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    SearchThisVideo: HITMAN 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (PS4 PRO)

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    so I'm gonna start things off say you
    guys Rock
    been a great year 2018 we're finally
    kind of towards the end of all the
    gaming releases and hitman to our
    surprises came on after Red Dead 2 kind
    of mixing this in with that by the way
    so I'm not stopping either series any
    and all likes you drop on this greatly
    greatly appreciate I was gonna give away
    two copies of this game one for ps4 one
    for Xbox one if you want a chance to
    unsee that like the video leave a
    comment of when you found my youtube
    channel the ultimate question I can't
    want to show you how this game blends in
    I was given the early access to this by
    Warner Brothers surprisingly I didn't
    know I was gonna get it early but they
    hooked me up so thank you to them for I
    guess allow me to post early as well but
    anyways I wanted to show you guys
    something really quick so this is what
    the menu looks like so you can start up
    hitman 2 obviously and do the story
    which is what I'm gonna be doing in
    these videos I don't know if it's gonna
    be a long game or what but since the
    first game was episodic thought it was
    cool had any point during this game I
    can actually access the first game so
    like all the stuff I can go to that and
    if you want to like train it's the exact
    same prologue so it's like they somehow
    put the entire menu to where it accesses
    both games I've never seen a game do
    that before so I don't know if that's
    something new like that's like DLC but
    anyways I love you guys I wanted to show
    that off it's kind of different so
    alright let's do this the story so far
    agent 47 and his handler Diana burn
    would buy the world's top assassins
    working for the ICA when all of their
    recent missions turn out to be contracts
    for a shadow client things take an
    unexpected turn all their targets have
    been operatives in an invisible
    organization known as Providence
    Providence has infiltrated the highest
    echelon of power and secretly owns our
    world the shadow client wages a silent
    war against them and so the constant
    Providence's enigmatic controller seeks
    Dianna out his request track down and
    eliminate the shadow client in return he
    offers something irresistible the truth
    of 47s lost origins neither know that
    the man they hunt is 47s childhood
    and unlike 47 he remembers everything

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    oh wow you know this game I'm gonna tell
    you it looks really good I'm playing on
    that ps4 pro song no hostile presence
    Almer Enid's house is just at the beach
    our Intel indicates that she and her
    team are laying low most likely planning
    the militias next strike
    brainerd is one of the shadow clients
    top lieutenants and yet she's not a
    no yes anyway she's no doubt high on our
    clients list but for now it's
    information we seek infiltrate the house
    and get us a lead on the shadow client
    not forcing B&E 47 on my way
    alright search the house for Intel on
    the shadow client I don't know about you
    guys but normally beaches have at least
    some people on him even in nights like
    when I go to any kind of beach so it's
    kind of weird area discovered boathouse
    think about hitman games I played the
    first one it was like a burly it
    stretches out over several months of
    episodic releases and I loved it I loved
    the detail to each area now the game
    starts off obviously we're gonna have a
    more narrative probably a linear mission
    right here but I bet you the next one's
    gonna be we got the instinct oh look at
    this security camera right there so we
    got to be careful
    equip your pistol
    I'm so used to read that right now
    I thought the decent Swain security pig
    no sweat always equipped with multiple
    cameras placed around the perimeter I
    suggest you get rid of them 47 there's
    another one right here all right here we
    go yes
    visage is so weird it was like no recoil
    or anything it's like just perfect so
    alright so far so good
    we're going in we got here screwdriver
    alright should i I know you can flick
    coins to like cause distractions so
    unlock door oh you can get this it
    actually shows you like a silhouette of
    that though that's pretty cool alright
    look around dang we got us so we got to
    find a way let's go back outside I don't
    know if I need to actually crouch I feel
    like I don't need you this doesn't look
    suspicious at all
    okay find out one more wait can we use a
    lockpick on this let me double check
    missing okay we're missing it hmm
    all right well on that note I would just
    shoot the glass normally now why does
    that couch look like super expensive
    we're going into the garage there is no

