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    Watch video at 00:00
    do not disobey your orders again start
    the shell salvage the ships that is it
    ET ox was clear I'll look around and if
    we find prices to bring back how could
    that girl raw Voridis listen you failed
    him one more time
    trying to prove yourself and I will not
    be able to save you and it will be both
    our skulls beneath his mace relax
    you worry too much
    have you we are ready to move to hi
    charity my men are impatient for glory

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    put unleash on them for this the terrain
    here is unsuitable for our power
    extractors I am still working on a
    solution and your men will do well to
    remember that whatever we find here
    belongs to eat rocks this wars tamely
    brother where is your jihad a lust for
    adventure that relic is ripe for plunder
    this war has taught me before this stay
    your hand once we reach high charity we
    need to move quickly to avoid the wrath
    of the sense of those defending it yes
    yes I am unaware of what we face here
    hurry your preparations old one I
    already have troops on the ground luring
    us out the sword-worlds there's weapons
    to be salvaged from all eternity aboard
    as commander to return to base for new
    orders do not concern me as that beast
    they do not concern you Boris
    there are many sentinels amassing here
    near the salvage site
    they may be guarded rather than
    continued some even acuity the old
    stories of the parasite nothing but
    coveted propaganda old friend
    you handle the Sentinels near you and
    let me deal with the ones here we'll
    have what we need in no time
    our air forces are engaging sentinels
    near High Charity bridge oh do bad yes
    so what else we'll have to deal with
    those sentinels cowards
    I shall put you into the void rivers
    reactivate the light brake retro troops
    I'm soon to get a Lucas to clear the
    path you can return with Salvage God's
    or on a platters meat for the real
    soldiers your choice
    brothers we found these cabinets supply
    cases on our way to the base they don't
    waste time when you're scanning toys
    to snow

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    my brother's our base
    sentinels are attacking our face Fortis
    the orbital designated shows they're
    coming from the nearby launching Bay
    they're not Pavia wouldn't mind new
    Thule should handle them fire and
    destruction emitter at the launching Bay
    and then while they are defenseless
    auratus the UV LED emitter is
    fluctuating I made a few improvements
    and now it affects a much larger area
    your improvements have shortened the
    duration of the EMP field you will need
    to replace it soon auratus by orbital
    designator is yours upon request it will
    help you spot those lucky days
    where's my target artist
    get that base upgraded we're going to
    need to build defenses we will need
    anti-air defenses to deal with the
    Sentinels of Raymond Therese Florida's
    you are going to be facing more
    sentinels than we ever have before
    we applies the markers to show the
    Raphael scarab we build turrets those
    will help protect our base as we make
    our way to my charity
    there's still so much wreckage lying
    around high charity it's going to take
    me a while to carve through it and sign
    the Covenant lose war
    I hope they clean up after themselves
    proceed with caution Boris there are
    streets leading to inside already
    great smile and the crunchy to spread
    inside activity if need to be equated
    even the companies from the profits even
    if there was once such a threat any
    monsters would be long dead by now

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    Rakesh your bin
    Fabian we have encountered an AFOL
    runner defense system turrets the area
    around high purity is more horrifying
    than anywhere else it is clear protector
    scarab to duty
    side inserts
    nate is cutting as well ministry a wise
    warrior does not pick a fight
    what are you waiting for choose a
    disruption emitter to stun any sentinels
    launching from it take the base so we
    can divide the Sentinels focus and
    stagger their attacks my scarab must
    make it to high charity in one piece I
    was expecting more the fire humans are
    here they will not stop us from taking
    what we want wipe them out
    happy thinking winter here what if they
    trapped beneath our scans the forces
    must be small simple a reconnaissance
    mission then I'll make sure they don't
    report anything back
    refused up one of our emitters replace
    it enemy moving the humans are sending
    in support make them regret it
    clear that debris out and call in a new
    base we'll need more troops to make sure
    the Scarab reaches my charity sighs it
    appears large portions of my cue remain
    intact which means in terms of weapons
    for us to plunder a trots wanders not to
    enter a charity for this focus on
    salvaging what remains of a rounded
    Voridis I have run into problems with
    the salvage crews the power the runs
    under the surface here is surprisingly
    unstable what's the problem
    take it all I'm not sure if our
    extractors to handle it in his life oh
    I'm sure you'll figure it out brother
    that's why I keep you around
    Pandya I found some kind of war runner
    interface and there are more sensitive
    nearby be careful Fortis there is still
    much we don't understand about the
    forerunners and their machines
    brother I can handle it I'm going to
    investigate scarab commander continue
    smashing through that wreckage protect
    the Scarab while I try and deactivate
    the sentinel defences disappointing I
    thought the explosion would be bigger

