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    SearchThisVideo: HITMAN 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

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    all right guys here we go 2021 is here
    very first major release of the year for
    this um
    i guess this channel man this is gonna
    be hopefully you know it's cool like
    going back looking at the entire year
    because it's i
    i have like this giant playlist of
    videos that i've done for each game
    and it's just always fun to see like the
    progress i make throughout the year
    and by the end of it what games i
    finished what games i enjoyed stuff like
    that so
    uh this being the first major game of
    the year
    would be really awesome to see this
    thing do well i don't i don't expect
    like 50 000 likes or whatever in 24
    hours i mean if we hit that
    that would be insane but it's really
    ultimately up to you guys i plan on
    doing a full series for this kind of
    depending how this first video goes
    uh i was gonna give away two copies of
    the game one for xbox one for ps4
    uh i think it's actually on ps5 as well
    i think it's all next-gen so
    i'll do next-gen for both copies so if
    you guys want that just throw that like
    button or even leave a comment
    of your new year's resolution uh
    mine is just uh appreciate the time of
    my daughter more
    make more time for family stuff like
    that that's my overall goal not that i
    haven't been doing that but i want to
    put more of my life into that so uh i
    love you clementine if you ever watch
    hopefully you're over 18 when you do
    this is not a young kid's video game
    anyways you guys are awesome much love
    and let's get this
    look closer
    in the shadows behind the everyday world
    beyond the headlines and the seats of
    a hidden hand
    a kind of company known as
    to it we were just assets
    to use and throw away
    to do the unthinkable the unforgivable
    and it never gave us a second thought
    until now after decades in the shadows
    we are fighting back me
    and 47 much has been lost
    but we are closer than ever
    we trapped the constant providence's
    controller and finally learnt the names
    of its three partners
    in their downfall and lay the past
    to rest and
    just maybe look towards the future
    it's time

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    the partners are dominant you know
    i never planned this fire ahead
    you never do i see someone got his
    memory back
    wait is that a beacon
    helicopter just took off confirmed
    target locations over
    diana that's the status
    right we have a situation carlisle has
    left the building
    and i think i know why the constant has
    he persuaded one of the sailors into
    setting him free and since then he's
    been seizing control of providence
    assets and resources
    i can only assume carlyle is rushing to
    contain the damage
    if she slips away again we'll keep track
    of her
    make sure she doesn't meanwhile the plan
    stays the same your destination
    is the scepter the world's tallest
    building where the partners are laying
    courtesy of their host sheikh omar
    marcus stuyvesant is fifth generation
    old money
    his family made its fortune in real
    estate and banking and were at one point
    the chief landowners in new york
    carl ingram is a powerful washington
    king maker
    whose family grew rich selling gun
    powder during the american civil war and
    established a globe-spanning empire in
    oil coal
    and steel both families long since
    retreated from public view
    but their quiet dominance endures to
    this day
    now the partners likely suspect that
    we're coming
    so mr gray will infiltrate building
    controls and disable all electronic
    doors and elevators
    stuyvesant and ingram are about to find
    they have nowhere left to run
    right this is our moment 47
    providence ruined our lives with the
    flick of a pen
    today we return the favor
    happy hunting
    welcome to dubai 47
    today is the inauguration of the scepter
    and the ceremony is
    well underway
    you will find marcus stuyvesant near the
    building's signature art installation
    while a paranoid carl ingram has
    ensconced himself in his penthouse suite

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    security on highest alert
    mr gray is already in position and ready
    to assist
    good luck 47 yeah we just start out here
    what in the world
    this is uh so this is technically the
    first mission of hitman 7
    i'm in 47 do you copy i'm here are you
    in position i'm heading towards the
    point of entering good
    get back to me when you're there yo look
    at the scale of this thing dude i just
    want to jump off and skydive
    so i'm glad i played this on pc trying
    to get better at mouse and keyboard so
    kind of forgive me if i'm struggling a
    when i said i can only show this mission
    oh god uh it's a long way down
    oh my god uh let's go up kind of
    learning the controls a little bit but i
    think man the reflections and everything
    look really good
    i don't think i'm using ray tracing and
    all that i don't know if this game even
    hasn't hold on let me go back
    locked 47 use your camera and scan the
    lock will you
    i think i can override the windows
    controls from here
    okay uh see see what we got
    so you can i guess scroll then just hit
    enter you're good
    all right we're good seems pretty
    you can holster i guess with uh some h
    i'm in position 47 the inauguration is
    taking place close by
    once you've infiltrated it get your
    bearings i'm sure there must be floor
    plans somewhere
    understood we need absolute focus on
    this one
    if ingram and stuyvesant are alerted to
    our presence we may lose them for good
    we are so close 47. don't worry
    they're not going anywhere
    all right we're good
    oh game's a little a little choppy right
    there should be all right i think it
    might have been my computer i don't even
    know yet
    yo this game has been you can tell they
    put a lot of love into this game
    oh that's sick what
    disguise scott having suits
    yo this is sick man let's see what the
    people are we need to kill
    there's one up there okay now there was
    a few okay
    one of those things not quite
    hello i guess they counted chandeliers
    can i go up here i don't want to get
    yo this is so nice

