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    SearchThisVideo: Hitman – All Missions | FULL GAME Walkthrough No Commentary

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    justic isn't it I'm Diana
    I'll take you to your quarters someone
    likes to keep secrets secrets are our
    stock and trade besides from what I hear
    you have a few of your own I'm not like
    you in case you're wondering I'm in the
    handler program agents and handlers work
    in unity you know the expression know
    your enemy well that part is my job know
    your enemy is only half the victory I
    know you also need to know yourself I'm
    working on it
    I read your case file impressive work
    partly textbook but I suppose fieldwork
    never is tell me what did it feel like
    taking lives random disordered is that
    why you came here why you let us test
    you maybe I'm not the only one being
    well we are here basic training starts
    at over 600 hours I should leave you to
    prepare are you sure about this I am
    there are no second chances miss burn
    would not here I choose him
    may I inquire why a blank slate
    antisocial apathetic and unresponsive no
    doubt the boy shows promise but perhaps
    I see a possibility of another steel
    imitation isn't that what a handler does
    we'll see anyone can kill miss burn wood
    he still remembers nothing if he does
    he's not sharing we will check up on his
    story the hospital in Romania in the
    meantime keep him under close watch
    welcome to advanced training your first
    mission originally took place in Sydney
    Australia the target was Calvin Ritter
    also known as the sparrow
    master thief for hire specializing in

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    rare and priceless art are aided
    cleverly infiltrated Ritter's private
    yacht during a social gathering and
    discreetly eliminated him without any of
    the guests noticing now you will do the
    same oh and don't worry about the
    training operatives all weapons are
    simulated good luck initiate
    hey buddy
    I'll have to stop you there hey leave
    when you're told to leave okay
    you put on his clothes that's a first
    might just work though people do tend to
    see uniforms not faces be cautious
    though some people are more observant
    than others
    right like this
    is fabulous isn't it colors the fabrics
    the curated was so much
    everyone provided for
    for sure
    is your target Calvin Whittle
    yeah sorry ma'am no mechanics are here

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    huh you don't waste any time do you
    unlike mechanics the cabin crew is
    allowed upstairs access I see what
    you're getting at very unorthodox I like
    not a man of simple tastes that Calvin
    Ritter saw this painting an original
    Gorka thing is I could have sworn it was
    stolen from the stoy besides private
    collection one's broken - I swear to God
    Callisto I think technology hates me
    well done initiating into computers not
    museums and thankfully this is the
    universe's Way of telling you to quit to
    get out of the game while you still can
    funny how you in the universe always
    tend to you told me this Norfolk job
    will be your last and now I overhear the
    crew talking about Istanbul and
    Stockholm what gives Kelvin I didn't lie
    listen look you don't have to retire
    just because you leave the field most
    great players simply become managers
    you're recruiting mm-hmm now you're
    catching on this Sparrow cannot die
    you're not a superhero Kelvin they don't
    not with that attitude they don't mister
    nor fault so good of you to fly down and
    I offer your drinking Oh No thank you no
    not before 6:00 my wife is very
    insistent about that room my sympathies
    so excellent timing I just had the
    computer set up in my office Joe yes
    lead the way
    the future we're going to be invincible
    Laurie the world's biggest video rental
    chain no sailors please don't make any
    trouble just leave people get what they

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    pay for mr. Norfolk and you paid for the
    best here I'll pull the files for you
    not my usual scene technology most of my
    clients are art collectors so what is it
    anyway some type of reactor well not
    just a reactor mr. Ritter
    it's more of a revolution 50 years ahead
    of its time
    for maybe 75 or 100 I I don't mean to
    boast but whoever makes it to market
    first with this reactor will become the
    king of well I'm rooting for you now
    what's that password always slips my
    mind just a moment mr. Norvell
    who target is down now head towards an
    if the bullseye there
    keeping out the backdoor a good choice
    initiate improvisation is the key to
    that's gangster
    Challenge complete

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    how did you know I told you he had
    talent his stats are off the charts such
    skills and reflexes they could only be
    the result of previous training power
    like that with no moral restraint he
    could be dangerous I thought that was
    rather the point sir all agents have
    weak spots miss Byrne would pressure
    points to keep them in check but this
    one perhaps it would be better to just
    give me a chance sir
    give him a chance I will take full
    responsibility very well it's your show
    welcome back initiate as an ICA agent
    every challenge you face can be overcome
    in multiple ways complete this exercise
    again this time attacking it from a
    different angle vary your strategy
    improvise we will be watching he's an
    art dealer right or so they say
    so you expect this kind of fruity times

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    take it that real
    well this is just fabulous isn't it such
    an i curated is so much
    who are you
    but no Bernie likes musicals you're
    liable to get hurt
    follow me easy boy
    back already buddy
    well look bad show your food why don't

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    any one's broken - I swear to God at
    least I think technology hates me it's a
    sign Calvin you're the finest feat the
    world has ever seen but things are
    changing the next generation will be
    breaking into computers not museums and
    bankfull this is the universe's Way of
    telling you to quit to get out of the
    game while you still can
    funny how you live the universe always -
    you told me this normal job would be
    your last and now I overhear the crew
    talking about Istanbul and Stockholm
    what gives Calvin I didn't lie look you
    don't have to retire just because you
    leave a few most great players simply
    become managers you're recruiting now
    you're catching on this Sparrow cannot
    die you're not a superhero Calvin they
    don't exist
    not with that attitude they don't
    simple tastes

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    I know you yeah yeah you
    you see what I'm talk
    I just got word Romania was a dead end
    your thing that he lied place is real
    enough deserted but we found no trace
    that your men was ever there
    or anyone else for that matter someone
    erased his steps hmm
    we'll keep digging of course but frankly
    it's as if the earth just spat him out
    are you still determined does it matter
    I was told there be no second chances
    don't believe everything you hear
    must burn wood my decision stands very
    well I'll be watching the final test is
    based on an authentic 1979 mission the
    high point of training director soda's
    career as an active agent the target was
    just the night a famous US chess master
    exposed as a Soviet spy
    so does caught up with night at a
    military airfield in Cuba and eliminated
    him against all odds this is your
    objective as well now listen carefully
    ica exams aren't normally this difficult
    not only was the airfield a virtual
    fortress he even added additional guards
    soda's wants you to fail he considers
    you a threat and this way your
    unfortunate exit from the program will
    not raise any eyebrows he did not
    however factor me into the equation if
    sodas can bend the rules then so can I
    good luck initiate
    stop you can't walk through here turn
    around and go back

