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SearchThisVideo: Houdini Tutorial | For beginner | Episode – 03

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Watch video at 00:00
what's up guys rajas from vfx world
welcome back to my channel and welcome
back to another hoodie tutorials
for the beginners and in this video i'll
talk about this
amazing rendering process and this will
be a lot of fun so without wasting any
further time
let's get started
so guys this video tutorial is idea
which i get inspired from this amazing
post and this was a music video i posted
the link is in description box who you
can go and check and i'm trying to
recreate this
is in my way so i hope you will guys
love this so let's jump
into hoodie so guys right now we are in
houdini and first of all you have to
a fbx rigged character but you can use
any normal character
as well now i want to make it in
animation format that's why
i'm using fbx rigged character so for
that go to file
and from the import we have taking this
film box fbx
click here now you can find this many
several options here which is camera
geometry animations joints and skin
lights materials and many more now if
you want to take any of this from here
just check that on
for in this case i'm just turn this
camera on i want only geometry animation
joints and skin that's it then just
click here
and i already have that model in fbx
format just click
accept and just press import now while
it's getting import it'll take a little
of time and in the meantime you can
subscribe to our channel vfx world
and also like comments and share and for
more notification press the bell button
okay so the character is successfully
imported and you can see when you play
it's actually rigged and well played
character now first of all you have to
go to this
obj and where you can find your basic
model which is this coperia
fbx so first of all just double click
here you will go inside of this and just
leave all the attributes here no need
just go here you will find this many
things which is exactly
the character steps here so first of all
let me show you what exactly it is
so first of all this mention is like
female shape you should turn this off
it's exactly the main body
and after that you'll find this one this
is a swimsuit which is this one
we don't need this right now and also
this is the black boots
this one the boots and this is the like
normal hairs to turn this all
off we need only the female basic shape
because we want
this shape on that particular
geometrical shapes okay so first of all
double click here it will go inside and
if you notice this is a very
high detailed model so you have to
decrease the poly from here because
it will can be crashed so first of all
just click drag and then press tab
and we're using poly and then this one
poly reduce now guys this is a very very
easy simple tutorial
don't worry about that just click here
so first of all you find this call
person to keep so let's decrease it to
let's take around
20 and make it okay so now you can find
the polis are getting decreased but the
shape is still there you can decrease it
more but 20 is a good number of value

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00
now after that we have to take a divide
note just
drag and tap then divide something like
and just like this okay so now click
here and over there you can find this
compute dual just click this on and you
can find
all the shapes will going to the hexagon
kind of shapes and now that these things
are happen because of this character
model is
exactly merged with these areas that's
why these things are happening but if
your character
on your model is not merged on this
particular area but these things will
happening on your side okay most of the
part is done now the next one is like
polyword just drag
press tab and type poly where
simple just click and release it connect
with this one
click this and you can find all the
models are going to this way
it's exactly same like almost this this
part is basically same like my last
and if you still not watched our last
two tutorials all links are in
description box below
also you can click this i button and
play and enjoy
okay so now after that you can change
the poly radius from one
to let's take around three and increase
the division value from four to let's
take around like
eight it is good number and now it's
coming like black so it's not in normal
so first of all we have to do press drag
and tap then take a
normal and just click here that's it now
click here
it will come something like that now
this is a very dense model if you want
to decrease the poly reduce from here
you can decrease it but in this case
i think this is this is good enough what
you guys can suggest comment down below
now if you notice in zoom this area is
very very sharp but if you want to make
it very smoother
just drag and use this subdivisions so
just got subdivide
and then just click here and whenever
you click this you can see exactly it
will getting smooth now in this case i
just want to don't add this in right now
because it can be make your system
little bit of slower so first of all
y and drag to disconnect this okay so
just turn this on so this is now
okay let's play it let's see how it's
exactly working or not
yes it's exactly working really really
okay so now we have to go back to this
where you can turn on your basic shapes
here just turn this on
all and you can find all the things here
now we don't need the hairs if you want
you can turn it on but i think hair is
not looking so good what you guys can
now if you notice this areas of this
hexagon shapes are getting out so what
you can
do i'll show you what the solutions here
so first of all you have to go to the
swimsuit inside
and from here just drag it and by
pressing tab
i am taking poly extrude yes polyextrude
and just click here and now what we will
do just from here this primitive h
normals let's change it to point normal
and from here the distance should be
let's take around point three
so it means we are getting increasing it
little bit so let me show you what
exactly happened
just make it to here so this was my
previous one and this is my current one
so it means
it's getting extrude right now okay fine
so now when you go
back to here you can exactly see

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

everything is fixed now see
everything is fixed the same process you
have to fixed for this
leg parts as well i'm not showing you
the same process here okay so now we
have to apply the materials so now go
back to the obj
and here we are applying the material so
go to the material palette
and from the principle shader drag and
drop it to here
and just take it to like flat shaded
model and now
just click here i'm changing this one to
let's take around
silver drag and drop it to here so the
texture is successfully applied now you
have to take another principal shader
for the swimsuits and also just drag
and drop it to here and change it from
here like black
rubber yes that's it you can change it
completely up to you and i'm just
the metallic value a little bit higher
so that it can
reflect something here and for this leg
parts as well you have to apply the same
i'm just applying it like normally now
guys you have to fix this
on also which you can do by yourself now
for the rendering purpose i'm just
making this
animation something like that and i'm
making a new camera so right now we are
in obj
where i am taking a new camera from this
view so go to no cam
and then take a new camera here so our
camera is right now set it here
and now i'm making an environmental
light so just take this environmental
drag and drop and from here i'm encoding
my hdri
just click here and it will go to your
file format and you'll find your own
hdri so this is the hdri which has
successfully imported let's turn
off this enable light on the viewport
off and now we have to add our mantra
that is called our output node so go to
this output by pressing tab
take a mantra node just click here
release it and then simply click this
camera ahead see it is automatically
come here now go to overwrite cam
resolution you can change the resolution
from here
and that's it now go to this render view
change the camera to this camera one
and simply click this render button so
guys i hope you really
love this very very simple hoodie
tutorials for the beginner and if you
really really love this video then don't
forget to like comment and share and
also subscribe to our channel vfx world
and if you're still not follow us on our
social media handles like facebook
instagram linkedin and twitter all links
are in description box below so guys see
you in my next video till then have fun
stay healthy keep rocking keep watching

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