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    SearchThisVideo: HITMAN 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Silent Assassin [4K 60FPS PC] – No Commentary (FULL GAME)

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    agent 47
    and diana burnwood are the world's top
    working for the ica unknowingly they
    have been hired by a shadow client to
    target a number of operatives of
    providence a secret organization working
    in the highest echelons of power
    providence's controller the constant
    approaches diana and makes her a deal
    eliminate the shadow client and learn
    about 47's past
    but when 47 discovers that the shadow
    client is lucas
    grey his lost childhood friend
    he and diana switch sides to fulfill an
    old pact
    destroy providence
    together they managed to capture the
    constant forcing him to reveal the
    identities of the three
    providence partners eliminate them
    and the war would be over
    however the constant has an ace
    up his sleeve
    look closer
    in the shadows behind the everyday world
    beyond the headlines and the suits of
    a hidden hand
    a kind of company known as
    to it we were just assets
    to use and throw away
    to do the unthinkable the unforgivable
    and it never gave us a second thought
    until now after decades in the shadows
    we are fighting back me
    and 47 much has been lost
    but we are closer than ever
    we trapped the constant providence's
    controller and finally learnt the names
    of its three partners
    in their downfall we lay the past to
    and just maybe
    look towards the future
    it's time

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    the partners are down there you know
    i never planned this fire ahead
    you never do i see someone got his
    memory back
    wait is that a beacon
    alexa carlisle's helicopter just took
    off confirmed target locations over
    diana that's the status
    right we have a situation carlisle has
    left the building
    and i think i know why the constant has
    he persuaded one of the sailors into
    setting him free and since then he's
    been seizing control of providence
    assets and resources
    i can only assume carlisle is rushing to
    contain the damage
    if she slips away again we'll keep track
    of her
    make sure she doesn't meanwhile the plan
    stays the same
    your destination is the scepter the
    world's tallest building where the
    partners are laying low
    courtesy of their host sheikh omar
    marcus stuyvesant is 5th generation old
    his family made its fortune in real
    estate and banking and were at one point
    the chief landowners in new york
    carl ingram is a powerful washington
    king maker whose family grew rich
    selling gunpowder during the american
    civil war and later
    established a globe-spanning empire in
    oil coal
    and steel both families long since
    retreated from public view
    but their quiet dominance endures to
    this day
    now the partners likely suspect that
    we're coming
    so mr gray will infiltrate building
    controls and disable all electronic
    doors and elevators
    stuyvesant and ingram are about to find
    they have nowhere left to run
    right this is our moment 47
    providence ruined our lives with the
    flick of a pen
    today we return the favor
    happy hunting

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    welcome to dubai 47
    today is the inauguration of the scepter
    and the ceremony is well underway
    you will find marcus stuyvesant near the
    building's signature art installation
    while a paranoid carl ingram has
    ensconced himself in his penthouse suite
    security on highest
    mr gray is already in position and ready
    to assist
    good luck 47
    47 come in 47 do you copy i'm here
    are you in position i'm heading towards
    the point of entering good
    get back to me when you're there
    locked 47 use your camera and scan the
    lock will you
    i think i can override the windows
    controls from here
    i'm in position 47 the inauguration is
    taking place close by
    once you've infiltrated it get your
    bearings i'm sure there must be floor
    plans somewhere
    understood we need absolute focus on
    this one
    if ingram and stuyvesant are alerted to
    our presence we may lose them for good
    we are so close 47. don't worry
    they're not going anywhere

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    welcome welcome hello
    good to see
    so i would like to thank my cousins
    this is
    so i'm humbly proud to open the birds
    al ghazali
    now please be my guests and celebrate
    and thank you
    greetings sir
    you know i didn't think you'd come after
    your tragic loss
    thank you lucy i would love to chat but
    marcus stuyvesant was a god
    to us struggling artists his and your
    helped so many that's kind of you
    but i have a meeting with who can i come
    no lucy
    this is a private matter
    besides this is your big day you should
    have fun oh don't worry about that my
    art speaks for itself

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    well i have to go i'll call you when i
    get back to new york
    lucy you are needed at the inauguration
    and there are some other issues i'd like
    to run by you cornelia don't go
    get me a drink a strong one yes of
    course miss
    any preference ah it doesn't matter
    sorry lucy
    but there is more there seems to be an
    issue with the sun installation
    oh i'm sure you can handle it that's
    what i pay you for i
    i know but this could be a serious
    darling you know how it works we've gone
    over this a thousand times
    see what you can do and if everything
    fails then you get me this is my day
    and i pay you to make sure i can enjoy
    understood yes lucy good now off
    you go i have important things to take
    care of
    laughter what a cow sorry sir
    a crisp shirt will only get you so far
    in life know what i mean
    it's just a drink you don't mind do you
    i really think you are putting on a
    face you shouldn't be hiding back here
    that you should be out there celebrating
    oh now that reminds me i'm supposed to
    talk to richard voltaire
    you know i'm really frightened of him
    his review on the census exhibition
    was brutal but
    i'd rather be here supporting you thank
    you but it's really not necessary
    i have as long as you know i'm here for
    as i said it's only if something goes
    wrong or
    or that dreadful critic insists on
    speaking to me now that i'll be kept
    away from my
    friend cornelius stuyvesant everything
    is going
    fabulously out there i really want to
    say how much i
    appreciate all you have done for me
    without you
    i wouldn't be here you know not to sound
    you have such a good eye for talent lucy
    seriously could you please just give me
    a half an hour alone
    i need to think you know cornelia i
    really worry about you
    oh wow do you see that oh just a sec

