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    SearchThisVideo: Harvest Moon: One World – WALKTHROUGH – PLAYTHROUGH – LET’S PLAY – GAMEPLAY – Part 1

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    welcome everyone to harvest moon
    one world officially released today
    on tuesday march 2nd so this is actually
    the newest installment in natsume's
    harvest moon series
    which you know according to many people
    how you know this franchise is the
    not real harvest moon side the real
    harvest moon side is story of seasons
    and there is actually a game for that
    series that comes out later this month
    called story of seasons pioneers of all
    of town but we're not talking about
    pioneers of all the time right now we're
    talking about harvest moon one world
    so let's continue just kidding let's go
    ahead and do a new game
    and here we go boy girl when plays a boy
    so this game i mean there's been there's
    been a lot of um
    i guess like speculation from people
    that this could actually be the first
    good harvest moon title from natsume
    because all the other ones have not been
    great the lost valley was absolutely
    terrible let's be honest
    light of hope was okay skytree village
    was not that great either
    there's been a lot of you know a lot of
    that they've should i go with that one
    or whoops or this one
    i'll go with that one i feel like i
    think that's my skin color in real life
    around there
    what do you look like wait oh hair hair
    yeah i should probably look at a damn
    icon um
    i'll go with brown and then eyes
    how about let's go ahead and do
    let's do that that's fine it's just like
    a dark color in general all right here
    we go
    yeah i'm really excited for this um
    because i
    really just i want to see where netsume
    is actually taking this franchise
    because again it has not been that good
    ever since the split between marvelous
    and atsume and a lot of us are just like
    like is it actually ever gonna be good
    you know i don't know
    uh confirmed birthday we're gonna go for
    the 20th
    so i have high hopes for this i really
    oh by the way i do i do winter 20's
    because my birthday in real life is
    actually december 20
    and i correlate that of course to winter
    20 which is why i always do winter 20
    and harvest moon games
    i have actually done a lot of let's
    plays and harvest moon games both
    harvest moon and story of seasons so
    just join that out there if you do want
    to be
    if you are interested in seeing other
    other titles in the series once long ago
    a world rich in resources flourish
    under the us of the harvest goddess
    creatures great and small thrive across
    its verdant landscape
    fruits and vegetables grew in abundance
    all year round

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    its people lived in peace and harmony
    grateful for the blessing of the harvest
    fishing at daybreak working the fields
    tending to livestock
    the days were filled with countless
    things to do
    and yet each task was necessary to
    ensure a life of plenty
    okay so i think i was actually reading
    that like my character was literally
    reading that right now
    oh shiny could you come here a minute
    so that's my mom use the last stick to
    move your character press the a button
    while standing in front of someone to
    talk to them
    okay i feel like that doesn't even need
    a tutorial and harvest moon games but
    it's cool if this game did that i guess
    it looks like we're running a bit low on
    potatoes would you mind taking doc to go
    look for more
    he that would be great if you found
    something else to eat besides potatoes
    now you be careful out there here come
    back safe all right right off the bat i
    want to see if there is actually an
    for speeding up the well i can't even do
    anything right now
    it's still tutorial i believe but oh my
    god the text moves so slow in this game
    you just saw that i was actually having
    to match a
    every time a line of dialogue comes to
    make it move faster
    hopefully that can be sped up but if it
    doesn't that's a little unfortunate
    doc jr oh my god dog junior
    i mean i'm very familiar with doc in
    these you know harvest moon games and
    natsume ones
    but dog junior wow well that's weird
    could have sworn i got the wiring right
    wonder what went wrong huh oh it's you
    these seats that'll be the day still
    another stupid old book
    glean anything new off of it no
    well maybe you'll find something later
    that book really is all you think about
    isn't it
    apparently i'm obsessed with a book the
    book that i was reading in the beginning
    hey i need to get upset it's the truth
    come on let's rustle up some food gotta
    be some potatoes at least
    okay um so i think yeah so that the mini
    map on the bottom right is actually
    telling me where to go
    it's pointing towards this direction so
    i'll go over here
    well what do you expect we didn't find
    anything around here when we checked it
    out before either
    the only place you'll find the full crop
    of veggies is in that book of yours
    anywho if we've got time to talk we've
    got time to look for potatoes
    say now don't tell me you've forgotten
    how to look have you
    crops and other items can be obtained by
    pressing a button so that's harvesting
    slash collecting

