Horizon Zero Dawn PRO WALKTHROUGH VERY HARD – Part 1: Kid Aloy (Complete Edition PC)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20oh yeah the name is slack thanks for coming back and this is horizon zero done yeah this epic action rpg was first released as a ps4 exclusive in february 2017. it was later released on pc last summer although pc version was unplayable because of a movement glitch that wasn't corrected until about six months later that was a deal breaker for me even though i didn't actually buy the pc version um i heard about it and i said there's no way i'm gonna you know deal with that i couldn't deal with it even though some said it wasn't that bad and they could deal with it there were many others that said no this is unplayable and that would have been me anyway that's not my horizon zero dawn story this is my horizon zero dawn story it's kind of a stupid story bear with me but this is how it went down um as some of you know i bought a ps4 uh about two years ago i've been primarily a pc gamer strictly for the past 20 years finally decided um after making real walkthroughs for 12 years here on youtube that um basically my gaming experience was being really how should we say uh biased by the obligation to make walkers um long story short i was looking at every game in terms of will this make a good walkthrough or not and that's it that was my gaming experience and that's not the way i used to be i used to be like a gamer like you know i sit back on the couch and just gave my face off you know but uh i started way back with the playstation one and i was originally a console gamer and then i turned into a pc gamer but yeah and i decided i wanted um i wanted some games that were just for me that some games i just played for fun i went into the living room i'm it's time off and i'm relaxing leisure time with which i have very little by the way but i just have some leisure time and i wanted to have a game that i can play that has nothing to do with youtube so i went up by the ps4 and i bought four games um two of them i didn't like the go and mention that some of you know what these games are i've mentioned this before june and i didn't like one of them was too hard because um after 20 years of pc gaming i just totally suck at the playstation controller i really suck i'm getting a little better now but i totally suck i still suck uh one of them was too hard even though i really liked it and the fourth one was horizon zero dawn um so after trying the other three i decided okay i'm gonna try horizon zero dawn i booted up and you know i start playing the intro and i'm going what the hell is this i'm playing as a six-year-old little girl you know this this is like blatant false advertising looking at the box going this is not what's on the box i don't want to play a game as a little girl so i tried it for like 10 or 15 minutes i know really stupid and i said no no this is not for me this is not for me i just shelled it for six months just completely shelled it then uh it was about maybe about a year ago i think about a year ago like last not last spring but the spring before that um i was browsing around on the internet i bumped into this interview with hugo martin the lead developer for doom eternal and i'm reading through this interview and i hear mention that horizon zero dawn is one of his favorite games i'm like what z like hugo martin the lead developer of the most badass first person shooter in the history of the universe his favorite video game is where you play as a six-year-old little girl that can't be right so i decided to try it again so i boot up horizon zero dawn on my ps4 again i play through the intro and then i get to the part where you get to adult alloy you know and then i go oh oh i get it now the intro is just the little six-year-old little girl that's just like the the in-game tutorial okay you really play as this woman you know this full girl and adult woman that's that's what the whole game is about that's what's on the cover so i said i get it i get it now so then i started playing it absolutely loved it loved it played it to death even though i still suck with the ps4 controller and um i was struggling through it too i was really struggling through it because i can't i can't hit the broad side of a barn door with my controller and i heard about it coming out on pc and um i was really excited and then when i heard about the movement glitch i said ah damn it you know so it's like okay so this is this is my game this is my saturday game my day off game and i'm not going to tell anybody and i was like very keeping it very close to my chest i'm not going to tell anybody i'm playing this game this is just for me to have fun and then last christmas i heard they came out with a patch that fixed the movement glitch and i i just couldn't resist and um sorry that's a a timer i have for something else um yeah i couldn't resist i could resist so i immediately ran out and looked it up online and bought horizon zero dawn on for the pc and uh started playing it and i was like oh my god this is so much fun because now i can hit [ __ ] you know on my ps4 i can't hit the broad side of a barn door i was really struggling through a lot of the boss fights and part of me and now i'm like you know oh this is fantastic i love it so so then there's my little give inner youtuber through around do a walkthrough come on you'll walk through they're gonna love it they're gonna love it so here i am this game okay people this was originally meant for me supposed to be my game my leisure game but i'm bringing it to you because it's such a [ __ ] great game pardon my language but it's a great game i love it it's epic it's an action rpg you get to play as one of the most seriously hands down my favorite video game character today i just love avoiding she rocks all right so that's it that's my story and i'm sticking to it um tell you what let's play a little joke on all those that decided to skip the intro okay i'm going to say something really outlandish like right at the end of this and i'm going to make the intro i'm going to put a timestamp saying the intro ends here and i'm going to say something really outlandish so that people who skip the intro will go what wait a minute how do you make them do a double take okay so don't don't breathe a word about this in the comments okay i'm gonna say something really outlandish okay so this little pause for the cause and