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    i soon built up a construction empire
    that was worthy
    of the great al ghazali legacy
    so i would like to thank my
    cousins without whose friendship
    am i allowed to go up here hello i don't
    mean are you
    but upstairs
    it's just a precaution i've been
    personally invited by the royal highness
    omar alcazali
    i should have clearance the name is
    zaina cuisine sir
    i understand but you can't enter without
    being certain
    zana kazeem aka the vulture
    one of the top agents working for
    crystal dawn the pan-african terrorist
    i almost hired him myself once but chose
    the maelstrom instead
    now what is his business
    this is ridiculous well that's how it is
    think about it and come back if you want
    i'll be waiting upstairs in the
    understood crystal i gotta disguise
    myself as this guy
    all right well you can sit down but i
    really got to be cautious here
    don't mind me dr pop
    interact with the terminal holder listen
    i want to talk to the partners directly
    make them
    understand why all of this is happening
    and that terminal gives me an idea
    and there's a server room near the
    sheik's personal reception
    if you can gain access to it we might be
    able to recover useful intel from it
    you'll have to work together to hack the
    system but it's our best
    shot you were being a [ __ ] now go away
    i mean we might as well follow this
    right we got no other options right now
    how the mighty have [ __ ] uh how about
    the mighty fall not have fallen
    uh all right it looks like the staff
    area could provide you with a viable
    route to the server room
    you are sick you have no idea yo it's so
    not like look at the graphics in this
    game i know we're like up in the clouds
    but just like
    the little details i could not even
    imagine how long it would take to
    actually build
    a building like as tall as these oh wait

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    you walked up to me i bought the i'm
    about to push
    yo could i they would see me
    i almost want to just do stupid stuff
    vault over and fall off etc
    oh we got some coins i use that to
    distract people later on
    so technically what is this
    turn on the sound system oh i guess i
    could use that
    to then
    i okay i've heard to save often
    where do you save that we're gonna nope
    that's quick game
    i guess we're just gonna save here all
    oh god help please help me
    all right i got this guy's outfit i'm
    outta here
    certain people are going to react
    hoping i can get past them sorry sir i
    cannot let you through here
    please move on
    let's get back
    all right these guys don't seem to care
    let's head over here don't mind me i
    look completely different from the other
    but nobody cares i love it i always love
    that it's like the outfit you still see
    like the barcode on the back of his head
    like nothing really changes
    that's one of the one of the targets is
    right above me
    i think what i'll wind up doing is just
    go i might if i have a chance i'm just
    gonna go for it there's a keypad lock on
    the doors to the staff area
    one moment all right try this
    four seven zero six
    all right uh four
    seven zero
    six we're good
    there's quite a bit of nice here one
    you ready for some more fresh air 47
    well that's gonna alert let me since i
    have the outfit i was told to save often
    right all right so what am i trying to
    do here
    we gotta get over there without being
    spotted really
    this guy's on the phone
    hey why don't you go check that out oh
    my glass is supposed to be missing like
    lens or whatever oh
    excellent it's like i'm outta here
    for something here's gonna walk on all

