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    the story so far
    agent 47 and his handler Diana burn
    would buy the world's top assassins
    working for the ICA when all of their
    recent missions turn out to be contracts
    for a shadow client things take an
    unexpected turn all their targets have
    been operatives in an invisible
    organization known as Providence
    Providence has infiltrated the highest
    echelon zuv power and secretly owns our
    world the shadow client wages a silent
    war against them and so the constant
    Providence's enigmatic controller seeks
    Diana out his request track down and
    eliminate the shadow client in return he
    offers something irresistible the truth
    of forty-sevens lost origins neither
    know that the man they hunt his 47th
    childhood friend
    and unlike 47 he remembers
    at the location no hostile presence
    al marinas house is just up the beach
    our Intel indicates that she and her
    team laying low
    most likely planning the militias next
    strike Rinat is one of the shadow
    clients top lieutenants and yet she's
    not a target not yet anyway she's no
    doubt high on our clients list but for
    now it's information you seek infiltrate
    the house and get us a lead on the
    shadow client that person B&E 47 on my

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    good aim now according to the local home
    security provider the house is equipped
    with multiple cameras placed around the
    perimeter I suggest you get rid of them
    bodies female early 30s executed I see
    them poor bastards
    looks like reynard's grisly handiwork
    alright she was never shy about
    collateral damage the owners don't think
    so the house is registered to a
    non-existing environmental NGO this
    feels more like identity theft like you
    Reynard is known to use disguises hmm
    keep looking 47 nothing we can do for
    these people now
    found something
    looks like research reports Berlin
    Shanghai every major malicious strike
    since Thomas crosses kidnapping
    looks like Reynard had a hand in all of
    all in the past I'm afraid keep looking
    found something a file on the rubric
    Pierce founder of dynasty global the
    world's largest internet retailer hmm if
    Pierce is a Providence operative he's
    likely on the shadow clients hit list
    but it's not what we came for
    keep looking 47 47 that computer see if
    you can't access it encrypted hmm

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    assuming there's a key Raina wouldn't
    just leave it lying around
    wait according to the floor plan the
    room urine should be a lot bigger there
    might be a concealed space behind the
    wall check for hidden panels 47 thought
    so this should be interesting
    hmmm appears Raynard cell is launching
    another strike there's a sewer maps of a
    residential area in Wellington well
    there's nothing we can do about it now
    our priority is the shadow client
    nicely done 47 getting caught on tape is
    the last thing we need here we go for
    the office computer no doubt
    I'm in hurry I'm detecting movement up
    the road a motorcade possibly rain arts
    uploading the data hold on receiving it
    now hmm nothing on the shadow client all
    the other cells no names no aliases I
    doubt she even knows whom she's working
    for wait here's something a message from
    Robert Knox of Kronstadt industries and
    by the sound of it
    he's a Providence operative a defector
    well well well
    client won't like this one bit and you
    can't wait to tell her they're back
    multiple hostiles I see them damn okay
    we've got hole we're going to get go to
    stage 247 eliminate Reynard and
    preferably without raising suspicion one
    step ahead of the shadow client for once
    let's keep it that way
    I thought the snow would never end what
    a snob fest and I even missed out on the
    action I'm sorry you'll have to enjoy
    all that free champagne and cello music
    Orson what can I say you really took one
    for the team well I say stick to what
    you know

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    Donovan boss dynasty CEO
    lupard Pierce is a top Providence
    operative but we can't get near him so I
    decided to do a bit of outsourcing
    Oh could you fix me a cup of tea sure
    thing you want sugar honey um sugar
    mr. Donavan
    Who I am is not important you have seen
    the pictures yes good I will tell you
    exactly what to do do it swiftly and
    without question and your wife and
    children go free unharmed refuse or
    hesitate and your family dies adaptive
    signal will warn anybody and your family
    dies do we have terms not very
    convincing mr. Donovan take a deep
    breath and try again much better now you
    will take the stairs up to the rooftop
    helipad for your boss Rupert Pierce is
    taking his morning joke you will inform
    his carves
    that you are delivering an urgent
    message you will approach mr. Pierce
    your him close to the edge and toss him
    off the building hey you want green tea
    or mango what do you think you heard me
    mr. Donovan the life of your boss for
    the life of your wife and daughters
    shouldn't be much of a choice even for a
    workaholic do you understand me very
    now go if I don't hear sirens from
    downtown London in five minutes your
    family suffers the consequences
    best of luck mr. Donovan
    we thank you for your sacrifice
    is it done who does and mr. Donovan's
    wife and children the guys will let them
    go at the stroke of midnight unless I
    say otherwise boss's orders
    you know how squeamish she gets about
    collateral damage

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I'm gonna turn in you coming or what
    Gerard we're turning in and keep guard
    outside the door oh and tell the guys to
    look out for master
    so what are you gonna tell the house
    about me what am i what you know what I
    mean welcome home and OMA and guests
    I'm staying here too you know at least
    you can do is teaching my name or maybe
    you don't expect to keep me around long
    enough the bother is at it I didn't know
    I was that important to your son what
    can I say my bad I've been using the
    safe house for years why you and Shawn
    but the house knew his name
    okay I guess I could change it into
    welcome Alma and Shawn to house that me
    or maybe second show that has a nice
    ring to it don't you think or Shawn
    light you know what I think of some more
    while I go and brush my teeth fine I'm
    gonna hit the shower you do that dorsen
    what are you shipping out again zoo say
    what I said when are you're shipping out
    again oh um I'm supposed to run it with
    the team in Riga like five days from now
    yeah no idea what the mission is there
    my teammates are they all this secrecy
    starting to get on my nerves you know
    the bus
    wellthen suspend there's kind of guys I
    don't neither do you that's kind of my
    that's kind of my point call me

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    old-fashioned but like I say I'd like to
    know who I'm risking my life for you
    know why
    the rest are details it's easy for you
    to say least you're in the loop I take
    orders just like you in fact the boss
    deliberately keeps me out of the loop I
    don't even know where the other cells
    are compartmentalization is key yeah
    that's Shawn
    they're damn bands too tight
    I miss my whole watch and it's just very
    much in downtown London a man has
    allegedly plummeted to his death the
    world's largest internet retailer while
    the identity is unconcerned several
    eyewitness tweets claim that the
    deceased is none other than we will keep
    you updated as the story develops I
    target down
    well done 47 now get off the property

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    the mercs have discovered your boat 47
    they're on high alert combing the beach
    for intruders
    proceed with caution
    hmm no way to get past them unnoticed I
    suggest you cause a distraction 47 and
    make it a loud one