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    hello call it in heard something on
    did you print out the safety protocol
    for the jet that's on the clipboard look
    you really have to do this All Things
    Considered we're putting a pasty-faced
    egg head inside a Mach 3 fighter jet
    yeah I kind of think we do I get it I
    get it
    safety first and all I don't care which
    one of you does it it's mandatory just
    take the box and get it done
    escaped by fighter jet sounds dangerous
    it doesn't make sense
    the man is like a sitting duck staying
    in Cuba it's only a matter of time
    before Langley catches up with
    Ali wants us to naturally Kremlin says
    no other Soviet spies in the US
    in case anything happens to him for his

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    jaspe night certainly knows how to make
    an exit but first he needs to test the
    jet safety equipment including the
    ejector seats
    well done initiate I daresay this is an
    accident waiting to happen
    zenyk colonel
    hello there Jesper night we got to go
    over the safety protocol follow me
    Oh must we really is it dangerous well
    it must be mustn't it
    why else
    okay mr. Knight flying in the cockpit
    all right you see one one step at a time
    step one strap yourself in

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    okay all strapped in step 2
    locate the ejector seat handle
    yes found it
    step 3 pull the ejector seat handle
    here it goes pull
    definitely not part of the plan
    mr. mechanic what's up
    - man we got a casual Akash
    congratulations agent
    who are cleared for field
    I hope you know what you just did the
    chopper leaves at dawn now get out of my
    so what happens now you go back into the
    world disappear stay on your own and on
    the move when we need you we will
    contact you and solace he played his
    hand and he lost he cannot touch us now
    still I can't believe we beat him at his
    own game if you know your enemy quite
    right I should tell you the trail went
    dead after Romania our team found no

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    records of any kind no name nothing I
    think they called me 47 that's not a
    name so make it 1 all right
    agent 47
    you were always the best nobody ever
    came close you defined the art and it
    defines you
    your actions have changed the world
    powerful men have fallen by your hand by
    the same token others have risen
    do you realize what the kind of world
    you've been shaping does the icy a does
    your handler
    I live in that world
    I have seen the consequences I felt the
    cost that's what defines me good evening
    47 your destination is the Paris Fashion
    Show by sanguine one of Europe's leading
    future brands your targets are sanguine
    Ohno Victor Novikov a former oligarch
    turned fashion and his partner Dalia
    Margolis a retired supermodel
    an iconic power couple on the global
    fashion scene and two of the most
    dangerous people in the world Novikov
    and Margolis are in fact the ringleaders
    of Iago an enigmatic spiring that deals
    in the global elites most valuable
    secrets unscrupulous and opportunistic
    Iago has caused disastrous security
    leaks all over the globe

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    when Crimean separatists caused a deadly
    meltdown at the Edessa nuclear power
    plant Iago gave them access to the plant
    security network and when the Delgado
    drug cartel shot down the plane of
    president Hernandez and his family Iago
    provided the classified flight plans now
    Navi Calvin Margolis have obtained a NOC
    list of British undercover agents which
    they plan to sell at a secret Iago
    auction during the sanguine show so our
    client mi6 need us to stop the
    ringleaders before the NOC list ends up
    in the wrong hands
    the sanguine show will be swarming the
    security and Victor Nabokov will be the
    focus of everyone's attention but
    despite his posturing he is merely the
    money man the real target is Dalia
    Margolis beautiful and brilliant she is
    a master manipulator and the true brains
    behind Iago two targets a highly public
    event at first glance an impossible task
    then again I do know how you love a
    I would leave you to prepare
    welcome to Paris 47 the show is just
    about to start this is the red carpet
    event of the season and the guest list
    is a veritable who's who of the global
    fashion elite you will find Victor
    Nabokov basking in the spotlight while
    Dahlia Margolis hosts the heavily
    guarded auction on the second floor for
    a group of Iago's top customers now
    event security will keep a watchful eye
    on any suspicious activity
    but I trust your timeless look shall fit
    right in
    good luck
    full and impossible to ignore head
    designer Sebastien state-o at the helm
    tonight's show should prove no exception
    yeah thanks a lot man real considerate
    my staying out of my shot

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    please enjoy the show sir
    good evening sir welcome to sanguine
    that is Victor Nabokov head of sanguine
    and ringleader of Iago quite drizzly
    honestly a pleasure as always and make
    sure to join dally and I for a drink
    later there's someone we would like you
    to meet now Olaf she's what
    if you'll excuse me congressman urgent
    matter do enjoy your evening
    have fun goddamn artists what the hell
    is he up to now
    ma'am I wish I had that job stop you
    look fine
    I know I look fine but he's like a like
    a Greek god or some here you know like
    in the same room as us according to our
    Intel Helmut Kruger is friendly with
    Dalia Margolis I suspect that Iago uses
    fashion models to infiltrate the lives
    of the rich and powerful and Kruger is
    likely one of their spies his face paint
    conveniently obscures his features and
    the two of you already share a striking
    Kruger's been my role model since
    college so if he kisses your hand you
    ever watch it again
    I can't one simple phone call

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    they know they know okay we know what
    were to
    okay now give me a serial oh great okay
    now cabe and I want you out of fisting
    masculinity okay you're a freakin sauce

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    dalia helmet not yet I go on in a few
    cycles I think I I think I'm in but I
    want to be clear on a few details fine
    I'll I'll be up after the show he gets
    yeah dan it's me oh yeah you're watching
    the live feed no not anytime soon
    actually I'm I'm doing this thing for
    Dahlia Margolis it might take a while
    of course you'll get your 10% damn look
    no I'm past my prime there's no way but
    down Dan and it's not like I've been an
    ascetic here but this way I do this I
    can leave the game with some startup
    cash a lot of startup cash actually I
    can go into business on my own
    well I'm
    hello mr. Krueger

