he's just like sounded

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    running running running

    lubricant choppers

    nothing's gonna move their foot

    right fuckin'-a question

    we've made it out my hands

    he's getting eaten alive Aleta mean to




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