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    well it's official New Zealand paid off
    the client has given us carte blanche
    hunt down the militia by any means
    necessary a week ago Providence was a
    threat how did you swing the board the
    board of practical people 47 a blank
    check is hard to turn down
    besides the shadow clients war on
    Providence is causing a global panic
    someone will need to stop the militia
    might as well be us and the man on the
    you never told them about his offer
    taking a contract for personal gain is
    against ICA regulations sodas would have
    been proud it's not a sense of humor
    47 whatever next crying at the movies
    why are you doing this I know what it's
    like to have everything taken from you
    it claims to know about your past no
    childhood your memories everything old
    Maya stole from you and you trust him
    about as far as I can throw him but this
    is our best lead in 20 years I say it's
    time we break a few calls
    good afternoon
    47 your destination is the annual global
    innovation motor race in Miami Florida
    after analyzing the data from reynard's
    computer the case is clear the
    providence defectors are Robert and
    Sierra Knox head of robotics developer
    Kronstadt industries the visionary
    inventor and technological innovator
    Robert knobs has spearheaded Kronstadt
    industries to the bleeding edge of
    technological development his equally
    brilliant daughter Sierra is not only a
    financial wizard but also a fiercely
    competitive race car driver with a fiery
    temper to match
    Crom stirrer enjoys enormous popularity
    with global consumers however few are
    aware that the company is also one of
    the world's leading suppliers of next

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    gen military tech last year despotic
    ruler Jin PO employed prototype
    Kronstadt drones against peaceful
    civilian protesters in the now-infamous
    Tung Yun Valley incident and although it
    has yet to be proven there is little
    doubt that the Knox's personally
    brokered the deal making them complicit
    in a war crime it is unclear why the
    noxus would betray their masters but
    likely the fear of being next hooked on
    the shadow clients hit list has
    pressured them to cut a deal with the
    enemy undoubtedly with Kronstadt
    industries on their side the militia
    will increase their attacks tenfold and
    so our contract obligates us to retire
    Robert and Sierra Knox and contain the
    damage they may inflict on Providence
    I will leave you to prepare
    welcome to Miami 47 the innovation race
    is on its last day and it is down to the
    thousands of eager fans are gathered for
    the final laps of this unexpectedly
    close votes Ciera Knox is expertly
    piloting her red Kronstadt car her
    father Robert Knox roams the nearby expo
    building where chrome stat is showcasing
    its new prototype and the Kronstadt RK
    mark 3 has seen fierce competition from
    the Chinese Cowley Heavy Industries new
    racer Moses lien CEO of Cowell has taken
    a dominant lead and looks invincible
    mistake service hi
    this will just accept
    thank you
    let me just repeat

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    now the key here is tiring I mean if
    you're not careful you can burn these
    tires off after 10 laps
    it's a to manage that of this drivers
    I don't care about your trouble all
    right don't even change I'd be off the
    Constantine for rate by CEOs the
    mechanic because I don't ask about
    double my salary for the entire week and
    I'll come back in case Sierra decides to
    use that last hit stop
    decide otherwise
    it's something
    one of the Kronstadt pit crews quit the
    team in protest and grace Miller the
    ballbuster chief mechanic is in critical
    need of a replacement why don't you step
    in and offer your services 47 you're
    good with a wrench
    pick some up clip

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    did you hear anything about Terry I was
    doing no he's got a Trojan black game
    I'm saying he's done a great combination
    I heard a couple of the guys talking
    they said the car was
    for the accident
    make the accident happen what are we the
    first dumpling in these races remember
    two years ago on that
    that's exactly right
    who knows what they might get especially
    Moses lead is
    ghazal also more fragile and did you
    know that she knows
    grace told me over beers last night also
    told me how Sierra Florida fusible brace
    when used to fly
    apparently they reached some sort of a
    compromise any major crash you're not
    would you mind going to see what it is
    you you're the juniors flip first you
    got injured yesterday right
    I suppose I am great this is your lucky
    day do well and there's a boat got it
    got it all right everyone look alive and
    get to your station
    the air is coming in everyone on your
    stations now
    target down next up Robert Knox

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    let's try it
    that is Ted Mendez one of the country's
    most influential military grade money
    men this must be connected to Kronstadt
    Bell it's Ted here just returning your
    call before heading over to the expo
    building and meet Knox for the new
    combat Android presentation No yeah I'm
    letting him stew guys a genius and you
    know what your life was Whitney whacking
    me disrespect for other last time I
    tried to have a meeting with him he had
    me sitting in a room for four hours
    before canceling I'll head up right
    hi I'll call you after the presentation
    speak then Ted Mendez a defense funding
    consultant with the US military is
    scheduled for a private demonstration of
    a new Kronstadt robotics project sounds
    like a way to get up close and personal
    with Robert Knox 47
    how are you

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    howdy partner
    mr. Mendez good to see you sir the
    demonstration is scheduled to take place
    on the upper floors please feel free to
    use the stairs right over there
    straight-up just bought it downstairs
    found bricked up inside a residential
    complex in Medellin

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    like what are those entirely unfounded
    a lot better than what you're suggesting
    collecting pictures of celebrity
    entrepreneurs now 47 hmm what are you
    thinking everything's under control sir
    mr. Mendez
    Robert its Tarek mr. Mendez is here
    he's eager to get on with the demo you
    should come by as soon as possible good
    to meet you ah Ted can finally see you
    yes traffic was rough let me show you
    everything I'm gonna say something
    provocative now Ted war is going out of
    fashion it's dirty it's just plain bad
    PR nobody wants to exchange their
    children and loved ones for flags and
    medals anymore the glory is God Ted
    but luckily Kronstadt has a solution for

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    imagine this Android infiltrators
    operating in the field disguised and
    fully embedded he's ready to strike at a
    moment's notice
    indestructible robotic operators who can
    infiltrate the deepest sanctuary of any
    adversary striking an unseen fatal blow
    a surgical tool for a blood world
    imagine an army of them fully equipped
    Android medics seeking out wounded
    servicemen and injured civilians
    bringing them to safety or patching them
    up then in their Android pilots
    delivering payloads deep inside enemy
    territory with uncanny precision and
    minimal collateral damage
    all right Mendez it's very
    straightforward let me
    I just pick any of the badges on the
    desk then I use the scanner to upload
    the biometric data and palace was the
    record obviously the final system won't
    rely on you manually feeding it
    biometric data this is still a prototype
    this is a pivotal moment in modern
    conflict solution Ted Palace is entirely
    full all you need is to pick the photo
    from the table and scan it just like I
    showed you it's perfectly safe go ahead
    make my day
    target's down well done 47 head Earl
    exit and we'll speak again soon

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    Jack hi
    we're bleeding operatives panic is
    spreading and now we are Xing our own
    narcs was a trader he would have caused
    invaluable damage and he won't be the
    this is exactly what the enemy wants we
    need to fight the sickness not the
    symptom and I have just the tool for the
    job right
    the burn wood woman Eric's odors warned
    you about her didn't he
    the Crusader I can handle this burn wood
    everyone hates power until you offer
    I see a speaks the enemy's language we
    need them at once we don't we'll cross
    that bridge when we get there fact
    remains we are shadowboxing we need to
    know who we are up against I was getting
    to that his name is Lucas gray the late
    mr. Cobbs head of security Cobb was
    ground zero first of our operatives to
    die it had to be one of his staff
    someone with military training and
    access to the plane
    grasping at straws Rey is a mercenary a
    veteran of every backwater tragedy
    you've ever ignored on the five o'clock
    news Chechnya
    Sierra Leone the list goes on but before
    89 nothing no records of any kind
    come on CIA KGB plenty of spies went
    dark after the curtain was lifted
    I cast a very wide net Lucas grace