that's how you make 2 000 metal shards in the first 10 minutes of the game so um that's it for the intro um walkthrough starts now major slack videos okay here we go walkthrough starts now uh difficulty settings yep story easy normal hard very hard and ultra hard i'm reading from the uh by the way i own the official horizon zero dawn game guide this thing is a whopping 800 and something pages long it's it's humongous i got the like the hardcover deluxe version 800 pages plus long the damn thing weighs 10 pounds i'm not kidding i'm not kidding this thing you could work out lifting up this thing um yeah so um yeah i have this in my possession so please no backseat gaming i've got everything i need to know here plus you know i ex you know like i said played this extensively on my ps4 and um and my pc okay for your convenience i'm just going to list on the screen here the exact difference in how much damage you deal to enemies and how much damage you take from enemies uh with regards to all these difficulty settings here all right so you can see all those values there i see story is way easy normal is like you know default and it gets progressively harder and harder enemies do more damage and you take more damage ultra hard has these other things as well the economy is completely nerfed everything is like way more expensive and uh it's harder to knock down enemies and your elemental attacks are nerfed this is really for elitist okay so i'm going to play this on that the highest reasonable difficulty setting very hard this is not to say that the game is easy um i would say it's quite challenging actually but it's an epic game it's a long game so uh i'm only gonna have time to do one walkthrough obviously so let's do it on the highest reasonable difficulty setting don't worry if you're an average gamer and uh you're not accustomed to playing games on higher difficulty settings don't worry i'm going to get you through this i'm going to test all these strategies on my ps4 like i said i suck on the ps4 so if i could do it you could do it i'm going to try to make this as console friendly as possible i can see a huge huge difference in being able to aim on the pc and being able to aim on the console so there's that um that's it let's play it on very hard let's go [Music] hmm what's that now don't like the cold can't stand today we have a ritual to perform you and i [Music] [Music] here wear this it belonged to my daughter good [Music] today i speak your name girl well the goddess speak it back [Music] normally it would be the mother who declares if you had one the whole village would attend and matriarchs performed the ritual but we are outcasts even so we keep the tribe's rituals otherwise we might become like the faithless old ones who turned their backs on the goddess but their wickedness doomed them to us were left the splendors of creation beasts of air water earth and steel it is one thing to hunt a beast another to hunt a machine you must be humble and respect their power i will teach you this one day [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi matriarch tirsa what is she doing here does she mean to forbid the ritual [Music] [Music] no no no off your knees it's nearly time and yes you may speak to me you came to bless the naming have not six months gone by since we entrusted her to you but we are outcasts you by choice and she well i am a high matriarch rost i bless whom i choose and you honor us yes yes now go and be ready to declare go [Music] oh mother this child needs a name by which to know her that your love may warm her life as the rising sun warms all the earth speak her name [Music] and so her name is blessed [Music] stop this at once what have you done i've blessed the naming of a child stubborn woman you call that curse a child what did she tell you about his birth outcast answer i've done only what you asked to raise it yes we said nothing of love enough and you blessing its name like it was one i know my duty to them and to you without consultation i'm here and wherever you go [Music] aloy hayloy oh that's a lot of berries you're quite the gatherer aren't you little boss now go and see if you can find some mom well done that's a good boy children come with me she's an outcast to be shunned there oh come on ah rust down here rust rust you won't hear me some kind of cave and so it begins slacking there yeah i'm here to just want to ruin the moment okay so now we have taken control of six-year-old eloy this is the in-game tutorial part of the game um nothing you do here will carry over into the adult aloy part which is the whole rest of the game all right so this is just basically an in-game tutorial looks tight but i can get through now you can crouch there you go this little kid is so adorable must be a woman of the metal world it's crazy okay ross said never going places like this but i have to find a way out all right so you heard the kid we have to find our way out [Applause] there's something up ahead what's that there's something shiny there [Applause] so oh pick that up we need that don't be afraid go back had a girl let's slap that sucker on there we go [Applause] fights everywhere how do you do this all right this is our focus ability we're going to be using this extensively throughout the game it's going to be like you know basically can't play the game without it right let you see things that you wouldn't normally be able to see all right so we got that let's continue yellow diamond is the quest marker not available connected to the door somehow yeah whatever this thing more lights let's go check that out [Applause] by the way these are the runes who are coming back here later on the game i'm fully aware of that of course so i'm not going to mention anything about what we can find here that will come later um for now all you have to do is just turn this thing either way twice clockwise or counterclockwise and that will open the door doors open all right changed color change color [Applause] let's go back to the door the door changed color too there we go [Applause] see there's one of the things we'll be able to pick up later on when we can come back and we'll have a weapon and we'll be able to break through this stuff anyways like i said we'll talk about that later that's a power cell what's a power cell slack i'll talk about that later for now let's get out of here what's that oh user joy use your focus here we go you think i want it this