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SearchThisVideo: HALO WARS 2 DLC – Awakening the Nightmare – RUN! – [Part 1]

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hello phone my name's cam jack and

welcome back to halo wars 2 today we are

playing the new dlc awakening but


so is she campaign DLC so I think we've

got 5 campaign missions some new blur

cinematics and a whole heap of other

stuff we're probably not going to use

anyway let's jump straight into our

answer here we go let's select normal

difficulty we're doing heroic but I kind

of want to get through here stop the

show salvage the ships that is it et

oxwas clear I'll look around and if we

find prize how could that go wrong for


listen you failed him one more time

trying to prove yourself and I will not

be able to save you and it will be both

our skulls beneath his mace relax


you worry too much

yes this is called what could go wrong

the high charity crash site Celino High

Charity crashed it had a foot yeah house

a head free from it

Oh is hey Louise 10th anniversary

yesterday so let's go put a leash on him

Boris oppa is gone so vicious walk join

a sport waters of salt on high charity

so basically the banished are going and

to base investigate how charities

never unique few viruses can bein DLC

but it's all from a banished function

which is really unique for trade if you

can scale a point of view from the bad

side effects you say high charges a

convent place I heard that wanted so

basically we no appetite charity mass

keep dented reactors it's completely

Tito of the area however we do notice

neither still there and also we know

from weekly we like maybe a week in the

night now yes I'm so glad to actually

back inhale arose to it's one of those

fun games I do enjoy playing and the

campaign is why you guys really enjoyed

watching to play the campaign so it is

nice to be back in the game itself but

look restless spirits with lacrosse

errors I always like covering care

anywhere so it's nice to be back yet

again why Sentinel there we go let's go

back down

let's go near you and let me deal with

once here you have what you need to know

son Jesus look at that

whoa that's a lot of settlers it's max

for planning ahead I have my Air Force

engage cells near High Charity course

essentials are actually just stepping up

someone else nasty over samples so some

reason Boise lands will work a minute I

said hopefully it's just a bug but we're

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

shameful aren't you there I don't

understand in a campaign like mr.