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    other way it looks like what the hell is
    this man female early 30s executed I see
    them bastards
    looks like reynard's grisly handiwork
    all right she was never shy about
    collateral damage the owners don't think
    so the house is registered to a
    non-existing environmental NGO this
    feels more like identity theft like you
    Reynard is known to use disguises hmm
    keep looking 47 nothing we can do for
    these people now no that sucks
    or so much to explore in this little
    section all right let me just see what
    this is operations
    looks like research okay okay
    Berlin Shanghai okay kidnapping the
    boards hmm
    Shanghai every major malicious strike
    since Thomas crosses kidnapping
    looks like Reina I got so many items I
    don't think I need to pick up all these
    all in the past I'm afraid
    keep looking 47 know what these games
    always remind me of is the first Dead
    Rising game the first and second
    actually closed blinds oh that's kind of
    cool kind of creepy too
    like we got in through there can we
    unlock this from this side now or if
    it'll stay open if I need to escape
    apparently every so we need to Intel us
    let's go upstairs I don't feel like this
    much down here maybe what does this
    thing's it's the shutter thing as well
    yes close all the blinds you know just
    just in case I need to go on a murderous
    rampage in here it's like John wick oh
    here we go computer see if you can't
    access it
    search the computer encrypted hmm can I
    just shoot it there's a key Rayna
    wouldn't just leave it lying around
    wait according to the floorplan the room
    you're in should be a lot bigger there
    might be a concealed space behind the
    wall check I don't think I need my gun
    outside she says in case
    all right so let's go over there with
    Ikon is this hostile area hold on I
    don't like this so that little spot over
    there let's check everything else first

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    oh we got the picture hold on hold on so
    soon it should be interesting yeah look
    at all this here we go a dongle for the
    office computer no doubt this might
    actually be some good Intel right here
    hold on
    nicely dimples you Sirois they're
    getting caught on tape is the last thing
    we go check all these guns are totally
    using this if I have to hostile area I'm
    all crouched just in case I don't think
    I need to though
    I'm in hurry I'm detecting movement up
    the road a motorcade possibly rain arts
    uploading the data hold on receiving it
    now hmm nothing on the shadow client all
    the other cells no names no aliases I
    doubt she even knows whom she's working
    for wait here's something a message from
    Robert Knox of Kronstadt industries and
    by the sound of it he's a Providence
    operative a defector well well well
    client won't like this one bit and you
    can't wait to tell her they're back
    multiple hostiles I see them damn okay
    we've got hole we're going to get go to
    stage 247 eliminate Reynard and
    preferably without raising suspicion one
    step ahead of the shadow client for once
    let's keep it that way
    oh I thought the snow would never end
    what a snob fest and I even missed out
    on the action I'm sorry you'll have to
    enjoy all that to free champagne and
    cello music Orson what can I say you
    really took one for the tongue well I
    say stick to what you know well this is
    gonna be fun
    I gotta kill her all right so there's
    multiple [ __ ] I could hide there man I'd
    love to do here
    nice we could go back in the trap room
    right let's close it close that let's
    see I can all there's a sword right
    there holy [ __ ] that's so sick
    so they may not know about the trapdoors
    and stuff
    all right they move the bodies so mm let
    me use that
    there we go I remember all that from the

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    first game
    all right so I'm thinking let's see what
    this is unlocked Locker you know
    lockpick there's so many guards here
    so she's just like right over here I
    feel like I could probably sneak out
    there shoot her in the head and then get
    back all right so what I'll do what I'm
    making a ton of noise I'm just gonna
    like chill out I think there's a door
    over here let's see get that as well
    can I just shoot her chop it down
    well done 47 now get off the property
    we got two people over their bodies been
    found that's fine I think I can stay
    right here
    you know that was slick I just saw I
    just went through the garage and didn't
    really didn't really try to overthink it
    you know oh man we got people over there
    is there anybody to my rights I go down
    towards the beach I could just stay
    along the shoreline maybe but then again
    those guys are right there
    so I don't know oh [ __ ]
    this is gonna be bad
    long as I stay crouched I don't think
    they can see me in this so the mercs
    have discovered your boat 47 they're on
    high alert combing the beach for
    intruders proceed with caution
    what well obviously I can't get to the
    boat now oh [ __ ] this is a tight spot
    yeah this if I just up and kill the guy
    in front of me they're gonna probably
    notice it down there I need that guy
    this facing this way to turn around let
    me do this I have an idea
    so I can shoot this from a distance
    let's try that

