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    SearchThisVideo: HITMAN · Mission: The Showstopper Walkthrough (Paris) [P1] (Lights Out Opportunity)

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    welcome to Paris 47 the show is just
    about to start this is the red carpet
    event of the season and the guest list
    is a veritable who's who of the global
    fashion elite you will find Victor
    Nabokov basking in a spotlight while
    Dahlia Margolis hosts the heavily
    guarded auction on the second floor for
    a group of Iago's top customers now
    event security will keep a watchful eye
    on any suspicious activity but I trust
    all timeless look shall fit right in
    good luck 47 I'm standing outside Palais
    de veau Lepke hosting the sanguine Fall
    Fashion Show this impressive structure
    is a perfect metaphor for Stan Greene
    owner Victor Novikov business philosophy
    make it big bold and impossible to
    ignore and with cuts yeah thanks a lot
    you believe that guy like these snobs
    step right in sir enjoy your evening
    that is Viktor Nabokov head of sanguine
    and ringleader of Iago quite the resume
    congressman watch a pleasure as always
    and make sure to join dolly and I for a
    drink later there's someone we would
    like you to meet now of Olaf he's what
    if you'll excuse me congressman urgent
    matter do enjoy your evening god damn
    hello there

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    yeah keep going that's good
    we better stay on our toes though sir
    you can't come through here sorry all
    right please move on
    I don't know that's dangerous
    you're gonna get a strange feeling
    count a third-rate contractor did this
    whole like rig setup it's a flimsiest
    [ __ ] I've ever seen these bozos realize
    what happens if it drops everybody on
    stage will be crushed
    uh-uh never gonna happen the light rig
    could potentially crush anyone on stage
    I suggest you locate the stage scheduler
    if Nabokov is head designer Sebastian
    Cedars replacement we can probably tweak
    the odds in our favor
    a fragile genius known to suffer from
    wild mood swings Saito shouldn't be hard
    to get rid of be gentle he is an artist
    after all

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    I mean
    enlighten me Nikolas and how do you deem
    their chances in court let's not take
    any chances it's time to get in touch
    with Noah crest thoroughly reliable man
    we've used him and his team in the past
    oh man that is Dalia my girls supermodel
    turned spymasters right I want to see
    happy faces in there make sure their
    glasses are not empty
    no no oh oh oh I need a toilet
    no no Hey Oh God be stick somewhere else
    thanks just looking at you boy I know
    how you feel if it's any help
    it'll pass and always go blond son
    double time get back to work
    well done 47 director Novikov is next
    get back to waiting tables boy

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    I'm not gonna tell her that where I got
    it yes darling
    over here no no no this piece is
    supposed to satirize american exception
    the diorama I made it alright
    anytime I write cigarettes you can be
    like oh wait
    so I was in the bathroom keep those
    glasses full son
    anyone coming through here needs a quick
    pat-down search security measures
    you nervous a dumpy this is just a
    and you're good to go thanks a lot
    Oh miss Margolis what's her story you
    know actually I read this this book
    about the fashion industry through the
    ages it was this whole chapter final
    bids please remember a smile make better

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    thank you thank you when another cop
    takes the stage wasn't that something
    Sebastian say Oh everybody now I know
    what you're thinking get off stage
    Victor Novikov yes yes quite right quite

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    this is Sebastian's big moment and he
    should be the one up here basking in all
    of your love but do you know what he
    said to me friends Victor he said I
    couldn't have done this this my finest
    collection without you you should take
    the stage this evening
    naturally I refused but Sebastian he was
    adamant I mean it Victor he told me a
    fashion line is not just the effort of a
    single brilliant artistic mind no no I
    used to think so but I was wrong I see
    now that we must stop this cult of
    personality that the entrepreneur and
    the artist are equals that business and
    art are like heart and soul therefore
    Victor my dear dear friend the stage is
    so I proudly take the stage tonight
    ladies and gentlemen not in the name of
    Victor Novikov or Sebastian Saito or
    sanguine no I dedicate this moment to
    the entire team who has made this life
    not a cat blondes on full-time
    if possible threat on our hands with no

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    get back to waiting tables

    HITMAN Walkthrough of the Paris Mission: The Showstopper [P1]. HITMAN stealth gameplay in 1080p on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. This HITMAN Playthrough ...


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    Comment (46)

    1. I disguised as the model and killed the woman. Then I disguised as a waiter and poisoned the man's drink. He felt sick and went to the bathroom, where I was hiding in a closet. I drowned him in his own vomit. Nice.

    2. Reminder that dalia margolis is a MOSSAD agent and is probably straight-up inspired on Ghislaine Maxwell who is also a MOSSAD agent but in real life and officially a billionaire and a member of the superclass

    3. The first time I played this level I was not thinking straight so when the guy target came doun the stairs I just shot him, and I think u know what happened after

      They killed me

    4. Real smooth gameplay man, smoother than mine for sure, it's just that half the stuff you do would definitely not work in real life (like coming out of prohibited areas in front of the staff and climbing up the building in front of NPCs) and I find that funny haha


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