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    haha it seems to have several security
    levels and the first one should be
    broken when I think this
    the first level deactivated Fordyce the
    seasonal attacks have decreased in
    ferocity come to seals I'm doing your
    work hey destroy them I'm not finished
    here yet use the disruption emitters
    nothing must stop our scarab defense
    Kara moving I preached the second
    security level I just need some time to
    deactivate it Florida's the Sentinel
    numbers have increased again then deal
    with them use everything you have both
    industries are what kept the Covenant
    blinkered in week we will smash through
    yes this should be it the Sentinels are
    sending even gorgeous nurse they're
    getting desperate
    I must be close to completely shutting
    them down we were approached by charity
    now Fortis at last I hope your pack is
    ready to transport the riches we find
    nearby stay alert wait why the direction
    their interference I'll use this thing
    to deactivate the defenses have been
    deactivated they won't interfere no
    longer our intact so you said many times
    I can handle myself
    it's time we cut inside to take what's

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    your mouth
    pockets are only to perform Salvage
    extraction from the nearby ships hood
    before this is listen to me he'll be
    doing the same from outside of high
    purity and you had word from him no no
    infer the communications that says he
    and his fruits approached High Charity
    unsurprising no doubt he's picked a
    fight the sea sentinels there but he
    keep moving I want us to be ready for
    extraction as soon as possible let's get
    to work
    we need those barriers down so I can
    clear a path for the salvage loot Boris

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    this is valium and he found anything
    outside the shell
    gorgeous the spot engineers Jesus calms
    me now the movement from height sanity
    named John
    four days turn they are no longer your
    in this Santa will concede your body in
    areas lost in the flood all units go
    back to the first position
    get off that bridge you need to shut it
    down and get it the door
    I'm holding the line as long as I can
    but I won't be able to wait forever on
    the way
    still nothing damn him say to the
    wounded and prepare the defenses of the
    next attack they are not finished with
    us yet break up in those cases use
    everything we have to strengthen our
    defenses must hold the line here to get
    boarded and time to join us they did
    if the defenses are you need to stand
    the defence of soulful barricades
    to complete my orbital designated shows

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    a massive wave of blood coming soon
    gather supplies and build defenses to be
    ready for them
    3d of the blood are as inexorable as the
    story said hold your tongues and swing
    into July is to clear a path back to our
    base we must hold the line for Borah
    despair it's our best chance move out
    gobias they must their folks will have
    nowhere to practice staggered would
    sleep before justified
    I'm John Purvis
    timaeus is default back to life um we
    are holding as long as we can
    the designated shows you have a little
    time before the next flexers start
    preparing our defenses
    repair and heal what's needed while we
    have the time they must be in full
    strength keep your eyes out for movement
    we must be ready when they attack again
    he got order smash these barriers
    but the virus alarm
    amid the demise we will be overrun by
    the flood must stop this first we need
    to find the same
    once news for those reductions destroy
    the bill
    before the fire boys

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    the blood are adapting new forms to
    combat us we must act quickly
    it was not desolvation infection more in
    the flock
    Digitek mother's make our final stand
    I left through lady Juhani on the
    battlefield during the company for I
    will not abandon Voridis
    before this one of his not contact us I
    want to know whether the medium cover
    those blister backs we will need their
    power if we're to hold even please me
    the [ __ ] leader the result yourselves
    I have yours to command
    destroy our face
    in secret soldiers the fights of the
    we've lost the emphasis Florida's my
    pack and I barely escaped hi charity

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    from nowhere for suspect during our
    retreat we discover the difference to a
    forerunner structure below ground my
    engineers believe it is connected to the
    defense's I shut down earlier through
    the flood to reach it we are at the
    power support site you established
    earlier but have already lost many to
    the parasite
    break the lines
    the bass
    the flood are rapidly taking over this
    sector as well
    artists my troops and I are nearly a you
    position of the South indeed rules have
    you reached the forerunner defense
    some kind of flood forms blocked the
    entrance to the station
    it's as if they understand it's a threat
    to them we barely even had time to
    establish a base before they besieged us
    we must reach that station if we can't
    reactivate the forerunner defenses we
    will have no chance against the
    parasites but we have at the numbers
    have iam each time we kill one another
    appears the flood is everywhere
    scattered across every surface every
    crack in failure the fissures that the
    whole area is honeycombed with explosive
    power if we can start the salvage we can
    use them to cause a chain reaction and
    burn the parasite away I will start our
    extractors of immediately desert
    stockpiling power
    start the extractors we'll need all the

