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    agent 47 and diana burnwood are the
    world's top assassins
    working for the ica unknowingly they
    have been hired by a shadow client to
    target a number of operatives of
    a secret organization working in the
    highest echelons of power
    providence's controller the constant
    approaches diana and makes her a deal
    eliminate the shadow client and learn
    about 47's past
    but when 47 discovers that the shadow
    client is lucas
    grey his lost childhood friend
    he and diana switch sides to fulfill an
    old pact
    destroy providence
    together they managed to capture the
    constant forcing him to reveal the
    identities of the three
    providence partners eliminate them
    and the war would be over
    however the constant has an ace up his
    look closer
    in the shadows behind the everyday world
    beyond the headlines and the seats of
    a hidden hand
    a kind of company known as
    to it we were just assets
    to use and throw away
    to do the unthinkable the unforgivable
    and it never gave us a second thought
    until now after decades in the shadows
    we are fighting back me
    and 47 much has been lost
    but we are closer than ever
    we trapped the constant providence's
    controller and finally learnt the names
    of its three partners
    in their and lay the past to rest
    and just maybe
    look towards the future
    it's time

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    the partners are down there you know
    i never planned this fire ahead
    you never do i see someone got his
    memory back
    wait is that a beacon
    and the hell bass alexa carlisle's
    just took off confirmed target
    location's over
    diana that's the status
    right we have a situation carlyle has
    left the building
    and i think i know why the constant has
    he persuaded one of the sailors into
    setting him free and since then he's
    been seizing control of providence
    assets and resources
    i can only assume carlisle is rushing to
    contain the damage
    if she slips away again we'll keep track
    of her
    make sure she doesn't meanwhile the plan
    stays the same
    your destination is the scepter the
    world's tallest building where the
    partners are laying low
    courtesy of their host sheikh omar
    marcus stuyvesant is fifth generation
    old money
    his family made its fortune in real
    estate and banking and were at one point
    the chief land owners in new york
    carl ingram is a powerful washington
    king maker whose family grew rich
    selling gunpowder during the american
    civil war and later
    established a globe-spanning empire in
    oil coal
    and steel both families long since
    retreated from public view
    but their quiet yours to this day
    now the partners likely suspect that
    we're coming
    so mr gray will infiltrate building
    controls and disable
    all electronic doors and elevators
    stuyvesant and ingram are about to find
    they have nowhere left to run
    right this is our moment 47
    providence ruined our lives with the
    flick of a pen
    today is the inauguration of the scepter
    and the ceremony is well underway
    you will find marcus stuyvesant near the
    building's signature art installation
    while a paranoid carl ingram has
    ensconced himself in his penthouse suite
    security on highest alert
    mr gray is already in position and ready
    to assist
    good luck 47 47
    come in 47 do you copy i'm here are you
    in position
    i'm heading towards the point of entry
    good get back to me when you're there

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    locked 47 use your camera and scan the
    lock will you
    i think i can override the windows
    controls from here
    i'm in position 47 the inauguration is
    taking place
    close by once you've infiltrated it get
    your bearings
    i'm sure there must be floor plans
    somewhere understood we need absolute
    focus on this one
    if ingram and stuyvesant are alerted to
    our presence we may lose them for good
    we are so close 47. don't worry
    they're not going anywhere
    welcome welcome hello
    good to see you how lovely to see so
    many friendly and familiar faces here
    now this has been a dream of mine for a
    great many years
    and as all of you know i am from one of
    less privileged sides of the respectful
    ghazali family but with a
    small loan from my father i soon built
    up a construction empire that was
    worthy of the great al ghazali legacy
    so i would like to thank my cousins
    without whose friendship and influence
    thank you i'm proud to yet again
    immortalize our great family name
    but most importantly this building
    is for all the people
    the tallest building in the world
    so i'm humbly proud to open the birds
    now deciding

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    listen i want to talk to the partners
    make them understand why all of this is
    and that terminal gives me an idea
    there's a server room near the sheik's
    personal reception if you can gain
    access to it we might be able to recover
    useful intel from it
    you'll have to work together to hack the
    system but it's our best
    it looks like the staff area could
    provide you with a viable route to the
    server room
    there's a keypad lock on the doors to
    the staff area
    one moment all right try this
    four seven zero six
    there's quite a bit of security here one
    you ready for some more fresh air 47
    there we go
    believe james called in sick
    i think i can open that window remotely
    scan the lock with your camera and i'll
    have a try
    come on

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    why not what a freaking waste of time
    is reaching out to his worldwide network
    of lawyers and financial contacts
    attempting to restore the lost power
    base of the providence partners
    if ingram and stuyvesant were asked to a
    thinking they'll be told of new
    developments i suspect they
    jump at the charts there's a lounge area
    at the top of the building
    it can be sealed off for private
    conversations if we lure the targets
    they'll be trapped
    the server room should be behind one of
    the doors in this hallway
    oh [ __ ] i'm just gonna get the um
    hmm a calendar function we can use this
    to summon the partners to a fake meeting
    all right i'm no hacker like olivia but
    i think you need to pull one of the
    racks here to gain access to the
    damn it a silent alarm has been shipped
    security is on its way
    hide 47

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    everything looks just fine oh damn my
    tea guys are stupid
    i'm sick of coming down here
    sister online
    yes sorry about that 47 let's try again
    shall we
    ah i think i've got it we'll need a key
    card to gain access
    someone in maintenance should have one
    we can borrow for a spell
    i thought about what you said yeah i
    changed my mind
    and people tend to stay out of that room
    anyways so no one will get hurt
    that must have done something can you
    see anything different
    in the room
    good we're in now all you need to do is
    access the terminal and use the calendar
    option to summon the providence partners
    to a meeting
    good work the meeting has been booked
    the partners should be moving up here
    looks like the lounge can be sealed off
    for private conversations
    excellent i see the partners moving you
    should join their meeting
    time to end this 47. cameras are showing
    a lot of guards up here
    they wouldn't suspect one of their own
    no need to panic

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    are you on duty tomorrow yeah why
    just wondered if you got the briefing on
    the lockdown drill tomorrow
    i got it i'll get issued one tomorrow
    you know how it works because i don't
    it's easy
    two of us are stationed up here and
    below by the card reader
    we get an alert we both swipe our cards
    and bingo
    lock down well what if the other guard
    is using the bathroom well it's time so
    if that should happen
    i should be able to run down and
    activate the other swipe as well
    but i guess that will need a little
    now we'll just wait for the partners to
    be alone
    then you can activate the room's
    lockdown feature
    where's the chic it's a busy day for it
    surely we can give him a few moments
    do your departments are alone now i'll
    activate the panel controlling the
    room's security features
    when you're ready use it to start the
    show these people will have
    multiple scenarios ready for us very
    which reminds me
    what's this carl did you do that i
    certainly did not
    i have no idea what's going on
    what's the meaning of this you you're
    the one responsible for all this
    gray what do you want something that has
    been a long time view
    then revenge
    oh okay well done i guess
    finally stuyvesant and ingram are gone
    providence will soon be no more than a
    bad memory
    47. thank you
    i'll meet you at the rendezvous on the
    edge of town
    are you kidding me