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    all right that should give us enough far
    don't just don't be cutting through here
    everything's cool it says I'm concealed
    everything's fine there is a body right
    there I hope this guy doesn't see it
    alright I'm out of here
    they get safe to run now
    a hostile area no [ __ ] this the whole
    entire Beach has been like that all
    right that was pretty smooth I didn't
    didn't have a lot of problems with that
    hold on we got a thing we got a yeah
    push it
    all right the mastermind there's so many
    different things you can do challenge
    wise that's kind of what the replay
    value is mission rating three out of
    five I'll take fresh disguise guard
    headshot headshot I think if you take
    out all the guards it might actually I
    don't know that actually might be
    something off to it's all those games
    you replay a lot so
    well it's official
    New Zealand paid off the client has
    given us cock-block hunt down the
    militia by any means necessary a week
    ago in Providence was a threat how did
    you swing the board the board of
    practical people 47 a blank check is
    hard to turn down
    besides the shadow clients war on
    Providence is causing a global panic
    someone need to stop the militia might
    as well be us and the man on the train
    you never told them about his offer
    taking a contract for personal gain is
    against ICA regulations sodas would have

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    been proud it's not a sense of humor
    47 whatever next crying at the movies
    why are you doing this I know what it's
    like to have everything taken from you
    it claims to know about your past no
    childhood your memories everything or
    Maya stole from you and you trust him
    about as far as I can throw him but this
    is our best lead in 20 years I say it's
    time we break a few calls
    our guys about to start the finish line
    which is the second mission I think you
    can actually access all the stuff in the
    game like from the beginning so well
    that was kind of cool all right let's do
    this guy's good afternoon your
    destination is the annual global
    innovation motor race in Miami Florida
    after analyzing the data from reynard's
    computer the case is clear the
    providence defectors are Robert and
    Sierra Knox head of robotics developer
    Kronstadt industries a visionary
    inventor and technological innovator
    Robert Knox has spearheaded Kronstadt
    industries to the bleeding edge of
    technological development his equally
    brilliant daughter Sierra is not only a
    financial wizard but also a fiercely
    competitive race car driver with a fiery
    temper to match
    Crom stirrer enjoys enormous popularity
    with global consumers however few are
    aware that the company is also one of
    the world's leading suppliers of next
    gen military tech last year despotic
    ruler jinpu employed prototype Kronstadt
    drones against peaceful civilian
    protesters in the now-infamous chun-yin
    valley institute and although it has yet
    to be proven there is little doubt that
    the Knox's personally brokered the deal
    making them complicit in a war crime it
    is unclear why the novices would betray
    their masters but likely the fear of
    being next put on the shadow clients hit
    list has pressured them to cut a deal
    with the enemy undoubtedly with
    Kronstadt industries on their side the
    militia will increase their attacks
    and so our contract obligates us to
    retire Robert and Sierra knots and
    contain the damage they may inflict on
    I will leave you to prepare
    all right we got we got two targets I'm
    gonna go ahead and look at the
    challenges right now I'm just curious
    what we potentially could do in this
    mission there's so many ways to do
    different things you got podium
    pyrotechnics okay don't push Robert