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    i think i can open that window remotely
    scan the lock with your camera and i'll
    have a try
    please leave me alone what freaking
    okay get the camera out
    let's go babe
    ah [ __ ] of course sure
    why not what a freaking least a time
    yo this is so intense
    they both left let's go baby
    all right i'm saving my game i don't
    want to have another accident
    uh i need to get this one open don't i
    technically right all right i just see
    what happens if you jump off this is
    oh no okay we're not actually vaulting
    cheek al ghazali is reaching out to his
    worldwide network of lawyers and
    financial contacts
    attempting to restore the lost power
    base of the providence partners
    if ingram and stuyvesant were asked to a
    thinking they'll be told of new
    developments i suspect they
    jump at the chance there's a lounge area
    at the top of the building
    it can be sealed off for private
    conversations if we lure the targets
    they'll be trapped how cool
    is this game right now like this this
    level design
    is so sick look at this one
    like i mean don't mind me right i'm just
    this is really awesome i'm actually
    surprised of how
    for this to be like a preview build of
    the game
    it runs really optimized i think
    uh i think we're good here probably did
    the same thing we did last time we just
    bought the camera
    all right saving my games i made it up
    here just told to save like every five
    so i don't have an accident the server
    room should be behind one of the doors
    in this hallway
    should i blend in as a maintenance staff
    does it really matter
    uh hold on if we're gonna go through
    do i have to
    lock pick
    wait hold on somebody's in here
    now this hold on they don't seem to care
    that i'm here
    they don't have the dots over their eyes
    not the eyes but they're over their
    yeah like if they yeah they don't they
    don't care nice

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    find the server room let me see which
    server room's this way i think i walked
    right past didn't even realize it
    storage slash server room okay
    okay this guy cares i'm here i should
    probably take him out
    come on cue um where can we put you dude
    let's see should i disguise myself as
    this guy
    let's put him in here i guess
    kind of getting used to like what
    controls do what
    are we good um pick up hammer i think i
    already have one
    all right server rooms back here
    yes it's kind of cool a calendar
    function we can use this to summon the
    partners to a fake meeting 47.
    all right i'm no hacker like olivia but
    i think you need to pull one of the
    racks here to gain access to the
    pull one of the racks to get okay uh
    these all have an exclamation point i'm
    guessing no matter what you do it's
    going to be bad
    damn it a silent alarm has been tripped
    security is on its way
    hide 47.
    oh [ __ ] i want to hide in here
    i mean we go this way
    oh no well this is probably
    what if i just like chill out
    you know
    imagine if that's all it takes to stay
    on the side of this
    that'll be amazing so that was actually
    part of the plan you have to you have to
    get that to start
    it's all fine here oh no i hate this
    system already
    i'm glad they're not patrolling like all
    the way around that'd be rough
    i think we're good yes sorry about that
    47 let's
    try again shall we ah
    i think i've got it we'll need a key
    card to gain access
    someone in maintenance should have one
    we can borrow for a spell
    all right obtain a server room key card
    there's a person down here do they care
    they do okay
    well that person's right there i don't
    have any more coins let's see what i'll
    have in my inventory really quick
    i can throw a i can throw that
    uh let's just keep this on i guess
    i mean i'll holster it for now but
    all right we're not gonna go out there
    without at least saving it all right
    kind of overriding here and there it's

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    i thought about what you said yeah okay
    this person really
    oh no i think they don't they only care
    if you're in like a suspicious area
    i don't want blood in my mouth okay i've
    never taken things to such an extreme
    they only have the dots if you're like
    either certain outfits or i mean we
    really need to get this person i know i
    have issues
    all right i think we're good uh should i
    disguise or
    oh wait there's the card let me go ahead
    and drag this person
    i don't always a locker right there what
    am i doing hold on
    all right we're good we're good
    just chilling don't don't mind me we're
    good i'm running
    we're out of here yo
    all right yeah now if you look back
    they'll have the dot that means if they
    want to see me in here it'd be pretty
    much a wrap
    all right we got the key card we're good
    oh hold on this is
    this is going to cause something so let
    let me just kind of play it like i'm
    supposed to
    that must have done something can you
    see anything different in the room
    anything different uh
    let me check each of these
    let's try this no
    it's got to be like attached to
    something else right hold on
    hold on downloading processing i don't
    know if that
    was there the whole time i'm guessing it
    what to do here acquire admin privileges
    but how
    how do we do that
    i don't know what to do here then if
    that's all it takes is just to do that
    then i
    don't quite know um
    uh let's see
    how do we get admin privileges
    let's try this out again 47 guards are
    heading your way
    be careful