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    if that's your winning face i'd hate to
    see you lose
    we underestimated the constant now he's
    the glorified desk cluck
    he's not just after the money he wants
    it all
    we caught him once we can do it again
    well we're not the ones who let him
    escape you still don't trust her
    i don't like executive decision makers
    look you don't have to follow her
    you know soon this will be over
    maybe it's time to think about the
    future you have to face the possibility
    that there's no going back
    if the ica knows what you did she'll
    make it right
    she always does we have a fix on
    come on we've got a plane to catch
    i hope you like the rain 47.
    how did you i have everyone's number you
    really ought to know by now
    you planned this all of it
    don't be silly i just played the hand i
    was dealt
    we'll find you you had me
    where'd that get you we handed you an
    empire it's for the best the partners
    were complacent
    set in their ways but power is more than
    just security
    providence can be an agent of change
    surely you understand or you will
    soon enough
    she came home
    carlisle's lost an empire you fall hard

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    you tend to be reminded of what truly
    so the end of the line you ready for
    are you who will you be
    without a score to settle
    i guess the world's most wanted fugitive
    will have to do
    alexa carlisle is dead according to the
    funeral invitation that is
    so naturally it caused quite a stir when
    the late matriarch turned up at the
    breakfast table
    alive and kicking carlisle wisely
    sensing that her number is up
    has emerged from exile to tie up loose
    ends and secure the carlisle legacy
    she may be a monster but you have to
    admire her due diligence
    carlisle descends from an ancient line
    of warrior aristocrats
    her great-grandfather made a killing in
    the second opium war and established an
    empire in shipping
    railroads and newspaper publishing while
    largely unknown to the public
    the family still asserts its quiet
    dominance over global transport and
    media and technology most senior of the
    alexa carlisle is cold as ice tough as
    and sharp as a razor incidentally
    it was her late father who first brought
    the three families together after the
    end of world war ii
    at this very house meaning that this
    is the birthplace of providence
    it began here and it ends here
    talk about poetic one more thing
    according to our intel carlisle keeps a
    case file on the constant
    information that may be helpful in his
    recapture so don't leave the estate
    without it
    right happy hunting 47
    see you on the other side
    thornbridge manor the carlisle family's
    home for countless generations
    the revenant alexa carlisle and her
    three adult children
    younger brother zachary grandson and
    are all gathered to conduct carlisle's
    sham funeral
    curiously carlisle summoned a famous
    london pi
    soon after arriving this morning but his
    purpose at thornbridge is yet unclear
    now the target knows that you're coming
    and her guard detail is
    top notch so mr gray will secure their
    nearby field hq and intercept all calls
    going in and out of the estate
    any appeal for backup is going to fall
    on very deaf ears
    good luck gentlemen

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    this is the private area phineas whitman
    private investigator
    i have an appointment with madame
    carlisle please wait
    mr whitmer is here to see madame
    you can go writing
    that is phineas whitmer the famous
    private investigator
    hired by madame carla this morning i'm
    curious why he's here
    maybe you should do some detecting
    yourself 47.
    a famous private investigator summoned
    by alexa carlyle
    has arrived at thornbridge manor if you
    take his place
    it may be an opportunity to get close to
    madame carlisle
    what was that noise
    oh man
    maybe it was just a poltergeist nope
    mr whitmer thank god you're here can i
    take you to madame carlisle
    yes please if you'd follow me
    i know i ought to say anything but i'm
    so relieved you're here
    everything's just so strange preparing
    for madame's funeral and then she turns
    up alive
    but then the awful business with her
    brother zachary and
    and all this security i've never seen
    the place guarded like this and
    and i dare say i don't like it at all
    this is what i mean
    you have to be patted down before you
    see madame carlile inside
    you want to get past me i have to frisk
    you first that's not open for discussion
    let me just pad you down here
    thank you

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    hey how are you mr whitmer thank you for
    coming on such short notice
    a great tragedy has fallen upon us and i
    need a quick resolution
    handled with absolute discretion
    results and discretion are my speciality
    very well i suppose you will want to
    start at the crime scene
    in my experience a thorough examination
    of a potential crime scene
    is half the job done good fernsby will
    take over from here
    i am mr fensbeer the butler madam
    carlisle has asked me to assist you in
    any way possible
    mr whitmer i understand that you've
    travelled from london
    would you give us some refreshments or
    do you prefer to go straight to mr
    zachary's sleeping quarters
    i prefer to get started as you wish if
    you follow me sir
    i feel obliged to point out the current
    affairs surrounding madame carlisle
    are of a delicate nature you may be
    familiar with the recent announcement of
    her death
    you will probably learn that the staged
    funeral is
    scheduled to take place tomorrow madam's
    children were not informed until this
    morning that their mother was in fact
    not dead
    looking good today sir so please bear
    with them if they seem affected by the
    rather unusual
    situation i trust i do not need to
    remind you
    that there will be consequences if word
    gets out that madam carlisle is still
    i'll consider her dead when i leave
    before you inspect the crime scene i
    will tell you this
    the case concerns the death of mr
    zachary madame carlisle's younger
    he was found dead in his bed this
    the door was locked from the inside and
    a suicide letter was found in his room
    however madam carlisle suspects foul
    and will not accept that he took his own
    life i've prepared some information
    for you so please do come and see me
    when you finish your investigation of
    the crime scene
    this is mr zachary's room to my right
    a lock to room murder mystery 47 i trust
    you'll get to the bottom of this
    a hidden door it's a secret passage
    this could explain how the door was
    locked from the inside

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    hmm a photocopy of the floor plans
    somebody's been researching the secret
    ins and outs of thornbridge manor
    zachary's suicide note also
    a sample of handwriting it could be
    relevant to compared to other samples to
    establish its authenticity
    zachary was shopping for new wellingtons
    last night
    not exactly what you would expect from
    someone suicidal
    why don't you use your camera to scan
    the dead body 47
    throat markings indicate a rare
    short-lived plant poison killed him
    spread shows time of death at around 10
    o'clock last night
    you do know your poison's 47.
    i believe you've done a thorough search
    of the crime scene 47.
    maybe it's time to see the butler i'm
    curious about the information he's
    prepared for you
    mr fernsby i'm done with the crime scene
    did you establish a time of death
    zachary died around 10 o'clock last
    night that means the staff were off duty
    and madame carlisle and her security
    didn't arrive until this morning
    that leaves madam's family and myself
    as the only persons here when he died
    and before you ask
    no i do not have an alibi
    i was alone in my office at the time of
    here's the material that i've prepared
    for you it's a list of the possible
    suspects and their quarters
    hopefully that will help you keep track
    of your findings please come and see me
    when you've solved the case
    and i will take you to madame carlisle
    so how does one solve a murder mystery
    motive means an opportunity i believe
    may i suggest you ask the suspects for
    or perhaps do you prefer searching the
    manor for clues first