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    sounds good
    what are you waiting for oh okay i just
    gotta do it
    here we go oh looks like you found one
    of course there's a potato that's all
    anyone ever finds around these parts
    after all
    all right so apparently potatoes are the
    very basic thing in this game
    that everyone knows about
    hey what are you getting all mad about
    calm down already
    tomato cabbage carrot never heard of
    are those vegetables you learned about
    in that book of your how the have
    you not heard of a carrot
    i mean really all of those like oh my
    i hate to tell you but that's just a
    fairy tale be realistic buddy oh my god
    this do you think the earth is flat too
    oh my god now pull yourself together
    we got to scrunch up more food for your
    mom like i get that if maybe
    there hasn't been any tomatoes or
    carrots and you haven't been able to
    harvest that's one thing but to never
    hear of them that's a completely
    different thing you know
    take that one too
    hmm was that navi navi
    what are you looking at i don't see
    you all right shiny the books got you
    seeing things
    hmm harvest whisk huh you mean those
    berries that help grow crops
    if harvest woods really do exist maybe
    we could get our hands on some new
    what a sight to see i've never seen you
    as excitedly excited as this before
    wow roller coaster words right there all
    right we gotta go this way because it
    went this way let's follow it
    it's just a shiny blue orb thing that's
    what it's okay well
    did you really find one
    alright alright go on then after it
    run run run
    i had no idea that there was something
    like this around here
    yeah it sure looks like a well to me
    guess someone used it long ago
    that weird thing from before is next to
    the well you say hmm seriously i don't
    see anything
    okay so this game is doing the same
    concept that like no one except the
    protagonist can see like harvest sprites
    or anything like that if it gets too
    close it might run off you know
    it's looking at the acorns to say they
    might be hungry
    tell you what why don't you grab three
    acorns and give it to them
    in the meantime i'll keep an eye on the
    well thanks for not assuming their
    except them not he or or she

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    all right got the three acorns that were
    just magically here
    there's one like i think i just gave it
    to them all at the same time i'm pretty
    i'm pretty sure i gave them three it
    gave you something
    they look like black beads
    oh i get it these must be some seeds oh
    wow just imagine something that small
    can grow into something as big as a
    i honestly can't picture it
    in any case why don't we try growing the
    seeds ourselves then we can deduce if
    that old book of yours is telling the
    truth or not
    you went out of your way to make tools
    for seed cultivation
    when you do that exactly well i'm not
    all that surprised
    right we'll get we'll use them to try
    and grow that seat of yours
    let's head to your chest shiny
    sounds good
    i got a hoe and i mean i mean the garden
    thing with the gardening tool just to
    clarify everyone
    you got a hoe great now let's find some
    fields of potatoes growing in them
    right now let's read what's written in
    this in this here but to grow and see
    the first thing you need to do is till
    the land
    no what this is mind blowing
    press a button on the highlight of
    fields to tilt them
    a okay that looks
    pretty good next let's plant the seeds
    press a button on tail fields to sew
    them to sew on them
    okay if you have more than one type of
    seed press l button slash
    r button to select the wing you want
    okay that makes sense to
    um so i'm just gonna do i see you just
    but i only have turnips so i can only do
    that okay so we got turnip seeds
    next we need some water oh i'll show you
    how to get it
    i need a watering can first
    first head over to the shed by your
    house and get yourself a watering can
    after that collect some water from the
    there's the watering can all right press
    a button near a wall okay
    this is like the a button game literally
    i've done or the tutorial has been set
    has been
    press a to do this all right one last
    thing all you gotta do now is pour some
    water on the seeds you planted
    press a button where seeds have been
    planted to water them when your watering
    can get
    empty fill it up again if you don't
    water your crops they'll die make sure
    to water your crops until you can
    harvest them
    okay so now i'm gonna run back
    i will say the game does feel like it
    runs very smoothly compared to other
    freaking games like you know like light
    of hope and
    saskatchewan village and you know all
    these other ones

