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    SearchThisVideo: Hitman Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Yacht (Hitman 6 2016)

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    so it seems to be a common theme right
    now a lot of the betas are starting to
    show the start
    of each game before they actually come
    out so it kind of works in our favor
    uh since i kind of do walk-throughs most
    of the time
    um gonna be showing you the start of
    this game with the beta
    and i've heard that it's not gonna be
    any different it's just the prologue
    um it's got the first few missions which
    i'm actually curious
    if you guys were with me back in 2012
    when i played hitman absolution if you
    have that's been
    it's been a hell of a journey since then
    so i love you guys let's do this
    it would be badass to see this video
    break like 30 000 likes
    just something to kind of get this
    series kicked off um the game doesn't
    come out for like another month
    but i will be doing the full thing
    hopefully if uh
    if this video does well so i love you
    guys let's do this
    give away two copies any system
    preference just leave a comment below of
    your system choice
    and with that being said let's get it
    so the way this works um i get the beta
    and i was told that the access wouldn't
    be available until friday so
    you're probably seeing this video right
    when the beta goes live if not right
    around the time
    uh what you can actually do is you can
    start playing
    and here's all the stuff that's actually
    available so i've heard this is not
    gonna change from the final
    the graphics might but other than that i
    think most of this is just gonna be
    stuff you have to play through and
    so i'm gonna start from the beginning
    kind of treat this like a walk through
    part one
    and let's do this
    he still has that stone cold face that
    he's always had
    i think the last time i played hitman
    game definitely was hitman absolution i
    was trying to think if i played anything
    else since then but
    i think they went away from the story
    aspect of it and more focused on just
    the gameplay itself which so far the
    graphics look uh
    look really good
    majestic isn't it i'm diana
    i'll take you to your quarters someone
    likes to keep secrets
    secrets are our stock and trade besides
    from what i hear you have a few of your
    i'm not like you in case you're
    wondering i'm in the handler program
    agents and handlers work in unity you
    know the expression
    know your enemy well
    that part is my job knowing your enemies
    only have the victory
    i know you also need to know yourself
    i'm working on it i read your case file
    impressive work partly textbook but i
    suppose field work never is

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    tell me what did it feel like taking
    random disordered
    is that why you came here why you let us
    test you
    maybe i'm not the only one being tested
    well we are here basic training starts
    at over 600 hours
    i should leave you to prepare
    are you sure about this i am there are
    no second chances miss burnwood
    not here i choose him may i inquire why
    a blank slate antisocial apathetic and
    no doubt the boy shows promise but
    perhaps i see a possibility where others
    see limitation
    isn't that what a handler does sir we'll
    anyone can kill miss burnwood he still
    remembers nothing
    if he does he's not sharing we will
    check up on this story
    the hospital in romania in the meantime
    keep him under close watch
    welcome to advanced training your first
    mission originally took place in sydney
    the target was calvin ritter also known
    as the sparrow master thief for hire
    specializing in rare and priceless art
    our agent cleverly infiltrated ritter's
    private york
    during a social gathering and discreetly
    eliminated him without any of the guests
    now you will do the same oh and don't
    worry about the training operatives
    all weapons are simulated good luck
    all right so right now it looks like
    it's the standard type of hitman game
    where you go in you get a
    find disguises take out the target and
    you kind of get a rating based on
    how well you perform the stealth and
    so you can run you can do different
    stuff i don't know what happens if you
    get spotted
    check out this guy's outfit the graphics
    so far actually look kind of nice
    it's in a fitted setting okay this looks
    like we're on a boat
    what if we can we can subdue this guy
    but that'd be in front of everyone
    see if there's anybody else so we got
    cops there we got cops
    in the front let's see what happens when
    we approach the area
    uh sir you can't go through here please
    turn around
    okay you need your uh
    okay so it's gonna lead us back this way
    i like love the hitman games like i've
    always loved them uh
    hitman absolution was kind of one of
    those more story driven
    blood money and all the other ones were
    more like oh
    see if i can take this guy out they were
    more like mission based