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    simply does not exist
    hmm if you're all quite done wetting
    yourselves with the excitement I
    couldn't give two shits where he came
    from I only want to know one thing how
    does he know about us
    I swear to god this hearts and flowers
    crap will get us both killed
    can't you see your so-called friend is
    working for them now he's not the man
    you knew his fight even if he doesn't
    realize it like it or not
    47 is our last and only lead on the
    partners he needs to remember
    he's coming for us and unlike you he
    won't hesitate just get me inside
    Rica I need a favor
    good morning 47 our Providence contact
    has shared the identity of the shadow
    client a former mercenary and bodyguard
    by the name of Lucas gray his past is a
    black void but our analysts are digging
    deep meanwhile we've had a breakthrough
    of our own comparing the malicious
    attack patterns with global shipping and
    transportation routes we figured out how
    mr. gray and his paramilitaries move
    around the world undetected they're
    using the distribution network of the
    Delgado cartel
    Colombia's biggest drug manufacturer
    clearly gray must have struck a deal
    with adult guard OHS consequently if we
    can [ __ ] the cartel we can severely
    limit the malicious strike range but to
    do so we need to slay a three-headed
    servant sociopathic cartel head Rico
    Delgado and his two closest left tenants
    PR guru Andrea Martinez and several
    chemists for hey Franco
    with equal parts guts and guile Rico
    Delgado runs a thriving billion-dollar
    criminal empire the word is the brutal
    and volatile cartel head is hell-bent on
    becoming the number one drug lord in the
    world to achieve this martinez a
    childhood friend of Delgado's has been
    buttering up state leaders and decision
    makers paving the way for an expansion
    of the Delgado logistics network while
    the brilliant but aloof and anti-social
    Franco has been hard at work developing
    a new type of super cocaine sir three of
    Colombia's most infamous crime lords
    inhabiting a decidedly hostile
    environment I will leave you to prepare

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    welcome to Columbia 47 the remote
    village of Santa Fortuna awaits you deep
    inside the Colombian rainforest an
    iron-fisted Delgado cartel rules over
    the village and its surroundings
    security around Santa Fortuna and the
    closed off cartel compound is extremely
    tight armed sicarios patrol the streets
    of the village ready to enforce harsh
    punishments to those who do not comply
    rumors persist of hidden transportation
    cave systems connecting the village the
    cartel compound and the hidden coca
    fields beyond it is a rare occurrence to
    have all three cartel leaders present in
    the village at the same time expect that
    all targets are protected by scrupulous
    killers armed with automatic weapons
    Rico Delgado inhabits this fortified
    mansion on the outskirts of the village
    while Andrea Martinez can be found in
    her village office or around Santa
    Fortuner itself and Jorge Franco is
    engaged in development of a new drug in
    his field laboratory
    happy hunting 47
    come on look at it
    it's a funny-looking vehicle right the
    tourists will be like I give you the
    back of this funny-looking thing I
    probably have a lot of fun myself I even
    stole a horn that goes yeah yeah
    seriously this is gonna end as badly as
    that time you try to attract tourists by
    pretending to be part of an indigenous
    tribe that Native American backpackers
    saw right through you
    did you see the poster commissioned to

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    us 30 villages so the ever classy Rico
    Delgado has commissioned a statue of
    himself to adorn the village square
    today's unveiling ceremony will feature
    a local band and Rico Delgado will
    attend in person I suggest you take a
    closer look 47 this should be a unique
    opportunity to engage Delgado outside
    the walls of his compound
    oh they had to be preice in lockup in
    mother and yet all of them work two
    hours after bringer of tea
    something strange is happening I take it

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    hey you break it you buy it
    oh yeah so how about Louisa and that we
    tried the past doesn't leave not
    imagination and I suppose you have to
    imagine that she looks good in it
    oh my god you're kidding me right what
    you know me

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    people love some computers the states
    are rule expiring upon you all this is a
    day of celebration and joy
    today the does not do that you need
    unlike anything you have ever seen
    remember we are here new health
    from now on the watchful and caring eyes
    of the cartel will be about you day and
    night we will protect you from the
    corruption of the big city and the
    crooked government Rico Delgado has
    promised me just this morning to step up
    and become the matrix nape of Judah and
    so it is my pleasure to present you the
    liar of Bogota nicely done poetic
    justice coming for the welfare and
    safety of this glorious village
    all of brown fallopian I give you my
    dear wonderful grateful people Santa for
    it brings warm to my heart to see you
    here today for years decades we have
    struggled against the oppressive forces
    of the outside world for years the
    Delgado cartel has been a bulwark
    against those who seek to do harm to you

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    all today we celebrate the struggle and
    the victories we have earned today I
    grant you this symbol of freedom and
    rebellion may it forever like your days
    and nights with hope of greatness and
    serve as something to aspire to all of
    you can become as me one day
    Rico Delgado has been eliminated nicely
    bloody hell
    observe yo
    cultivation of mon-sol Virginie why
    doesn't she just get him her said she's
    got a lot on her mind the construction
    of the new plant has been stalled for
    days now because of what they found her
    she needs him to cleanse the place well
    why do I have to go get him
    so Andrea Martinez wants the local
    shaman to do a spirit cleanse at the
    construction site she's ordered her
    sicarios to summon him against his will
    if necessary I suggest you get involved
    47 after all getting rid of bad
    influences is what you do best another

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    trouble offenses we're here in search of
    a spiritual beliefs
    they're really out of it the broom has
    transported them to a place of
    tranquility and count
    it's a spiritual space for meditation
    learning about oneself you will see once
    you've arrived yeah but I mean they're
    like completely stone they perceive
    others their sense is no longer register
    their physical surroundings but rather
    their spirit Reiki
    yeah hey I know it doesn't feel like
    it's quite right I think it needs more
    starch yeah more of that I see what's
    not gonna to make it more to your tastes
    the trick is to pick the topics in a

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    you should walk up straight it's
    important to keep a proper upper body
    posture if you don't want to mess up
    I tagged good to see you here game voice
    hola Senor Wendy welcome tighter miss

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    Martinez is waiting for you in her
    office upstairs
    go right in
    no Sophia maybe
    my stache nice a holy men having to
    god-knows-what rituals once everything
    is transpiring again outside we'll be
    able to catch chapter well well the
    famous Shaymin decides to show up after
    all I'm pleased to finally put a face to
    the Meath
    I was beginning to think you didn't
    what with you're not replying to any of
    my inquiries I've been looking forward
    to meeting you miss Martinez all right I
    need you to get over to the construction
    site on the outskirts of the village the
    workers there uncovered a pile of old
    bones and I taken the opportunity to
    grab some undeserved recreational time I
    need you to go over there as soon as
    possible and wave your magic wand or do
    an interpretive dance or whatever it is
    you do I can do that you can walk with
    me if you don't know the way otherwise
    I'll see you there just don't take too
    long I'm an important person I have many
    very well I haven't been to the
    construction site in some time actually