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    nothing's happening well do you gotta
    wait wait
    wait a little longer you say sure why
    not oh just how much longer is longer
    like a couple days at least i know i
    know i'm just not sure that
    that seeds grow into veggies was it a
    fairy tale after all
    oh but buddy come on it's time we head
    so i actually want to know where the
    hell am i it's not your fault friend
    we'll get more food tomorrow
    hey let's take another crack at that
    book tomorrow okay
    that's the spirit oh and make sure you
    give those potatoes to your mom
    yeah like so far i've only met my mom
    and dog junior and there's me welcome
    home shiny
    give the potatoes in your bag to your
    mother as a gift
    items you get will be stored in your bag
    you can open your bag by pressing
    y button you can sort by category by
    x button in the bag menu okay so you
    open it with y you can sort by pressing
    x the larger your baggage the more items
    you can carry out one time
    okay take items you want to give us
    gifts from your bag then hold them
    press a button in front of person you
    want to give that okay sounds good
    if i go to y
    potato you can eat or you can whole i'm
    going to hold
    and give that to you
    why thank you they certainly do look
    don't look so blue you can look for new
    veggies again tomorrow you're trying too
    hard to find them
    i'm sure you'll find someday shiny
    how about you're hungry aren't you let's
    have dinner let me guess potatoes for
    potato salad is that a potato salad it
    looks like it
    eating your fill as all wait eating your
    fail as i something that sentences
    doesn't make sense unless i'm reading it
    there's enough for seconds don't be shy
    my what a yawn you must be exhausted
    after today why don't you head to bed
    let me guess the crop is going to grow
    tomorrow morning i'm going to be so
    press a button in front of your bed to
    sleep until the next day sleeping will
    restore your stamina and restore your
    body's condition back to normal
    let's sleep all right so is this a
    tutorial over
    i mean we're about at the halfway point
    this video yes i will be keeping these
    videos around 30 minutes or so
    just to give you a heads up with that
    oh my god this pink haired
    tay stupendous a seed has sprouted i can

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    hardly believe it
    oh my could it be you can see me
    oh i see you must be the one who
    cultivated the seed it stinks to you
    that i've been revived
    i'm ever so grateful say what's your
    shiny is it a wonderful name indeed
    my name is vitae the harvest spirit of
    life sprite i don't know i said spirit
    you saw one like me that must have been
    one of my kin
    no need to fear everyone do come out
    where you at where y'all at
    oh we got three little two little
    sprites there
    surprised are you these are the three
    these are the harvest wisps
    oh my god i hate saying that word
    by the way johnny what do you hear at
    such a late hour because like wisps
    like plural it just sounds so weird and
    awkward like asterisks
    you know like if you go plural those
    kinds of words ah yes
    that was the light shown upon my revival
    normally humans shouldn't be able to see
    it it appears you may possess some
    mysterious power
    if that is so i believe this may be some
    divine providence
    oh shiny won't you listen to my request
    first allow me to give you this
    what is that a medallion oh my god is
    this like a light of hope light up if i
    had medallions
    this is a medallion five others just
    like it exists somewhere in this world
    it's basically harvest moon light of
    i would ask that you seek out the
    remaining medallions just like harvest
    moonlight of hoboken stop saying that
    gather all six and the harvest goddess
    will be resurrected
    indeed she is more than mere myth but
    the bountiful soil was lost from this
    and it was at the goddess's power still
    she believed that one day the bountiful
    soil would be revived by a faithful hand
    that is why the medallions were
    entrusted to us and turned into the
    harvest wisps
    she scattered them across the world and
    but she told us that as long as the
    world had need of her she would return
    once again
    since you have arrived me i'm confident
    you are up to the task
    please lend us your aid
    you truly wish to help us i'm overjoyed
    a fairy tale i assure you the harvest
    card is quite real
    she may not appear before us but she
    continues to watch over us
    for all of time i leave it to you shiny
    awaken the harvest spreads around the
    world as you did i and the medallions
    are sure to follow
    then you can restore the bountiful soil
    and bestow the gift of new and bountiful
    food upon the world
    indeed think of all the food you'll have
    doesn't it sound wonderful
    the harvest wisps will certainly assist
    you as well