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    so how long have you been working here
    about a month now you're american
    on earth eating this [ __ ] a girl
    like you belongs in clubs in london
    i bet you're a great dancer i don't like
    dancing what about restaurant sin
    you like food i know some great places
    you should come visit i'll take you
    really nice spend a few bucks a girl
    like you
    deserves that i don't know
    patrick carlisle can you tell me where
    you were
    yesterday evening [ __ ] it's that sneaky
    butler isn't it
    he ratted me out elaine
    give us some privacy would you
    don't tell mother okay she's really
    tense these days and the last thing i
    need is more hassle
    i took that pretty blonde um rosie
    uh for an evening stroll i mean
    how the [ __ ] am i expected to go for an
    entire weekend in this [ __ ] i'm
    bored out of my mind
    if that's all i think i'll get back to
    my slow death by boredom
    pacing for god's sake emma why don't we
    get any kind of explanation
    it's bloody rude that's what it is
    making us
    come here to play funeral and then show
    up like nothing's the least bit strange
    oh don't get your knickers all twisted
    i'm telling you she's not
    fit to be in charge anymore
    emmer carlin can you tell me where you
    were yesterday evening
    surely i'm not a suspect i need to
    account for everyone
    well i spent the evening with my family
    but i got an awful migraine
    and had to take to bed everyone can
    attest to that
    i believe i went up when the boys sat
    down for a drink around
    eight o'clock anything else you want to
    how did you feel about zachary i might
    as well be honest
    his presence was always awkward how do
    you have a meaningful conversation with
    a man who only
    cares about plants in my opinion alexa
    bears some responsibility for how this
    she supported his self-limiting behavior
    by letting him
    live here is that all have you noticed
    anything else out of the ordinary
    nothing special comes to mind except
    perhaps i did get a feeling that zachary
    was depressed
    not just sad i suppose he realized that
    he had no one with alexa gone

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    even alexa must feel the pangs of guilt
    over that one
    letting him believe she was dead then
    guilt isn't her strong suit
    gregory carlisle can you tell me where
    you were
    yesterday evening oh you're wondering
    about my alibi mr detective
    well um i left thornbridge around
    half eight for a pint with edward i wish
    i hadn't
    quiz night at the inn on the other hand
    staying here with
    zachary my obnoxious sister and the wife
    sporting another one of her headaches
    would have been a fate worse than death
    the the short of it zachary was very
    much alive
    when we left i stayed for the last shout
    and i was
    back here just before midnight was that
    not very thorough are you tell me about
    zack such a sad old sod
    a bit heavy on the bottle but you could
    blame him
    the only company he had was his rare
    plants and mother
    who travels more than she stays here
    honestly i can't say which is the bigger
    he's better off dead anything else you
    want to pry from my
    intricate intellect anything else you'd
    like to tell me
    nothing really i'm just enjoying the
    our perfect mother obviously [ __ ] up
    didn't she
    faking her own death you know she's
    nothing to us i think she's scared to
    own up to her own mistake
    professor edward carlisle can you tell
    me your whereabouts for last night
    oh yes this dreadful business with
    i stay at the local inn you see i prefer
    not to spend the night here at
    thornbridge manor
    my brother gregory came along for a
    nightcap he
    never it but i think he understands that
    i find this whole thing upsetting
    and wanted to provide some comfort i
    believe we went to the stacks head
    around half past eight
    anything else i can do to help can you
    tell me about zachary's behavior
    last night i certainly didn't expect him
    to commit suicide
    sure he was upset by mother's supposed
    we were but he seemed more engaged than
    you should ask rebecca they had a long
    did you know that he hadn't left
    thornbridge manor in nearly 50 years
    his plans mother and the staff all the
    company he had
    if that's all i have a speech to write
    did you notice anything else out of the
    ordinary you mean apart from the fact
    that we came here to bury our mother and
    she shows up alive and kicking
    zachary found dead in his bed this
    morning or perhaps of the planned
    funeral is still taking place and i have
    to do the eulogy
    and mother will surely have strong

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    opinion on its
    i'll breathe excuse me
    bad news i'm afraid we don't have any
    extra fuses
    ethel looked everywhere
    it feels like i can't breathe
    zachary committed suicide we'd only just
    run through his plan for the spring
    seedlings yesterday
    yes sure but he he was upset believing
    his sister was dead
    broken lab equipment it looks like it
    was recently used though
    this is a table showing lethal dosages
    for the poison
    used to kill zachary something is
    circled 47
    female age 65 to 79 60 to 64 kilograms
    i'd say madame carlisle is next in line
    for a poisoning
    rebecca carla can you tell me about
    yesterday evening we don't really see
    much of each other my brothers and i
    i suppose it takes our mother's funeral
    to bring us together and even then it's
    not like we sit on each other's laps
    now let's see patrick gregory's son
    disappeared straight after dinner you
    i think he might be in some sort of
    trouble edward wanted to go as well
    but gregory convinced him to stay for a
    few drinks before they went off for a
    pint at the local at a quarter to nine
    i swear gregory enjoys edward's
    discomfort over staying here
    i had a conference call with my new york
    office at nine
    so i spent three hours on my laptop in
    my room
    and went straight to bed afterwards i
    don't know about emma
    she did act a bit strange
    you know i bet she was making lists for
    changes needing to be done

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    once she gets her hands on thornbridge
    quite the shock she had when mother
    arrived during breakfast is that
    everything mr whitmer
    tell me about zachary did he act strange
    last night you know now you mention it
    he was a lot more chatty than usual he
    wanted to know about my connections in
    the publishing business
    apparently a friend of his is writing a
    which strikes me as very peculiar i
    didn't think he had any friends
    anything else you feel like mentioning i
    may be wrong
    but i saw mr fernsby the butler
    leave zachary's room early this
    and he seemed a bit startled when he saw
    me in the hallway
    it's probably nothing oh and one more
    please be kind to edward he can only
    take so much
    is there anything else you want to ask
    how are you today sir
    you must have been in some incredibly
    dangerous situations right
    that door leads to emma and gregory's
    now this is interesting 47 a letter from
    emma's mother
    stating that emma is the illegitimate
    of alexa's late older brother montgomery
    and listen to this she claims to have
    witnessed alexa and zachary murder him
    the plot thickens
    a keychain pendant for the greenhouse
    what's that doing in emma and gregory's
    room i wonder
    and why is the key missing you have
    uncovered enough evidence to tell madame
    that emma is the murderer quite the
    detective 47

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    i'm impressed
    i suggest you go tell mr fernsby
    unless you think there are more secrets
    to uncover
    did the portrait photographer check out
    he verified his identity i vetted him
    i am ready to present my conclusion to
    madam khan just keep going well
    if you'll follow me sir
    this is madam carlisle's office please
    step inside
    your detective skills have gained you
    access to the lion's den 47
    now go claim your reward
    so mr whitmer you've reached a
    conclusion take a seat
    please go ahead your niece
    emmer carlisle murdered your brother
    my niece emma is not my niece
    she's my daughter-in-law and your niece
    emmer is the illegitimate child of your
    late older brother montgomery
    who you and zachary killed 46 years ago
    that's preposterous you asked me to find
    out what happened to zachary
    would you rather not know no
    no go on i found a letter from emmer's
    mother jane
    who was the fiance of your older brother
    at the time of his death
    she witnessed how you and zachary pushed
    him off the balcony
    she believed you did it to steal the
    carlisle empire
    from her and her unborn child
    and she raised emma to reclaim what she
    marry your heir gregory get revenge
    and secure the carlisle empire for her
    bloodline generations to come
    emma is the daughter of montgomery and
    local girl jane she is well
    the girl got it wrong i didn't steal