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    power we can to start the sourest Rosa
    the collars too unstable for our
    I've already never never there are many
    small eruptions where the power has
    crystallized if we collect them in that
    state we can break them down for us in
    the dreams
    very well I set up my own operation we
    start gathering the power we need for
    the salvage
    the liquid form of that energy has
    crystallized when it's broken through
    the surface we can use those crystals to
    start the drills again so please discuss
    eight something property abiam it's
    about to release more flood get clear
    what we must end this quickly they're
    heading for our base it's one of those
    things definitely the squad of my troops
    earlier they are everywhere here they
    seem to occur on a cycle monitor them as
    best you can
    I'll need to know when they're about to
    have you the pressure is at mid point
    soon the Bursar's will lose more flood
    is there no into the Horace they can
    twist themselves into
    crush like alarm you
    I'll do what I chair
    our area minutes away from them

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    the pressure has started building my
    clan he's gathered the power
    the memories brother the pressure is
    close to releasing the flood bursters
    the first rules been activated
    powered elsewhere
    taking my approach other guys moving to
    have you the pressure is at mid-pipe
    soon the Bursar's will lose more flood
    the salaries begun classically you just
    need to protect them until they reach
    the surface and ignited the liquids
    beneath pavia the flawed reinforcements
    are accelerating
    they must recognize the threat those
    drills pose to them
    enhancing focus fire orders
    it's working

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    is clear I can reach the 4runner station
    I will stay here with the rest of our
    teams to guard your exit find a way to
    reactivate the July far down is this
    facility the lifts still hasn't reached
    the bottom it is endless if you follow
    the orders you wouldn't have to be down
    there and I up here watch more of our
    troops fall through the infection I told
    you I will fix this valium the means to
    reactivate the Sentinel flood defenses
    should lie below as does the flood
    threat this area will be brought in with
    flood forms be sure to make use of your
    incendiary gels
    any enclosed spaces will work to your
    advantage the lift slows it seems I have
    hold the line up there I'll be back soon
    have arrived pavía this stinks of death
    down here the enemies everywhere we will
    stop the flood together for this my
    troops and I will guard the entrance up
    here but you must be activate those
    defenses quickly
    local units one side 4runner beams ahead
    it seems some defenses remain active
    this facility is pitted with many chasms
    jump groups be ready enemy is at hand
    the flood has already started to choke
    this place watch your step
    completely engulfs this place
    jump routes investigate the console on
    that pillar we need to find a way
    forward I need new trophies where do you
    want till they come now wipe them out
    before they reach us the way forward is
    not clear we have mini forerunner beam
    defenses and retracted light bridges a
    good sign it means the facility is still
    partly functional we may still be able
    to restore the defenses
    impressive pavía the fall runner beams
    make Swift work of the flood here as
    they rule you fooled us can you get past

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    we are more agile than those shuffling
    monstrosities I'll send one of my squad
    through to the activate them from the
    other side you surprised me for this I
    thought you would want to test your
    mighty reflexes against the beans leader
    for top challenge accepted brother
    the fat is clear continue on my own
    steel yourselves infection forms I'll
    cut them off before the overrun us
    I'll start spreading my incendiary gel
    to head them off
    stand back fresh come in burn filth a
    special mix of my own just for you have
    iam my modified incendiary gel works
    wonders against the flood at least this
    finally a eSports colony was not pleased
    over you at the T greatest weapons and
    where would we be without it now you
    must learn to break a few rules brother
    defend yourself jump routes I still have
    need of you
    leaderboard burn Florida's try ups again
    the best you can tell local units have
    we found a teleporter down here it
    appears to be connected to the one near
    I need reinforcements scout ahead while
    I get it working there's a 4runner
    terminal ahead and a large chamber but
    it's surrounded by blisters we should
    investigate it then I suggest using an
    honor guard their cloaking abilities
    will enable them to reach the terminal
    undetected you have reinforcements ready
    for me then yes the teleporter is
    working but I can't spare our many
    fighters if the flood returned here I
    will need everyone to hold them back and
    father guards cloaking ability could
    prove useful to us get ready to earn
    your keep mercenary wait I hear
    something something's not right here
    tread carefully
    states that investor was part of an

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    Lupul units Morris do more bases are
    fallen silent the flood is another chasm
    jump routes get across and activate the
    light bridge the light bridge controls
    aren't working the flood is corrupting
    everything we must move fast before the
    whole facility is a lost cause and
    destroy them I will not fall to these
    keep fighting until that light bridge
    starts working the flood infection must
    have compromised the facility's systems
    quickly the systems are unstable and I
    do not relish a plunge into the depths
    we're blocked by wall runner beams turn
    them off we have to get inside
    what now wait we've triggered a
    quarantine we must clear the area of
    flood or the automatic defenses will
    attack us as well we were too late the
    defenses are being activated keep away
    from the beads until the quarantine is
    lifted one side wait there's another of
    those abominations
    any nearby flood forms more aggressive
    will be sure not to break any blisters
    or the abomination will have more flood
    to rally against us rather of those
    4runner terminals
    uh 20th one side

