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    Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition – Gameplay – Walkthrough – Let's Play – Part 1

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    Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - Gameplay - Walkthrough - Let's Play - Part 1 - After witnessing the opening intro, we find ourselves in Beacon ...


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    1. It's a shame people shit on Natsume's games for not being the "original ones".

      I think the Marvelous games are still better but I wish people judged these ones more fairly. I guess filling Marvelous' shoes is a very hard task to do.

    2. Day 2 was an important day and you missed it, you have unlimited stamina on day 2 so it was the perfect day to pull all the weeds from your farm and till the land, also as you noticed jeanna gives you unlimited seeds 10 each time you spoke with her when you planted all the ones you had, but its ok, also it says new on any crop you have not harvest yet so once you harvest them at least once it will no longer say new for that crop

    3. I wanted to try this game, but the graphics are a big let down for me … I might get it on a promotion on Steam or something like that, in the meantime I will continue to play Magical Melody on my Wii = )

    4. This game just doesn't look worth it. I just can't get over Natsume not handing the rights of the Harvest Moon title over to Marvelous when they decided to finally translate in-house. On top of that, they took the Harvest Moon name and ran it into the ground, but still get money because there's still some people who have no idea that what we knew as Harvest Moon is now Story of Seasons! A years-long series of jerk moves on Natsume's part which leaves a foul taste in my mouth whenever they release a so-called Harvest Moon game, especially this one where they use a 20-year legacy that isn't really theirs as an excuse to make more money. I mean, I guess I can give them credit for translating the games, but it's not like they made the original games, that was the folks at Marvelous.

    5. Just found this 2 days ago at Walmart for $20. My mom got it for me for a Christmas present. Literally every video and review I've seen has sad it sucks and is horrible and I'm worried that I'll be disappointed.

    6. Are the days as lightening quick as mineral town? Im interested in this game. Mineral town is my first harvest moon game and im only 29 days in so far but I don't have enough time in the day and the stamina runs out so quickly. Makes me anxious and that's not very fun.


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