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    because he's too close to it he might
    lose his head under the sea okay so you
    can have the giant shark fall on top all
    pink Menace elevator shafts hotshot
    Florida Diet what is that oh wow
    poisoned food don't drink and drive
    lethal poison in the trophy wow this
    missions gonna be amazing
    there's so much you can do I mean I
    think there's only one way to kill him
    you know Days of Thunder hold on blowing
    up a card in those deaths deaths so sick
    a tree falls on the Apple well well time
    to push you can get both of them oh man
    sniping while they're doing the race and
    paranoid android using the android that
    is so sick guys all right well sorry's
    planning ghosts smuggled item what all
    do we have nothing there let's see so
    you can pick different starting points I
    guess you have to get oh that's what
    happens after you beat it once you
    unlock another area you got to get your
    mastery level up okay that's what that
    thing is on the bottom right see where
    it says level 1 speaking of the game so
    all right let's do this all right
    without with a guide active what is this
    I don't want guidance I mean I guess
    maybe if it's showing me like things
    that they've added to the game I'll just
    see what it does shouldn't take away
    from anything
    welcome to Miami 47 the innovation race
    is on its last day and it is down to the
    thousands of eager fans are gathered for
    the final laps of this unexpectedly
    close race
    Sierra norc's is expertly piloting her
    red Kronstadt car her father Robert Knox
    roams the nearby expo building where
    Kronstadt is showcasing its new
    prototype car
    the Kronstadt RK mark 3 has seen fierce
    competition from the Chinese Kowloon
    Heavy Industries new racer Moses leave
    CEO of Tarun has taken a dominant lead
    and looks invincible
    well Val just begins pretty sure this

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    game uses exact same engine hey there's
    the little bird up but we can't see good
    I love that this game is just I know
    what it is but they the way they do it
    what does this guy get hold on
    I feel like I just snatched that of his
    hands he kind of gave me a look
    afterwards did anything get frist it's
    fine men
    thank you
    to be over in no time I'm not gonna
    knock anybody out
    okay let's go sir thank you Chris past
    sick are so much going on in this game
    I'm just like taking it all in
    it's my first time playing this game
    obviously so it's like it's kind of
    something that I was looking forward to
    for the longest time I know that even if
    it only had like five missions
    throughout the entire game we know that
    there's so many ways to do stuff just a
    lot of fun all right
    the sexy go over there with the icon is
    let me check something really quick
    Intel I don't see anything oh there's
    something's back there what is that oh
    it's just water all the different things
    you can interact with art with its
    restrooms right here I know what's in
    there hold on you never know right
    overflow the sink that's like the exact
    same thing you could do in the first
    game every right drown someone in a
    toilet one time
    there's one of the people I've seen the
    distance all right must be the guy I bet
    you this game is like crazy for
    speedruns can you can you imagine
    somebody might beat this entire game or
    is gonna beat it like an hour
    little bit constructive criticism you
    can use on my me just chillin this guy
    this first part might be kind of long I
    just you know it's just like the
    red.that stuff where I wanted to get up
    like a long part for the beginning of
    the game so I really appreciate anything
    off support you drop on this you're
    getting points just for discovering
    stuff this guy needs to go to the
    bathroom like ASAP come on take a left
    you know what I'm gonna leave this guy
    alone mission story revealing what we

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    got back here anything he actually might
    go to one of these porta-potties hold on
    her she's on the act in the actual car
    so I wonder how you would snipe Bob
    you'd have to find a sniper rifle that
    pit crew has quit the team in protest
    and grace Miller the ballbuster chief
    mechanic is in critical need of a
    replacement why don't you step in and
    offer your services 47 you're good with
    a wrench
    see unexpectedly uh quit the team
    I'm gonna follow this guy we got right
    over there [ __ ] guys myself
    art I need to move him
    problem is I don't think you can store
    them right there so yeah about that
    oh wait possums
    there's no way to just stand them up in
    the stall or whatever it's so weird you
    can't do that well hopefully nobody
    comes back here cuz we're just gonna
    leave that like it is that guy's right
    there I don't oh I could put him there
    but the problem is this guy's in the way
    and there's people around so you know
    look how nasty that is is that for ice
    looks weird
    all right hopefully that guy never moves
    hopefully nobody else ever comes back
    here even if somebody finds him it
    really doesn't matter
    medical staff only all right so what we
    could potentially do this might be our
    chance to sabotage the car if she stops
    for gas on the track maybe yeah cuz you
    can see in the distance way out there
    I don't know if they're gonna stop me
    right there
    Yodas mission is huge
    yeah Trevor Jones just wants to put
    californee behind him and get on the
    stand where we would like to sabotage it
    I wonder if her let's go back to the
    front area the felt like we'd get to him
    before we could get to her
    I could go up top maybe there's like a
    walkway up top I'll see that icon way
    over there maybe I can sneak through oh