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    oh you can snap his neck i'm not gonna
    do that though
    trying to be good even though i'm a hit
    man you know like it wouldn't really
    matter at that point
    you put on his clothes that's a first
    let's drag his body and move him people
    do tend to see uniforms
    not faces be cautious though some people
    are more observant than others
    not bad initiate he's kinda hidden
    this dude looks weird man i'm not gonna
    lie like what what the hell's that guy
    all right that's my training gear
    doesn't really matter too much
    this is just how the game starts though
    so this is kind of cool we're getting to
    play the pr
    uh the prologue excuse me way before the
    game does actually come out
    so we'll stay low
    looks like uh conceal the body in there
    i don't understand like why we have to
    actually do that let me go get it
    i'm scared to move you know like i could
    get spotted if i'm not careful
    she drags him by the leg i think in i
    think it was an absolution you could uh
    throw cans of people's faces
    knock him out of windows all kinds of
    all right nice board the yachts
    so now i just walk through the front
    door or what
    i think it's good i had to cover up the
    barcode you know
    people marked as threats will find you
    suspicious make sure they do not see you
    right like this be ashamed those two
    don't care this guy
    doing something he looks like he's
    painting or whatever
    he finds me suspicious hold it to use
    oh there's our target right there nice
    such an eye for detail the colors the
    fabrics the art
    all curated with so much love and care
    it's okay if this is what mr ritter's
    yacht looks like i wouldn't mind seeing
    that house if he's in switzerland
    oh hang on guys
    i'm worried about this like security
    officers right here
    everyone provided for it
    here's our target
    for sure i'm gonna stand in line like
    i'm getting a drink
    all the people in here man it like an xc
    is your target
    calvin mitter
    i'm gonna like there's no frame rate
    drop or anything it's actually really
    are you me i gotta get past
    that guy no no no no mechanics in here
    touching these stuff you're getting oil
    everywhere come on please
    get out of here yacht waiter
    i'm gonna go this way the guy in all
    white kind of freaks me out
    he looks like some kind of boss you know

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    can i go back this way
    all right as long as i don't run i
    should be fine right
    okay there's a
    yacht waiter i have to find one one of
    them's gonna go to the bathroom or
    something like
    something has to happen
    what's this guy doing excuse us could
    you come back in five minutes
    excuse me sir
    man there's security officers everywhere
    this is me sweating bullets right now
    hey guys
    i'm nervous man i don't know where to uh
    the waiter i don't know if that's one of
    the guys right there but i can't go past
    him mr mechanic
    now can i just subdue this guy out of
    nowhere because this is one of the ones
    uh you want to move away arm's length
    buddy that'd be great
    okay i'm not gonna get him let's
    actually go down here
    this is where those three guys were
    chilling out earlier
    no there's a cop right there
    this guy looks just like me that's funny
    what does this thing do trigger fire
    alarm what
    hang on let's see i guess there's like
    collectibles and stuff as you uh
    rat poison really what is that
    all right guys so i've been looking
    around for quite some time and i think
    i've finally found who i'm supposed to
    take down throwing blunt items of the
    purse will knock them out not kill them
    if they are found they will be woken up
    can i just run up behind him and grab
    him hmm
    so we're supposed to disguises him i'm
    gonna put his body in the freezer
    but that would that kill him i kind of
    think it will
    okay unlike mechanics the cabin crew is
    allowed upstairs access
    i see what you're getting at very
    i like it all right let's see what
    happens i'm uh
    i'm not sure if i can grab other stuff
    get a hammer whoa
    i need to put that away silence pistol
    fiber wire
    i need to put some of this stuff down
    though like it doesn't
    uh it's gonna be the death of me if i
    get spotted with that
    go ahead

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    okay we gotta get to the private deck
    upstairs so we'll see what happens
    that guy didn't say to me let's
    keep going guys
    you think he would at least put a
    band-aid on the back of his head
    i'm just glad that they don't see the
    firewire you know
    locate the target okay he knows his crew
    avoid detection by working at the bar
    i gotta have a full-time job now what is
    this impressive about museums
    this is the universe's way of telling
    you to quit i'm actually making drinks
    funny how you and the universe always
    isn't it you told me this norfolk job
    would be your last
    and now i overhear the crew talking
    about istanbul and stockholm
    what gives calvin i didn't lie
    look you don't have to retire just
    because you leave the field
    most great players simply become
    you're recruiting now you're catching on
    this sparrow cannot die you're not a
    superhero calvin
    they don't exist not with that attitude
    they don't
    i'm gonna kind of keep my eye on him so
    good of you to fly down
    can i offer you a drink oh no thank you
    no not before six my wife is very
    insistent about
    that my sympathies
    so excellent timing i just had the
    computer set up in my office
    yes please lead the way
    yeah the crazy thing is he didn't
    i thought he was gonna grab the wine
    glass for a minute
    and i get the rat poison or whatever so
    i didn't know if i was supposed to put
    it in that
    let me just see really quick
    oh it's not an inventory
    to the future you guys are way over
    and how are your kids sorry boys
    and i'm gonna the whole game's like this
    i can i can get on board with it i like
    this a lot
    sneak into the office that's so funny
    you know we should get like a notebook
    and write all that funny stuff down
    look at this guy
    because i'm right in front of those
    people are you kidding me
    oh hey i'm seeing mr van dyke gotta go
    brown knows that
    i wonder if pulling the fire alarm would
    don't make any trouble just leave
    sneak into the office it's back this way