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    i did what was necessary to protect the
    future of the carlisles
    montgomery wasn't cut out to take over
    from father
    all heart and no balls emma used the
    funeral gathering
    to speed up her installment as the lady
    of the house
    seizing the opportunity to stage
    zachary's suicide
    she did her homework used a poison made
    from one of zachary's rare plants
    found old floor plans from thornbridge
    to gain access to his room through a
    secret passage
    that scheming [ __ ]
    more than you think i found proof that
    she will try to poison you
    next well i'll have to take care of that
    thank you mr whitmer you have not
    disappointed i promised you i would
    reward you generously if you solved the
    so what do you suggest i want the file
    you have on
    arthur edwards edwards the constant but
    how do you
    oh i see
    i expected you might show up but to kill
    me not help me
    and i've been wrong on so many things
    lately so why not this one
    i will give you the file on edwards
    you've earned it
    i don't suppose i could convince you to
    deal with my daughter-in-law now you're
    i would like to see her dead
    no what a shame
    have to see to it some other way then
    the file you want is in the safe god i
    hope you get edwards and make him
    hurt i need some privacy
    thank you good work 47 that's the file
    on arthur edward secured
    time to take care of madame carlisle
    mission complete well done 47.
    looking good today sir i can't forget
    his eyes
    hello there sir
    how tall right
    i'm serious i have a friend

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    i doubt that's true though he was here
    with the saving madam carlos
    47 don't respond just listen
    diane i can't help you now you need to
    find olivia
    she will know what to do
    i wish there had been more time
    and then there were none thank you miss
    now it's my turn
    stay down boss wants you alive
    yeah how about now
    over here cover me
    walk away or what
    you're gonna take us all on
    tell the constant to start running
    you think you've won 47 is out there
    and 47 never misses his mark
    neither do you miss burnwood that's what
    makes you valuable
    you're delusional you think i would
    betray 47.
    trust me you owe him nothing
    what is this i told you we could help

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    each other
    and i meant it i look forward to your
    gray is gone go to berlin and stay out
    of sight
    for all that's left now
    we've been compromised abort and walk
    away now
    who i see they tracked me don't know how
    it's what they do how many one prime
    asset and a whole pack of up-and-comers
    they've infiltrated the club searching
    for us christ i think i killed one of
    get out now before they spot you no they
    found us once
    they'll find us again keep your head
    i'll take care of this

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    do you copy [ __ ]
    yeah it's terrible reception
    must be the trees no no trace of our
    target yet
    agent yes ma'am i will
    this is like looking for a needle in a
    just keep trying agent montgomery our
    client considers agent 47 and olivia
    hall as a serious threat
    you can't underestimate them i never do
    joe we'll find them we're all in
    good report back to me if there's
    uh i'm not sure we'll have to talk to
    you about this but should all those
    tufts be so close to the club
    you have nothing to worry about i'm not
    no way

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    do you know anything about what's going
    oh come on you're not the slightest bit
    you don't want to poke around [ __ ]
    they don't pay i'm pretty sure it's
    supposed to work the other way around
    what i'm saying is unless you're going
    to slip me a 50 play team detective with
    you i'm not interested
    messing around
    so again
    i'm sure

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    hello sir
    this time
    are you getting a turn soon maybe i've
    got a ticket in my locker but i don't
    want to blow it during the low now
    i haven't noticed that many lulls sure
    but there's busy and then they're
    just don't sit on it forever the clock
    kinda ticking
    oh huh
    what the heck was that
    hey did you call again yeah it's fine
    i'm right there just waiting to make a
    little contact
    this is agent swan reporting in we've
    got no sign of 47 yet but
    i'll let you know if something catches
    my eye stop talking focus on finding him
    agent swann

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    we might have a situation sweeping area
    nice excuse me
    agent swan are you still there
    there's a second agent down are you all
    sleeping out there
    we could not have stacked the deck more
    in our favor and still
    do you have a ticket on you a ticket
    what kind of a ticket
    to surf at the juice bar you need a
    ticket to get back there oh
    of course yeah you just have to take it
    around the corner from here by the
    if you show it to the guy dial he'll
    light with you got it
    thanks hey back off a bit would you

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    i'm tapping in oh thanks
    too close then too close
    mind your own business i need to see an
    invitation sir
    you have it with you or what
    okay let's go sir follow me thank you
    okay get cozy
    you know your way around this juicing
    business right
    right i guess that's true
    what are you playing at you know how
    many people
    yeah lowenthal here no sign of 47 yet
    just remember your breathing and stay on
    agent lowenthal
    uh you want to have a look i hear you

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    please report
    we've lost a third we're paying for our
    mistakes with blood
    stop wasting time and end this
    and then there's
    he's anticipating every move we make
    he might be listening in there's no
    other explanation for it
    go silent we can't risk it
    thank you
    thank you

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    come on
    tremaine are you still there
    pat's our fourth man down my god this is
    an embarrassment
    how do you expect to look each other in
    the eyes after this
    get your asses in gear man how hard can
    it be

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    that was you think
    thanks you're a sweetheart i'm just so
    nice me

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    as long as we don't accidentally
    overload the system everything should
    got it yeah i got it okay good
    everything's fine as it is right now
    i'll just have to make sure it stays
    that way you just said there's nothing
    to stress about
    unless we deliberately channel too much
    neither one of us is stupid enough to do
    so relax
    no offense but i think i'm still going
    to try to keep

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    i'm here to take over
    looks like the light show wasn't
    installed properly can't say i'm not
    hardly anything in this place is built
    to code talk about [ __ ] timing though
    do you really think that was a
    we're clear you killed all of them they
    got my message
    where are you diner off the main road on
    my way
    you're hurt you should see the other guy

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    never killed nobody before
    what you did back there you really are
    all gray said you'd be
    47 he didn't suffer did he
    he made it count
    bruce but not broken i'm glad
    it's time we start afresh you and me
    get to the point you and your friends
    pulled off the impossible
    you stormed the heavens took down the
    untouchables and yet
    here we are status quo
    it just goes to show you can't fight
    power miss burnwood
    power never dies it only changes hands
    the best you can do is claim it
    i never cared about power power is a
    tool miss burnwood
    it's the thing that gets you to the
    as the next constant you can be the
    agent of change
    transform the system from the inside
    will be transformed by it
    no risk no reward i'll need to think
    about it
    no you won't the real question is
    what will you bring to the table
    look closer i'm telling you the file is
    the constant doesn't so much burn his
    bridges as blow them up
    arthur edwards whoever he was don't
    exist anymore
    his personal data somehow deletes itself
    from any system that records it
    way beyond advanced the partners spared
    no expense to make sure their controller
    would be
    untraceable how untraceable
    look i did what you asked but gray's
    gone and i know diana
    i'm not who you need right now you gotta
    be kidding me
    i see a i used every encryption known to
    man who are these guys
    the best it's only a matter of time
    before they get lucky
    we need to take them down you and which
    i know where the agency stores its files
    mission reports
    client data if we leak it to the public
    you want to whistle blow the ica it's
    the path of least resistance