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    this person's gonna notice me I think I
    may go around
    this is a nice little section to run
    through all this space so I'm talking
    about he doesn't really care if I walk
    through here that person over there I
    gotta watch out for there's another
    person in here they can spot me
    well we're in the right area
    this is definitely how it's about to go
    down guys this would be a fun game to
    stream I feel like cuz you know
    everybody's like picking what to do next
    oh [ __ ]
    so we got one person in there that would
    actually know okay so I'm gonna wait for
    this person and go back up or go go back
    around so I mean then I can walk through
    unless they don't move thing is I have
    no items on me which is fine we're good
    well I don't know is that other person I
    mean they don't have a dot yet okay we
    should be fine
    security room with the hell's back here
    don't need to be back there mmm server
    I'm like nervous I thought I was gonna
    get spotted there for a minute
    so you can like conceal items I think
    that's one of the cool things I didn't
    do the tutorial for this games I'm
    guessing it's the exact same as last
    time but you can actually store stuff
    what it's downstairs paid garage is
    perfect as long as my pit crew doesn't
    like recognize me for something else
    that's the thing I got off this guy's so
    we're escorted by a security camera
    that's fine these are some big boxes my
    goodness guys I got the wrench talk to

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    the chief mechanic it's got to be
    somebody that doesn't have the dot over
    maybe it's her
    I suppose I am you you're the junior
    slip wrench you got into yesterday right
    those are great this is your lucky day
    do well and there's a boat got it got it
    all right everyone look alive and get to
    your stations
    Sierra may come in from last minute pit
    stop and I need
    alright I'm gonna loosen that up oh [ __ ]
    it's about to go down guys oh my god
    thick target down
    next up Robert milks and no one bats an
    eye that's so sick
    oh man I got it I would I wrecked the
    car and everything hell yeah alright
    let's uh get the last person and get out
    of here problem is with that that's like
    on a whole nother section so I wonder
    how you get both of them
    on a security guy there
    it's person up top for some reason
    alright so they're way out in the
    distance over there so what I'm gonna do
    I'm ahead that way no I can't believe I
    got that like first try without getting
    spotted everything that was so six and I
    fell sick that was like I as soon as I
    saw that challenge I really wanted to do
    that I just didn't think I would be able
    to okay how do I get across it's like a
    whole other building over there maybe
    it's in the underground area hold on it
    was a parking garage maybe it connects
    let's go back maybe it like goes under
    the both like both areas maybe been
    recorded by a security camera I don't
    really care
    that's fine oh this must be how you get
    the other outfit
    nice oh me now ready to play around
    yeah after the race no guy in steal is
    flamingo outfit
    now our final car keys yeah I know it's
    done I think I lost him in the scuffle

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    but the real Mexico is still over there
    bye-bye money no need to figure
    something out
    talk soon
    what is that over there
    sure I guess I bet you this is how you
    would exit the map - like after you beat
    that over there their little van okay I
    know why this what is this van look so
    incriminating evidence kill what so that
    guys right above me somewhere yeah there
    is all right let me give him his keys
    back but I got that evidence now so
    maybe he'll
    I just grabbed some evidence off of him
    so I don't know what happens now all
    right so this guy I think he's just
    right over in there so we got to find a
    way I don't think this is the best
    outfit so I'll probably gonna get a
    different one mm a lot of just so if you
    just discover the area oh so fun facts I
    actually got my dog chubs from Miami
    Florida I actually flew there together
    he's uh I remember it too it was the
    week of I want to say it was the NBA
    Finals when LeBron was with Miami
    I'm not even [ __ ] you like probably
    the worst time to fly there because it
    was so busy you know we got here hold on
    opportunity wait was there just like a
    icon there blend in I don't know I'm not
    gonna worry about that little icon we
    did the one thing I wanted to do I don't