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    let me see something really quick
    well i'm rooting for you
    now what's that password always slips my
    okay the game auto saves during gameplay
    you can manually save and load from the
    i guess they're thinking i'm about to
    mess something up that's kind of funny
    all right the guys over here wait wait
    glass cutter
    no no but something work-related
    slipped your mind
    got it
    can i hop oh if i hop over this i might
    break my legs
    that would not be good for a stealthy
    i'm going right past these guys without
    any kind of uh
    what's going on problems hopefully
    that was really awesome just being able
    to go on board disguise yourself get out
    of here
    nice all right we did it
    oh this is you know what the way we came
    on let's uh
    let's go through here and go downstairs
    if we can
    this is where we went because those two
    girls were talking right here
    not just one hangar
    interesting the beautiful thing about
    the hitman games and most stealth games
    is just so many ways to do different
    okay this is the guy that wasn't sure
    about me so i'm gonna
    stay away from him unnoticed kill so far
    i would run but there might be somebody
    back here now
    he pretty much walks like the terminator
    he has no fear no anything no no no
    even any kind of emotion all right there
    we go i think we're good
    this will trigger the next cutscene i
    challenge complete good work
    how did you know i told you he had
    his stats are off the charts such skills
    reflexes they could only be the result
    previous training power like that with

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    no moral restraint
    it could be dangerous i thought that was
    rather the point sir
    all agents have weak spots miss burnwood
    pressure points to keep them in check
    but this one
    perhaps it would be better to just give
    me a chance sir
    give him a chance i will take full
    very well it's your show
    welcome back initiate as an ica agent
    every challenge you face can be overcome
    in multiple ways
    complete this exercise again this time
    attacking it from a different angle
    vary your strategy improvise
    we will be watching
    okay before the final test you're
    allowed more time to practice
    a certain operation uh you're free to
    choose your approach
    so there's different challenges you can
    pick from nice poison the target with
    rat poison now that's actually an
    approach i thought about
    over here distracted guard using a
    you actually can pick that's so sick
    throw a coin to cause a distraction
    disguise yourself as norfolk that's that
    guy walking around
    assassinated target with fiber wire
    that's something i could have done
    you can drown him in a toilet what board
    the yacht disguise as a security guard
    find the yacht crew disguise in the
    cabin on deck zero
    place the weapon and have a guard find
    it assassinate the target with remote
    find the rat poison on deck zero hide
    the target in the closet
    you there's so much you can do that is
    hang on what
    that is that is ridiculous man that is
    that's pretty much
    amazing though so what i'll probably
    wind up doing uh there's so many
    different things i can't do right here
    uh but i guess for now that'll be it for
    the first video you guys kind of saw the
    and uh there really isn't too much to it
    right now oh my goodness
    this one is being suspicious of you
    by picking up the weapons and explosives
    of course they are
    i want to go back this way i just want
    to like oh my goodness
    you know what i'm just gonna mess around
    at the end of this video
    how about this
    actually see what the gunplay looks like
    all right i'm officially the terminator
    you can just go on a mass murder spree
    look at that guy dude but he flipped
    i'm actually gonna take this disguise
    just because why not

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    oh they're up i'm gonna die
    yep i'm dead i just kind of wanted just
    to mess around with the gun play but
    hope you guys enjoyed the video if you
    guys want i will do a part two of this
    kind of show you more of it
    i'm actually going to exit to the menu
    to see how much of the demo we actually
    have left so
    but i love you guys thank you so much
    for all your support
    and i guess uh just destroy that like
    button if you want more of this but i
    love you
    and take it easy

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    1. Is there a way to get the FP view on the go? I loved that in previous games you could switch between third and first person view. I really hope there’s a way and if not please bring it back.


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