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SearchThisVideo: Heat Signature Review

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when you're a space mercenary no plan

survives contact with the enemy heat

signature is counting on that to create

great moments where you're desperate

improvisation at least sometimes pays

off against all odds


heat signature combines the one-hit

lethality of hotline miami with

automatic slow-motion and the ability to

pause and choose your next action

carefully that gives you the freedom to

use weapons and gadgets with what would

appear to your victims to be super hero

level speed and agility stringing

together a series of creatively limited

teleports melee and ranged attacks

shields and subversion tech to take out

or evade guards feels awesome

the missions your disposable characters

embark upon are almost all some variant

of get in grab or kill a person or thing

and get out so there's a bit of Sam eNOS

to them especially the part where you

pilot your pod to intercept the target

ship can get repetitive but missions are

never exactly the same the layouts are

procedurally generated and many have

extra conditions like not killing

anybody leaving no witnesses or not

being seen at all when racing against a

countdown timer on a large enemy ship

crowded with armored and shielded guards

some of whom explode when killed that

can get nail-biting ly tough as you pull

off and escape at the last second or not

but heat signature encourages risk and

experimentation because there's very

little consequence for failure if a

mission looks too tough just leave if

you mess up you're rarely killed

outright and when a character goes down

in a blaze of glory a limitless supply

of replacements raised their glasses at

the bar and send another out to take

their place you don't lose your progress

through the tech tree which is

ingeniously disguised as a galaxy map

that liberate it aside from the fear of

losing the gear you've collected on that

run there's just a small bit of fiction

for each one about their personal

mission of revenge that gives them just

enough personality to get attached to

there's not much of an end game to it

and the factions on the map don't do

much the heat signatures puzzle like

missions are great for jumping in for

just a few goes at a time to try

something just crazy enough to work

that's when the fun stuff happens for

more check out our reviews of pyre

nidhogg - and Tacoma


Heat Signature reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC.

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  1. There was a fifa ad before the video. Does fifa usually have a campaign with cut scenes? It looks a lot like the new madden 18 campaign were your start as a kid then become a legend. Their both made by EA so I bet they took both games in the same direction. Their baseball and basket ball gaMrs are probably doing the same

  2. okay, I NEED to share a story of this game that happened to me one time that just goes to show why this is almost my favorite game ever. I was on a liberation mission, which are usually tough, but this one was sorta easy when compared to other liberation missions. Nonetheless, I was stilly pretty proud that I beat it, so I decided to do the one thing you’re not supposed to do on liberation missions. I stayed on the ship, and held F to fast forward but at the last second realized “oh crap, I’m about to die” so I just rushed out of the ship, looking for an exit, when I suddenly realized. There was a window right next to me, which means that I could smash it, then launch out of the ship and catch myself after using my pod. Right when the timer was about to hit zero, I shot the window, caught myself, and went back to a station feeling like a boss.


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