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    care how we take out this other guy we
    can actually head over there though
    there's some steps I'm guessing you go
    through the front of the building
    probably need a different outfit though
    I actually feel like my other one
    Kronstadt is very likely
    I got the incriminating evidence so I
    wonder if he lets me in no no no problem
    we're good oh [ __ ] I've been recorded no
    mechanics are walking through here today
    sorry strict security policy guys I've
    made my choice I want to try to take out
    Roberts knocks over here with the
    androids so I went to the menu and I
    chose this the new army I'm guessing
    that's how you get it done so I don't
    know I killed the other person in a
    really cool way so I thought I want to
    kind of go big or go home on these
    Android arms are we ready saw that
    earlier partner gonna be some cut
    editing here and there on this video
    just simply because there's so much to
    take in not want to take a whole like
    over an hour of just me running around
    aimlessly since I'm just kind of I don't
    know we'll see what happens video could
    be super long though all right let's see
    what this says this is the start of that
    little story arc that is Ted Mendez one
    of the country's most influential
    military grade money men this must be
    connected to Kronstadt
    Phil it's Ted here just returning your
    call before heading over to the expo
    building to meet Knox for the new combat
    Android presentation go yeah I'm letting
    him stew with it guys a genius and you
    know what their life has put me lacking
    respect for other
    last time I tried to have a meeting with
    him he had me sitting in a room for four
    hours before canceling
    I'll head up I feel like
    I I'll call you after the presentation
    speak debtor
    todd mendes a defense funding consultant
    with the US military is scheduled for a
    private demonstration of a new Kronstadt
    robotics project sounds like a way to
    get up close and personal with Robert
    Knox 47 so I gotta take this fool out
    I'm guessing when he gets around the
    corner let me see what's around here
    is there nothing back here I don't see
    any people
    can I go back here I wonder I'm

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    technically trespassing which is fine
    there's nobody around so what I could do
    is just I wonder if he'll they'll come
    that's hilarious you need to show
    yourself stop it
    I guess we're good well here we go the
    military man I approached the reception
    this might be a pretty easy when that
    guy's gonna spot him totally
    he's already headed that way we're good
    mr. Mendez it's good to see you sir the
    demonstration is scheduled to take place
    on the upper floors please feel free to
    use the stairs right over there
    is this give me that key card I love you
    you can just take somebody's key card
    right in front of the person locate the
    executive floor guessin that's back here
    where I was trying to go up the steps
    that's the only place I know that I
    could have went all right let's see if
    this is gonna stay I'm trespassing I
    don't think it does that's fine don't
    mind me just chilling art attend the
    demonstration war is going out of
    fashion it's dirty it's just plain bad
    PR nobody wants to exchange their
    children and loved ones for flags and
    medals anymore the glory is God Ted
    but luckily Kronstadt has the solution
    for that imagine this Android
    infiltrators operating in the field he
    disguised and fully embedded ready to
    strike at a moment's notice
    indestructible robotic operators who can
    infiltrate the deepest sanctuary
    striking an unseen fatal blow a surgical
    tool for a blunt world imagine an army
    of them fully equipped Android medics
    seeking out wounded servicemen and
    injured civilians bringing them to
    safety or patching them up then in their
    Android pilots delivering payloads deep
    inside enemy territory
    with uncanny precision and minimal

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    collateral damage
    all right Mendez it's very
    straightforward let me show you I just
    pick any other pictures on the desk then
    I use the scanner to upload the
    biometric data and Palace will do the
    rest art I picked up being obviously the
    final system won't rely on you manually
    feeding a biometric data this is still a
    prototype this is a pivotal moment a
    palace is entirely foolproof all you
    need is to pick a photo from the table
    and scan it just like I showed you it's
    perfectly safe
    go ahead there's the thing I have a B
    and C I feel like B is closest to him
    well how's that for aggressive amazing I
    know I just think how much more we can
    accomplish together my brains your money
    the sky's the limit here my friend mmm I
    don't know maybe I'm old-fashioned I
    still prefer the human touch you're part
    of an old institution and you prefer the
    traditional approach I respect I but
    like it or not this is the future you're
    looking at autonomous synthetic systems
    will entirely remove human agents from
    direct engagement I guarantee this thing
    will absolutely murder anything you put
    it up against sounds promising
    so mr. Mendez impressive so far yeah let
    me quickly show you our on-site robotics
    lab it's small but state-of-the-art and
    it's fully mobile so you can deploy it
    anywhere oh hold on photo of Robert Knox
    collecting pictures of celebrity
    entrepreneurs now 47 hmm what are you
    thinking let's try something really
    it wasn't say I'm ready for another
    demonstration please excellent let me
    just call mr. Knox and bring him down
    here so I now have a photo of him I
    wonder if that's gonna be how I do it
    oh it's about be sick it's Derek
    Mendez is ready for round two the good
    thing about this is they can't really
    pin it on me since it's his own like
    creation and all that nice coming back