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    find out what that was understood
    yeah we're clear okay
    yes central what you want me to do
    confirm shutting down the party over and
    honey it's me yes i know we're not
    supposed to call privately while working
    it looks like someone was killed yes
    right here
    i know it's terrible look i don't want
    to be here anymore can you whoa
    what a shot oh thank you darling
    thank you i'll wait here
    any news on the new guard to sign a
    codename pinky i got word that he hasn't
    i can't believe james called him sick
    today of all days
    his highness has everyone working triple
    shifts there's so much going on here
    i've ever
    stuff up they meet update already and

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    now that crazy manager called us into
    another meeting so now we've got to
    memorize new lists and guest names
    passwords for the terminals and new
    special dietary needs i mean
    there's an actual limit to the amount of
    information the human brain can contain
    and i'm pretty sure i've hit it and to
    top it off they just told us we wouldn't
    be getting overtime payment
    because we just expect it to be here can
    you believe it
    god could this day get any worse
    oh blessed silence final
    thank you god
    look this is gonna make me look really
    sure it's around here somewhere don't
    you worry a colleague is also out there
    but this is awful i mean i'm in my
    boxers and
    you are a woman it's just so
    it's nothing i haven't seen before but
    you don't understand
    i'm military we military men are used to
    punctuality i
    i was supposed to be ready to present my
    papers half an hour ago
    you met in the army with raw papers are
    you making fun of me
    that's so cruel do you do you know what
    a man is without his gun
    a man in his boxes crying like a baby
    you women will never understand and i
    don't think we ever win
    i think i can open that window remotely
    scan the lock
    with your camera and i'll have a try
    this is ridiculous someone else deal
    with this

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    hello sir reporting for duty about time
    our client has been going out of his
    mind waiting for you
    do you have the papers yes good i'll
    call him now
    how should i address him it's classified
    you don't call him anything but
    officially he's just known his codename
    sir this is security just calling to let
    you know your new guard has finally
    yes sir see you soon
    okay wait here he'll be here shortly
    okay you must be my new escort
    i have very high standards and trust you
    will do your duty
    you have your credentials on you
    let me see here yes that looks good
    i like it a cutlery expert no less
    i have no idea what that means but your
    cv is
    very impressive this looks perfect come
    on let's walk
    i need to tell you a bit about what i
    expect from you
    i expect you to be by my side 24 7
    and as i say otherwise bathroom breaks
    are of course permitted
    but only when i say so i have a very
    important and delicate meeting today in
    which i expect you to keep your ears
    but your eyes wide open understood now
    your papers were indeed impressive but i

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    need to see what you can do with my own
    my father used to take me hunting he was
    an avid hunter
    i personally hated it but always admired
    his skill with a knife
    and grew to appreciate what it takes to
    gut an animal
    have you ever tried to cut an animal yes
    then you know it's not so easy as it
    like trying to stab a rubber ball bounce
    his back if you don't
    stab it correctly you're almost here you
    have to understand
    i didn't get where i am by blind faith
    okay we are almost there you see the
    shooting targets
    any fool can shoot a target but with a
    that's where the talent lies my father
    always used to say
    if you are good with a knife you're even
    better with a gun
    i want to see your skills i don't know
    why but i've always
    trusted a man who would throw a knife
    i'm sure psychiatrist would have a field
    day with that statement
    so show me what you got do well and you
    work for me
    fail you get out of here and i never
    want to see your face
    again that's just cookies half as good
    as you were only time will tell
    but i doubt you cocky idiot
    look at that not bad at all
    performance i like you i think we will
    get along just fine
    you've gained his trust what to do with
    all that take the rest of the day off
    you deserve it
    thank you sir it was an honor
    thank you sir
    you impressed me you really did please
    give me some space now
    you impressed me you really did
    but let's get to work some things you
    should know about me and this is very
    much on a
    need to know basis i'm here incognito
    so i want you to stay close but not too
    especially when we are out in public if
    you see a man with a bodyguard it draws
    understood yeah of course you do come on

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    the second they're using the word
    catastrophic i stop
    caring about the actual odds
    look it's just a precaution i've been
    personally invited by the royal highness
    omar al-ghazali i should have clearance
    the name is zaina kazeem
    sir i understand zana kazeem
    aka the vulture one of the top agents
    working for crystal dawn
    the pan-african terrorist organization
    i almost hired him myself once but chose
    the maelstrom instead
    now what is his business here
    but you can't enter without being
    searched it's standard procedure
    this is ridiculous well that's how it is
    think about it and come back if you want
    i'll be waiting upstairs in the
    understood crystal
    listen i want to talk to the partners
    make them understand why all of this is
    and that terminal gives me an idea
    and there's a server room near the
    sheik's personal reception
    if you can gain access to it we might be
    able to recover useful intel from it
    you'll have to work together to hack the
    system but it's our best
    no you were being a now go away
    and binge eat some
    celery or whatever idiots like you do or
    i'll do something worse than blowing
    cancer in your face
    oh my god what is your problem you are
    you have no idea
    hello sir

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    and she's getting rich on them
    what's up if you want to pass you need
    to comply to a frisk sir
    nothing to worry about it's simple
    protocol sir
    you're good to go sir thank you for your
    oh mr kazeem i'm glad you changed your
    arrogance can be a dangerous trait yes
    indeed it can mr ingram has been
    expecting you
    we have a conference room set up for you
    how you been
    please go in and make yourself
    mr ingram will be with you shortly thank