cutscene while we can't hear them that's

a pretty big like hopefully it's just a

bug whip again - my coffee because I

updated showerhead says so who knows

anyway I'm enjoying the campaign so far

let's see here we go let's get this crap

here and start showing this he can't run

much wrap up we've got that glitched

movie enough common reasons up or down

oh we got locust AEE nice something's

got destroy this myth way they like to

target up basically guys gonna take ages

to break through here apparently which

is just magnificent

come on up scanner

come on in but can you scouts okay

goodnight okay you can okay or

navigating the Lopez burner let's move

through there's just so much wreckage

obviously these are all supply crates a

with more guns fire these are old things

so basically this is rulings inhaler

three here

salvage your covenant resources there we

go I do love the soundtrack to this and

I'll say awaken your nightmares new blur

cinematics and it continued to storm

halo wars - so one thing we wanted is it

was like we didn't want us at all okay

they're left on it we have to wait till

the next Halo Wars of an exhale a game

to find out what happen to recruit but

now we've got camp a new DLC I enjoy

campaign - I see some people say oh it

should be part of the game but in my

opinion it keeps the story fresh and

huge waves war so watching a series of

TV show better wait let's press on

that's a dead grunt net sentinels draw


probably know me as I need to measure

goes it's our punish base it's a common

base probably banished miss at least

there's a scanning resource box this

Weibo is our base up ahead okay vabase

awesome you can watch some years okay

let's get all that so must be a banished

base up there maybe we contents of

orders are enough

Oh little cutscene what's going on hello

bases inbound open it well under attack

says attacking our base will defend it

then all the portals are sending a

simple sight when you destroy them all

right Phillip I want my new toys ok

farthest Optimates at the launching base

UV field the rest on their Central's XR

EMPs I love the side of emps uses strata

emitter we have a shotgun it's okay

is that a shocking event doesn't seem to

be doing much I say it's killing that

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

right how about those forces and destroy

that awesome right get me those times

we've got prepared something right

get me marinas get over here quickly how

do we prepare something all right do we

have a war council we've got a harvester

Harpster up we advance I've great the

extractor what's that get right to it

we've power

unlimited power if they're an excellent

we do have an anti-aircraft radar

awesome bus situation going on over here

so that's not disabled okay we've got

those these guys are over here cheering

more units we can pick up something for

Giants investing at four minutes to

prepare this is her putting pressure on

me a little bit what else we have

okay clots can strike this could do it

for sheer generator to be honest is that

in place Christian five raid cam

yes giving him off sex tractor extractor

so great a level to insulin

look at those Aires things out it's

deploying instantly get down there and

capture us or get down and capture

anyway that's the idea

thousand energy come on and upgrade

there we go cool that is being upgraded

awesome awesome awesome

there we go pretty cool right move back

move back

actually you got someplace in there

let's move this down here awesome

right she'll generator that needs to be

a go in a sec upgrade in 18 seconds that

is 300 power to upgrade fair enough

can't see much variety we can create our

we can grab that awesome you guys yeah

cool go here let's grab those

saucer-like grab power HQ tech unlocks

see every single voice lines are bugged

I'm missing where he's saying which is

slightest pointing jump pack roof so we

could do them well I can do it is

children writer

foundry and s4 cool and it gave me a

walk outs as well and where I'm spending

quite a lot but it's Whitney big

shopping mines is up there damn cool

Quinn never miss her get one ready we

have a medic cool winch truck over there

I destroyed the shop [ __ ] emitter

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

destroyed oh it's a toy she'll tower

constructed goop up and okay this

shuttle of an eight we've spoken heads

but I don't freak out for a grenade oh

we can about it don't think I should did

right sure never mind since these were

primary combating sentinels let's just

wear that while hoping in his little

campaigns I'm gonna save us now I'm

hoping the snippets of captain Carter

and stuff like that so I'd love to see

maybe the UNSC have to join in to help

defend wouldn't it be interesting just

pointing it out scan water on a field

could you have a couple more Weaver's as

well I said we've got a constant flow of

energy coming into the base that which

is pretty good

what I will say is would you need to

upgrade on here oh yes cool let's get a

girl that's got these guys do pop here

she'll generate is pumping a good shield

on the best awesome awesome that's been

upgraded excellent let's move up guys

and watch out Go Go I don't have time to

prepare it's like what we praying for oh

yeah what's that

as I'm still making headway and so what

we can destroy down here I believe is

also a life priority thing we can use

okay there's a large bear close by we

must do something

how's that all right sir

we drop anything

train a fire give up Louise it years on

the oh dear

whoops what the hell is that oh we've

got a scallop nice aatrox has given us

something to play with

very subtle I like back it's like chichi

you made a good thing out of that

I destroyed nothing fall back fall back

also placing markers show root for a

scab we can't control his conversion no

I can't a choice

check the scab excellent get my anti

airs and stuff over here quickly where

is it get my auntie Aryan band

by his one giant scary

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