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    okay so i got the medallion of life um
    that's cool don't have to water this
    again i i believe it looks
    yeah it's already wet pretty sure
    all right well i guess i'm just going to
    have to go back i'm assuming
    got another cut scene with doc junior
    whoa what the
    shiny what do you think you're doing at
    a time like this have some sense
    uh you lost my friend harvest brights
    you okay buddy i didn't realize that
    they were such a shock
    huh i can't say i believe it but if it's
    true this new and bountiful food sounds
    what the heck i'll buy it still if
    you're going to travel the world you
    better be prepared
    travel bountiful soil eureka i just had
    a great idea i knew i was a genius
    i'll have it right in the jiffy you just
    go back home and crash for the rest of
    the night
    okay so tomorrow something's gonna
    happen with dog junior
    an idea
    but yes i do like how smooth the game
    feels everything does feel relatively
    simple and smooth
    uh hey shiny come on out here i got
    something really neato to show you
    what could it be
    what was that what was that that pose
    you gotta be kidding me okay let's see
    you're about to be a witness to history
    why do you say that all right just take
    the squishy stress reliever and squeeze
    it as hard as you can
    prepare to be amazed
    what am i getting what is that
    whoa magical powers just came out of
    nowhere what is going on
    did you just make houses
    zim zum kabam i bet you didn't expect
    this i call it the expando farm
    now you can set up a farm anytime
    my own genius truly frightens me come
    here let me give you the rundown on your
    new state-of-the-art expando farm
    this is your farm's power source i named
    him sparky
    hello i am sparky nice to meet you beep
    wow feed them items to save up energy
    for your farm
    feed me already i am starving here beep
    bop boop
    all right all righty or go on trini feed
    this to him
    what am i getting is that a potato
    so i need to feed robots potatoes not
    but oh my god
    enough with the whining we're in the
    same boat as you
    wow select items from your bag to feed

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    to sparky and build up his
    energy well i don't want to do that the
    amount of energy an item gives to sparky
    can be seen on the item's information
    okay so
    there okay so it's gonna work so let's
    actually see what he does
    there now you've got some energy so
    let's get to work listen up shiny
    this here is a mobile farm don't forget
    it always needs energy to function
    nope you can't move it like this to get
    what i mean try pressing sparky's button
    you can you can store your farm once
    sparky's energy reaches its maximum
    okay it's at max
    right now i believe
    you see that a building that big now
    fits in the palm of your hand
    easy peasy right still you have to fill
    in a few conditions during setup
    there needs to be enough space to deploy
    a farm at a spot with some bountiful
    soil left over
    bountiful soil is fertile land where
    people live long ago when you find
    fertile land activate sparky and expand
    your farm
    okay don't know how to find a place
    where you can expand your farm no need
    to worry
    sparky will let you know places you can
    expand your farm when you come across
    don't worry about it you'll figure it
    out when you get there
    now you can expand or shrink your farm
    at any time just find a good spot to
    throw it and you'll be on a farm in no
    i can tell you want to leave right now
    but you got to get some rest me too
    after the all-nighter i pulled
    plus you got to tell your mom right okay
    so i'm going to be traveling and like
    depositing this farm all over the world
    okay a trip so suddenly you've made up
    your mind
    you never did give up on looking for new
    vegetables out there
    i understand i'll miss you but this is
    something you need to do you have my
    full support as your mother
    and they'll be able to find all sorts of
    new food okay one thing i need to say
    this is really weird because
    um like imagine you being the parent
    of a kid that when they told you i want
    to travel the world
    in search of vegetables and then you got
    to be a good parent be like i support
    i support you my child and then you let
    them travel the world to find vegetables
    and that's it that's life
    well this seems like an interesting
    concept for sure
    like i feel like the way it's being
    explained there's a new twist to this
    in terms of how it works oh yeah the
    okay and i'll let you know if anything
    changes sounds good you can check the
    surrounding terrain on the mini map
    located in the bottom right corner of
    the screen
    yeah i know that