way it's the best i can do he's right behind you hi happy birthday isaac daddy sure does love his little big man look daddy can't be there with you and mom but we can still have a party right sure we can [Music] show me show me again he's right behind you hi happy birthday isaac daddy sure does love his little big man look daddy can't be there with you and mom but we can still have a party right sure we can [Music] happy birthday isaac daddy sure does love his little big man [Applause] squeeze through the gap okay we can do that [Applause] why did they die here what happened to them [Applause] come girl take my hand you don't belong down there come such places are forbidden eloy i fell in they are of the metal world what is that on your face nothing did you find it down there nope give it to me no hey laurie such things are dangerous no well if you're gonna go sneaking away from home you'll need to know how to survive in the wild come hello home now but starting tomorrow you will learn to hunt uh [Music] healthy shake what do they need take your bow and enough muttering to that play thing descend to the valley now follow the wilds can be dangerous aloy you will need to stay close and do as i say i know now you're still scratched up from that fall you took yesterday so let's start there take this medicine pouch and i'll show you how to fill it see this plant over here it's called south brush come gather its berries in your pouch it's a beautiful game eh yeah yeah okay we're just dripping out here okay quiet you're doing a walk through here okay pick the medicinal salt brush good now eat the berries okay health bar is in the top left corner is the red bar and the green bar is like your supply of health which you can use to refill your health bar yeah they may taste bitter but they can save your life always keep your pouch full of medicinal berries flowers and plants where are we this valley is just a part of all mother's embrace embrace the nora tribe watches these lands and keeps out the most dangerous machines usually further down river we'll find a herd of machines and i will teach you how to hunt are they dangerous all machines are dangerous aloy their power must be respected but i will be beside you hey a machine's coming crouch and follow me into the tall grass okay do what he says crouch and follow me through the tall grass there now stay low little one no eloy such machines are called watchers you must learn to avoid their gaze if you are to survive in the wilds i will show you listen close and do as i do stay still wait for it to pass [Applause] now keep low and follow me across the trail to that tall grass oh another one let it pass come back this way the slower you move the quieter you'll be and crouched walking is quieter than upright that's one distinct advantage that the ps4 has over the pc version is that you can using the left joystick you can move as fast or as slow as you want as you all know because it's like you know it's analog right so um yeah on piece on the pc version it's just either go or stop so yeah that's one distinct advantage also you may have saw a little notification here's the uh the menus i'll get more into this in part two but you may sound a notification that about uh the watcher so go to notebook machine catalog and here all the machines that you encounter throughout the game are gonna be listed here and what they're all about and how to defeat them all right i'll get more into that later wait for it that's the last of them let's move on you did well they didn't see or hear you now stay close that herd should be just ahead she's so freaking cute this cracks me right up oh bare feet who's that ignore him but why is he up there he's smiling at us tab get back where you belong dad where are you ignore him we are outcasts and he is of the tribe maybe he doesn't like the tribe and he is a fool come now let's find that herd follow by the way nothing you pick up here will carry over into adult alloys inventory there so see them these are called striders ah get why'd you chase them all to show you how some machines startle easily if they detect you and run away they're best approached by stealth don't worry we'll catch up with them further down the valley you'll see now i want you to find some rocks that fit the cup of your hand why do as i say eloy and gather the rocks i will show you how to use them all right new objective collect three rocks good that's it those will do follow you could collect more but like i said doesn't make a difference so just do what he says [Applause] there's the herd all right it's time to throw some rocks but rocks can't hurt machines right no but they can distract them draw them into traps like that watcher over there it must be dealt with or it will warn the herd and send them running before we get in range speak to each other aloy unless they are first silenced now you stay here on the ridge on my signal throw rocks and draw the watcher over to me wait for my signal throw a rock near me okay there is frost for a rocky rock to draw the watcher towards me there come girl it's safe now and you can retrieve the rocks that you throw harvest the kill so i can teach you how to make arrows metal shards and a sparker good now gather stalks of ridgewood from the plants over there okay this is ridgewood these tall like be like shaped uh little trees here i'm gonna be collecting a ton of this throughout the game use the stalks as arrow shafts and metal shards for our heads all right um crafting you see me throughout the game here you can't access it but i always use i always do crafting using the crafting menu here but you can also use the weapon wheel to do crafting on the ps4 i always use weapon wheel on the pc version i always use this because they just find a lot it just suits me don't ask me why it's personal preference that's the way i like it so uh yeah in the game you're gonna be saying hey slack did you know yesterday no um let's grab some arrows never run out of arrows if you know how to craft what you need let's put those arrows to use follow here stay low in the grass and be [Applause] quiet it is time to make your first kill a strider one of the weaker machines but even a weak machine can kill a hunter if she's careless you must study its hide is thick but there are spots where it is vulnerable like its eye can you guess another okay now we have to use our focus and scan the strider oh look here the canister on