one of you place it okay where is it

those guys down now as well cool here we

go we're showing our attack force snack

my target scares - I dunno where's he


oh he's going this way okay now if I

don't wear the scabs actually going

always going to clear a rakish down here

don't have to call enemy encountered

fires anti-air missiles go scale helps

at 99% not an issue

learn to ourself what a lien Simba

Mayday Mayday right move scabs up move

back the relievers to that cool he's

gonna fire a nice fire only scalp it's a

pouch to erect block and a half usually

a subtext Galvez it does so awesome get

me more of the boundaries give me a

couple of them would caution boys no

strange readings inside the wreckage are

there how many used we on the field

anyway we got that money so encourage

these guys getting back here hi


awesome they've got leaves in band we do

gets a couple extra ones - Matt awesome

what I could do with is local value

point stepping up their excellence war

council we're done with 45 bass up where

it's so great advanced logistics

temporarily darks guys increase squad

size yeah definitely that why not

lattice points yes it's pointing to the

sky okay we'll go of it tractors they're

fine engineers for us could you have to

cover them also keep a look at their

permanent we're fine of that fact rather

cool shuttle arounds given up credits

raid camp will find that sign jury

click hi look at the vibe chaos were

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

coursing to the heart

he's really giving a look like he's just

put some say he's putting an elbow with

a sign is slightly wrong but you know

it's it's for cats engineers in backhoe

get me engineer down here I should get

ever that cool

Go Go

and we can use an engineered heel here

as well

let's produce yeah let's simply get

another engineer and feel it's a pretty

good idea he likes you a penny base

which is facing a bit of trouble a

minute so seal up up there

there you go seals cool well I could do

it is can we get sand these guys we can

while we're also here where's my war


I've group of reinforcements and me

logistics dunno an image of firepower

eventually gonna give us a scar but one

that except we interesting what does he

objective for this my I asked rocket I

didn't really haven't yet into is

are you guys in place

we've upgraded supervisor great fubar

cool excellent like we do us a location

in place accent why do the eyes meet

believers here along with them

everything else follow me it's move out

to that location scope that destroyed

with my accent we're moving through keep

the scab alive what you lot moved out to

this location go go go those you saw

videos already in fact excellent Willie

but we've temporarily guard so Oso stuff

over here is our course gone water you

can get finer there we go build a better

one next time the humans are here you

know stop humans are here

Retreat retreat pull back what a

blessing our captain cars Donna the

humans are here excellent well if they

correct me of our scans business for

Cynthia because mission accent taking a


you know just decimate that you for half

cause our units going to yeah course are

still living in that not a truly big

concern right now what's the situation

I'll be out like she's got a full-scale

base over here where's me units and even

force was in by now

verifier our thing

the garage is destined Eggman

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

I invite our you saw him back for a

thing you guys move that let's go

destroy that dead drop to it there we go

shields are gone go go go let's try that

fire on that wall hug your father what

you want me to call it well I guess

great what settles in van I swear the

mission starts falling apart now this is

pressing I'm not giving a help

the humans are causing a bit of trouble

right now I thought this does I guess

that's just doing something

I hear something else is going moved in

but I don't actually have much backup at

Menards where's our Venus get me up here

Knight go to go but I need more units

abuse it seems to us where's my flag you

need a flag place me value point over

there there you go and I lose a scalp

eventually I need some sort of quite for

support right now I just taught you that

first what's going on over here that

things are not cool

there we go now in Bank just a short

fire on it quickly is still needing us

like some this is gonna be a tough

mission leader point of spending up

we're done

hey guys upgraded cool I've done a waste

that because we are basically about to

killer how he doing terms reinforcements

get them up there quickly done does said

cool that's wearing everything scalp how

is going down which is bad alright so he

enforces being sent as soon as possible

what we got well still too long

resources moon what we can do is where's

me actually it's over yet

we claim this it's making it's like a

mobile base to like claim resources that

is the best idea I've had all day

a scab is being repaired nice strong

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

hole can play excellent get me some dist

answers we still have to build that

probably not as helpful as it's gonna be

give me a glass of food are you ready to

go you say be ready to go I don't have

much forces to be able to go with this

is not a good sign that chakra is about

to go isn't don't worry cuz here's

another one

this at my house and there we go it's we

like keep this guy alive make the scouts

doing fire his own feminity carry 200

that's been up there dachshund getting a

lot more resource clarify energy level

fine we're doing good on off we're back

we're back we're back we're back - I

think that's obscure I hate these things

why was plagued me

I love reduce light shouting and

screaming inside his little scarab is

hilarious damn these internal things I

wish the voice lines today I make it all


oh the Scarb is now getting aft come on

lads we got we know it'd be really good

time to roll out some of these how we

