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    Heat Signature Review

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    Heat Signature reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC.

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    Comment (21)

    1. There was a fifa ad before the video. Does fifa usually have a campaign with cut scenes? It looks a lot like the new madden 18 campaign were your start as a kid then become a legend. Their both made by EA so I bet they took both games in the same direction. Their baseball and basket ball gaMrs are probably doing the same

    2. okay, I NEED to share a story of this game that happened to me one time that just goes to show why this is almost my favorite game ever. I was on a liberation mission, which are usually tough, but this one was sorta easy when compared to other liberation missions. Nonetheless, I was stilly pretty proud that I beat it, so I decided to do the one thing you’re not supposed to do on liberation missions. I stayed on the ship, and held F to fast forward but at the last second realized “oh crap, I’m about to die” so I just rushed out of the ship, looking for an exit, when I suddenly realized. There was a window right next to me, which means that I could smash it, then launch out of the ship and catch myself after using my pod. Right when the timer was about to hit zero, I shot the window, caught myself, and went back to a station feeling like a boss.


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