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    it'll be good to get to see the new
    it was certainly expensive do you know
    how hard it is to transport a
    cutting-edge brand-new cement mixer and
    Bora around in the jungle there I can
    only imagine miss Martinez
    working with the Delgado business has
    the advantages title
    I appreciate you have a lot of influence
    with the locals here all we are asking
    for is a ritual to set the melodies it
    should be quick and painless and I'm
    certain you're up for the task I'll do
    my very best
    lighter so good to finally have you here
    you have been sorely missed happy to be
    here so here's the problem
    we're digging some holes for the
    foundation point now we come across this
    well bonus I guess
    turns out that human and the workers
    seem to think they're part of some old
    brain sounds likely so no they don't
    strike won't work and then the psyches
    cleanse this is where you come I'll do
    my best

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    tomorrow okay all right Tyga the stage
    is all yours cleanse away
    the site is clean he was imputed for
    excellent a beautiful ritual I could
    genuinely feel the spirits bless the
    worthwhile endeavor we are pursuing here
    they're at peace now expertly moved on
    to the afterlife by your Titan Eisley
    looks like the foreman is going to tour
    the site and show some of the machinery
    to Andrea Martinez this might be your
    chance 47
    I understand okay
    Martinez's down

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    franco broke it's supposed to be in one
    piece when I deliver it over by some
    cave entrance behind the pharmacy so a
    drug dealer from Sapienza has been
    testing a new method for smuggling
    Delgado brand cocaine into Europe baking
    the substance into souvenirs coated in a
    special anti drug detection paint
    solution the dealer has been traveling
    the globe testing the method however he
    accidentally broke the souvenir on
    arrival and needs to mend it before
    going to see Franco I don't know I think
    it's gonna ruin the taste test

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    that is so annoying
    if you wanna come through I'm gonna need
    to Pat you down hey yo there's no need
    to flex you ain't go and press me okay
    you're good to go all right mr. Franco
    is expecting you in the games below
    I just radio the others I know groovy

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    it's Carlos tell Franco his guest is
    here all right come with me find not to
    get lost today like this kind of
    dangerous I'll do my best isn't this
    kind of work sort of breaking the hippy
    code I live by my own rules
    so I guess all that make love not worth
    being sort of lost its luster
    peace and love isn't really my thing
    even though you're expected have a scene
    so despite an annoying delay it's
    finally here let's have a look it got
    through customs without a problem we
    hope I had no issues excellent we're not
    sure whether this will pass the taste
    test but that remains to be seen
    follow us please oh no creo
    drivi nice 147 and now for Franco to
    sample his handiwork
    make way

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    all targets neutralized
    this should paralyze the cartel
    excellent work now head for an exit
    an underground cave system with a
    this must be what ties the militia and
    the cartel together 47
    mission status Columbia assignment
    successful tactical targets neutralized
    militia transport network disabled
    location of primary target unknown team
    chasing several needs end message
    encrypted sent
    I'm not as strong as you
    they have to pay for what they did it
    needs to stop you need to stop if my
    source checks out we can prove the board
    knew about the chemical leaks
    they'll have grounds for a retrial won't
    make a difference they're too powerful

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    they're not the devil Nancy just a
    company and not above the law don't you
    see this is bigger than James those
    bastards killed 18 people and they got
    away with it think about what that means
    no one's untouchable no one's
    we got what we can move out
    good evening 47 the militia has released
    a hostage to outing the existence of
    Providence to the world this was a fatal
    mistake and our analysts are tracing at
    origin as we speak in the meantime we
    have a lead on Lucas grace top left
    turns out the Delgado cartels
    counterfeiting unit was creating fake
    IDs for the militia and one operative in
    particular stands out wealthier Carlo an
    infamous South China Sea pirate better
    known by his nom de guerre the Maelstrom
    the Maelstrom and his cutthroat band of
    outlaws were the scourge of the shipping
    industry in the post recession years
    but his reign of terror came to an end
    with the disastrous 2014 hijacking of
    the super tanker Frances King Chinese
    elite forces stormed the ship resulting
    in the deaths of a dozen sailors and
    most of the maelstroms crew that car
    they slipped away unseen the maelstroms
    connection to gray is unknown but we
    believe it was he who carried out the
    audacious killing of a Providence CEO in

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    Shanghai along with two reactivated
    members of his old pirate game Vanya
    Shaw a shady figure in Mumbai's criminal
    underworld and darwood Rangoon the gangs
    old cashier turned dodging movie
    producer Shaw dragon and the Maelstrom
    form Lucas Grey's eastern self they are
    a crack strike team and stopping them as
    our clients was pressing concern
    unfortunately the elusive Maelstrom
    appears to have vanished into the seedy
    underbelly of Mumbai the cradle of his
    criminal legend and no one knows his
    whereabouts or what it currently looks
    like so a Bandit Queen a showbiz
    charlatan and one certifiable ghost I
    shall leave you to prepare
    welcome to Mumbai for yourself
    one of the most densely populated cities
    in the world home to more than 12
    million people if you wanted to
    disappear and hide from the world this
    Varsity is perfect the maze-like
    sprawling slums offer secret paths and
    surprises around every corner
    the elusive Maelstrom knows the city
    like the back of his own hand locating
    him will be a considerable challenge a
    place to start
    could be the slums where his former gang
    the crows has recently risen from the
    douwe dragon will be easy to find in his
    half-finished tower wrapping up his new
    film called Mumbai hero while vana Shah
    has ensconced herself in the overgrown
    remains of an old train yard your three
    targets call this labyrinthine part of
    the city home so choose your approach
    47 the street gang known as the crows
    are on high alert they seem to be on the
    lookout for potential assassins and will
    be suspicious of anyone they don't
    recognize I suggest you a mindful around
    them in the slums
    47 our Intel suggests the Maelstrom is
    hiding somewhere in the city

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    this barber is tangled up in some shady
    business 47 but even more interesting he
    may have seen a picture of the Maelstrom
    in the hideout of the street gang known
    as the crows that pitcher would be very
    helpful to our cause
    yeah staring straight into the heart of
    darkness 47 good luck
    just grab it and toss it in one of the
    furnaces in the middle workshop
    Robert this is the third time you're
    asking me this question what's wrong
    with you nothing's wrong with me okay
    I just want to make sure I don't mess up
    when the boss asked me to do something
    she's relaxed yes you grab the powder
    into the furnace lots of smoke goes up
    whatever happens after that isn't your
    concern okay good
    they don't dance in the US
    give me a good song
    a photograph and a note addressed to

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    cigar the barber this looks like a very
    recent picture of the Maelstrom with
    this in hand picking him out in a crowd
    should be possible you could also
    investigate the barber shop and see what
    is going on there
    47 that man there he resembles the
    Maelstrom try to get close to him for a
    visual ID
    that wasn't him No
    no that isn't the Maelstrom hmm no
    that's not him
    the shop
    to find information their boss
    down the shop like they did that other
    guys the metal mr. Knightley
    but you had to learn on some easy money
    shelling formation
    mrs. Gorman