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    turns out you are who i need right now
    i do this and i'm out
    so what are we breaking into data
    facility in chunking china
    run by a man called hush
    of course the ica site in chongqing
    houses the agency's data storage and
    analyst division
    needless to say security is daunting
    the state-of-the-art server vault is
    biometrically wired to the facilities to
    imogen royce behavioral analysis pioneer
    and hush a data security guru with a
    taste for fringe
    transhuman experimentation tell me about
    a former cyber terrorist for the
    ministry of state security in kedan yang
    who fled his country after one of the po
    regime's periodic purges
    he made a career doing cyber security
    for dark web deplorables
    human traffickers organ harvesters scum
    like him
    with no code or conscience
    ica sure can pick him no offense
    can you disable security a dual
    authentication protocol ensures that any
    handling of data must be directly
    authorized by hush and royce the
    proverbial human factor device make the
    system impenetrable
    luckily i found a loophole
    if both overseers should unexpectedly
    die within a short space of time
    the system reverts to a temporary
    felsafe protocol which i can bypass
    take them off the board and you'll have
    free access to the data core
    and i'll handle the rest and you're sure
    it'll work
    look i know hush if i'm wrong
    we won't live long enough to regret it
    all right i will leave you to prepare
    chong king china this city is big
    brother's wet dream with more than 2.5
    million cameras covering 15 million
    privacy is a four letter word in this
    it's pretty ironic that a cloak and
    dagger organization like the ica
    keeps its most valuable secrets here
    you'll find hush conducting his fringe
    experiment in an abandoned apartment
    while imogen royce the archivist runs a
    day-to-day business of the ica data
    i just hope you know what you're doing

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    you shouldn't be out here with a bad
    i'm so curious
    hello mr pritchard i've just learned
    that your plane will be delayed
    beyond the lifetime of the entry code
    you received for the facility
    for your convenience you've set up the
    new code to be 0118
    to match
    ah my knee is so soft like that
    written all over it using the desperate
    for personal gain
    maybe this is a way for you to get to
    the bastard
    the only one people like us the flyers
    that means it's too dangerous for rich
    oh i'm going this is my chance
    i just need to find out where it is but
    the flyer has a symbol i need
    i'm gonna get an umbrella when i'm
    wretched i
    am boots sit i'll get a house i'm never
    going on the rain again

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    hi there let's get you out of the rain
    shall we
    we just need to frisk you first
    sorry i just need to do a quick search
    if you want to get through
    just routine
    yeah it feels good huh yeah i bet it
    does there cue ball
    thank you
    what's that smell it's you
    oh how can you stand it
    your clothes are so filthy i can
    literally taste the stench
    when did you last change your outfit
    seriously i change my
    clothes all the time yeah i bet you do
    it's in there go take a seat you want to
    look at that and the other guy is
    through the signs
    he's part of the agreement when signed
    and you waive all future rights to seek
    further compensation
    yes who would you like to benefit from
    the proceedings if you yourself are
    incapacitated would you excuse me
    oh so hush likes the last one i sent up
    to the top floor
    he'll be the one to conclude this phase
    i knew hush would be pleased with him he
    signed up for the full package
    strong tool
    i'll wrap up down here thanks julie i
    was just informed that we don't need any
    more test subjects tonight
    i don't understand there's no work
    oh no there will be more to come
    depending on the results of the
    conclusion to this test
    phase come back tomorrow and we'll
    schedule a new spot for you
    come in and take a seat
    i'm sorry to inform you that we have all
    the test subjects we'll need for tonight
    but you're welcome to fill in your
    information now and come back tomorrow
    a guard is waiting outside the door
    he'll escort you out of the building
    when you're done
    help yourself to an apple for your
    trouble i do need my vitamins

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    identify memory
    the tissue damage will be significantly
    reduced perfect but of course that will
    also entail that would be
    do you ever worry your parents wouldn't
    be proud of you if they knew what you
    did for a living
    no i do my job i fell in love
    run simulation identify point of
    man hello
    i have to do this why can't i just
    focus now almost there
    run simulation identify defining moment
    ma i'm ready to experiment oh good i'll
    let sisterlay know to join us for the
    i'm ready to give it another go
    he's ready for you hush he looks strong
    good a good specimen to conclude this
    we'll get started when sister lays here

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    so the test subject came to his senses i
    good just delay yes we're about to
    perform the final test of this project
    let's start at 100 signal strength no
    i mean no there's no need the subject is
    cooperative i was thinking 25 and then
    adjust if necessary
    60 is minimum we'll get no motor control
    and i'm not wasting my time but 60.
    log concluding experiment h109
    initiated run calibration 60
    signal strength 60 confirmed
    h109 initiated load suggestion
    motor control 44.1
    the signal is too
    the low too weak they'll get nothing
    like this
    go to 100 it's not
    safe you've been working too hard with
    your condition it can cause you real
    physical harm
    it's safe
    you're strong you can overcome it
    100 do it log
    continuing experiment h109 run
    calibration 100
    h109 initiated at 100 signal strength
    now as he dance
    identify impulse string load suggestion
    control 44.1
    it's too low he's got spirit
    quiet i can't
    we need to go higher come on do
    this abort you're going too far no
    he's on the verge to break him go
    higher it'll kill him it's already way
    beyond reasonable intensity
    this subject is abnormally resistant
    he's no match for hush
    nothing worth [ __ ] ever came to be
    pain i am calling it quits hush you need
    okay okay a short break
    i'll return with a clear head goddamn

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    that assistant
    if they up the signal it will kill him
    stay put or stay close i want you in
    that chair when hush and sister lay
    i'm here to the end
    someone do something roger that
    right i'm so glad you decided to go
    ahead with it
    you know you're gonna be part of
    something truly amazing
    he's a genius hush and this is
    groundbreaking research it's an honor
    but um he's under a lot of pressure
    these days so
    if you could just go along with it okay
    don't try to resist the impulses he
    i don't want him to exert himself
    hey who's that
    what's that in the background what are
    you doing over there
    i don't believe for one second that
    you're not spending every waking moment
    on your pet project
    you just focus on your little drones and
    your algorithms
    good good good good
    i can't stand this level of incompetence
    going downstairs to see this delay i
    need some cheering up