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    mr kazeem a pleasure to meet you omar
    tells me great things about you
    i'll get straight to the point i have uh
    well let's call it a dispute which the
    royal highness tells me you're very
    capable of
    taking care of now i've worked with your
    organization before
    in morocco i believe so i'm a little
    don't be we do what's needed well only
    time will tell i have two assignments
    for you
    take care of the first one and then we
    can discuss the bigger fish
    now on to the first an acute problem
    has been brought to my attention keep
    talking i'll be candid with you
    no one is supposed to know that i'm here
    there's a journalist down at the
    inauguration and he's asking
    rather intrusive questions about who's
    staying up here
    and that is a very dangerous problem for
    now i want you to silence this little
    pain you think you can do that it's what
    i do
    best i like your bluntness this is his
    hands looked bullets are winning free
    lance journalist he's good and won't
    give up until he gets the answers he
    and that can't happen consider it done
    good man
    and remember i want a picture i want
    proof so i can sleep tonight
    of course once this little assignment is
    completed come back and talk to miss
    toe then we can discuss the real cancer
    that needs to be removed
    i'm sure you can see yourself out
    hello yeah i just want to remind you
    about the
    how are you

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    hello don't mean deprived but
    upstairs do you by any chance know who's
    staying there
    i i hear it's not just the royal
    i'm going to ask you politely to move
    along i don't appreciate
    your line of questioning well i was just
    curious but thanks for your time
    maybe not keep asking
    mr looked i hear you're looking for
    information oh really okay
    hey what's happening upstairs i know
    more than you could imagine
    but we can't talk here follow me great
    lead the way
    i hope it's worth it
    wait no no no no no no this this feels
    i don't trust you i'm going to walk away
    no harm done okay
    talk to me again if you mean business
    yes that's it now ingram trusts you it's
    shooting fish in a barrel

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    greetings sir
    greetings sir
    kazeem welcome back so you have the
    yes here good our guest will be
    please follow me he's waiting
    mr kazeem please follow me
    hello sir
    i hope you have had time to see the art
    his royal highness has a keen eye for
    the arts
    if you haven't yet i highly recommend it
    have you seen the view yet it's quite
    on a clear day you get a wonderful view
    of the arabian desert
    i just feel like it's a sight to behold
    the vastness of it
    back in china this would never be
    because of all the smog
    mr ingram is expecting you
    mr casine so good to see you
    do you have the picture
    yes your problem is fixed
    omar said you were good let's get down
    to the important business at hand
    okay people clear the room i need to

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    discuss some delicate business
    with mr kazeem perfect we have ingram
    right where we want him excuse me for a
    second 47.
    you know what to do have a drink see the
    view it's something to behold
    now where was i oh that's right
    my man here will stay for the meeting i
    assume that will not be a problem
    either way you have no choice in the
    it's interesting we haven't come across
    each other before mr kazeem
    well maybe not i usually have my
    people talk to people like you i can
    i don't know how much omar i mean the
    royal highness
    has told you but my guess is very little
    so let me get straight to the point
    my organization has been hit by an
    cancer that can only be removed by
    cutting it out of the gut
    if you get mine drift yes i do
    good this little turd is spreading his
    vile toxic cells and i want him stopped
    brutally chemo won't remove him only the
    i have his file here arthur
    edwards a sly little devil if there ever
    was one
    me and my associates well we
    underestimated the little worm
    we want revenge i think you and i
    share a common interest i doubt that
    but i want you to make him suffer this
    is not a horse that needs to be put out
    of its misery
    this is a rabid dog that needs to be put
    am i making myself clear mr
    kazeem yes consider it done
    good we're now in business we are i'll
    have miss
    toe send you anything you need we're
    done here
    oh uh one last question i'm just curious
    you're nicknamed the vulture why
    i find it's best to wait for the perfect
    i think you'll be perfect for the job
    nice to meet you mr kazeem
    i look forward to receiving an update
    safe hunting god yes mr ingram please
    show mr kazeem out
    yes sir mr kazem please follow me

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    mr kazem you need to listen to me follow
    me and don't get sidetracked
    do you know how much
    there's quite a bit of security here
    one moment you ready for some more fresh
    there's a keypad lock on the doors to
    the staff area
    one moment all right try this
    four seven zero six
    and off

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    the server room should be behind one of
    the doors in this hallway
    why why are you

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    hmm a calendar function we can use this
    to summon the partners to a fake meeting
    all right i'm no hacker like olivia but
    i think you need to pull
    one of the racks here to gain access to
    the terminal
    damn it a silent alarm has been tripped
    security is on its way
    hide 47.
    everything looks just fine
    yes sorry about that 47 let's try again
    shall we
    ah i think i've got it we'll need a key
    card to gain access
    someone in maintenance should have one
    we can borrow for a spell
    hey it's me i thought about what you
    yeah i changed my mind it was an insane
    idea to start with
    exploding golf ball i don't want blood
    on my hand
    i've never taken things
    not that many of us have keys and people
    tend to stay out of that room anyways
    so no one will get hurt i'll take it
    home when my shift is over
    i love you too i'll be home as soon as

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    that must have done something can you
    see anything different in the room
    good we're in now all you need to do is
    access the terminal
    and use the calendar option to summon
    the providence partners to a meeting
    good work the meeting has been booked
    the partners should be moving up here
    looks like the lounge can be sealed off
    for private conversations
    handy excellent i see the partners
    you should join their meeting time to
    end this
    building cameras are now disabled
    just keep calm
    please stay back the partners are alone
    i'll activate the panel controlling the
    room's security features
    when you're ready use it to start the
    show now we'll just wait for the
    partners to be alone
    then you can activate the room's
    lockdown feature
    i trust his people will have multiple
    scenarios ready for us very soon
    which reminds me we need to discuss
    what's there to discuss she left us at
    the most critical moment she abandoned
    that family has never been trustworthy
    and alexa just proved to us that she
    and indeed any of her heirs isn't up to
    the task
    i agree she displayed extremely poor
    i hope omar is able to step up at this
    time in particular
    we need a solid foundation to rebuild