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    dalia helmet here remind me again where
    were you supposed to meet Donna you want
    me to drop by now
    well at least this line looks like real
    clothes that intestines names show last
    mr. Krueger touch-up I see no problem
    just sit back and relax appreciate
    there we were all sentenced Cooper good
    work Wow Thanks
    break a leg
    excuse me
    the hell moves come over here woman
    affixed to the bushy eyebrows perfect

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    mr. Krueger
    hello mr. Krueger
    good evening sir please come in I hope
    you enjoy yourself
    mr. Krueger let me know if you need new
    bodyguards okay call me mr. Jordan cross
    friend PO you're in good work
    so this is the auction of secrets
    access to the auction and a private
    audience with Dalia Margolis
    so Helmut you accept my offer
    I'm Anne what's the job straight to the
    point I like it
    as it happens I have the perfect
    assignment for you
    Jessica hi more buy more consulting the
    very same that's why I wanted you in the
    show so Jessica wouldn't notice you now
    I want you to go to New York seek out
    Jessica and do what you do best
    the girl is bright young beautiful
    should be right up your alley and yet
    she's not the mark hi you do catch on
    no that would be her father CEO John
    Hyman Jessica is your way in befriend
    him get his trust high more consulting
    is planning a merger I want to know with
    whom and at what price
    alright consider it done that's for you
    keep it on you at all times master so
    much cyanide good choice we've got

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    yes well it's a little late now isn't it
    no no I'm gonna deal with this
    immediately Selena's a big girl she knew
    what she was getting into put a detail
    on her and if she shows signs of
    cracking pull her out fine we'll talk
    sorry about that helmet so a toast to a
    fruitful collaboration hear hear oh and
    helmet that is Dalia Margo's supermodel
    turned spy monster
    well done 47 Victor now they call his
    next book about the fashion industry
    through the ages is this whole chapter
    hello mr. Krueger mr. Krueger
    man you've got a casualty proceeding
    with caution

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    hey come on come on get up snap out of
    Jesus kind of third-rate contractor did
    this whole you gotta be
    wait a minute

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    thank you you are too really too kind
    I have been told that these are my most
    accessible designs yet but don't let the
    bright colors and the classical cuts
    fool you no no no no the themes I'm
    exploring here are perhaps my darkest
    yet I've explored feelings of
    powerlessness duress coercion the notion
    that a free will is only an illusion a
    mask of normality to make us appear
    happy successful and above all control
    but deep down who really is
    now thank you and good night
    with a lockout situation please leave
    how do I
    we search the area nice and tidy

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    mr. Krueger
    how was Moscow camera office gone I set
    him up as a Langley spy it's quite the
    scandal at the FSB his death will not be
    investigated your turn very well the
    secrets of the global elite five years
    of work everything we've collected this
    thing makes WikiLeaks look like a gossip
    rag the pen beats the sword huh I have
    found that whoever wields the sword
    decide to hold the pen
    smile Victor the reputation is safe now

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    run along
    I'm sure you have pretty dresses to
    Victor good luck with the show I have a
    feeling it's going to be the one you'll
    be remembered for
    good morning 47 your destination is the
    coastal town of Sapienza also known as
    the jewel of the amalfi coast your
    target is a former client of ours
    Silvio Caruso a brilliant but troubled
    bioengineer employed by the ether
    biotech corporation renowned for his
    early stem-cell research
    Caruso is now reportedly working on a
    far more disturbing project a DNA
    specific virus able to infect anyone
    anywhere in the world
    imagine a bullet fired in any direction
    passing through countless bodies without
    inflicting harm invisible and
    undetectable until it strikes its target
    a world of armed her assassins killing
    with impunity this is what awaits us
    unless Caruso is stopped Our client one
    of ethers major private stockholders
    once the project cancelled on ethical
    grounds but without destroying the
    company in the process she has asked us
    to eliminate Silvio Caruso and destroy
    the yet unfinished virus prototype you
    will also need to deal with Caruso's lab
    Francesca De Santis a high-level ether
    employee in cutthroat corporate climber
    who holds intimate knowledge of Caruso's
    research and could potentially carry on
    in his place
    this is no ordinary contract 47 Caruso's
    virus is a serious threat to our craft
    and trade but not to mention our core
    ideals so failure is not an option I'll
    leave you to prepare

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    welcome to Sapienza 47 Silvio Caruso's
    family home is right across the square
    the bio engineer suffers from acute
    travel phobia
    so the ether corporation has installed a
    state-of-the-art field laboratory
    somewhere below ground expect security
    levels to rise as you get close to the
    come on man you're not coming through
    here looking like that
    Krakow get down here this minute you
    come for your first day Rocco I
    recommended you to check my channel
    personally if he's unhappy with you I'll
    get the flame fired chef Michele Oh Ray
    has hired a new kitchen hand by
    recommendation and the two have yet to
    meet could be a convenient way to
    infiltrate the mansion fYI according to
    our research
    chef mikela has been trying to replicate
    Isabella Caruso's famous home cooking
    but Sylvia Caruso is not impressed I
    suggest you give him a helping hand get
    your [ __ ] together and you're asked to
    work pronto
    it's almost lunch time okay going to be

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    his crutch anymore good-for-nothing
    deadbeat loser

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    there's a dead rat woman oh wow good
    must mean the poisons working let's just
    hope the escaped critters haven't had
    time to multiply chef Michelle oh I'm
    the new kitchen half sorry I'm late
    you're damn right you are never mind
    yeah you can finish this tomato sauce
    maybe you can I seem to be jinxed when
    you're done ring the dinner bell
    sure thing I'll give it some love what
    the hell hey dude you didn't look like a
    loony I kick your ass
    hi chef
    Caruso will be coming to lunch shortly
    his last meal I presume

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    that is Silvio Caruso
    lunch is served pasta bolognese the
    Caruso style this again my dear sweet
    mother will be turning over in her grave
    if she knew how you put her family
    recipe and on her death day anniversary
    got it
    look we don't need any cooks messing
    with stuff here
    you're not coming through

