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    HALO WARS 2 DLC – Awakening the Nightmare – RUN! – [Part 1]

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    Captain Jack takes command of the Banished forces in order to investigate the remains of high charity, only to discover a threat for long gone....

    Halo Wars 2 is back!

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    Comment (21)

    1. Enjoy the video! – Make sure to leave a LIKE to show support! Love ya
      For those wondering why i speak over the Voice Actors, i couldn't actually hear the during recording which sucked 🙁

    2. Is it just me or does he talk way too much? I mean seriously jack…. chill…. let us watch the cutscenes in silence. And stop talking so freaking much…. its why the games have voice actors. Like chill. Im not trying to be an ass… you are a good gamer… but slow down… its not a race. You arent a speedster.

    3. You’re talking when they’re talking.. we do not want to hear you talk. People don’t care what u have to say we just want to hear the fuckin game.


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