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    and someone to help us hit that traitor
    where it hurts oh he'll get what's
    coming to him
    you know marcus my father taught me many
    things throughout my
    life loyalty respect
    dedication edwards has betrayed all of
    i look forward to teaching him the most
    important thing
    my father ever taught me the power of
    i think it's safe to say this situation
    has revealed some
    structural weaknesses in our
    we'll deal with them as swiftly and as
    harshly as we've been taught by our
    now what's holding up the chic
    what's this carl did you do that i
    certainly did not i have no idea what's
    going on
    gentlemen what's the meaning of this you
    you're the one responsible for all this
    what do you want something that has been
    a long time few
    revenge revenge how banal
    you killed cobb navikov caruso the
    washington twins
    everyone at haven you broke into our
    bank and you
    outed providence to the world whatever
    perceived slight we've done to you
    is insignificant to the amount of damage
    you've caused
    us you've caused the world you're a
    terrorist nothing more what did we ever
    do to you
    anyway you specifically nothing
    providence everything
    providence made me and that the flick of
    a pen
    providence broke me i'm just
    returning the favor providence has
    ruined the lives of countless people
    expecting and facing no consequence for
    its actions
    you take for yourselves and those who
    support you
    and you burn everyone and everything
    else to the ground
    from the comfort of the shadows
    no more you're delusional exposing us
    achieve nothing beyond moving a few
    pieces around on a board
    much more complicated that you can
    the world believes we're dead what more
    do you want
    me nothing my friend however
    well let's just say he's a bit of an
    i'm just here to watch you die 47
    finish it
    47 finish it
    you you're the one responsible for all

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    where the hell is that security panel
    oh not a patient man are you
    finally stuyvesant and ingram are gone
    providence will soon be no more than a
    bad memory
    47. thank you
    i'll meet you at the rendezvous on the
    edge of town
    that's your winning face i'd hate to see
    you lose
    we underestimated the constant yeah he's
    the glorified desk cluck
    he's not just after the money he wants
    it all
    we caught him once we can do it again
    well we're not the ones who let him
    escape you still don't trust her
    i don't like executive decision makers
    look you don't have to follow her
    you know soon this will be over
    maybe it's time to think about the
    future you have to face the possibility
    that there's no going back

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    if the ica knows what you did she'll
    make it right
    she always does we have a fix on
    come on we've got a plane to catch
    i hope you like the rain 47.
    miss burnwood how did you i have
    everyone's number
    you really ought to know by now you
    planned this
    all of it don't be silly
    i just played the hand i was dealt we'll
    find you
    you had me where'd that get you
    we handed you an empire it's for the
    the partners were complacent set in
    their ways
    but power is more than just security
    providence can be an agent of change
    surely you understand or you will
    soon enough
    she came home
    carlisle's lost an empire you fall hard
    you tend to be reminded of what truly
    so the end of the line you ready for
    are you who will you be
    without a score to settle
    i guess the world's most wanted fugitive
    will have to do
    alexa carlyle is dead according to the
    funeral invitation that is
    so naturally it caused quite a stir when
    the late matriarch turned up at the
    breakfast table
    alive and kicking carlisle wisely
    sensing that her number is up
    has emerged from exile to tie up loose
    ends and secure the carlisle legacy
    she may be a monster but you have to
    admire her due diligence
    carlisle descends from an ancient line
    of warrior aristocrats
    her great-grandfather made a killing in
    the second opium war and established an
    empire in shipping
    railroads and newspaper publishing while
    largely unknown to the public the family
    still asserts its quiet dominance over
    global transport and logistics
    media and technology most senior of the
    alexa carlisle is cold as ice tough as

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    and sharp
    it was her late father who first brought
    the three families together after the
    end of world war
    ii at this very house meaning that this
    is the birthplace of providence
    it began here and it ends here
    talk about poetic one more thing
    according to our intel carlisle keeps a
    case file on the constant
    information that may be helpful in his
    recapture so don't leave the estate
    without it
    right happy hunting 47.
    see you on the other side
    thornbridge manor the carlisle family's
    home for countless generations
    the revenant alexa carlisle and her
    three adult children
    younger brother zachary grandson and
    are all gathered to conduct carlisle's
    sham funeral
    curiously carlisle summoned a famous
    london pi soon after arriving this
    but his purpose at thornbridge is yet
    now the target knows that you're coming
    and her guard detail
    is top notch so mr gray will secure
    their nearby field hq
    and intercept all calls going in and out
    of the estate
    any appeal for backup is going to fall
    on very deaf ears
    good luck gentlemen
    this is a private area sir phineas
    whitmer private investigator
    i have an appointment with madam
    carlisle please wait
    mr whitmer is here to see madame
    you can go writing that is phineas

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    the famous private investigator hired by
    madame carla this morning
    i'm curious why he's here maybe
    you should do some detecting yourself
    47. a famous private investigator
    summoned by alexa carlyle
    has arrived at thornbridge manor if you
    take his place
    it may be an opportunity to get close to
    madame carlisle
    mr whitmer thank god you're here can i
    take you to madame carlisle
    please do if you follow me
    i know i order the same thing but
    you're here everything's just so strange
    preparing for madame's funeral and then
    she turns up alive
    but then the awful business with her
    brother zachary and
    all this security i've never seen a
    place guarded like this
    and i dare say i don't like it at all
    oh by the way i told kate about this
    test what did she say
    well i thought she'd be mad at me
    i did a really good talk about it
    actually what did i tell you
    she's a sensible woman and that's stuff
    from your ex huh i just need to check
    that's a bit exciting i know i think i
    know considering the fact that i guess i
    thought she was going to read into them
    saying i must have know what we're doing
    sir don't worry about that man caroline
    really did a number on you