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    talk it down next up
    Francesca DeSantis
    hey you can't come through here no use
    the kitchen entrance
    Francesca DeSantis is evidently having
    an affair with Caruso's golf coach
    Roberto Vargas a notorious ladies man
    Vargas has turned a santa's bedroom into
    a candlelit love nest and plans to call
    on her after his golf lesson with Caruso
    well she should know better than to mix
    business with pleasure
    Francesca lies
    I know I know I'm not the one who calls
    I did say that hey I can change so did
    you get my message
    music to my ears we'll meet up in your
    room okay I'll call you soon as Caruso
    lets me on the book
    he's unusually patient today
    don't please surprise me check out the

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    party card
    still got
    does his research
    you know I already is also working on
    his memoirs maybe that's me
    hey just respect bro it's our boss mr.
    caruso was very intelligent me
    it's me Sarah your let you off early I
    want us to meet your
    I should say no but you won't see you
    hey okay hey now that guy's gone please
    show yourself

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    that is Francesca DeSantis Candace my
    favorite you are impossible Roberto look
    don't talk just listen for a second I
    like you Roberto you're a lot of fun and
    I could even see this under the right
    circumstances we the situation it's
    complicated you see either the company I
    work for
    they didn't just send me here to assist
    Caruso they sent me here to spy on him
    they fear he is becoming a liability a
    threat even and from what I have seen so
    far I think they might be right this
    could be dangerous and I thought you
    deserved to know so now you know
    two targets down now destroy the virus

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    Amen keep smiling and keep cooking
    entering the ether lab requires a
    keycard and a uniform luckily it seems
    both are within reach

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    stay vigilant sir
    say what

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    gotta be kidding me leave it to me
    what do you think you're doing it damn
    basement you hold it put that body down

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    ethers filled love you made it the virus
    prototype will be close by
    look for some type of quarantine unit

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    right well this is the control panel for
    the air purification system we're at a
    critical stage of development
    essentially in case of an accident the
    central lab unit is kept perpetually
    doused in chemicals to stop the virus
    prototype from spreading entering
    without a hazmat suit is sure to be
    the air purification system is able to
    clear the toxin but the controls are
    only operated by senior lab personnel
    doused in case of an outbreak
    the seal contain the virus prototype

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    your Bible
    warning dangerous compound
    dangerous compound processing
    all objectives complete now head towards
    an exit

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    looks like we're prepared for toxic
    spills sir
    Etha securities in the talk about the
    incident have filled the company knew
    about the virus
    not even the board something sewn at the
    lab I understand I'll get to the bottom
    of this boss is unhappy I followed you
    from Italy I guess when you're invisible
    you stopped looking over your shoulder
    you did this
    they are go exposed you know I see I did
    the heavy lifting
    I just lost some strength yeah your mind
    how do you expect I play dirty that's
    how you defeat a stronger opponent to
    strike from behind now give me the key
    you have a family trust me if there's a
    weakness Providence will find it I'll
    take my chances the key
    won't do you much good
    it's funny cops at the same thing thank
    you that's dumb I just killed him
    and we're even

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    good afternoon 47
    your destination is Marrakech Morocco
    where civil riots are looming your
    targets a private bank and Klaus
    Strandberg an army general raises a dad
    two of the conspirators in a sinister
    plot to overthrow Morocco's fragile
    government from Strandberg a former bank
    CEO who stole millions of dollars worth
    of savings from the Moroccan people was
    facing trial for investment fraud but
    early this morning a band of heavily
    armed mercenaries freed Strandberg from
    his prison transport resulting in the
    death of several police officers
    Stratford now takes refuge at his native
    Swedish consulate in front of which
    crowds of angry protesters have gathered
    demanding his hand over to Moroccan
    authorities we believe generals aid an
    orchestrated strand Berg's escape to
    infuriate the public and sparked
    nationwide riots allowing Zaidan to
    impose martial law operating out of a
    field HQ at a nearby abandoned school he
    will no doubt use the riots to depict
    the rabbot government as weak and inept
    and persuade the General Staff to
    support a fully fledged
    in the name of national security a
    client building contract Hamilton Lowe
    who stands to lose a fortune in
    government contracts has hired us to
    prevent the desire to do so you need to
    paralyze it adds rebel forces and
    prevent the riots from escalating
    and the double contract this is quite
    the political Powder Keg 47 so be
    careful the fate of a nation is at stake
    I will leave you to prepare
    welcome to Marrakesh 47 the situation
    grows more tense by the minute the

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    consulate is under lockdown but the
    protests are only a stone throw away
    from full-blown riots and they Dan won't
    hesitate to unleash his troops so
    whatever you're planning time is of the
    good luck 47
    all right there should be room for all
    here babe no he is capitalism I mean
    that's what we all want this day and age
    what should we do if crystal don't get
    involved should we take action the
    printing crew spreads fake propaganda in
    the name of crystal dawn the pan-african
    liberation movement this encourages
    moroccan citizens to rise up and take
    justice into their own hands which of
    course is exactly what Zaidan is
    counting on very clever now according to
    the printing schedule the crew is out
    hanging posters and they are likely to
    wear masks
    hey watch it sorry

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    hey got one left I'll go find a spot and
    then we head back to the school
    I was acting sure we'll wait
    jeez the generals Aiden want paper the
    whole city with these things you know
    what they say the bigger the lie the
    more people who believe
    with you kindly honest creating
    revolutions in their name fraud I think
    I complain too
    yeah Christel dog that's head back yeah
    why no I'm out anyway
    those people have no idea what's about
    to happen don't think about it just do
    the job soldiers back in the school I've
    heard them talking if fake crystals on
    headgear hold Afghan rifles they were
    playing shoes you don't get things
    rolling like I said don't think about it
    when brass like Dayton play their games
    there's always collateral damage just
    make sure I'm sure that'll stick flowers
    in the rifle barrels yeah well I've got
    a conscience so you keep this [ __ ] I and
    somebody will like that it's like the
    Cave of Wonders
    pretty lamps on the top shelf dying
    signs everywhere signs huh a couple of
    the better welcome welcome
    please what would you like my special
    house blend is famous it's all of North
    Africa thanks