doing over here doing fine good video

some we record scalp health is

deteriorating rapidly engineer's well

wait that's it we're our engineer is

great great Atlanta please come on there

we go fantastic

get round here come on where's me up Oh

engineer is he still down here

no he's not even killed but it's where

things start to fall apart it's not good

it's not good

fire net come on the simple sack right

in front of you what was high chances

boost our forces sure

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

what am I gonna boost our forces wait we

don't have anything

Parkay night I ain't turning on the

bridge bass under attack all my bases

are outside we're still recharging that

one that's about to run out as well

what's the situation I can deal with a

raid camp and get me a fine Joe suppose

not know we lost nothing coming out it's

not the edge get those guys are now eyes

like the end gold gave him I feel like

I'm supposed to reinforce some points

base under attack so it's doing right

you could do a few more reinforcements

but barf maze doing fun doing absolutely

lovely good turn in terms of

reinforcement points I can get a few

things at home I still being cannon get

those on the get those on a go go go

cool right anybody Santi Evan no obvious

chopper get some grunts quartz at about

foundries upgrade to Mordor and get the

night get more reboots oh yeah what's

our capacity is the things I feel like

just getting the Reavers out and about

it could be very beneficial at this

point he's getting really impatient look

at that oh yeah bomb solved he's just

like super impatient over

well you lads do you do that

you guys still surround it doing nothing

absolutely nothing at all

we ready for rollout what else we get

produced increases squad sighs give me a

couple of hunts on if you have not

guessed zoom all my engineers ever being

son here we are

oh yeah guys no engineer go get down

here I guess this is why I need like a

extra layer

cool get to point quickly go fara

anti-air come on stop do is active


Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

this is you to go on a inactivity I'm

not dipping active words there you go

come on lads let's move down here is

this being made in between vehicles

in between their courses nobody lies not

in I don't try I took the light which no

get someone up there to write every


don't go across the butcher okay now

deploy let's just slowly get across sir

right get in get up close and personal

hello need a power ready accidental

situation problem I find Cinco for

interface here are more simple as

they're biased there are more sensitive

library we care for this are still much

food Einstein at the for as a machines

you may take things fear you may make

things worse I think the guy basically

is a walking death trap it's quite time

so look at the turrets down here has

taken a passive in it therefore over the

handle I'm going to investigate scale

command and please smashing cool so

let's just get this guy down here

where's me readers say shortly speed

badass all go Chad

this is a simple secure labs in your

classroom she would local my DMS what's

he gonna do I feel like it's just gonna

make things worse

oh he's getting things up here in a case

get me a read before they harvest well

he's situation before commander we've

just lost the main resource tab in base

situation has situation is definitely we

definitely have a situation is what I'm

trying to say event ladies and gentlemen

yeah it's not too good

so god [ __ ]

hope he'll Oprah new situation is made

based on an affair everywhere we've done

a power for disruptive just yet

I'm seeing an okay situation to be


Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

I'm a little bad weather hey guys

generate shearwaters for now oh yeah

there we go

not a bad one next time I look up

phrasing it oh it broke build a better

one because it's definitely his fault

monasteries are what kept the covenant

blinkered in week well lads let's go

always happy s disturbia what is what

it's actually doing I'm gonna guess who

I must be close to completely shut down

so Fordyce letter science gather by

sheep this is why I like you get a

background in to their stories things

like that cuz now you getting back on

your borders I'll ask them I hope your

pack is ready to transfer richly founded

by stare that you fool there's a massive

central wave flying in your direction

great I try it I type interface I'll use

this think that sounds wonderful

no no doctor but if you do buy a scanner


yeah this is not working too well

dooba in Irving what's this

what's our hell am I ready to do this

this makes little sense this doesn't

make any sense that looks like it's


under attack

I force it all up now

I'm a judge could be our core is they're

gonna do something

oh we're flying off yours asleep

Michelle of highchairs intact there

should be enough for packing - perimeter

Oh panic over season many times I can

help myself

brother water so so this is the remains

of High Charity November 8th Roxas words

from a trailer

I told you not to go inside is he

breaking into it is he actually going

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

inside I told you not go inside




so they think you're watching episode 1

of Halo Wars 2 awakening my nightmare

our backup header was - absolute - very


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    For those wondering why i speak over the Voice Actors, i couldn't actually hear the during recording which sucked 🙁

  2. Is it just me or does he talk way too much? I mean seriously jack…. chill…. let us watch the cutscenes in silence. And stop talking so freaking much…. its why the games have voice actors. Like chill. Im not trying to be an ass… you are a good gamer… but slow down… its not a race. You arent a speedster.

  3. You’re talking when they’re talking.. we do not want to hear you talk. People don’t care what u have to say we just want to hear the fuckin game.


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