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    no no no
    mr whitmer thank you for coming on such
    short notice
    a great tragedy has fallen upon us and i
    need a quick resolution
    handled with absolute discretion
    results and discretion are my speciality
    very well i suppose you will want to
    start at the crime scene
    in my experience a thorough examination
    of a potential crime scene
    is half the job done good fernsby will
    take over from here
    i am mr fernsby the butler madam
    carlisle has asked me to assist you in
    any way possible
    mr whitmer i understand that you've
    traveled from london
    would you care for some refreshments or
    do you prefer to go straight to mr
    zachary's sleeping quarters
    i prefer to get started as you wish if
    you'll follow me sir
    i feel obliged to point out with current
    affairs surrounding madame carlisle
    are of a delicate nature you may be
    familiar with the recent announcement of
    her death
    you will probably learn that the staged
    funeral is scheduled to take place
    madam's children were not informed until
    this morning that their mother was in
    fact not dead at all
    so please bear with them if they seem
    affected by the rather unusual
    situation i trust i do not need to
    remind you
    that there will be consequences if word
    gets out that madame carlisle
    is still alive i'll consider her dead
    when i leave
    before you inspect the crime scene i
    will tell you this
    the case concerns the death
    of mr zachary madame carlile's younger
    he was found dead in his bed this
    the door was locked from the inside and
    a suicide letter was found in his room
    however madam carlisle suspects foul
    and will not accept that he took his own
    life i've prepared some information for
    so please do come and see me when you
    finish your investigation of the crime
    this is mr zachary's room to my right

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    a locked room murder mystery 47 i trust
    you'll get to the bottom of this
    zachary was shopping for new wellingtons
    last night
    not exactly what you would expect from
    someone suicidal
    zachary's suicide note
    also a sample of handwriting
    it could be relevant to compared to
    other samples to establish its
    why don't you use your camera to scan
    the dead body for
    throat markings indicate a rare
    plant poison killed him spread
    shows time of death at around 10 o'clock
    last night
    you do know your poison's 47.
    a hidden door
    it's a secret passage this could explain
    how the door was locked from the inside
    hmm a photocopy of the floor plans
    somebody's been researching the secret
    ins and outs of thornbridge manor
    i believe you've done a thorough search
    of the crime scene 47
    maybe it's time to see the butler i'm
    curious about the information he's
    prepared for you
    how are you sir
    mr fernsby i'm done with the crime scene
    did you establish a time of death

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    zachary died around 10 o'clock last
    night that means the staff were off duty
    and madame carlisle and her security
    didn't arrive until this morning
    that leaves madam's family and myself
    as the only persons here when he died
    and before you ask
    no i do not have an alibi
    i was alone in my office at the time of
    here's the material that i've prepared
    for you it's a list of the possible
    suspects and their quarters
    hopefully that will help you keep track
    of your findings please come and see me
    when you've solved the case
    and i will take you to madame carlisle
    this is very useful information 47
    so how does one solve a murder mystery
    motive means an opportunity i believe
    may i suggest you ask the suspects for
    or perhaps do you prefer searching the
    manor for clues first
    yes i understand i'm sure we can come to
    some arrangement
    but you really need to talk to anthony
    he's the man with the papers
    listen you know who i am who my
    grandmother is was right
    just relax it'll be fine you'll get your
    don't worry give anthony a call
    okay patrick carlisle
    can you tell me where you were yesterday
    it's that sneaky butler isn't it
    he ratted me out elaine
    give us some privacy would you
    don't tell mother okay she's really
    tense these days and the last thing i
    need is more hassle
    i took that pretty blonde um rosie
    uh for an evening stroll i mean
    how the am i expected to cope for
    an entire weekend in this i'm
    bored out of my mind
    if that's all i think i'll get back to
    my slow death by boredom
    what did you think of zachary creepy as
    no ambition imagine deciding to live in
    a museum
    you know father says zachary and alexa
    used to be two of a kind
    he had a great future ahead of him then
    he just gave up everything what an idiot
    thank god daddy chose looks and brains
    over pedigree when he married mummy
    i don't have to worry about the
    inbreeding's her customer in these
    so is that it
    did you see anything suspicious last
    night no
    i reckon zachary topped himself i know i
    would have
    or perhaps mr fernsby i don't like him

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    he could have done it
    if you only knew what we face
    i wonder what you would do
    attack regroup
    close the gates and wait it out
    weird that is the door to rebecca's room
    i'll have a damn good reason for not
    being here in person
    christ really don't have a clue do you
    i'm talking about that weasel arthur
    edwards can we get
    back what he stole from me so far
    it looks like we can't all the transfers
    of funds and privileges i've been
    through have been bulletproof
    he intercepted the arrangements our
    office worked years to put in place
    that's why don yates should be here he
    made the arrangements
    he should bloody well be the one to
    clean up this whole mess
    i uh i don't know what to say
    i'm sorry don't kill the messenger alexa
    please continue your efforts
    mr ford