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    should i go back this way right oh wait
    i can't when you're
    stuck in there you stuck in there
    as expected nothing to see here
    system online
    open up a disabled cameras
    i can't like use this at all it just
    shows what each thing goes to
    and it's weird that it's so like open
    every avenger
    yeah we gotta rearrange meetings it'd be
    this one right
    good we're in now all you need to do is
    access the terminal
    and use the calendar option to summon
    the providence partners to a meeting
    good work the meeting has been booked
    the partners should be moving up here
    looks like the lounge can be sealed off
    for private conversations
    handy okay i'm gonna save my game again
    because that was actually kind of smooth
    i'll i'll definitely take that
    as a w excellent i see the partners
    you should join their meeting time to
    end this
    47. cameras are showing a lot of guards
    up here
    they wouldn't suspect one of their own
    thing is is there anybody that would see
    me do this if i do it right here
    i'm gonna go for it man
    i need this disguise okay
    i need to put this person uh let me take
    the weapon as well
    let me just should i have it out i don't
    think i should
    hunted oh no they saw me through that
    window over there man
    i'm not saying it again be smart let it
    sir i need you karma i'll pop you full
    of hollow points
    get ready for more of that
    combat i mean

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    if this is all it takes to clear me
    i gotta yeah i have to
    leave nobody behind
    okay well nobody's gonna go in that room
    hopefully ever
    wasn't as smooth as i wanted i had a
    feeling i was like can they see me from
    over there
    you know but i i didn't
    i didn't know what to really expect
    there this person's gonna know
    that i'm not me so
    i gotta get past that alone now i'll
    activate the panel controlling the
    room's security features
    when you're ready use it to start the
    ah i gotta get up there dude um
    here let's do this let's let's try this
    let's do some soda can we're gonna throw
    this this way
    man i've heard something weird i'm gonna
    go check it out
    if only if it was that easy in real life
    you know i wonder what that could be
    nice hey what is this pick up an apple i
    don't want to touch it
    well if they draw their guns on
    all right so we made it to the top we
    set up the meeting
    should be good
    they're sitting together is this my
    chance to take them both out at the same
    i mean i have a gun
    this is actually kind of cool i don't
    even want to run oh hold on that person
    certain people will see you and have the
    dot over them like there's
    like they would be able to be suspicious
    oh the chandelier yo that's the one
    where is he where's the sheik it's a
    busy day for it
    surely we can give him a few moments do
    you know
    what's this carl did you do that i
    certainly did not
    i have no idea what's going on
    gentlemen what's the meaning of this you
    you're the one responsible for all this
    what do you want something that has been
    a long time for you
    revenge revenge how banal
    you killed cobb navikov caruso the
    washington twins
    everyone at haven you broke into our
    bank and you
    out in providence to the world whatever
    perceived slight we've done to you
    is insignificant to the amount of damage
    you've caused
    us you've caused the world you're a
    terrorist nothing more what did we ever
    do to you
    anyway you specifically nothing

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    providence everything
    providence made me and that the flick of
    a pen
    providence broke me i'm just
    returning the favor providence has
    ruined the lives of countless people
    expecting and facing no consequence for
    its actions
    you take for yourselves and those who
    support you
    and you burn everyone and everything
    else to the ground
    from the comfort of the shadows
    no more you're delusional exposing us
    achieved nothing beyond moving a few
    pieces around on a board
    much more complicated that you can
    the world believes we're dead what more
    do you want
    me nothing my friend however
    well let's just say he's a bit of an
    i'm just here to watch you die 47
    finish it
    i mean
    providence will soon be no more than a
    bad memory
    47. thank you
    i'll meet you at the rendezvous on the
    edge of town
    that was probably one of the smoothest
    like kills i've ever gotten in a game
    i did everything right you know
    and how do we get out of here exactly
    can't just go the way i came in right
    oh i can deactivate you
    yo this is so smooth now i just got to
    get over there
    well that was fun i was allowed to show
    i here's the thing this took me
    i'd say i played this for just under an
    um so i had to cut out some stuff here
    and there but i have to condense it down
    as much as i can for this video
    but i think when the full thing comes
    out i don't know if i'll just do like
    this part one and show the full thing or
    if i'll just replay it
    and make it like a traditional type part
    one um
    but either way this was awesome thank
    you guys so much for watching
    i got in got out it was clean i got one
    of the cool kills
    the explosive golf ball would have been
    nice to see all right we're out of here
    gg baby
    yo look how many different ways you can
    do stuff
    these games have an insane amount of
    replay value
    we got a lot of good stuff done too all
    that was it man thank you guys so much
    for watching i love you all i will uh
    i guess i'll talk to you on the flip