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    alright 47 here open for business we
    know what the Maelstrom looks like and
    expect him to show up patience and
    shaving cream is what's on the menu now
    47 it looks like him but that's not the
    any chance for a shave today
    47 Batman by the counter that's the
    Maelstrom well looks like our patience
    paid off how about you invite him in for
    a close shave
    I'm ready thank you my friend
    all right I'm ready for my shake make it
    across one
    the tides are changing my friend don't
    you feel it in there
    my bones are very people joy at the
    prospect of what is about God

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    the infamous Maelstrom is dead
    very well done 37 let's finish this no
    rest for the wicked however on to the
    next one
    you did
    what's Malacca did you have any luck
    that tailor is impossible I explained to
    his employee that this shop wants to
    meet with him but he claimed but the
    tailor wasn't available so you didn't
    just go inside and look I'm sure Misha
    was sent someone with more hands-on
    experience than me is the only tear it
    down that can make that damn dress
    that's what happens when you drown all
    the others I guess
    it appears Vanya Shaw is in the market
    for a dress fit for a queen she sent
    after a local tailor but for some reason
    the man refuses to cooperate
    a man of your impeccable taste should be
    able to fill in perfectly for the tailor
    what are you going to do listen I have
    to go out for a while if anyone asks for
    me just tell them I'm not here
    excellent let's find out what kind of
    dress a woman like Vanya Shaw wants

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    Shaw wants a cerulean dress 47 perhaps
    you will be able to source a roll of the
    right fabric at the local cloth market
    hey my mind
    greetings sir can I interest you in my
    fine wares cheap durable cloth in many
    special call how much of these my friend
    now we have the best prices here what do
    you say to a hundred and forty rupees
    for any meeting does that sound fair no
    nothing I can see your amount of refined
    taste and a skilled hacker my kids will
    only eat rice tonight but it's yours for
    one hundred and five rupees it's a deal
    gasps Wow those eyes are really burning
    into like you're just looking straight
    into my soul okay final offer now ninety
    ninety rupees were running meat that's
    my own cost I really can't go no it's a
    deal ah good good
    take any of the bundles be just one
    great thank you come again
    ah it's you did you bring the croffer
    miss cha
    yes I have it right here about ready
    time come with me
    oh don't be alarmed by the way with char
    take security very seriously so the
    guards were such an not to worry I'm
    afraid your honest look isn't going to
    cut it here I'm gonna have to frisk you
    pretty boy
    have a lovely day
    not exactly enjoying this either so just
    stay still and we'll be done soon okay
    go on then

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    as Shaw has been dying to meet you it's
    not wise to keep her waiting
    I won't disappoint her then that is a
    good idea she's not been happy with the
    other dealers thank you
    I'll do my best I know
    I built my hats that is not the wisest
    decision is Vanya Shaw self-appointed
    queen of the Mumbai slums have extra
    hands to assist you with your income
    provided the child lives so long that is
    the problem little Raja is not well I
    believe is my key yes for you and do
    once in exchange I will take care of the
    bills for your new one until she's old
    enough to work the spinning news that is
    my offer mr. Singh talk it over with
    your wife I expect your acceptance
    tonight good day
    the elusive dealer here last let's have
    it I want to make sure the column is the
    word yes of course here it is
    excellent finally some bloopers here I
    wanted to take my measurements well
    smart work 47 char will want to have
    privacy when measuring for the dress
    I'll leave the final execution up to you
    you don't leave us I want some pretty
    let's start the measuring right if you
    relax your back please miss sharp I'll
    just measure your arms now Monsieur
    turn around please Michonne I need to
    measure shoulder-to-shoulder

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    confirmed Killam varnish all excellent
    work for yourself
    just one target left let's bring this
    hey what's up
    ah we made it out tonight
    final warning buddy
    hi everything's okay

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    just one seemed to go in we're done
    looks like the fan has been set up again
    do you know why they haven't shot it yet
    Karishma through the last copy of the
    script into the elevator shaft she
    doesn't want to do the scene with rancor
    and he still wants to do the kiss I
    didn't love this guy chipiya he's a
    creep encourage the production of Mumbai
    hero is coming to a close
    but it seems there's a spot of trouble
    lead actress charisma Hassan has refused
    to do a kissing scene with Regan and has
    got rid of the script by tossing it down
    an elevator shaft shame the scene
    features the use of a large industrial
    wind machine could be worth
    it seems to me let's hope nobody finds
    us prevent doesn't deserve to get it
    okay hello
    Dawid rangoon has leased an
    industrial-strength fan normally used
    for clearing smoke from construction
    tunnels that's a beast of a machine 47
    the crew have put some sort of limiter
    on the fan output but maybe you could
    make a few changes

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    I found this script you found it not a
    listen the scene needs the fan
    freerunning run over and management
    right Lucas new starts I'll say you to
    turn it on just make sure the Safety's
    on and you don't go about the indicated
    power all round up everyone
    you got good work 47th darwood is
    hurrying down now to act out the final
    scene with Hassan let's make sure he
    doesn't run out of wind we just need to
    get this one Dean in the can and then
    that is era
    Karishma here's that last line that
    you've kept missing I'm yours forever
    and now kiss me you know why give him
    he is a fighter you love him
    it is a pure intimate love that is
    bloomed over the course of the weeks
    that you spend in captivity evil witch
    queen had clouded your mind all of those
    years but art is that you feel you
    realize that he used to rule up here oh
    I don't I mean sure he saved me and
    everything and I understand why I would
    be grateful but your kiss maybe just a
    firm handshake or a hug even you're full
    of love Karishma all right people
    time to get this show on the road I'm
    here my lips are ready for the final
    most important shot of the film that is
    ma are you ready
    okay let's get this show on the road

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    start the panty
    but I joined the odd badminton
    yes the which rests in hell now along
    with a necessity
    magic was powerful but it's God
    it's just you and me now
    if you will have me I will protect you
    fine fine
    Mangan is confirmed killed mission
    completed trying to find an exit

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    according to records this was a youth
    Correctional Facility until 1962 when
    the estate was overtaken by an obscure
    Soviet research fund the Institute for
    human betterment looks deserted the
    place was abandoned after a fire in 89
    then only a few weeks ago it was
    acquired by an anonymous investor using
    cryptocurrency it has to be Lukas grain
    he's here be careful 47 the breadcrumbs
    were almost too easy to follow it could
    be a trap not a trap an invitation
    you came home I knew you what you've
    come a long way 47 and even now you
    don't remember this place
    this was our prison my father trained us
    shaked us into killers for Providence
    you don't remember they ripped it out of
    you wiped it away but I do I remember
    you're a terrorist with nothing to lose
    you'd say anything
    and now it's difficult you never miss
    your mark or question your function but
    we made a pact you and I do this