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    hey mister print man can you send my
    printed stuff
    about time go straight to the printing
    room general Zaidan has an announcement
    to make
    and you boys do not want to keep him
    waiting hey tell Michael in the print
    shop to stop texting my girlfriend
    good it's not great
    you're in good work 47 now to locate
    generals they Dan so what do you do the
    prisoner never you mind
    generals Aiden says the man's a traitor
    and that's all there is to it everyone
    that is general raised as a dead keep
    that is why we are expanding the
    campaign to the other city districts and
    suburbs this means there will be no
    break until the job's done so whatever
    you do just keep those printers running
    target down move on to Klaus Strandberg

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    hey there soldier
    I could just about strangle
    thanks for responding so quickly you
    never expected you made it most
    impressive 47 now to locate Klaus
    Stromberg hello Trevor according to the
    appointment schedule
    Klaus tranberg has booked a massage to
    relieve his back pains no doubt all that
    time in prison has caused muscle
    stiffness the masseur who works at a
    local clinic has apparently already
    checked into the building massage expert
    angstrom forwarded the reception desk it
    is not fair it is

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    Connie angstrom masseur here for an
    appointment with pal Steinberg mr.
    strong please proceed to the massage
    room it's upstairs on the right
    I'll inform mr. Strandberg Strandberg
    your session please serve if you
    cooperate we'll be done in just a second
    thanks sir
    you're clean
    I already did an Ironman in wine last
    ah so the man with the golden touch
    let's get started shall we
    this muscle tension is killing me why
    don't you lie down mr. Stromberg oh
    please call me Klaus
    well done 47 I will leave Strandberg in
    your capable hands
    ah that's the ticket I tell you nothing
    makes you tense I get thousands of
    people wanting to give you both targets
    down now head towards an exit
    wish I could what
    I would never have a guy ah no offense

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    compromise right I don't understand
    there is no sign of forced entry no
    alarms nothing one of my people is gone
    missing in Johannesburg a key bear which
    still the system demands two keys and
    the rest are all accountable except for
    early predecessors comp but his plane
    went down over the Pacific it was
    mastered such force a conclusion at the
    time yes
    people died mr. fanon happens all the
    time even to us it seems like a
    conspiracy probably isn't the failed
    coup in Morocco the ether virus someone
    knows about us there was a better than I
    fail to see it
    Providence is under attack how much was
    money the money mr. fanon information
    and all other assets and operatives like
    you dig a trench director and make it a
    deep one there's none of you are safe
    good morning 47 your destination is the
    hemipene luxury hotel resort on the chao
    praya river just outside bangkok your
    main target is jordan cross the lead
    singer of the class a renowned indie
    rock outfit recording their highly
    anticipated sophomore album but this
    millennial poster boy harbors a dark
    one year ago promising young actress
    Hannah Highmore fell to her death from
    Cross's penthouse loft in DUMBO New York
    according to the police miss hai Moore's
    death was a tragic accident but her
    parents remain unconvinced they firmly
    believe that crossed murdered Hannah and
    only escaped justice due to the power
    and influence of his father billionaire
    media mogul
    Thomas cross a secondary target in Ken

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    Morgan corporate fixer an attorney to
    the cross family is also staying at the
    hotel cunning and unscrupulous Morgan
    was a key agent in the cover of Anaheim
    murder and jordan crosses subscribe
    homos understand dilution and while the
    sister may be powerless ICA is anything
    but I will leave you to prepare
    welcome to Bangkok 47 Ken Morgan has
    booked the Queen suite but has yet to
    check-in you will find him in and around
    the restaurant
    oddly enough Jordan cross seems
    completely unaware of his presence cross
    in the class have set up a recording
    studio in the Emperor's suite on the
    third floor
    private security around cross and his
    entourage is highly capable still I'm
    sure you can find your way into his
    inner circle after all today as jordan
    crosses 27th birthday the age when rock
    stars die good luck 47
    so apparently you-know-who is resigning
    because of personal reasons and because
    allegedly compromising but so what is it
    that you think I need a screams dick pic
    right but really it can't be just bad is
    it I mean for him to resign it has to be
    something more twisted don't you come on
    aren't you dying to know I don't even
    know why I keep hanging out with you
    you're putting me down every chance you
    get always making fun of me in my

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    according to the schedule the
    exterminator plans to inspect the
    Emperor's suite on his request
    the hotel manager will clear out the
    recording studio and bring everyone into
    the atrium for the duration of the
    I suggest you locate the exterminator 47
    he appears to be fumigating on the
    ground floor
    whoa whoa relax chief I got it covered
    okay besides even at very large doses
    this compound it's not lethal for humans
    I mean okay yeah sure it knocks you out
    for a [ __ ] oh yeah yeah you ahead any
    probably but I mean that's about it
    imagine the lawsuits whoa
    not gonna happen chief believe it or not
    I've done this before
    concentration is good
    let's give it another power

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    years cross folding notes a swath of
    real estate in the Bangkok area
    according to the hotel managers memo
    drunken members of Jordan cross as sound
    crew broke into the Queen suite last
    night and trashed the place housekeeping
    is fast at work which is why ken Morgan
    and his bodyguard are not yet settled in
    sounds promising according to the
    manager a member of staff is supposed to
    escort Morgan to his suite once the
    cleaning staff is done that someone
    could be you 47 I know how you love to
    that is Ken the Greek Morgan lawyer and
    corporate fixer mr. Morgan sir when can
    I have my suite please accept my
    heartfelt apology for they miss him
    earlier the Queen suite is ready please
    follow me
    well that was relatively fast very well
    lead the way
    I would like to add that the food here
    is so wonderful like even there fast
    food giving up my job and moving here
    losing everything over there looks like
    another one of those rock stars that's
    April DaSilva he's only one of the most
    awesome drummers on the New York indie
    scene he was in death and taxes in Flat
    Earth Society yeah

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    great now they're not even letting
    guests inside the lounge they closed it
    off don't let me get in your way you
    look like a butler with an agenda a
    manservant here we are I trust
    everything is to your liking hmm a
    definite improvement hardly the
    bourgeois let's take a closer look
    ah see there a smear not expected but
    take care of the place so sloppy
    mmm covered in dust
    I dare say this not definite improvement
    mmm-hmm everything seems to be in order
    here excellently done 47

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    let's make Morgan feel right at home
    calcium stains why am I not surprised
    you know what to do now the scene of the
    crime Ground Zero let's take a closer
    look target down now on to Jordan cross
    holy [ __ ] stop where you're going hey