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    greetings sir
    people like him
    no participation no agency
    was to anyone us
    where's jun lee never mind her i'll take
    let's pick it up where we left off
    sister at the same
    signal strength yes 100
    i feel strong i can take him
    sit down
    log continuing experiment h109
    run calibration 100 signal strength 100
    confirmed h109 initiated
    good all good to go identify impulse
    load suggestion motor control 44.1
    nothing he is
    you've done it not again he'll get
    nowhere like this
    i don't understand
    no one's ever resisted like this before
    let's increase the signal and get some
    what do you say to 120
    120 good
    let's do it
    log continuing experiment h109
    run calibration 120
    h109 continued 120
    signal strength confirmed yes
    this is it it's all incredibly sharp
    i feel my mind expanding
    identify in post loan suggestion
    44.1 execute
    i i feel i'm
    not scared of you
    i could you got the bastard hush
    now go get imogen royce and we can get
    to the core
    don't you [ __ ] die on me
    [ __ ]

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    this way keep up
    no so drop it
    i'm just amazed that somebody with a
    tech whiz background can be the one to
    make this kind of a break
    we don't need any more subjects today
    yeah but it creeps me out how they're
    hi i'm chelsea pleased to meet you
    i'll be your guide on the facility tour
    spare me the pleasantries
    i've had an awful flight nine hours
    luggage lost somewhere along the way and
    the airline is trying to avoid their
    i'm hungry and i'm tired and i want to
    straighten everything out before i'm

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    doing your job
    yes so sorry about your flight
    just let me know when you're ready so
    someone is here for a tour of the
    might be a way to get in oh
    did you bring the p41 we left for you
    and the apartment
    no i wasn't informed that i should
    oh very sorry mr pritchard
    we need you to bring the p-41 to get the
    it's procedure please pick it up before
    you come and find me
    i'll be waiting by the stairs in the
    back of the restaurant kitchen
    the vip has access to the kitchen i'll
    be waiting for him in the back
    understood hey hurry up the man is
    starving yes
    i'll see to it
    why quiet get that water ready yes i'm
    working on it
    he went straight to the restaurant he
    went hungry after the nine hour flight
    i'll give him the tour to facility
    yeah i'll give you updates sure thing
    how am i supposed to focus when the
    kitchen feels like a train station
    find your inner zen
    close your eyes and focus your mind on a
    discretion bonus
    on a paycheck that's what i do
    that is a calming bonus
    thing here mr pritchard is in the
    restaurant i don't know when he'll be
    ready for her but i wouldn't lost his

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    oh it's coming
    oh come on
    no need to hold it back
    are you hungry sir
    hi oliver i write in insisting
    i'm ready to inspect the facility now
    i hope you enjoyed the food did you
    bring the p-41 we left for you in the
    yes i have everything i need
    good let's continue the tour continue
    you may say we haven't even started the
    tour yet
    but we have without you even noticing it
    mr pritchard
    invisibility is the best security there
    you see the restaurant is in fact a
    front that lets
    all ica personnel arrive unseen
    who notices a dumpling cook on his way
    to work dressing the part
    takes you a long way ica guarantees
    absolute discretion to all clients we
    take that promise very seriously
    as you will see on all steps of the tour
    doesn't look like much does it
    miss chen and visitor welcome please
    report to security desk for visitors
    sign in
    will do i love the facility ai
    is really looking out for us and we're
    in the inside
    is a self-contained modular build that
    can be disassembled and removed in less
    than 12 hours if we are compromised
    no trace we will ever hear i agree
    leaving no trace behind is the only
    sensible ammo
    the outside shell is a building marked
    for demolition
    we put a hold on it with city planning a
    deliberate misplacement of the order
    but have people in place to rectify that
    at first shift city construction will
    move in
    our policy around ica personnel is that
    they are a resource
    but also a risk on top of contractual

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    repercussions if breaches occur
    we perform detailed vetting on everyone
    the first
    blunt vetting is a frisk we have of
    never had any employees trying to bring
    unauthorized weapons inside the facility
    but we do consider the step important
    i'll need to start the setup of your
    visitor security clearance here mr
    watch out for those guys i need your p41
    to start the clearance procedure
    thanks i'll get the procedure started
    it'll just be a few moments
    so feel free to have a look around i'll
    meet you on the other side of the fridge
    naturally you'll have to be frisked like
    everyone else
    no exceptions mr pritchard
    how are you today sir
    let me just pad you down here
    right that's it keep moving please
    here's the b-41 please start the
    authentication process for top security
    clearance and engage the zero protocol
    vip i'll get right on it
    good you're here i've started the
    security clearance process
    it will take a little while since you're
    covered by the xero protocol
    all your data will be encrypted and
    inaccessible without your authorization
    only facility ai will use it for id
    fully anonymized of course but we can go
    a few more steps on the tour while it's
    id analysis what the hell does that mean
    give me a minute i'll try to find out
    as i said personnel is the greatest
    but also the greatest risk of the ica
    the work we do here exerts high level
    pressure on our employees
    and there is no room for mistakes we
    perform a daily multi-layered
    full body scan to guarantee that no
    will act erratically because of ptsd or
    other mental issues
    drug use physical health issues external
    pressure or moral hesitancy
    the scan only takes a few seconds let's
    i'm sorry but we can proceed beyond this
    room until your security clearance is

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    finalized so why don't you have a little
    look around while we wait mr pichard
    it should be here shortly [ __ ]
    we need to intercept that 47. you can
    hack that panel with your camera 47.
    good i'm in and you're
    safe that was a close one
    perfect timing your clearance just came
    let's continue come on it's this way
    as you see we are very serious about
    what we protect is after all core to all
    operations we and we alone store
    all legal work contracts target profiles
    employee files contract documentation
    and validation
    and so forth furthermore we handle all
    current operations
    effectuate logistics of personnel and
    our analysts do the client vetting
    target profiles and of course offer
    real-time contract support to handlers
    and operatives
    storage and transmission of sensitive
    information like that
    takes constant vigilance to keep safe
    we have a team of engineers solely
    dedicated to that task and on top of
    we have a dual human authentication
    process set up
    all access and alterations to the source
    are authenticated by hush and royce
    through that oh good there she is
    hi imogen royce i've been looking
    forward to meeting you
    after you
    this is the blast and emp shielded core
    room the nervous system of the ica
    where we store the past and facilitate
    the present
    in general only a handful of people can
    access this room
    hush and myself plus bodyguards and a
    chosen few of the engineers
    i'm the most likely person to meet in
    here because i perform a regular
    physical check-in on the core console as
    a supplement to the remote
    authentication procedure
    we have a strict routine of daily core
    maintenance part of that procedure is a
    flash process
    evaporating all biological matter in the
    you can see reed through that window
    it's her job to initiate the maintenance
    don't worry we're safe as long as the
    safety mechanism is engaged
    even if reed presses the button the
    procedure will not happen until we leave
    the courtroom
    the doors to the courtroom are all
    equipped with
    you know what screw this tour i know why
    you're really here
    cunning to the chase i see knowledge