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    we both lose
    there was an incident that boy he died
    he lived because of you don't you
    remember his name
    you know this deep down you know what
    was his name
    subject six your name is subject six and
    what is our purpose to take them all
    we were gonna tear it all down the
    Institute Providence everyone who'd ever
    met us we saved the partners grew
    paranoid made sure that what Meijer
    children would never challenge them
    again I'm the only one who got away
    unchanged the only one left to remembers
    what my I was Providence everything he
    did to us everything he made us do
    don't leads back to them I'm breaking
    more rules than I care to count mr. gray
    what's your play the partners hide
    behind a cloak of anonymity only one man
    knows their true identities your client
    the top controller the one they call the
    constant he is the key but he is
    untraceable so what am I missing a man
    would come to the Institute
    the man with a Providence pin the first
    constant if we find him if he's still
    alive he's our way you don't know who he
    is but 47 does that's what this reunion
    is all about so then you're just gonna
    hand it over our 1 bargaining chip yeah
    forty sevens memory was erased
    irreversibly at the time but after or
    admirers death his estate was acquired
    by the ether corporation and they made
    an antidote
    it's a long shot I know this is not how
    it works
    we don't just join the revolution ICA is
    neutral we don't take sides I hate to
    break it to you lady
    but neutrality is a side it's the side
    of the status quo
    people have died civilians you align
    yourself with terrorists
    murderers sometimes even monsters serve
    a purpose look enough you have a choice
    but I made mine a long time ago I will

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    finish what I started
    subject 47 must gift it of all my boys
    so you're the pick of the litter tell me
    about the incident the subject ran away
    he and another boy the instigator was
    punished accordingly as were all the
    neighbors my men did what needed to be
    it won't happen again
    bring your house in water doctor you
    won't like the alternative
    I remember who he is
    gentlemen let's go over the plan the
    first constant is none other than Janus
    the legendary Cold War spy master a KGB
    senior officer and head of the 6th
    column Special Branch at Lubyanka Janus
    is a certified genius and expert of
    counterintelligence he retired from the
    KGB in 1988 when he fell out of favor
    with the Kremlin and defected to the US
    shortly after the Soviet Union collapsed
    now it is unclear when Janus stepped
    down is the constant but since 2004 he
    has been a resident of a quiet community
    in suburban Vermont mr. gray right so
    here's the catch as an elite KGB agent
    Janus was trained to withstand
    interrogation and torture no amount of
    pressure will force him to disclose
    information he doesn't want to instead
    he will need to search his home for
    clues but if Providence learns of our
    presence the game is up so we framed
    Janus make Providence think he was the
    real Shannon Dwyer correct I will file a
    I see a report claiming to have traced a
    number of calls from Genesis House to
    the Institute in Romania the case was
    seemed clear mr. gray was only a
    figurehead Janus was pulling the strings
    all along and
    eliminating him we will have neutralized
    the militia once and fool
    however for this subterfuge to work

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    you'll also need to deal with Janice's
    security detail a Providence Herald and
    former Secret Service agent by the name
    of Nolan Cassidy Intel describes him as
    diligent and inquisitive and we cannot
    risk that he contradicts our story to
    his employer seems workable I certainly
    hope so everything depends on this next
    move 47 you made this our fight now
    let's even the playing field
    Whittle ttan Creek Vermont on the
    surface a picture-perfect suburban dream
    wide roads golden maple trees and
    verdant lawns most residents here are
    white collar professionals ranging from
    university staff to government employees
    most but not all
    Genesis unprotected by a host of
    bodyguards and Intel shows that the
    fragile former constant rarely leaves
    the property Nolan Cassidy on the other
    hand roams the neighborhood streets a
    recent arrival the dutiful Providence
    Herald is busy making threat assessments
    and settling in with a security team now
    remember this is about more than just
    revenge Janus is the key to bring down
    Providence so get in there and find us
    good luck 47
    47 I've marked your map with several
    points of interest we're running this
    mission with very little upfront Intel
    but these locations could provide clues
    to help you obtain the information we
    need good luck
    hi whatever
    oh I am on my way out

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    like in the day Janus was known for his
    obsessive need to archive and keep
    memorabilia if he has any microfilm in
    his house it might contain something
    nice to finally see you here listen the
    gas on this
    hi you want to try something different
    huh don't you should try this the
    pleasure is all mine
    get it try something special who wants a
    taste you going glad to be of service
    wrap your lips around this bunch and
    join excuse me
    you should try this it really is to die
    say what yes thanks no thank you
    hello can I tempt you with a little
    snack Cheers that's what I do just done
    all right folks
    hello why don't you give this a try oh

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    thanks my guess it's got a little kick
    to it
    right here start serving people all
    there's an open spot
    pardon me can I offer you a little treat
    what's this
    oh thanks you're welcome
    it's me just for you
    thank you very much how's it going oh
    I'm not gonna be able to hold it back
    okay now
    you know what I always do what
    oh poor thing can I get you anything
    Nolan Cassidy is down
    good work for self Janus awaits your
    hey stay safe
    I know this batty guy is driving me
    Oh every time he sees me he comes out
    what time the problem is he just won't
    shut up always ranting about that damn
    lawsuit against Janus and waving piles
    of paper at me as if I give a rat's ass
    about their problems but the judge
    sorted out what I want a lawsuit between
    Janus in a local resident it might be

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    just what we're looking for but he lives
    in number four three two
    Janus is apparently engaged in a civil
    lawsuit with another resident of wittle
    tonry k-- james batty the plaintiff
    wants Janus to stop his annual landing
    of a helicopter near the local creek the
    lawsuit also mentions Nolan Cassidy and
    his unlawful surveillance around town
    so Janus takes a helicopter trip once
    per year I think we're onto something
    here 47 47 I think it would be
    beneficial to locate the unlawful
    surveillance mentioned in the lawsuit
    perhaps Nolan Cassidy's house would be a
    good place to start
    I stood there most of the day I don't
    know what he's reading but it looks like
    it's the most interesting thing he's
    ever come across the new Cassandra snow
    novel maybe flavors of past shimmers or
    something like that see my wife's
    reading it now I can't get it do
    anything around the house no no it's not
    a novel I think it's a journal or a
    diary he's one of the security people
    working over that old Russian guy's
    house that's gotta be something from the
    old man's archives if that's one of
    Jameson's Diaries it might contain some
    important information about his past our
    past well maybe something that can help
    us locate the constant

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    hmm one of Janus as many Diaries he's
    apparently been the chairman of the Ark
    sir side if he years he stepped down
    very recently but is still attached to
    the society
    well 47 this is valuable information
    I have a light sir I will have to check
    you if you want to pass okay
    this is just standard procedure
    good you're clean and good to go the
    regular guy is indisposed I'm here to
    take care of mr. Janus alright just ring
    the doorbell