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    side when this when i'm able to post
    this game in its entirety
    uh i will definitely keep going or i'll
    restart the game and just kind of
    explore more because we only did one of
    these several ways to take out these
    two enemies so you guys are awesome much
    love to all of you
    take it easy guys
    that's your winning face i'd hate to see
    you lose
    we underestimated the constant yeah he's
    a glorified desk cluck
    he's not just after the money he wants
    it all
    we caught him once we can do it again
    well we're not the ones who let him
    you still don't trust her
    i don't like executive decision makers
    look you don't have to follow her
    you know soon this will be over
    maybe it's time to think about the
    you have to face the possibility that
    there's no going back
    if the ica knows what you did she'll
    make it right
    she always does we have a fix on
    come on we've got a plane to catch
    i hope you like the rain 47.
    how did you i have everyone's number you
    really ought to know by now
    you planned this all of it
    don't be silly i just played the hand i
    was dealt
    we'll find you you had me
    where'd that get you we handed you an
    it's for the best the partners were
    set in their ways but power is more than
    just security
    providence can be an agent of change
    surely you understand or you will soon
    all right guys just finished the first
    level uh so we saw on top of the world
    we well that's the mission we did then
    we had this the cut scene right here
    the man behind the curtain uh i like
    that you can kind of go
    through each one all right death in the
    family i'm going to do the next level
    i just want to see what we got in the
    future apex predator that's pretty cool
    it's the name of a rocket launcher in
    destiny 2. i'll i'll take it
    uh agent oh agent of change end of an
    error that looks cool
    got that cyberpunk vibe to it uh his one

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    weakness the farewell
    okay we got a cutscene you can't unlock
    those yet untouchable okay
    wait does that mean oh no we have to
    complete that about say can we watch
    these other cutscenes
    i don't want to i don't want to go out
    of order so all right death in the
    family see what we got
    uh challenges
    okay see what we got wait what is feats
    make the birds leave the graveyard okay
    redacted poison ivy
    close to the chest okay obtain the file
    flirting employees yo i love the
    replayability of this game
    it's like a lot of games don't quite
    have that
    you beat it and you're like you're done
    but spy on alexa
    okay matter of justice
    nothing as it seems takes uh take a
    photo of alexa
    pacify edward well why he's playing the
    piano okay mission story a day to
    it always reminds me of that band every
    time i see that freeze
    i like that band a lot all right uh
    secondhand news
    why does this look like ellie from uh
    last of us or is it just my
    my screen i don't know kind of looks
    like her
    just a little bit in the face maybe it's
    the hair
    all right complete the mystery means
    mode of an opportunity okay
    matter of guilt redacted looks like you
    have a meeting okay
    uh mr her final resting place okay
    don't kill the messenger inspect the
    lawyer's computer
    how about assassination let's just see
    what we got headshots
    lethal redacted
    sorry there's gonna be a grave somewhere
    so wow so it it seems like sniping is a
    big thing in this
    all right let's get going guys let's do
    it to it
    thornbridge manor the carlisle family's
    home for countless generations
    the revenant alexa carlyle and her three
    adult children
    younger brother zachary grandson and
    are all gathered to conduct carlisle's
    sham funeral
    curiously carlisle summoned a famous
    london pi
    soon after arriving this morning but his
    purpose at thornbridge is yet unclear
    now the target knows that you're coming
    and her guard detail is
    top notch so mr gray will secure their
    nearby field hq and intercept all calls
    going in and out of the estate
    any appeal for backup is going to fall
    on very deaf ears
    good luck gentlemen
    all right death in the family we're in
    england okay yo i got some very
    i don't know which uh james bond film it
    it was like the second one with the
    newest guy i don't remember his name
    daniel craig or something he had like