its back is that a weakness yes how did you guess that the device it showed me but that play thing stop playing games now take down that strider target the eye or the canister and if it charges be ready to roll out of the way okay forget about the uh hit the canister first and if you like scan it first we'll kind of like highlight the canister for like a few seconds afterwards to make it easier to hit there we go keep firing you did well today but you have much to learn tomorrow we train again what was that that boy the one running the brave trails follow eloy quick [Applause] [Applause] ah [Laughter] [Music] i can do nothing it's only a matter of time before the machines find that boy and kick him to death but if i shoot they'll cause a stampede and they will trample him but i can see the paths they take stop telling stories i'm not i could sneak through you will not hey okay this is basically an in-game tutorial about how to sneak using using your focus what you do is you can use your focus tag a target see it's got a little arrow above it slowly and quietly and you can highlight its track but when you come out of focus it's track is highlighted that way you can keep track of where it's going to move and move accordingly you only have one one track highlighted at the time okay so we gotta get over there to that yellow diamond there that's a quest marker so let's highlight this guy's track he's gonna come over this way could probably go now but i want to take a chance all right nothing to see here off you go very good he goes the other direction let's make our move [Applause] got to be careful okay we got a strider here and a watcher the watchers patrol the striders just kind of stand around the grace so you only really have to worry about the watchers that is you only have to worry about the watchers kind of like controlling and being like kind of like a variable they have you know what i mean the striders will also spot you but they don't really have a petroleum okay so let's go over here into this tall grass basically leapfrogging from one part to tallgrass to the other let's just wait for this guy to go [Applause] back sneak behind him [Applause] i just did that at a sure habit hey what how is this me all right new objective get over there it's 52 feet away pay or pace his feet we got a watcher here let's tag him and highlight his track he's gonna patrol around we'll wait for that [Applause] and let's make our move how are you doing this how is this possible and we made it so it is no play thing wait oh mother bless that girl bless you both boy she saved me i just wanna boy seal your lips they are outcasts both and she is motherless come now back to mother's heart you must smack upside the head you missed my atta boy boy should not have spoken to us it's against tribal law we'll go home now follow i know the way seal your lips seal your lips stay away no mother all right sometimes you get options dialogue options um about how to proceed and it's basically aggressive thinking or like you know this is aggressive that's the thinking option this is the passion option let's go for aim for his head i know what happens but i'm just going to show you what happens hey lloyd we cannot dang it nice try ayla gilbran away from there back to picking barry you're bleeding let me have a look here hold still i'll get it why why am i an outcast hey loy this is not the time who was my mother hey lloy i've told you before that's not for us to know you were just a newborn when the matriarchs brought you to me so the matrix they know it's not so simple but they know hey lloyd we are outcasts so how do i make them tell me the matriarchs there is a way perhaps so tell me it would be dangerous how it would take years of training i don't care how do i do it tell me the proving the tribe's rite of passage held every year those who pass become braves but to the one who wins the matriarch's grant a boom yes whatever the winner wants then i'll do it whatever it takes i'll win the province i see we'd best get started then your training will be hard and it'll take years start training yes follow a little bit follow all right time to learn to become a jedi [Music] um use the forest daylight [Music] all right just rely on rust [Music] huh [Music] [Music] [Music] just love that transformation [Music] we got this rust we got this all right so eloy is now an adult and she kicks ass rost rost rust where is he two days before the proving and he goes off without me he wouldn't do that all right so after you finish the in-game tutorial you automatically go to level three and you get three skill points to spend i'm gonna do all this the first thing next video because this has been a long video uh for now you want to save the game you can save the game at all campfires here is the map we're confined to um a certain territory for now and i'll talk more about that how we get liberated from this territory it's a huge map there is lots to explore including the dlc section so um yeah campfires everywhere you see a campfire you can go there and save the game either quick save or a manual save let's do a manual save this is a very important part but this up here press that button whatever it is and this is a manual save ahead from practice run let's just override that and we are done that's it thanks a lot for watching and um if this water helped you out hey post a comment i'd love to hear from my target audience and don't forget to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel because it really helps out it helps you out too because you get notified whenever i upload a new video so it begins so it begins horizon zero done this is the beginning of the game the true beginning of the game right and this is gonna we're gonna pick up here first thing next video in part two thanks for watching see you next time hey guys real walkthroughs like these are an endangered species here on youtube for a complete lowdown on the youtube video game walkthrough scene check out my patreon page and please consider making a donation to yours truly major slack to help keep real walkthroughs alive on youtube you can donate as little as one dollar that's one dollar that's all that's all it takes all right thanks a lot really appreciate itWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 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  1. TIME STAMPS (or hover over the video playback progress bar to access chapters!)