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    who are you where's Lafayette
    he's not well hopefully had something
    serious I wouldn't mind if Lafayette was
    replaced permanently he's an
    insufferable bore with a
    room-temperature IQ but if you're the
    new guy you'll need to be on time I have
    a busy schedule you know you have a very
    distinct face my friend Eastern European
    am i right
    but more than that a refined mix of
    cultures you look almost like an
    artist's rendering of the perfect man I
    knew man once a doctor he would have
    found you not interesting I think
    I'm flattered but I don't swing that way
    well not besides that one time in the
    60s so back to this thing I'll just
    spend a few minutes with the inhale to
    fill my system with as much oxygen as
    possible before we proceed to the
    bathroom for the health check itself
    well well mr. Janus fills his lungs
    I'd like a quick word with you please
    come with me
    all right new guy I know this looks like
    a relaxed operation but I run a tight
    nobody gets alone time with Janice
    unless I know them and I don't know you
    so here's what I'll do
    I'm going downstairs to run a security
    check on you it should only be a few
    minutes in the meantime you wait in the
    study we'll lock the doors and my men
    will make sure you don't accidentally
    wander off I'm sure you understand
    please wait in there 47 you have to find
    a way out of there
    I can't possibly construct a viable ID
    for you in time I'll have miss hope will
    remotely interfere with their search but
    we can't keep it up for long well that
    was certainly an interesting turn of
    still no rest for the wicked 47 you can
    probably slip back inside and give
    Genesis health check while his bodyguard
    is busy just be mindful of the
    patrolling guards one of Genesis old
    micro films it might contain important
    information I'm learning now as 2-5
    suggested we go to the bathroom now all

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    right let's go then
    you know
    at last the actions of the first
    constant to catch up with him death
    feels like an easy way out for a man
    like James
    let's do
    we are closed now gentlemen both targets
    are dead

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    clearly Janus is a meticulous man this
    microfilm contains a lot of heavily
    redacted minutes from what appears to be
    a yearly event of some sort plenty of
    initials and project code names until
    ring any bells Janus is mentioned by
    name throughout however this is a very
    important find 47 good work 47 we now
    know Janus is meeting with a constant at
    an event related to the arc society and
    we have an approximate date as well I
    think that's all we're going to get
    we're close to the finish line
    it's time to end this all mission
    objectives are completed 47 once you've
    left with Alton Creek I will notify
    Providence of our discovery in the
    meantime we'll go over the clues you've
    found once we've located the constant
    we'll make our final move you make it
    sound so easy
    the arc society one of Providence is
    more of skewer outfits I've heard
    whispers a survivalist Club for the

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    global elite billionaires preparing for
    a global collapse and now we know the
    constant will attend their next
    gathering so where is it
    that's the catch the report is redacted
    no names no location so it's a dead end
    I can't track them not without I see a
    backup now I'm no bigshot analyst but it
    seems to me Janus was the Ark society's
    founder so chances are they'll want to
    pay their respects in private track the
    coffin worth a shot
    you're right it comes back in flashes
    fear anger but like it happened to
    someone else your gift and your curse
    what they did to you well I spent a long
    time feeling guilty about that now I
    wonder who got the better deal yeah
    what are we looking at the ass-end of
    nowhere but this is where Genesis
    remains worship to our choice for a
    final resting place wouldn't you say no
    so we stake it out away to the next
    then we waltz in and kidnap one of the
    world's most powerful men without I see
    a backup like I said it's a long shot
    we'll take it
    how did you not see this coming my god
    we came this close the old man could
    have buried us all our families do you
    think you feel more betrayed than I do
    get some perspective please Janus is
    Lucas gray is about to join him and a
    cornered animal is twice as dangerous
    let's be perfectly clear we were not
    exposed the threat is neutralized we are
    back on track
    even so from this point on we expect you
    to take off there is no way I'm doing
    that how can you question my loyalty in
    case treachery is contagious do you
    really want to do this to me is there a
    problem secretary
    no problem whatsoever

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    here's to loyalty
    my man on the island confirms that the
    constant has arrived we head out at
    sundown here in case the crew get idea
    why are you doing this mr. grey you had
    a chance to walk away
    why didn't you a year ago I'm working
    security for this banker cob only to
    find out he's a Providence operative
    I've been running for decades only to
    wind up where I started
    we've all got barcodes on the back of
    our heads
    most people just never noticed
    47 told me about your parents how did
    they die
    cobham surrey 1989 company named blue
    seed didn't care to pay for the mistakes
    but I like to think no one's untouchable
    I'm sorry for your loss you feel it
    don't you unlike him you feel at all
    everything you've done it's a dangerous
    having the conscience
    attention gentlemen our source on the
    island just made a critical discovery
    the constant has a poisoned chip
    embedded in his neck a fail-safe in case
    is compromised damn it he should have
    expected something like this
    so we subdue the constant before he has
    time to react not that simple
    the device is remote triggered and
    during his stay on the island to kill
    switches have been entrusted to twin
    sisters Zoe and Sophia Washington two
    young ambitious Providence operatives
    and newly appointed chairwoman of the
    arc Society apparently even the constant
    is unaware of this arrangement right
    change of plans we divide and conquer 47
    takes out the Washington's what I figure
    out a way to get the constant off the
    island it'll be tight once we're back at
    the ship we should be able to surgically
    remove the ship before the partners have
    time to react what does that tell me
    about the targets I know them from the
    archive Zoe and Sofia's father is
    president of a powerful conservative
    think-tank one of Providence's prime

    Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

    assets the apples don't fall far from
    the tree
    no saint either according to ica files
    the twins a pampered socialites who get
    their kicks from treasure hunting
    commanding a band of trigger-happy
    mercenaries Zoe and Sophia
    the world and search for ancient relics
    with little regard to local culture or
    even human life they stop at nothing to
    claim their primes
    well collateral damage they may be but
    safe to say they have coming
    the isle of scale
    headquarters of the arc society
    founded by Janus in 1991 the OP society
    is the world's most exclusive club its
    plutocratic members fear the downfall of
    civilization and they are willing to pay
    huge sums to ensure their own survival
    once a year they gather here to shop the
    latest survival products and to showcase
    new initiatives and breakthroughs
    right the
    gatherings are shrouded in mystery so we
    have limited Intel and what to expect on
    the other side of the halls the
    Washington twins are hosting their first
    annual gatherings
    and the constant is known to attend
    beyond that
    I dare say you're going to need it
    one more I see won't you join us huh I
    see someone's in a hurry to get
    this symbolizes the collapse of
    civilization which the party
    interesting Zoe Washington is going to
    partake in a ceremony symbolizing the
    downfall of civilization from which the
    arc society will emerge unscathed
    apparently a giant Phoenix shaped effigy
    is set on fire with Zoe inside it well I
    suggest you locate this master of
    ceremonies who lights the fire 47 if

    Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

    this doesn't sound like an accident
    waiting to happen I don't know what does
    there's gotta be another token around
    what sort of a maniac would lock herself
    inside a burning effigy without proper
    but still you care something wrong
    I feel better
    seriously I'll pay me here in the math
    yourself multiple award-winning
    playwright and famously is part of my
    they won't hate it mr. Feniger it's just
    entertainment just give me a moment

    Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

    mr. fennec excellent the crowd was
    starting to get restless your peers are
    waiting by the stage
    a handsome pledged and yet a drop
    zowie Washington the arc society
    recognizes you as our founders rightful
    successor our inspiration our guiding
    light the custodian of our future
    excellent work for yourself enjoy the
    spotlight patrons of the Arts Society
    you are part of a selectively chosen few

    Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

    our founder Janus showed us how to
    survive but survival is not another we
    must live and we must soar the arc
    society must not only commit itself to
    survival but to progress be it our next
    home in the Stars or the next step in
    human evolution this is the eternal
    purpose of the elite not just a league
    but to lead from the front and the time
    comes and all comes tumbling down when
    mankind retreats once more in the caves
    of superstition we will keep the fire
    alight we will be the torch bearers the
    Trailblazers and pioneers do not feel
    guilty for your privilege be proud be
    fearless for the future is ours to shape
    take care sir look at you
    vinegar all dressed to kill
    as the world burns
    it's ashes not just to survive but to
    one target down nice work next up Sophia
    axel keep it warm in there
    your blake nathaniel right no they've
    called a recess fighting her tooth and

    Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

    nail huh
    wouldn't happen to be jebediah block the
    coal baron yeah well I happen to know
    he's so Sophia Washington has called a
    council meeting between the original
    five members of the arc society Sophia
    hopes to pass some sort of motion but
    she faced a stark opposition from
    ultra-conservative coal Baron jebediah
    block hmm I suggest you find mr. block
    while the council is still in recess 47
    I suspect the headstrong Sophia will not
    take kindly to dissidents and
    he's back hmm I'm sure I saw something
    yeah I'm just tired
    somebody in a steamer what's she up to
    this time
    miss Washington after due consideration
    I have revised my position I would like
    to support your motion well well look at
    you block finding your good sense in
    manners come on then I'll call a vote oh
    I knew you'd come around you're stubborn
    block but you're not a schmuck you know
    I'm right the analysts of my father's
    think-tank have been grinding the data
    for months and they are rarely wrong the

    Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

    Karuna agreement climate litigation we
    estimate that fossil fuel companies like
    yours have a decade at best before
    you're all resigned to the junkyard of
    but indeed for decades to come
    who cares hobble as long as you're the
    one getting paid ain't that the truth
    friends and founders the recess is over
    if you could just take three steps back
    I'd be elated friends and founders the
    recess is over
    well you've certainly placed yourself at
    the crossroads of history
    nicely done 47 let's reiterate for
    decades you the Titans of the energy
    industry have conspired to obscure the
    truth about climate change through
    lobbying misinformation and propaganda
    this strategy has been incredibly
    successful but all good things must come
    to an end it is time for you to adapt or
    ladies and gentlemen this is why our
    analysts have devised a 10-year
    transition plan to keep you in power
    play this right and you will not only
    thrive but this time you will be the
    good guys in other words you have
    nothing to lose so everyone in favor say
    hi-yah in a block silence is consent nay
    excuse me you heard me nay oh that's for
    eyes and one name jebediah block vetoes

    Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

    the motion this council is adjourned
    until further notice
    block a word upstairs right away please
    so are you gonna tell me what the hell
    you're playing at yes looking out for
    number one don't be an idiot there's no
    future in coal block you have one choice
    go green or go extinct now personally I
    don't give a [ __ ] if you go the way of
    the dodo but you are one of the parks
    society's biggest contributors we'd hate
    to lose your business besides if
    terrestrial cold goes under who will pay
    for your children's survival your
    after all nobody says disaster will
    strike in our lifetime you have a moral
    duty to stay rich block nice try but I
    don't have grandchildren you just had to
    make this difficult didn't you
    here's the deal block my family and I we
    serve a group of powerful individuals
    who prefer to stay anonymous letting the
    climate go to hell in a handbasket has
    served their interest well but only up
    to a point you see they are sitting on
    some patents that'll knock your socks
    off weather control systems recycling
    pollution as fuel cold fusion
    you name it and they plan to make
    trillions protecting the world from the
    very threat they worked so hard to
    create but to do so they need you guys
    to quite literally stop fighting
    windmills the truth at last and what's
    in it for jebediah Blanc
    gentlemen please give me in mr. block a
    I offered you a carrot now here's the
    stick we know about Montana the mine

    Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

    both targets down impressive work 47 and
    now to confront the constant mr. gray
    what's your status
    I'm at the helicopter but the place is
    crawling with security 47 you better
    bring the constant to one of the boats
    in the harbor where it's quiet you can
    use the kill switch to coerce
    the Washington's of death I have the
    kill switch what did you say how could
    you know about that you will head
    towards the harbour no sudden moves no
    signs or warnings
    I will trigger the device if I need to I
    know you the boy the picture you have
    his eyes what's assassin move
    partners no war I take it
    I had a notion something didn't sit
    right with my bent restrain murdered him
    idea to get to be not just that he had
    it coming
    interesting it was my impression that
    you were cured of such sentiment the
    good doctor built his serum specifically
    to target the seats of your emotions as
    Miss Byrd
    just keep walking
    like this I'm sure there must be a lot
    of for what it's worth Jada's always
    found art Meyers project distasteful not
    to mention inefficient but alas
    sometimes you have to play the hand
    you're dealt oh I know
    Sofia Washington is trying to persuade
    Genesis original five to embrace the
    Green Revolution bad

    Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

    I take it this is not an ICA sanctioned
    what exactly does miss Bern would plan
    to achieve by targeting your clients
    violating her own tone she's doing it
    how does a man Leave No Trace by not
    existing in the first place
    Lucas gray or was it subject 6 he died
    when the Institute went up in flames but
    no body was ever produced and unlike you
    his rage never faded now you want the
    partners the men behind the curtain who
    have caused you all this pain well
    before you go knocking down a wall you
    better make sure it's not load-bearing
    so this Danny yoga [ __ ] she's gotta be
    running and cycling
    stop play I need the four from
    enough talking you'll do a plan to get
    back later
    get on the boat

    Watch video from 195:00 - 198:00

    mr. Edwards still think this is
    maintenance Oh best burn wood what have
    you done changing horses midstream truly
    unprofessional you know what we want
    where is the carrot no carrot you're
    useless to the partners compromised even
    if we let you live you can never return
    why die protecting them when I can drag
    them down with me it's a bad hand but
    it's all you've got
    three families that's all it took the
    engrams the Carlisle's the Stuyvesant's
    three dynasties secretly pooling their
    resources over generations creating a
    singularity so dense that nothing
    escapes its gravity never heard of them
    well they've heard of you in fact you
    just became the top of their agenda go I
    can't give them time to retaliate don't
    take your eyes off him
    be careful
    well here we are again I must admit I am
    disappointed miss burn wood i had such
    big plans for you save it I know the
    truth now you're up late
    you have nothing left to bargain with
    you were so certain so sure of the
    people closest to you he never fails
    does he he never misses his mark
    you found a window into his past and yet
    something else remains hidden

    Watch video from 198:00 - 201:00

    a simple truth you learned long ago no
    one miss burn wood is untouchable

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