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    i can see from the log that rebecca was
    in a conference call from 9pm
    to midnight last night
    this all confirms that arthur edwards
    stole everything from adam carlisle
    perhaps you should let her know how bad
    it is 47
    i received the vote token patrick nunn
    bank did i understand correctly i should
    give it to rebecca in case
    you're there exactly she holds the other
    i want her to have the file on arthur
    edwards if i die
    you're not fearful she'll be in trouble
    she knows she will start digging when
    she realizes things don't add up

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    inevitably getting her in trouble i'd
    rather she knew who she's up against
    she's clever and resourceful who knows
    maybe she'll be able to hit him where it
    but i don't want her to get involved
    hopefully she'll never have to get
    involved at all
    you faced great obstacles too i know
    we will persevere
    it is my duty to make that happen
    i've received more information about
    your situation
    mr ford we can't talk here go back to
    your office
    i will be there shortly
    what's the verdict mr ford undoubtedly
    some of my assets must be safe
    no everything is gone thornbridge manor
    that too but that's not possible
    i'll kill him i swear if it's the last
    thing i do
    thank you mr ford that will be all

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    emmer carla can you tell me where you
    were yesterday evening
    surely i'm not a suspect i need to
    account for everyone
    well i spent the evening with my family
    but i got an awful migraine
    and had to take to bed everyone can
    attest to that
    i believe i went up when the boys sat
    down for a drink around
    eight o'clock is that all
    how did you feel about zachary i might
    as well be honest
    his presence was always awkward how do
    you have a meaningful conversation with
    a man who only cares about
    plants in my opinion alexa bears some
    responsibility for how this ended
    she supported his self-limiting behavior
    by letting him live here
    anything else you want to know
    have you noticed anything else out of
    the ordinary nothing special comes to
    except perhaps i did get a feeling that
    zachary was depressed
    not just sad i suppose he realized that
    he had no one with alexa gone
    even alexa must feel the pangs of guilt
    over that one
    letting him believe she was dead then
    guilt isn't her strong suit
    right let's get started i want to keep
    this short
    i know you have a lot of questions some
    i will answer now the rest
    will have to wait first zachary's sudden
    is a great tragedy but also a great
    inconvenience as it happened
    just now i'm dealing with the situation
    in a discreet
    and efficient way and i expect your
    in all related matters secondly
    the arranged funeral event tomorrow will
    take place as planned no one
    can know that i am still alive i expect
    you all to act your part
    last as you all know i have a lot on my
    plate and need to focus on sorting

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    everything out so
    please do not disturb me with your petty
    you are all adults and as part of the
    you will eventually have to deal with
    difficult situations like this
    it comes late for most of you but this
    is a chance for you to show what you are
    made of
    that will be all
    rebecca carla can you tell me about
    yesterday evening we don't really see
    much of each other my brother
    exit i suppose it takes our mother to
    you know i think he might be in some
    sort of trouble
    edward wanted to go as well but gregory
    convinced him to stay for a few drinks
    before they went off for a pint at the
    local at a quarter to nine
    i swear gregory enjoys edward's
    discomfort over staying here
    i had a conference call with my new york
    office at nine
    so i spent three hours on my laptop in
    my room
    and went straight to bed afterwards i
    don't know about emma
    she did act a bit strange
    you know i bet she was making lists for
    changes needing to be done
    once she gets her hands on thornbridge
    quite the shock she had when mother
    arrived during breakfast is there
    anything else you want to ask me
    tell me about zachary did he act strange
    last night you know now you mention it
    he was a lot more chatty than usual
    he wanted to know about my connections
    in the publishing business
    apparently a friend of his is writing a
    which strikes me as very peculiar i
    didn't think he had any friends
    is that everything mr whitmer i do have
    a lot to see too
    anything else you feel like mentioning i
    may be wrong
    but i saw mr fernsby the butler
    leave zachary's room early this
    and he seemed a bit startled when he saw
    me in the hallway
    it's probably nothing oh and one more
    please be kind to edward he can only
    take so much
    ah my perfect mother
    of thought you up didn't you
    staging your own death a major grandiose
    cock-up i'd say be quiet gregory
    it says you're only human after all i
    never would have guessed

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    gregory carlisle can you tell me where
    you were
    yesterday evening oh you're wondering
    about my alibi mr detective
    well um i left thornbridge around
    half eight for a pint with edward i wish
    i hadn't
    quiz night at the inn on the other hand
    staying here with zachary
    my obnoxious sister and the wife
    sporting another one of her headaches
    would have been a fate worse than death
    the short of it zachary was very much
    when we left i stayed for the last shout
    and i was
    back here just before midnight anything
    else you want to pry from my
    intricate intellect
    tell me about zachary zack
    such a sad old sod a bit heavy on the
    but you could blame him only company he
    had was his rare plants
    and mother who travels more than she
    stays here
    honestly i can't say which is the bigger
    ball he's better off
    dead is that all not very thorough
    are you
    anything else you'd like to tell me
    nothing really
    i'm just enjoying the show our perfect
    obviously up didn't she faking
    her own death
    you know she's explained nothing to us
    i think she's scared to own up to her
    professor edward carlisle can you tell
    me your whereabouts for last night
    oh yes this dreadful business with
    i stay at the local inn you see i prefer
    not to spend the night here at
    thornbridge manor
    my brother gregory came along for
    nightcap he'll never admit it but i
    think he understands that i find this
    whole thing upsetting
    and wanted to provide some comfort i
    believe we went to the stacks head
    around half past eight
    anything else i can do to help
    can you tell me about zachary's behavior
    last night i
    certainly didn't expect him to commit
    suicide sure he was upset by
    mother's supposed death we were
    but he seemed more engaged than usual
    you should ask rebecca they had a long
    did you know that he hadn't left
    thornbridge manor in nearly 50 years