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    the water
    the forerunner defenses are stronger
    here we must be getting close to the
    cooler we're falling back to the
    incidence for a final defensive position
    having I think we found it
    it resembles the system I shut down
    before strange it's almost as if the
    flood understands its importance
    the locks are blocked with their filth
    there is cunning in their Geass borders
    the flood seems to be growing in
    intelligence you must clean those locks
    and deactivate the defenses now
    fearless ready
    I am sending my finest warriors for you
    I have also have fitted seen loose with
    new equipment to be inspired by your
    experience fight will and you brother I
    will see this done
    have you the powers increase what's this
    devices at full power I should be able
    to re-enable the devices
    to Lourdes I'm Cindy you all my reserves
    make good use of them all of them but
    one of you if you fail we will quickly
    fall next you must be our shield up
    honor guard
    I'm certain need something
    we're cheated winters what now before
    they reach us
    my gel has recharged in his friend
    Accord employment
    no no soldier should deserve that fate
    kill them quickly stay vigilant my jello
    is victims to birth

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    we smashed be gonna be free of it
    Oh weapons more yours
    leader point her
    or just your powers
    what is a massive year-old fast brother
    just a little longer
    it barely state
    or try trophy
    the defense system is back on the
    sentinel cleansing operations should
    come in soon it seems the flood are
    aware of the threat they rush to stop us
    it is done the defense system is working
    some kind of giant bug has appeared

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    we only thought it wise to inform you of
    the threat and thought it wise the flood
    is the very thing this installation was
    created to destroy every soldier we have
    right now to stop its spread everything
    we thought we did seems we've already
    reactivated the Sentinels we will help
    them fix this you have our word oh oh
    but most of the 40% of our food page
    the Flies are spread quickly in the area
    near high tyranny not vr8 reacts with
    the Sentinel defenses up and running we
    will crush the flood threat that is that
    they're irritants and Costas
    like that you got nothing just for our
    face numbers are infinite
    must by the source this new flood
    this to be our greatest battle Pantheon
    will be legends
    seconds bail there will be nobody left
    to recount our folly do not
    underestimate the greatness of this
    equation Fortis
    on my way
    the fun is trying to destroy our base
    our base sucker attack augmented
    Harvester upgrade complete log Vincent
    harvester upgrade complete Vincent
    harvester upgrade complete augmented
    Harvester upgrade complete
    these wretched tentacles
    such space it must be close to becoming
    a great mind we must act fast if it
    reaches full brave mind the art belongs
    to us
    and there's still so much to do from it
    oh I see
    we hereby provide the necessary parties

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    we destroy it and when you join
    decisional x' and pushing the rest of
    the foot back
    by the way that must roughly right where
    I need to build courage
    what are we waiting for attack
    leader power ready on my way
    is attacking the turret
    ready to fire dance with lighters
    what are my fiery coordinates we need
    eyes on that tentacle
    we must be connected to something see if
    the stories are true it would be
    they must focus all our efforts on it

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    there seems to be some kind of arm or
    shielding to things
    get rid of those distracting tentacles
    they're protecting the Beast we must be
    doing something right for it to fight
    with such ferocity through those acts we
    will see this big fall today you die
    in the center
    but mark you potential locations for
    extra turret get wicked [ __ ] sit down
    bring it back out again check out
    at least with its tentacles retracted we
    can move about all freely is the more
    sites I wish to build the turrets

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    - please
    time to show the middle of the baddest
    troops put that monstrosity down the
    armored carapace crack it wide open
    don't let that pitiful edu broken
    through a jogger shoot the sacks and
    make it bleed
    to researched

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    eh reacts will be impressed with our
    prowess if we survive this path iam just
    by videos
    vehicle level one researched tert watch
    out more product coming send all you can
    monster we will cut them all down
    target the armor I want to hear it crack
    the kind researched
    it must be close to reaching grapevine
    state now and this made the our last
    see to the injured in the place any lost
    troops while that turret is being built
    destroy those sacks spare nothing
    that thing is grown too strong

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    our turrets aren't enough anymore we
    need more firepower to damage senses a
    lot nearby if we cleanse it of the flesh
    build and ship called in sectional
    and your troops cleanse that mark while
    we still can
    that is something very powerful of way
    now a retriever do not disappoint me
    now we'll see how strong that thing is
    let's show this st. your heart a rage
    we did it we beaten it back brother
    patriarchs will be pleased
    I don't think pleased is the right word
    brother a tots will arrive soon he may
    not be as merciful as the flood
    I told you not to go inside for good

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    secure the breach clean up your mess I
    will be waiting for you

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00


    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00


    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00


    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00


    Full game movie of the DLC storyline

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    1. I'm still pissed off that you have to buy the last DLC even though I pre-ordered the game, I have the Season Pass for Halo Wars 2 but I only got one DLC campaign not both, the only DLCs that you get for free with the Season Pass is the commanders except for the two Brutes.

      It's complete bullshit that the Season Pass doesn't have any benefits for once.


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