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    all right so we gotta run back to the
    and right over here it grew
    and got a turnip
    and now we run back
    so one thing i will say is that i
    believe we are still in tutorial mode i
    mean i wonder how
    much longer the tutorial actually is oh
    shiny what is this
    i can't believe it you found a new food
    for us
    it's called a turnip you say i see i'll
    be true to remember that
    all right now let's eat it might be a
    while before we can eat together again
    like this
    i wonder what the vegetable you brought
    me tastes like
    you've got a big day tomorrow you should
    go to bed early tonight to get ready for
    your journey
    good point good point mom the time has
    finally come for you to set out on your
    it's a bit of a shock i must admit but i
    know you'll be all right
    just remember your mother believes in
    you always and finding those vegetables
    then that right there is how i became
    the vegetable enthusiast and traveler or
    whatever you want to call it
    all right what is this surprised are you
    i made your bag bigger for you while you
    were sleeping i already got the first
    bag expansion
    wow fill it up with all new foodie fine
    i can't wait to hear
    all about your adventures shiny
    the number of items you can hold on your
    back has increased oh wow thank you
    all right what do i do just leave
    i guess i just leave morning shredding
    oh here's one more thing for you
    what the hell is that
    look like a wii u freaking gamepad or
    something this is the doll it's okay
    it was a bad dog pad this is a farm
    configuration tool and a way to
    communicate to me
    you'll get it if you try it all you need
    to know is it's as awesome as i am
    you're welcome
    as long as you get it anyway wait as
    long as long as you get it okay my bad
    anyway i'm behind you 100 shiny go find
    all the delicious things this world has
    to offer
    oh before i forget though i can make all
    sorts of neat things for you at my house
    so make sure to stop by from time to
    all right then bon voyage friend
    and that's it
    the dog pad press minus button to open
    the dog pad menu
    in the dock pad menu you will find these
    options calendar bag friendship requests
    maps safe slash load balance tips and
    return to title screen

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    to do go on an adventure okay so i have
    to get out of here and go to the top
    aren't there boulders blocking though i
    thought there were boulders blocking
    oh my god they're gone now they're
    they're magically gone
    hello oh i removed the rock that was
    blocking the road now we can travel the
    how did you do that are you that strong
    or you use magic or something
    let's go revive the harvest goddess all
    let's do it
    when you find the harvest whisk you'll
    receive a seed from it
    there are appearance conditions such as
    season and time
    you can see what harvest wisps you've
    found so far by viewing the harvest wisp
    list the location of the harvest wood
    celeste selected from the harvest wisp
    list will be shown on your main oh my
    god okay
    the location all right
    potato seeds okay i got potato seeds
    cool that's nice
    so i can't go that way it seems but i
    can go
    up here oh look at that
    i see i see the iconic harvest moon
    the squares there will be a sparky icon
    on land where you can expand your farm
    press a button in front of your of the
    sparky icon to expand your farm
    after you expand your farm sparky's
    energy will become zero
    expand your farm here yes let's do it
    and look at that
    wow it's all good
    oh my god you'll receive letters from
    the residents of the town each letter
    will contain a request
    okay no letters yet an animal barn that
    holds livestock and chickens
    don't forget to take care of them every
    day i don't have any so far though
    animal care you can buy or tame an
    animal and keep it
    in your animal barn brush and feed them
    daily you can let your animals out to
    graze by ringing the bell in the center
    of the animal barn
    grazing can lower the stress of your
    animals if your animals get too stressed
    or get sick
    if they get sick buy some medicine from
    general store to make them better
    there's a bell right there anything else
    i need to know about
    i believe that's it for here
    kind of just checking to see if any more
    tutorial things pop up it seems like a
    bunch are just popping up by
    you know running up to them
    okay farmers right there all that
    there's a passport over there that's
    blocked that's blocked
    so there's a girl there wait i think
    that's a girl press a button in front of
    your bed to sleep
    sleeping will restore your stamina and
    return your body's condition back to
    items can be stored by pressing a button