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    all right well at least we get to kill
    them with the Android I was kind of
    worried like how if I'm gonna do these
    missions just once for the you know
    videos I'm gonna try to get the ones
    that I want to actually do I guess as
    far as assassination attempts all right
    demonstrate me fast let me give you the
    rundown again
    all you need is to pick the photo from
    the table and scan it just like I showed
    it's perfectly safe go ahead head for an
    exit and we'll speak again soon
    well [ __ ] that was hilarious the fact
    that I was able to do that though I was
    worried I was like at first I went in
    there and I was like wait a minute how
    do I you know cuz there's no photo of
    him anywhere then I found that magazine
    and you just ripped the page oh that's
    ah we took out both targets any kind of
    a I guess chill fashion really can you
    go out this way I think you can just
    connect yeah it does how convenient guys
    I really thank you guys for watching
    this uh watching it's not a word thank
    you guys for watching this first long
    part I don't know many parts this game's
    gonna be I mean it probably was gonna be
    like a handful cuz there's only a
    certain amount of missions but men
    hitting all like she drop on this
    greatly greatly appreciate this was a
    lot of fun to make and I'm really
    excited to see what this story goes I'll
    see what happens
    all right mission story complete so we
    got him to check out the car we got the
    new army whose assess about Android we
    did a lot of stuff surprisingly for our
    first time doing it got a lot of xp for
    that as well
    nice the military man got a lot of
    different key cards got the black Mel
    nice twenty six thousand extra that
    shouldn't Frank us up once we did three
    of the seven mission stories you can't
    do all at once I don't think never raked
    up how many times oh my goodness
    yo that was sick reached Miami level

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    five oh that's how you so you can't do
    certain challenges the first time now we
    could go back and use a sniper and take
    her out while she's driving
    now we got a lot of stuff marina
    starting different different like the
    locations can be different all right um
    pretty in pink I'm guessing they're just
    different mission stories you can do
    Jack hi
    we're bleeding operatives panic is
    spreading and now we are Xing our own
    narcs was a trader he would have caused
    in one syllable damage and he won't be
    the last
    this is exactly what the enemy wants we
    need to fight the sickness not the
    symptom and I have just the tool for the
    job right the burn wood woman Eric's
    odors warned you about her didn't he
    that Crusader I can handle this burn
    everyone hates power until you offer
    them some I see a speaks the enemy's
    language we need them and once we don't
    we'll cross that bridge when we get
    there fact remains we are shadowboxing
    we need to know who we are up against
    I was getting to that
    his name is Lucas gray the late mr.
    Cobbs head of security Cobb was ground
    zero first of our operatives to die it
    had to be one of his staff someone with
    military training and access to the
    grasping at straws Rey is a mercenary a
    veteran of every backwater tragedy
    you've ever ignored on the 5 o'clock
    Chechnya Sierra Leone the list goes on
    but before 89 nothing no records of any
    kind come on CIA KGB plenty of spies
    went dark after the curtain was lifted
    I cast a very wide net Lucas grace
    simply does not exist
    hmm if you're all quite done wetting
    yourselves with excitement I couldn't
    give two shits where he came from I only
    want to know one thing how does he know
    about us

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    I swear to god this hearts and flowers
    crap will get us both killed
    can't you see your so-called friend is
    working for them now he's not the man
    you knew is his fight even if he doesn't
    realize it
    like it or not 47 is our last and only
    lead on the partners he needs to
    he's coming for us and unlike you he
    won't hesitate just get me inside this
    Rica I need a favor

    Hitman 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Review, Intro and Campaign Main Mission 1 for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. My Hitman 2 Gameplay ...


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