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    the first one that he did then the
    second one where they go to this like
    house out in the middle of nowhere
    so this is gonna be well hold on let me
    see what we got here we have an
    but phineas whitmer private investigator
    i have an appointment with madame
    please wait mr whitmer
    is here to see madame carlyle you can go
    write it
    that is phineas whitmer the famous
    private investigator
    hired by madame carla this morning i'm
    curious why he's here
    maybe you should do some detecting
    yourself 47.
    all right uh you know i hate that a
    famous private investigator summoned by
    alexa carlyle
    has arrived at thornbridge manor if you
    take his place
    it may be an opportunity to get close to
    madame carlisle
    there we go yeah i just bought a 60
    so i don't have f1 anymore so i have to
    press like fn and then press like
    numbers instead
    so it just takes me a second to find
    what i actually need um
    i need to follow this opportunity i
    think i could go through here
    i like that this is like a mystery type
    but can i go to the water no i guess not
    oh fun fact in that first uh the first
    so they they actually gave me the game
    really early right
    um i'm trespassing now i guess i guess i
    could have just walked up
    but let's just take it easy
    but i thought so they said i could only
    have 15 minutes
    to show like if i posted early like
    extremely early but
    that i asked him if i could just hold it
    so i kept the first level now i'm adding
    x i'm actually adding to that video
    so if i ever said anything like i only
    have 15 minutes or whatever in the first
    part or the first mission just ignore it
    the power of editing i'll say that right
    so we got the guy truman hedges
    i think it's called hedges
    going over
    yo how am i supposed to get up there
    without getting spotted hold on
    follow the private investigator i plan
    on uploading this game
    pretty fast i felt like for the first
    part i wanted to do two two levels and
    then one after that so
    probably a short series but i think
    it's gonna be a good one what i like is
    you could actually speed run this game
    i can literally walk in the building i
    take out everybody out here so i think
    it's like the old meme that's like
    uh no one can spot me if there's no one
    left to actually spot me you know what i
    go on there take take him out and leave
    but the game is really tough if you do
    i gotta find a way inside man it's not
    gonna i don't think i can just go
    through the front door
    uh all right we got a couple options

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    here let me vault this
    i kind of want to go back and try out
    the second game and get it finished up
    but i cannot remember what i played it
    i want to say i played it on
    it might have been on pc
    i don't but i'm gonna use a controller i
    don't remember
    oh there's too many people there i'm not
    gonna get in that that actual way
    i probably could take out this guy and
    get the disguise
    i could use a baseball distract them but
    i have to throw it like over there would
    that actually work though
    i might just hang out in this suit for a
    all right we're good to go i'm happy we
    got a january game though
    it's always nice to have something like
    this you know because normally there's
    not a lot of games
    let me go ahead and save my game really
    just just in case we're gonna just go
    back and do all that all right we're
    can i oh i can go this way yo them crows
    in the calm down
    making me a little bit nervous well they
    spot me i'm okay i'm kind of worried
    that this guy can look up and see me
    right here
    i'm glad there's no stamina gauge
    for this i'm surprised it's just one
    target we gotta take out granted it's
    gonna be a tough one
    oh no it might have been
    hold on it might have been easier hop
    take this person out use the baseball to
    distract him first and then
    yeah i don't know man oh wait we can go
    up here can't we
    is there anybody in here oh my god
    we're going in oh we're here
    who eats on their bed man i it could be
    i would be losing everything okay we
    actually made it up here let me save my
    game just in case
    uh we're gonna just save a lot i was
    told to do that
    okay that's spot for a body if i need to
    we have a computer right here
    rebecca's laptop it says investigate but
    won't somebody come here if
    i wait yo if she comes in here
    let me do this and hop out the window in
    case they
    they're gonna come in here i feel like
    because i'm on the computer
    view intel hold on let me see
    that's all that is logs laptop revealed
    rebecca was in the conference call for
    several hours around 10 p.m last night
    okay i needed i mean i need to disguise
    so bad
    um wait we got why is the picture of the
    dog here
    like what's why is it a thing
    what hidden hidden passageway
    was this a hallway oh my god
    yo secret room let's get it
    i think there'd be more important stuff
    in here besides uh
    is that a boar head and then you got a

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    deer head okay
    i mean i can understand paintings but
    there's not even anything in these
    hold on it says enter oh it's right
    interesting yo i'm scared to open this
    is somebody right there
    uh should
    it i exist what do you mean it doesn't
    oh my god
    let me peep
    why does that guy look just like me it's
    my twin
    i'm already in i'm already in the house
    what's the point of peeping i guess i
    could take i need to take this guy out
    um i need to get back down to the story
    thing but i don't
    wanna okay here's what i might do
    this guy goes by himself on the back so
    what i'll do is wait
    he's gonna come back he's on the balcony
    can i just push this fool over oh
    there's people down there
    hmm i'm gonna take him out and then
    try to get a disguise i don't know if
    this is a good disguise or not but
    i'll then take out the guy on the laptop
    bring him in here put him in here
    i'll bring both bodies in here if i can
    this game is tight man i like the the
    way it plays the graphics is very
    polished game
    push i'm gonna subdue
    okay i have to i have to take this other
    guy out let me get the disguise
    fresh disguise okay nice here's the
    thing do i
    nobody else can see us in here
    oh there's a place right i'm scared to
    get this guy really am
    alright i'm gonna hide them like right
    uh lawyer yo so should i be a lawyer or
    i feel like that might be a good
    fresh disguise
    all right let's put them both in here
    we opened up a thing here all right nice
    oh my oh my god
    what's this
    hold it there buddy don't worry about it
    yeah i do ah we got busted
    you should know this about me he's going
    in close cuz that's fine
    all right we're gonna have to reload it
    white was okay i was in the room as the
    last one damn
    so i yo i didn't know she's gonna come
    in there like that
    so what i have to act fast okay let's do