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    boss hey this place really is something
    really interesting
    you're you're joking yeah you got me
    they're talking all crazy and okay I
    think you need some help okay okay I'm
    you I suppose you wish to inspect the
    penthouse very well I'll make the call
    but I'm warning you no slip-ups
    especially not with young master cross
    on his way down if any of those toxins
    get into the ventilation system
    understood ma'am yes hello this is the
    manager I am so sorry to disturb you Oh
    indeed yes the pest exterminator he
    needs to inspect the Emperor's suite now
    could I possibly ask you and your team
    to excellent thank you please join us in
    the atrium for refreshments I promise it
    won't take long okay but thank you
    they're vacating the suite be quick
    about it

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    well thank you for choosing the him a
    enjoy I'll stay Thanks everything is
    just perfect just like the brochure said
    Oh enjoy your bar is open and the
    reception is ready to assist you with
    the checking well awesome
    stay clear of the bug man
    mr. exterminator clean up after yourself
    that is Jordan cross revered and reviled
    in equal measures I just saw this big
    fat cockroach
    good thinking 47 I dare say the
    possibility is are endless
    something's going down
    tell everyone to watch their asses
    remember always smile

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    the body of billionaire media mogul
    Thomas Ross was discovered
    this was no coincidence not by a long
    shot Thomas cross had billions in hidden
    offshore accounts almost stripped clean
    within hours of the kidnapping someone
    wanted the son dead to yura the father
    someone smart enough to stay in the
    shadows while we did the wet work and
    the hymen was picked up the check
    a shadow client someone got rich the
    contract was just that was the sound
    problem I know you don't care about
    politics 47 but ICA is neutral on his
    husband can't allow ourselves to be
    it's happened before Italy Morocco Paris
    all our clients got their Intel the same
    way anonymous tips from a hidden source
    each contract perfectly legit yet part
    of a grander design I don't see the
    pattern somebody does what has asked us
    to chase down this shadow client and our
    analysts are closing in as we speak
    I know that someone's playing a game 47
    the question is against him good morning

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    47 we have a lead on the shadow client I
    see a white hats have traced the
    anonymous data received by our clients
    to one
    Olivia Hall brilliant young activist and
    suspect in a dozen cases of cyber
    vandalism using Onion Routing was
    state-of-the-art encryption Paul went to
    a lot of trouble to stay untraceable she
    is good but we are better her digital
    trail has led us to a remote farm in
    Colorado where satellite footage has
    revealed what appears to be the training
    camp for a private militia led by an
    already registered target Sean Rose
    Australian environmental terrorist and
    explosives expert wanted for a series of
    public bombings Rose was spotted near
    the scene of Thomas crosses kidnapping
    which makes him our prime suspect for
    the show
    spurred by Eric's odors the ICA Board of
    Directors has asked us to infiltrate the
    farm and eliminate Shawn Rose along with
    three other prominent militia members
    Ezra Berg who retired Mossad interrogate
    and Emma graves before Interpol
    anti-terror analyst and finally Maya
    poverty former assassin and gunman
    lieutenant Titus I consider Eric sodas
    reasoning hasty and ill-advised now we
    cannot go against the wishes of the
    board but we can't conduct our own
    investigation whether a direct threat to
    the IC or not we need to know the shadow
    clients true agenda I will leave you to
    welcome to Colorado 47 the militia has
    taken up HQ at an old apricot farm and
    appear to be training for a series of
    coordinated strikes ranging from
    cyberattacks to full-blown guerrilla
    warfare the shadow client appears to
    unite specialists and radicals from all
    over the map mercenaries and terrorists
    hackers and spies joined by an unknown
    common cause
    light scans indicate that the command
    room is below ground inside an old
    tornado shelter only Rose appears to
    have access however so to get inside you
    will need to get creative this
    environment is hostile and highly alert
    so tread carefully
    good luck 47

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    yeah killing
    that is Maya party sri lankan assassin
    turned pirate turned insurgent what's
    this I hear about a training accident
    that would be Burgess the sharpshooter a
    battering ram has injured one of the
    strike team point man by the name of
    Burgess and according to those
    militiamen Maya poverty overseas
    training sounds promising
    I suggest you infiltrate the strike team
    47 perhaps you can relieve the hapless
    point man of his duties point man and
    the Mexico operation huh got clipped by
    a ram or something the team trains with
    a battering ram to simulate the attack
    on secretary Torres motorcade I don't
    know I guess old Burgess had his head up
    his ass nine out of ten accidents
    happened in the home they do say that
    anyway the guy was lucky sprained his
    ankle that's all he'll be back in a
    couple so does rose still supervise the
    training sure why well if we ever want
    to get rid of Rose without the boss
    knowing I guess Burgess just taught us
    how like you're thinking tell Parvati
    amen I'll make her day yes
    for motorists deathtrap well

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    that is Penelope graves acclaimed
    anti-terror analyst strange to see her
    as part of this crowd let's keep
    security airtight I'm back
    well well our very own punching bag any
    broken bones wounded pride
    that's all good to hear all right head
    over to the briefing area will resume in
    a moment rose her body
    all right people let's
    get to it Burgess is back we're finally
    make this happen I expect you all to
    know this by heart
    and in case amnesia has set in here's
    the sequence advanced to the car with
    haste eliminate the passengers retrieve
    the briefcase extract got that and
    remember speed and accuracy is the name
    of the game alright now go pick up your
    weapons and get in position move out

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    that is Shawn rose terrorist turned
    team's overall performance was passable
    good speed and accuracy but coordination
    needs to improve the point is to build
    up muscle memory a perfect sequence of
    synchronized motion nicely done forty
    sevens Parvati won't know what hit us
    two flies with one SWAT affirmative
    solid copy what oh you were Jordan
    crosses yeah nothing like a whole team
    moving like clockwork a perfect
    execution Thomas cross
    so this test that Rose has planned seems
    kind of cruel doesn't it I mean I'm no
    softie or anything feels excessive she's
    got it coming
    Penelope graves is still new to this
    outfit and it looks like Rose is going
    to test her dedication to the cause he's
    arranged for one of the communications
    technicians to act as an outside agent
    the tech is supposed to show her an
    interpol badge and escort her to the
    slurry pit asking her to betray the
    militia might I suggest a last-minute
    recasting 47 nobody could switch
    science-type graves and just expect to
    be accepted tests or an order man
    yeah sure I get that but playing on her
    past with Interpol like that I I don't
    know man
    but I just hope the technician knows how
    to act she used to be the enemy I don't
    have any sympathy for that I'm sure
    he'll be fine he's got the badge right
    yeah he showed it to me over by the tent
    rehearsed his lines too he's taking this
    pretty seriously
    should be in the clear hey it'll be
    interesting to see if she takes the hook

    Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

    and not to mention our Father God you
    think she'll order us to be removed she
    does I got a 45 Cal with her initials on
    I hear you
    alright guys I just came in here to
    check on everything so you alright sure
    what's up great oh you know just you
    know wanted to make sure so the
    connection is secure I know weird
    signals or anything no weird signals no
    connectivity's about the problem but
    we've rewritten some things it looks
    should we be able to learn no no I I
    just like making sure big ears out there
    never be too careful sure we're on top
    of it no need to worry about to hear it
    if you encounter anything unusual let me
    know immediately
    yeah sure graves what could you in the
    still no get a signal I need you to
    adjust the satellite reception

    Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

    so you got direct mail once saw a couple
    of that
    Penelope Grace We Need to Talk what's up
    what is this
    I'll explain everything in the slurry
    pit it will be in your best interest to
    do as I say I understand I'll see you
    no way
    miss graves you are being recruited back
    into Interpol as an insider what I who
    are you anyway
    how did you find me that is not
    important think about this carefully you
    could provide us with valuable Intel if
    you cooperate the agency will overlook

    Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

    your unfortunate transgression and what
    if I refuse huh if I scream and get the
    guards here I wouldn't do that if I were
    you might prove unhealthy I'll give you
    a few moments to think about it
    good work 47 this should give her
    something to think about so look it's
    nice of Rose to think of my safety and
    everything but I need to do something on
    my own here so just come back in a few
    all right
    think graves how did they get to you
    flight out of Lyon under assuming
    passport provided through Delgado and
    that vanish agai look Li changed clothes
    at JFK and again at Denver International
    charred the possible after leaving the
    hotel burner phone was 47
    you know why I like
    now you know I can't let you through
    here come on sorry move on

    Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

    that is Berg former Mossad interrogator
    his services are in the mind at the
    it appears the door to the tornado
    shelter is protected by a biometric lock
    to gain access you need Shawn roses body
    or something equally convincing
    cover the Aryan grits check your corners
    corridor is clear come on out I'll clear
    a Salafi somewhere out there command how

    Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

    do you read over we have a man that
    needs to be set straight it's making a
    real mess out there
    gotcha who are you
    yeah keep moving away buddy you know
    what's best for you stand down target is
    in the vicinity look alive
    the plot thickens someone left in a
    Shawn Rose was not the shadow client
    that much is clear
    whoever commands the militia they got
    out just in time look around 47 were
    getting closer some kind of network
    power players from all sectors and
    familiar faces to Thomas cross klaus
    Strandberg ether and that's missing
    banker Eugene Cobb well well there's a
    name Providence what no no it can't be
    the hidden hand thought they were a myth
    a hypothesis nothing more the idea that
    a small cabal of kingmakers controlling
    enough corporate and political leaders
    could effectively run the world and
    secret maybe not so hypothetical keep
    looking 47 we need full disclosure
    someone's done their homework look how
    far it dates back hiya moto Belding Fort
    Belvoir day the shadow client has been
    tracking you for decades now how is that
    possible it isn't every one of those
    missions were branded as unsolved or
    accidents he must have been looking for
    a person a certain mo which would mean

    Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

    he knows me well at least this shortens
    the list
    found something
    zoda's but that would mean Providence
    has infiltrated ICA and Erick sodas is
    their operative bastard
    it all fits he was the one who persuaded
    the rest of the ICA board to green light
    this operation this changes everything
    get out forty-seven we got what we came
    what about the shadow client he is no
    longer our primary concern ICA has been
    compromised I always wondered if
    Providence was real but I never actually
    I will need to confer with the board but
    mark my words 47 this will have
    roses gone
    I took every precaution Rose knew the
    they all do you did well Olivia I'm
    proud of you now listen
    the ICA knows about you they kept you
    alive because they needed you and now
    they don't we won't talk again not until
    the storm is over you need to end this
    I ran away as a boy my friend and I away
    from that
    we came upon a small farming community
    the people were that poor but this woman
    she took us in we were awakened the next
    morning by the shots a dozen people lay
    face down in the snow
    a warden didn't like to leave witnesses
    they shot the woman and her family last
    and made sure that we watch the whole
    thing this is your gift the warden told
    us your gift and your curse touching
    better than anyone

    Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

    good morning 47 the board has sanctioned
    Eric sodas for termination after
    Colorado we did some digging into sodas
    private affairs and discovered that he
    has been fast-tracked for critical heart
    surgery at the hyper exclusive garma
    private hospital in Hokkaido Japan such
    a display of power has Providence
    written all over it
    sodas who suffers from a rare condition
    known as situs inversus where his
    internal organs are reversed desperately
    needs a right-sided heart transplant and
    has clearly betrayed the ICA to get it
    he was admitted last night and is
    currently being prepped for a three-day
    surgery we have booked you into gamma
    under the usual guise of Tobias Reaper
    corporate shark here for a standard
    medical check-up as such you will need
    to play it by ear and procure whatever
    tools you need to complete the mission
    you also need to eliminate Yuki Yamazaki
    a Tokyo lawyer who works for Provident
    sodas has already given Yamazaki access
    to our client records and has agreed to
    provide a full list of active ica
    operatives host operation this
    transaction cannot be allowed to happen
    sodas must pay for his treachery and his
    insidious employers must be taught a
    ICA sovereignty is at stake powerful as
    Providence may be we need to draw a line
    in the sand I will leave you to prepare
    welcome to Hokkaido 47 the gamma private
    hospital provides cutting-edge medical
    treatment for the global elite outside
    the law if required the facility is
    partially run by an artificial
    intelligence system known as Chi the AI
    oversees patient admission to various
    areas in the hospital and even
    participates in some medical procedures
    you will find Eric sodas in the
    operating theater undergoing a pre
    surgery regenerative stem-cell treatment
    a highly controversial procedure yet to
    be approved by Japanese authorities Yuki
    amazake has already arrived you'll find
    her in her suite or roaming the
    restaurant inspire ease of the hospital
    so does this schedule to be put under
    soon let us make sure he stays that way
    good luck 47 as part of the

    Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

    I smell sweet
    47 I have Intel well this is quite
    fascinating the bandaged patient is
    Jason Portman former CEO of quantum leap
    according to my Intel he has undergone
    full facial reconstruction and is
    scheduled for bandage removal today and

    Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

    get this he's going for the full Helmut
    Kruger look
    oh hey Stacy its Jason Portman yeah just
    hanging out in Japan do you get the snap
    I said earlier
    shut up invisible man
    you shut up that's a good one no
    seriously no I'm in the final stage is
    that thing we always talked about back
    when we were you know item Kruger
    fication it's happening it's actually
    happening shut up yes two weeks from now
    I could be the one on a podium in Paris
    nobody would know the difference
    cheekbones to die for cut glass baby
    almost a shame you won't get to enjoy
    them am i right all right shut up the
    gym don't have time for that my good
    friends here have a plan for that as
    well full body graft muscle implants why
    wait for months or years when surgeons
    and endless amounts of money that I have
    can make it happen in weeks
    screw the natural way that's the hole
    shut up I bet you would maybe I'll call
    you when I get back to LA okay we'll see
    bye Stacy nail that Lisa Lisa sweetheart
    I told you not to call me here well I
    just checked my voicemail and you left
    nine messages in the last two so he'll
    wait okay we're not hell mood Hey bad
    form dude you stole my idea
    Hey look [ __ ] maybe you can find
    someone else to emulate about done no
    Jordan cross he's hot right wow this is
    superinten the same social circles why
    shut up we don't write I've got
    connections I can disappear for good
    never to call the office you honey you
    can't call
    how are you today miss yeah Misaki that
    is Yuki Yamazaki former lawyer to the
    Yakuza and current opposite for
    please come to the hospital entrance
    Jason Portman a doctor got your
    appointment please proceed to the

    Watch video from 195:00 - 198:00

    hospital and mr. Portman perfect timing
    follow me to the consultation room if
    you please you must be eager to see the
    new you
    gentlemen mr. Portman is with me no need
    to bother him with unnecessary security
    measures so facial surgery tends to heal
    pretty quickly but I understand yours
    was quite extensive don't worry though
    we've got the best facilities here
    you'll get those bandages off in no time
    at all must be good to get out a little
    stretch those legs I do love the options
    available here at gamma but I imagine it
    can get tedious to lie in bed all day if
    you haven't been to the gym yet you
    should really go you're in good hands
    mr. Portman golf is such an incredible
    place the medical facilities are beyond
    anything I've ever seen in the world
    well with the exception of perhaps
    Kronstadt HQ or ethers R&D facility in
    okay mr. Portman your surgeon is in here
    he should be ready for your checkup
    have a nice day smart way to get inside
    47 deportment thank you for waiting
    if you can just sit down for a moment
    I'll get started right away
    so let's have a look at you mr. Portman
    be still as I remove the bandages oh my
    it's it's astonishing not only are you
    the spitting image of Helmut Kruger that
    the swimming is completely subsided and
    not a trace of bruising if I didn't know
    any better I'd say you've never
    undergone surgery it's it's perfect
    simply perfect
    oops sorry this is this is very
    emotional from

    Watch video from 198:00 - 201:00

    it's not fully obviously oh that goes
    without saying
    I do still wish that is the right sided
    donor heart destined for sodas this is
    what is so lucky I see a fool
    elegant solution 47 with sodas on the
    operating table and no hope of getting a
    second right-sided cart in time you have
    effectively killed him without laying a
    hand on him this should be a clear
    message to anyone considering following
    in his footsteps
    yeah is that we explaining there's a lot
    of annoying

    Watch video from 201:00 - 204:00

    can tell me is it true the boss was
    you're not just out you know even with
    the added security this is the most
    relaxing big I've been I think you
    forgot something sir

    Watch video from 204:00 - 207:00

    Watch video from 207:00 - 210:00
    that's both targets down time to find an
    exit we're done here
    miss Byrne what that's not what my
    ticket says
    we received your message loud and clear
    I might add honestly you could have just
    sacked the bar guy
    I didn't catch your name no you didn't
    there'll be no retaliation not for
    soldiers nor any other recent for asko's
    someone's been meddling in our affairs
    killing our operatives and making the
    icd look like fools I think you got
    close to that someone closer than we've
    ever been
    that's why were having you to take him
    down and didn't fix it tell Brad like
    hey just miss paranoid you really have
    no idea you spy on us bribe our people
    and you have the gall to demand our help
    even so we've been around for a long
    long time I think we could help each

    Watch video from 210:00 - 213:00

    some 20 years ago your agency took in a
    young man with no past and extraordinary
    skills in his own special way he cares
    about you and vice versa and ever since
    that time I never stopped wondering
    where he came from and who made him why
    yes there was a doctor some depraved
    experiment but he's gone now now if you
    believe the questions died with him we
    have nothing further to discuss
    if not as I said I think we could help
    each other
    partner said
    cheer up miss Byrne what
    we hear the lesser evil this terrorist
    he wants nothing but chaos
    he's only terrorist if you win
    whispered button we want a long time ago
    this this is maintenance

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    Comment (47)

    1. The fashion show mission has me realizing this game isn't as smart as I was trying to play it. You can drag a body in the middle of an open courtyard 20 feet away from a guy and throw it in a box.

    2. Only problem I have is that no matter what country the mission is in, everybody speaks English and without an accent, also most people in the game look white

    3. It'll never not be funny that 47 gets away with every disguise.

      One day you go to work with Ronnie, switch the bed sheets in a hotel room and have a casual talk to him about his wife and his kids, then an hour later Ronnie suddenly is a bald man with a bar code on the back of his head – but no questions asked.


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