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Halo Wars 2 Campaign – Awakening the Nightmare – Part 1 – What Could Go Wrong? /Back to High Charity

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Enter Pavium and Vorodus. Two Jiralhanae Pack Brothers and very prestigious members of what could be the newest members of the inner circle of Atriox. The two are very different though. While Vorodus is very much like his species would usually suggest, wild, eager, and glory bound. Pavium is the more cautious and wiser of the Brutes. As per the usual, the Banished is still seeking supplies, ships and weaponry from the ark and the battle that took place there many years ago between the Covenant and Separatists fleets. But what else remains from that battle? High Charity, and it still contains many secrets and Vorodus seeks to find those secrets as they may contain many riches and plunder. Somethig much more sinister remains in it's infected husk.....and it knows the Banished are coming......


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  1. (Rewatching some of your old videos) Seriously something i'm surprised a lot of people seemed to ignore with the flood cutscene at the end is the fact those things, the abominations/flood juggernauts were actively wrestling fucking BRUTES to the ground for the infection forms with raw strength, it's honestly horrifying as to what those things would to a normal human, elite, or even spartan, because I don't think anything short of the Lekgolo with their 10,500 pounds of alien hardware have been able to do that, especially alone.


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