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    it again
    this time what we'll do is
    yeah we're gonna have to move quickly
    this person just walked
    i'm gonna get it done fast let's go
    ahead and do this thing
    i'm gonna take this person out quickly
    you're calling from morgan yates
    i need to get a listing of asset
    transfers from the carlisle account
    htc depot number five zero bodyguard
    maybe bodyguard is the way to go
    i need to let's uh drag i'll hold
    i don't know if this guy's gonna see me
    or not
    yes i'm still here it doesn't exist
    what do you mean it doesn't exist
    right i'll double check and get back to
    there's now he doesn't here's the thing
    i i want to take this guy out
    but i gotta do it fast i i have to move
    very efficiently here
    because she's gonna come down
    i gotta be ready man
    um all right
    yo if i just stay hold on if i stay in
    will she know i'm different you know
    what i mean
    i mean because i felt like i could just
    take my gun out and just shoot her
    oh i'm a save right here that was a that
    was that was clean
    uh we'll do that one
    yes i mean i i just feel like
    so i didn't know she walks in here right
    i could technically take her out but do
    i i kind of want to do one of the story
    i don't know what to do here man i
    really have no idea
    it's an illegal item uh what i would do
    is just
    i guess just keep this on she's gonna
    come down
    she's gonna come in this room i'm i
    might just chill out
    if she's the only one that enters
    yeah i might just because i can always
    leave the way i came in
    because you just pull that book right
    there it looks like yeah she's gonna
    come this way
    i'm gonna just like wait right here
    she talks to that person then comes back
    here i might just take her out
    the fact that i was able to just hop in
    the house yeah she's coming this way
    i'm just gonna take her out man it won't
    be uh
    well you know what we'll we'll see what
    she does pattern wise i'll save my game
    and get a little give a little
    closer there to the uh the time of
    taking her out
    there's just so many like story things
    you can do i think just
    choking somebody out is going to be kind
    of boring so i i want to see what's
    okay this person does follow her so it
    would be kind of tough

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    really well she's not going to come in
    here now
    hold on do they care
    oh what
    that's it no way why would that be
    does that mean my disguise is blown or
    is it because i have this thing
    so she stays in there so what i can do
    now that i've got this disguised i'm
    gonna go out the other way
    and see if it's possible to just walk
    past everybody
    i mean it might be but it also might not
    are you just yeah i want to discover the
    area more yeah the fact that i could
    have taken her out earlier
    is actually insane we'll follow the
    story mission kind of
    pretend to be the private eye for a
    little bit or the pi
    discovering more we're getting more xp
    his motion was rejected person's outside
    four days ago
    last thing you want to do is sprint
    around as they get super sus
    spot where you take a picture over there
    looks like
    you almost called me that time pick up a
    newspaper don't really need
    oh that's the uh probably right yeah
    sorry that's the flirting thing yeah
    i think i was supposed to take a picture
    of that though
    or spy on him or something like that
    propane flask
    climb through oh oh wait they're going
    so she's going back up i don't see him
    snooping around
    where's the private investigator at
    alexa said something
    stairs are back this way i think
    i'll just casually go down i guess
    everyone here seems very
    just i don't know did the portrait
    photographer check out
    he verified it here we go some stairs
    stairs back over here too hold on i just
    missed him
    walked right past both both sets of
    stairs i love it
    all right guys i'm back out over here
    sorry before we were cut i uh
    i was actually just standing over to
    listen to them talk and i got spotted
    somehow i guess there's like certain
    characters will like find you out
    you know
    follow the private eye here we go
    we're in the garden okay oh that's the