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    in front of your drawer or refrigerator
    store items you can't fit in your bag
    press a button in front of the
    encyclopedia to open it you can see
    items you've been able to collect so far
    in the encyclopedia
    um one thing i will say is it's pretty
    awesome that you actually start with the
    fridge in this game
    and a lot of harvest moon games you do
    not start with the fridge you start with
    usually a little cabinet thing but not a
    um so i have storage and then okay
    local encyclopedia here
    so these are all crops and flowers
    wow so i have
    turnip okay and then where's potato
    where's potato there it is potatoes
    that's a lot of crops and flowers
    there's that many animals holy crap fish
    dishes that's a lot of dishes and an
    ore okay well that's cool
    um i suppose i will just um
    talk to you samantha oh good day to you
    i haven't seen you around these parts
    you passing through
    travel in the world to find ingredients
    to say we'll all be meeting a lot like
    you must be a stroke of fate
    how's about we talk about a business i'm
    a purveyor of goods you see
    i do business in the various villages
    and act and kind of act as an
    let me know if you're interested like i
    said before i act as an
    intermediary in many places but getting
    the goods i need can be a pain sometimes
    so if you could put anything you get
    your hands on or have left over in that
    storage been there i'd appreciate it
    even morning every morning at 6am i'll
    collect the item okay basically it's the
    um idea the the fishing mechanic and
    harvest moon games
    uh yep all right and don't worry i won't
    take any of your items without paying
    you for them i have my pride as a
    merchant you know
    if only people were like that in real
    life say that homework is mumbling
    well wonders never cease still i'll make
    sure to retrieve whatever it is you give
    me scout's honor
    you got that right us merchants are in
    our own league so are you interested in
    this little business partnership
    it's not complicated right so then do we
    have a deal
    right then i look forward to your future
    shipping man if you put crops and
    acquired items in the shipping bin they
    will be shipped at 6am
    press the a button in front of the
    shipping bin select the item you want to
    ship from your bag
    to get back an item from the shipping
    bin press l button r okay
    that makes sense and that's it okay
    and this is here is where i'm going to
    end the video so before i end this video
    i would like to encourage you to leave a
    like comment subscribe and turn on
    if you enjoy the video i do post
    multiple gaming videos on a daily basis
    so hopefully you enjoy my channel
    goodbye everyone have a great and of
    course a fantastic day

    Harvest Moon: One World - WALKTHROUGH - PLAYTHROUGH - LET'S PLAY - GAMEPLAY - Part 1 - After watching the opening intro, we dive into this brand new farming adventure!

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    Comment (19)

    1. why dont they invest in graphics and animation?!!!! it looks sooo mobile game… low key even the new SOS looks like a mobile game, not happy about it too….. indie games has the most beautiful graphics and animation and these big companies dont even bother… why did they think it was a good idea??!!!

    2. Too me this one looks way better then there last 3 games witch were not even good but this this one looks decent and it's default name is my real name wired enough.

    3. How can I put this…the idea itself is interesting. A world where vegetables are mere myths or legends until a hero farmer comes along and revives the land through hard work is an interesting concept.

      However…I just….I just find the design and graphics so bland and ugly. Sorry, but I'll be picking up the Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town instead.

    4. I got it today love it so far got quite far in the game today got two chickens kitchen in my house did some mining have.lots of seeds made a lot of money today so yep loving it they did a good job making this not.sure about story of seasons friends of olive Town yet

    5. Heloo bro, i hope you are doing great, will you play story of season after they release on english version? i will follow this walkthrough since iam harvestmoon fanboy, lol

    6. This is an interesting concept but feels too similar to previous attempts by Natsume at making a Harvest Moon game.

      I know a lot of people hate Natsume's HM games but if I'm honest I'm glad they're still trying to make them. I say this simply because I think the genre is very underrated and it's nice they're trying to keep it alive with new entries in their respective franchises.

      Anyway I've been a long time viewer of your channel but almost never comment lol nice video, thanks for making it! Oh yeah don't forget they're releasing a new Rune Factory game this year too!

    7. The graphics don't look as bad as Light of Hope so I guess that's a plus?

      I mean at least they do seem to be improving each game little by little. I like how this seems to be the year of farming games with this game, a new Story of Seasons coming out later this month and Rune Factory 5 (which I hope it comes out on PC too, please Marvelous) I feel like this year there's going to be a lot of farming content.

    8. I do like the artwork, Man I hope they do the 2D models in dialogue again or they can make an option in the game that we can change 2D or 3D character dialogue. I really prefer 2D, kinda disappointed tho but it's ok because I love both of the series.

    9. I am pretty sure it has been at least since your great grandfathers time (or longer) since there were anything but potatoes at least in your area of the continent that you find yourselves on.

    10. also i am kind of getting annoyed at people, talking /writing about how bad the graphics are, and not actually giving it a real chance to see if they like the story; like the Sun and Moon Pokemon anime a lot of people complained about the graphics/art style but once they got into the story they got used to the art style or the Pokemon Let's Go games a lot of people actually stated there dislike for that art style and then when they played it they and got into the swing of things a lot of them said that the art style complimented the games.

      yes you can think the Graphics are horrible and all ti is your opinion and all (for people reading this); but like over 95% of the comments I have read in all the Videos i have watched about this that complain about this game complain just solely about the graphics' and seem hyper focused on that at least a little to the point they seem to write off the game entirely.


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