    0:00 – The Red Pill (watch the intro)

    6:51 – The Blue Pill (skip the intro)

    9:31 – Opening cinematic

    14:58 – In-game tutorial with 6 year old Aloy

    Thanks for watching!

    ~ M4]0r 514cK

  2. Love your content Slack. I don’t even play half these games but it’s therapeutic just relaxing and watching you. Appreciate the work that goes into getting all there is out of a game instead of the rush to the end while missing most of it like many on YT.

  3. This is my very first major slack videos walkthrough. Coming from all Skyrim all the time on major slack attack it’s a nice change of pace but totally different. Keep up the amazing work slack

  4. Thank you for making a walk through! After I play games I like to watch and see what I missed and made harder for myself. Couldn't find any good ones on this game forever. Glad you made one for us slack

  5. This is my first time watching a walkthrough on this channel. I love this game so I think this is going to be a blast. I'm hoping that Slack can teach me a few things. Now back to Gina Ten-Giants.

  6. So glad you're doing a walkthrough of this! Didn't see it in my recommendations, but happened to see it when I checked your channel recently. Gonna play along with this one!

  7. So timely! Just heard on your other channel that you’re doing this walkthrough, and I just started playing this on my PS5. Looking forward to watching more Major Slack gaming!

  8. This comes out just as they unlock the frames on PS5! Man this is great!
    Just took out Redmaw. No giving anything else away. I started on hard immediately and yes this game will kick your ass.

  9. Just picked the game up today for my PC. I'm an old (really old) TBS player and this is not my style of game at all but the buzz about it and the videos talked me into it – even if I have to play it on story mode. Yeah, I'm a limpy wimp ghost of what I used to be, so what? Anyway, really dug your video and style so I'm here to watch you and learn what I can about how to play this game, which even my Luddite, no-nerd (won't even get a cellphone) wife agrees is breathtaking. Kudos and keep up the great work.

  10. I tip my Comb to you, Slack. I’m an old timer enjoying gaming but it’s daunting at times. Most vid “walkthroughs” explain nothing. Frustrating. Your Skyrim vids gave a new prospective and allowed me to enjoy the game. Same with HZD. Thanks to you, I’m loving this game and not feeling overwhelmed. Your in depth commentary allows me to venture fourth and say “what would Slack do” when encountering something new. Your emphasis on game mechanics and prep is what makes you the best. Thank you

  11. Hey Slackster. I loved your Cyberpunk walkthroughs. I've seen playthroughs of HZD and love the story.

    I dont understand why people need to go all "woke" this and that. Its a just damn good story. It reminds me a bit of Ayla from the Clan of the Cave Bear series. Strong female lead, plus maybe the name is a reference too.

    I look forward to your walkthrough. I like you're style.


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