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00
    data remember thing
    no power you strike me as independent
    and self-sufficient
    taking so madame carlyle wants a picture
    if you were to assist with the missing
    fuse i'm sure the portrait would be one
    for the ages
    hmm right where the family might seem
    perhaps you're all so perceptive tell me
    the first
    odd thing that comes to mind when you
    think of the last 24 hours
    uh let me think first thing don't forget
    um i'll finish setting up well i'm sure
    i left 20 quid in my locker roll
    but when i came in this morning it was
    only a fiver no
    not perceptive at all
    stolen money is not why we're here
    so i have two things i can disguise
    myself as this guy or i can do the
    private eye thing
    i feel like i don't know what i want to
    do here
    i think either way i should save my game
    now that i've got this new thing to just
    kind of transpired right here
    so man i have a few options here man
    do i want to go with this one or go to
    the private eye
    if this guy will go to a place by
    himself i can then
    take him out such a bunch of old junk
    must be a hundred years old at least
    i don't know how the brits can stand
    yo i just gotta get this guy alone he's
    doing anything really
    comes over here and drinks maybe i could
    poison that but i don't
    know if that's even gonna be a thing i
    can do
    oh yeah missing poison okay yeah we
    gotta we'd have to be able to do that
    i love how consistent the last several
    hitman games have been you had
    absolution which was a crazy
    story-driven one that came out in 2012.
    hey she's
    single right maybe i should
    what does this go to get to know her in
    a personal way
    you could try rosie told me rebecca has
    a really cool thing
    though it takes a damn fine man to
    no man at all so you've got your work
    cut out for you if you do try
    oh sorry sorry i didn't mean to imply
    that you're not fine you're definitely
    i mean i i don't thank you or anything
    you're not my type at all oh christ i'll
    just shut up
    she's nervous she likes
    low flash but you'd have to go find that
    i'd have to actually if i take this guy
    i'd have to actually go do stuff
    so let me see let's look and see what we

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    might track this one still for a little
    longer let's go in here
    there's your door right here
    okay we gotta be careful there's
    somebody in here that can actually spot
    what an odd resemblance to madame
    carlisle's daughter-in-law
    we have to be the private investigator
    so we got to figure out a way to get
    so i have two options here right at this
    very moment this is hold on
    we have two options we can disguise
    ourselves as him
    or the photographer uh i feel like
    the detective or the private eye would
    be a really cool thing
    but we have to get him by himself and he
    doesn't seem to really
    have a set path he kind of just does
    whatever he wants he's just
    investigating the entire area the books
    when he can play like that
    that music makes my heart soar quite the
    but you're right it's beautiful
    wait oh this person if they just walked
    in there oh no there's somebody else in
    there too
    i gotta be cautious man whatever i
    decide to do i gotta be really sure
    about it
    or i could just save my game again just
    in case you know it goes all down
    downhill here from this you know
    and too many too many eyes here man
    oh wait we could turn this on
    oh wait if i can should i hold on can i
    try this
    harder let's see some really quick so
    yeah i could just use these coins maybe
    i don't know
    would he even go after that oh man
    what the hell was that
    this might be my chance
    if he'll just chill there's this guy
    right there he can see straight where we
    that's not good dude wait
    47 you might as well act the detective i
    suggest you go talk to the butler
    yo i should get out of here tonight
    did they so they started shooting at me
    then i changed my disguise
    dude i'm just gonna circle back around
    and just forget i did that
    wasn't the smoothest but on top of
    everything rosie thinks she's in love
    with young patrick
    i mean that's a breaking heart happening

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    if i ever saw one
    alexa back from the dead
    all right we're the pi now we haven't
    lost our cover yet
    we're still a chameleon so we're good
    that was just a weird
    thing that just happened because i was
    like trying to uh
    not get spotted but i didn't realize the
    field of view of every character in the
    is like insane it seems to be a pretty
    safe outfit too
    talk to the butler
    all right guys that is it for the first
    video kind of an abrupt ending but
    i didn't realize this while recording
    but the second level
    if you choose the story path that i
    you have to like do so much stuff you
    have to you have to interrogate
    every person in the family you have to
    also go to all their rooms and then
    investigate their rooms take pictures of
    stuff find different items
    and it is a long process so uh saving
    all that for part two thank you guys so
    much all the support you'll more this
    game quickly
    let's keep it up i love you all take it
    easy guys

    PS5 Hitman 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Intro and Campaign Mission 1 for Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One X and PC.


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    1. Brad says he's playing this on his PC, but the game will not release on PC until next year. This is how special Brad is to Ubisoft. I'm watching this series because I'm waiting for the PC release, to get prepared once the game gets released on Steam, January 2022.

    2. Bought a 4000 dollars rig to play vidya again (35 yo) got bored after an hour, never played again… I used to enjoy it so much now it seems like a completely waste of time and lame as f.

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