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    is power more importantly knowledge is
    let me demonstrate you have a sixth
    sense for irregularities
    and although hush's recent behavior has
    not been reported
    it has no doubt brought you here you do
    have authority to shut down
    unwanted efforts but at heart you are
    progressive and not the stickler
    everyone thinks you are
    you have sway with the board and as i
    see it your opinion
    is now what decides my future and the
    future of the ica
    so here we go imagine this
    having a time schedule on a target with
    minute details on locations
    durations and purpose a detailed layout
    of a target's actions
    within a defined time frame that
    would transform a contract into a
    surgical dance of precision
    no mess no fuss low cost just how i like
    i've been working on a prediction
    algorithm based on a combination of big
    data analysis
    and micro targeted surveillance of
    defining target markers
    and my results are astounding
    all this state-of-the-art is nothing but
    heavy old-fashioned machinery compared
    to what i
    offer analysts preparing detailed files
    dedicating days
    weeks to prepare our contracts gone
    handlers and
    analysts supporting our operatives
    during missions gone
    teams for cleanup and media manipulation
    in the rare case something unforeseen
    does happen
    all of it gone i asked you to imagine
    that scenario
    but what good is imagination when you
    can see it with your own
    eyes i've set up a reading demonstration
    three employees unaware that i can
    accurately predict their behavior
    firing them will result in an already
    clearly defined reaction
    on the top left we have sharon reed who
    you saw downstairs
    she is a dutiful and trusted employee if
    she is to be fired
    my algorithm predicts with a certainty
    of 97.8
    that she will finish up her most
    important tasks before she leaves the
    specifically she will press the
    maintenance button within
    11 seconds jeremy bolt the guard in the
    lower left is as tough as nails when on
    but in private he's a real mummy's boy
    if fired
    he will immediately call his mother and
    at her advice
    seek out who he considers his best
    friend for support
    my personal guard as it stands me
    really well explains why he's always
    next to me at lunch
    at the top right you see alicia reynolds
    and very passionate about her job
    also very possessive about her
    my prediction is that she will try to
    disable the work she has done for the
    if she's not allowed to enjoy her
    results no one is
    specifically that means she will try to
    enter the courtroom and disable the
    safety mechanism i'll leave you to
    consider your choice of who you want me

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    to use for the demonstration
    just let the guard outside the door know
    when you're ready and i'll be right back
    i will have a closer look maybe your
    project could play a part in the future
    of the ica
    just let the guard outside the door know
    when you're ready and i'll be right back
    oh and if you decide to leave the room a
    guard will escort you around
    safety protocol thought i'd just mention
    it she really takes the term god complex
    to a whole new level
    sitting in there pulling the strings
    like that
    i think you should take her set up and
    give it a spin 47.
    i see potential if you time it right
    jeremy bolt i regret to inform you that
    code 41 is now effective for your
    employment status
    thank you for your service what that
    can't be right
    code 41 is confirmed effective for your
    employment status
    alicia reynolds i regret to inform you
    that code 41 is now effective for your
    employment status
    thank you for your service
    can't believe it but who though
    friend oh you mean vincent yeah
    i'll go see him then okay i'll call you
    sharon reed i regret to inform you that
    code 41 is now effective for your
    employment status
    thank you for your service
    both targets down good just give me a
    and i'm in you can now access the core
    let's not take any chances you go check
    it out no worries

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    okay thank you sir this uh this will be
    over in no time
    someone got messed up really bad no i'm
    the new emitters with a flashing core
    maintenance are working
    like matches so much faster than the
    good you're alone i'm sealing the room
    and dimming the windows 47.
    no need to worry about intruders
    it's all here clients operatives every
    hit the ica ever sanctioned
    enough to shut them down for good but
    first you need to locate all files
    referencing diana and yourself
    tell me what did it feel like
    taking lives random
    disorder well we are here
    basic training starts to do 600 hours i
    leave you to prepare perhaps i see
    possibility would rather see limitation
    i choose him the two of you go way back
    i didn't realize that you i don't know
    i get why you want to protect her so
    wipe all the data referring to the two
    of you from their system before we
    publish the rest
    okay good i've set up a link to an

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    information non-profit site
    when you press that button is up there
    and the whole world will know
    there's no undo 47 this will shut the
    ica down for good
    you really okay with this it's who
    you've been for so long
    maybe it's time for a change
    i'll just return things to normal no
    need to alert them we were here
    we're blowing detected i can hold the
    doors for a little while
    use the fence to get out go now all
    breach protocol initiated this is bad
    that means they'll shoot on site
    i'm going to create some havoc 47 make
    the core meltdown
    maybe we'll defer their attention a bit
    temperature critical warning fire
    all personnel breach protocol initiated
    man i got nothing standing by
    warning core overheating
    rebecca okay
    warning fire detected
    there's no way you're getting through
    that door 47 it only opens for people
    with an authentic security clearance
    the signal is encrypted without a dongle
    we can't hack it
    anybody copy no sign of any pup
    [ __ ] that was 10's 47.

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    we turn now to the data leak bombshell
    causing shock waves across the world
    the so-called ica files the disclosure
    you win so
    what happens now the ball's in your
    court miss burnwood
    i do have other candidates you know most
    of whom have never tied me to a chair
    you've seen the news that was 47 acting
    on his own
    he is untethered he is unstoppable and
    he cannot be bargained with
    he will find you mr edwards and i'm the
    only chance you've got
    i'm listening 47 has one
    weakness me
    i found something
    buenos aires international airport this
    morning now watch this
    harold's trail ends at the airport
    but turns out that a top providence
    operative owns a vineyard in the area
    don yates of infamous new york law firm
    morgan yates and cohn
    and get this is hosting his retirement
    party today
    she's infiltrated them she's sending a
    she needs my help could it fool me
    you don't know her anyway
    if you're going after her you'll need to
    deal with the herald
    her name's tamara vidal former cia asset
    and political firebrand
    she's a master of surveillance and the
    constant's most trusted aid
    she'll have eyes everywhere you won't
    get far as long as she's in the game
    why are you telling me this i thought
    you were out
    yeah old habits i guess
    anyway i i need to go
    see you around 47. no
    you won't

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    because you're not an idiot that's just
    humor him
    yet likes his little games
    don't be long
    you got my message
    you'd never get caught on camera not
    unless you wanted to be seen
    so what's the play you're not the only
    one who's been busy 47
    i'm this close to becoming the next
    i'll be able to dismantle providence
    from the inside
    only one man stands in my way don yates
    that weasel was the partner's legal
    counsel for years
    he's the top candidate but remove him
    from the playing field
    it won't work if edward suspects
    i will convince him you acted alone
    retaliation for grey
    trust me i know what i'm doing the
    tamara vidal she has eyes everywhere
    and they're all fixed on you the plan
    won't work unless we take her out
    she never leaves my sight for long
    whatever your plan is i'll help you if i
    you're sure about this as sure as i'll
    ever be
    here i got you an invitation just like
    old times
    come find me when it's done good luck
    ready pam three two
    one and for more than two decades
    new york based law firm morgan cut neal
    what's this after jeez can you believe
    these people
    i think they must be over there she's
    been living alone here for what
    six years ever since
    enjoy the party