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    his plants mother and the staff all the
    company he had
    if that's all i have a speech to write
    did you notice anything else out of the
    ordinary you mean apart from the fact
    that we came here to bury our mother and
    she shows up alive and kicking
    zachary found dead in his bed this
    morning or perhaps the plan funeral is
    still taking place and i have to do the
    and mother will surely have strong
    opinion on it
    i can't breathe excuse me
    you always led by example rather than by
    words and meaningless gestures
    like hugs and encouragement just a
    single spontaneous caress what a
    difference that would have made
    right i clearly remember when i was five
    i climbed a tree and could not make my
    way down
    i was scared and called out for help of
    all people you heard me
    and when you saw me you climbed the tree
    i was relieved that help had finally
    but can i help you in any way mr edward
    thank you no i'm afraid not
    some fresh air may do you good it might
    but i need to finish mother's eulogy for
    she doesn't think i can do it does she
    did she say anything to you
    mr edward your mother has very high
    i'm under the impression they are rarely
    met by anyone but herself
    oh god she expects me to fail
    tomorrow will soon be over and then you
    can put all this behind you
    i'm sure you'll do splendidly just wait
    and see
    i don't know i hope so
    that is the door to mr fernsby's office
    what's gonna come of it stick to your
    own kind
    you mean like chris he treated me like

    all he wanted to do was play his stupid
    video games never any romance
    i deserve romance madam carlyle is well
    and emma won't be moving in
    all things do eventually come to an end
    did all the groceries arrive
    no sir some of the delivery people were

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00
    unhappy with the security of the game
    she never misses a step gossiping and
    work both
    fake funeral tomorrow zachary found dead
    upstairs today death is everywhere
    i never thought of it that way oh god
    it's such a big responsibility having a
    i have to protect it right how are
    things coming along outside
    will everything be ready for the funeral
    event tomorrow i would say so mr fernsby
    as long as the birds don't make too much
    of a mess
    may i add that the undertaker mr parsons
    is not happy about putting on a pretend
    funeral he's worried about his
    reputation if he gets out
    yes i expected as much he certainly are
    strange days
    i suppose we'll never get an explanation
    it's not our place to question madam
    no i know can't ever wonder
    i'm getting a headache from all the
    decisions i mean pram or stroller
    comforter or not should i ask her to
    marry me what if she says no
    i know this big funeral thing tomorrow
    it's the last thing i need
    i remember how it was with the first one
    the ones that come after
    certainly are a lot less of a worry
    rosie tell me what you did last night
    i'm in trouble aren't i
    i i spent the evening with patrick
    we met after dinner and i went home at
    one in the morning
    he said he needed someone real to talk
    when he looks at you it makes you feel
    like the center of the universe
    like a real princess but now he just
    ignores her well
    he's under a lot of pressure
    he's an idiot that's what he is
    did you notice anything out of the
    ordinary any
    strangers outside the house no no we saw
    no one outside
    except patrick's mother emma we were
    sitting on the bench behind the
    greenhouse talking when she came out and
    we had to hide you won't tell her about
    me and patrick will you
    she'd insist madame carlile fire me i'm
    sure of it
    too right she will she's always going on
    about how things will change once she's
    in charge of thornbridge manor
    how are things coming along inside is
    everything ready for tomorrow
    i can't deal with all this pretend
    funeral stuff just now
    i know i have to but i don't think she
    might be pregnant
    amy is a great
    and now a wee one on the way let's say
    you wouldn't look

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    his wife's outrageous behavior without
    zachary's diary
    this is big he was about to confess to
    the world
    that he and alexa murdered their older
    brother montgomery 46 years ago
    and apparently mr fernsby helped make
    the murder look like an accident
    and 47 the handwriting doesn't match the
    suicide letter in his room
    proving he didn't write it himself
    painkillers lethal if you use enough of
    but not the poison used to kill zachary
    of course madame carlisle doesn't know
    are you considering to frame the butler
    mr fernsby clearly didn't commit the
    murder but i think you have enough
    to convince madam carlyle he did
    maybe you should tell him you are ready
    to present your findings
    unless of course you want to do some
    more detecting 47.
    have you ever fallen actually so i
    let you go yeah same
    that door leads to emma and gregory's

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    do i like him
    a keychain pendant for the greenhouse
    what's that doing in emma and gregory's
    room i wonder
    and why is the key missing
    now this is interesting
    seven a letter from emma's mother
    stating that
    emma is the illegitimate child of
    alexa's late older brother
    montgomery and listen to this
    she claims to have witnessed alexa and
    zachary murder him
    the plot thickens
    can't you tell me about it
    we don't have any extra fuses ethel
    looked everywhere
    you've got to be kidding me no power no
    oh madam carlyle will be furious she
    expects the family photo to be done any
    moment now
    i need this shoot to happen okay and i

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    need it to be perfect
    can't we just take a fuse from another
    fuse box
    so madame carlyle wants a picture taken
    if you were to assist with the missing
    fuse i'm sure the portrait would be one
    for the ages
    uh i i guess we could do that good
    i'll finish setting up and then we'll
    grab the fuse just before
    good i'll finish setting up and then
    we'll grab the fuse just before you call
    down the family
    good yeah that's a good plan
    emma carlyle in the greenhouse how
    damn it i need this to work
    oh you startled me
    i i was just i don't know thinking about
    zachary he spent most of his life in
    with these plants not much of a life is
    well anyway i'll be outside if you need
    if you'd excuse me broken lab equipment
    it looks like it was recently used
    this is a table showing lethal dosages
    for the poison
    used to kill zachary
    something is circled 47 female age 65 to
    60 to 64 kilograms
    i'd say madame carlyle is next in line
    for a poisoning
    you have uncovered enough evidence to
    tell madam carlisle
    that emma is the murderer quite the
    detective 47
    i'm impressed i said
    just you go tell mr fernsby unless you
    think there are more secrets to uncover

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    zachary found dead upstairs today death
    is everywhere
    i never thought of it that way oh god
    it's such a big responsibility having a
    i have to protect it right
    are there any gardeners outside you
    haven't seen before
    there are a lot of them on the grounds
    talk to mr fernsby
    he's in charge of the stars step inside
    your detective skills have gained you
    access to the lion's den 47
    now go claim your reward

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    so mr whitmer you've reached a
    conclusion take a seat
    please go ahead
    your niece emmer carlisle murdered your
    brother zachary
    my niece emma is not my niece
    she's my daughter-in-law and your niece
    emmer is the illegitimate child of your
    late older brother montgomery
    who you and zachary killed 46 years ago
    that's preposterous you asked me to find
    out what happened to zachary
    would you rather not know no
    no go on i found a letter from emmer's
    jane who was the fiance of your older
    brother at the time of his death
    she witnessed how you and zachary pushed
    him off the balcony
    she believed you did it to steal the
    empire from her and her unborn child
    and she raised emma to reclaim what she
    marry your heir gregory get revenge
    and secure the carlisle empire for her
    bloodline generations to come
    emma is the daughter of montgomery and
    that local girl jane she
    is well the girl got it wrong
    i didn't steal anything i did what was
    necessary to protect the future of the
    wasn't cut out to take over from father
    all heart and no
    balls emma used the funeral gathering to
    speed up her installment
    as the lady of the house seizing the
    opportunity to stage zachary's suicide
    she did her homework used a poison made
    from one of zachary's rare plants
    found old floor plans from thornbridge
    to gain access to his room through a
    secret passage
    that ski
    more than you think i found proof that
    she will try to poison you
    next well i'll have to take care of that
    thank you mr whitmer you have not
    i promised you i would reward you
    generously if you solved the case
    so what do you suggest
    i want the file you have on arthur
    edwards the constant but how do you
    oh i see
    i expected you might show up but to kill
    me not help me
    and i've been wrong on so many things
    lately so why not this one
    i will give you the file on edwards
    you've earned it
    i don't suppose i could convince you to
    deal with my daughter-in-law now you're
    i would like to see her dead
    no what a shay
    i'll have to see to it some other way

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    i need some privacy thank you
    good work 47 that's the file on arthur
    edwards secured
    time to take care of madame carlisle
    hello sir
    how are you
    gregory don't say more to that weird
    detective than you need to i was just
    having a laugh dear
    must admit he's pretty good what if he
    believes we had something to do with
    zachary's death
    oh please he's circling us
    i don't see him snooping around your
    sister i bet alexa
    said something if i could be bothered
    i'd be worried about your mental health
    but sorry i'm having too much fun
    enjoying the circles
    and why not do a photo shoot because
    we're all gathered
    talk about messed up multitasking and
    who seriously needs to step into this
    everybody needs to be ready for the
    funeral this was back
    waiting to happen

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    oh sounds like the powers back up why
    don't you take a picture to test it
    it works i'm ready for the shoot perfect
    i'll call the family down now then
    excellent 47. madam carlyle is on her
    way down for the family photo shoot
    let's see if any memorable moments will
    play out in front of the camera
    hi good afternoon
    my mother will have things back in order
    in no time
    and that's what she does create precise
    order in all her affairs
    never letting go into it touch her i'm
    the youngest
    i guess i just flew under the radar when
    it came down by the fountain
    i don't think so she really respects you
    if you just stopped craving her approval
    you're nearly 50 edward i know
    i'm such a loser but you're not
    you're a professor you're artistic
    you've got your music
    i mean that's really something it's not
    exactly expanding the carlisle empire
    but thanks that does help a little

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    i wish he'd hurry up this place is
    sucking the life out of me
    it won't hurt you to relax for a bit
    i expect you to be efficient i have a
    lot to see to today
    i'll do my best
    right get in position let's get this
    over with
    there's a puddle of water here i'll
    never mind let's just get this done
    shall we
    chin up edward no one wants to look at
    that long face
    you're such an idiot gregory i'm fine
    rebecca fine
    you look like a nervous wreck stop
    well mother you certainly know how to
    lighten the mood
    mission complete well done 47.
    i'm gonna go get help
    it feels like i can't breathe in there
    the tension is
    off the charts yeah

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    47 don't respond just listen
    diana can't help you now you need to
    find olivia
    she will know what to do
    and then there were none thank you miss
    now it's my turn
    stay down boss wants you alive
    yeah how about now
    over here cover me
    walk away or what
    you gonna take us all on
    tell the constant to start running
    you think you've won 47 is out there
    and 47 never misses his mark
    neither do you miss burnwood that's what
    makes you valuable
    you're delusional you think i would
    betray 47.
    trust me you owe him nothing
    what is this i told you we could help
    each other
    and i meant it i look forward to your
    gray is gone go to berlin and stay out
    of sight
    for all that's left now

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00


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    2. i played this on the highest settings 4k with an i5-4440 and a 1660ti… shows what a little optimization can do for a game

    3. It's a pity they wasted a perfectly good opportunity to make friends with the old lay if you solve everything and take out her niece. No, you gotta kill her anyway. That would have been the first time you have a choice to NOT kill your mark in the entire franchise in order to succeed.


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