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    do that first
    birds and key in on the party area was
    far too thin
    too many blind spots anyone as much as
    knees in the wrong direction i wanna
    know about it
    they're all done and i see your tour
    that's right gates has arranged for the
    chief winemaker to take burnwood and
    tamara vidal on a grand tour of the
    wants you to tag lot not for my
    sparkling personality
    this burnwood woman sure has his
    paintings in a twist wonder what the
    deal is
    yates's business is his business just
    get yourself ready and sign into the
    visitor center
    oh i have a drink on my behalf i don't
    it makes me sentimental a private tour
    of the estate
    diana vidal and this fixer corvo black
    black is a threat but also an
    yates's own machinations are
    joining the tour will give access to
    away from the crowd
    miss the eights yeah
    you aren't telling me one not
    in fact a couple of spots come to mind
    on the tour after
    you stand by so you're not sure hello
    does that mean there's a plan a
    one where i don't stand a 50 50 chance
    again i mean you do
    realize the risk here boss broad
    workers around who and zack
    but if i'm going to be one of these
    heralds you need to start letting me in
    okay so who's this fool
    i just never framed an urban legend
    before very

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    he is poor closest legal advisor not
    even thomas cross or eugene cobb had a
    direct line of contact
    i think yates is at the top of a very
    short list
    so how do you feel about her how do you
    she and her friends
    hey who is throwing stuff around here
    come on
    good job
    thumbs up mate
    no they were discreet about it i got a
    i'm on the tour right mr black
    welcome miss burnwood and miss vidal
    will meet you down
    by the wine fields i trust you another
    i can find my way around enjoy the tour
    one of the most gifted surveillance
    specialists ever to graduate from kent
    run one of our interrogation bank sites

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    for one and i tell you those prisoners
    she's responsible for killing how many
    of our people
    and you must be yates's garbage man
    but i didn't catch your name this is
    corvo black tamara
    he's a i see a regular i only work with
    the best
    well we're all here it seems except for
    our guide the chief winemaker
    looks like we're stuck here until
    someone fetches him
    mr black i'm looking in your direction
    hold on
    i'll track him down attaboy do try and
    bring him back in one piece
    counter-intuitive as that may be that
    was a bit rude
    yes it was
    what what is it now what you have some
    guests waiting senor yates wanted you to
    give them the grand tour
    remember but if i don't have more
    important things to do than babysit
    socialized friends it's only harvest
    better do what he says patron speak shut
    you your lawyer like that
    i don't want to get on his bad side well
    i'm not going anywhere until i have
    decided if the crop is right for picking
    bring me the three mulberry grapes to
    taste ramon if jace doesn't like how i
    he can weigh me down with concrete and
    toss me off a bridge
    how's that three grapes was it
    i'll get my picking knife
    i don't know i think

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    doesn't feel good i'm gonna be born
    right now
    what's going on with me god my ears
    mr vargas i have the three grapes you
    requested yes good
    now let's see
    the inky black color good size
    large and firm
    one of those days
    the partners
    hey welcome to vineeta yates i'm gabriel
    chief winemaker and i will be your tour
    any questions before we start yes but
    they're all above your pay grade
    we're good lead the way senor vargas
    follow me
    first stop on the tour is the production
    floor where our prize-winning

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    malbec grapes are processed our
    equipment is state of the art
    including a dragon freezer unit and
    last but not least our great crusher
    industrial size for your disposal
    interesting follow me
    this is an industrial cold storage unit
    useful for preventing
    cellular decomposition it easily reaches
    temperatures at minus 10 degrees celsius
    trust me you don't want to stay inside
    for longer
    no kidding hey there's no
    doorknob on the inside seems like a
    pretty glaring
    safety omission if you ask me probably
    sound proof
    too and good luck getting a phone signal
    follow me
    this is our grape crusher the de-stemmed
    grapes are crushed into thick
    rotating cylinders
    oh my god
    control terminal

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    throwing things like that
    i'm very good
    was some kind of fail-safe mechanism
    early warning system in place
    yeah you would but you'd be wrong if the
    pumps malfunction the tanks out the flow
    that pretty much sums it up
    so pay attention to that
    these fermentation tanks are accident
    if the pump malfunctions the tanks
    this has happened before provoking an
    appearance from
    don yates it's likely to happen again

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    all right
    right just stellar work everybody
    really gone above and beyond
    surely world class
    who wasn't this which of you defining
    just poured half the goddamn harvest
    into the drain
    please i'm dying

    Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

    that i can only assume is a bold and
    poignant tribute
    to man's boundless stupidity
    is he
    who wants to tell my wife who wants to
    break the news the sweet valentina
    did someone took a giant piss all over
    her ancestral vineyard
    nobody drink my ones
    okay okay i'm gonna try cleaning the
    hello there
    pie of course here to a political

    Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

    it's done now what
    now we strike at the heart
    and woods you know how to find him don't
    why edwards finds you 47. he is
    untraceable and he never lets you forget
    he is cocky and that will be his
    what's the plan too many eyes meet me at
    the olive grove at sunset
    one last tango 47.
    how did you know your deal
    that kind of power always comes with a
    what's yours i think you know
    i am sorry this is a necessary evil
    what have you done
    eat the brand's neurotoxin transfers by
    see edwards learns by his mistakes 47
    and as you've clearly demonstrated brute
    is futile it had to be me
    it was the only way to get this
    class my family
    i know what you did after all these
    i finally know
    i am sorry you didn't have a choice
    i did providence used you but
    i'm no better all i saw was a blank
    a weapon to wield i told myself it was
    what you needed but
    people aren't meant to be controlled
    this is a kindness
    goodbye agent

    Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

    still clinging on to your self-image
    agent 47 the apex
    always hiding behind the headlines
    was perfection its own justification
    or a willful distraction
    a wall built contract by contract
    to shield you from the uncomfortable
    truth you're exactly the tool
    they bred you to be
    quite a piece of work you are
    how could you possibly function on your
    you never even had a name
    until i gave you one
    that's him burnwood never ceases to
    surprise me
    you really are a most singular
    and to think she wanted me to put you
    lucky for you i never throw away
    useful prepare this serum
    forgetting's not so bad you've done it
    what's he doing is he still looking at
    us i'm afraid so
    poor sap just won't accept his days are
    perhaps i should take him out to the
    woods and set him free
    oh it's a classic
    it was a loyal tool but everything goes
    the way of the horse and cart eventually
    i couldn't agree more
    are you done
    toxins are playing into your fears don't
    let them
    come on gotta get your head straight
    she wants me dead she has every right to
    after what we did
    but that's not what is really going on

    Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

    she chose power in the end she was just
    like them
    no she found a way to turn edward's own
    cleverness against him
    the rest is up to you i don't know how
    you do know diana
    once you dispose of edwards i will
    dismantle providence from the top down
    it will finally be over
    all you have to do is embrace the past
    we need to find a catchy name for it for
    when we go commercial i mean
    you figure this thing has commercial
    applications who'd want to have their

    Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

    the ether corporation
    i could have sworn
    where are we supposed to be exactly

    Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

    it all looks the same
    my eyes are [ __ ]

    Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

    wow all right
    you must be kidding me

    Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

    i don't suppose there's any point
    calling for help
    no seems i've brought this up myself
    well played miss burnwood do you really
    think she'll be able to resist all that
    this is not how people work
    she rejects the power not the
    a noble idea but please
    join me in the real world
    i trust you already know what this is
    why not simply take it