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    hi my name is city and welcome back to

    the channel where we make educational

    technology easy for you and in today's

    video I'm going to show you how you can

    create an online presence in particular

    an online CV or resume using Wix as a

    platform let's dive into it with another

    flipped classroom tutorial to

    demonstrate you just how fast you can

    create your own website now the first

    thing we're going to do is we're going

    to go to wix.com now once you're on this

    website we're going to find that big get

    started button and we're going to just

    click on that now the first choice

    you're going to have to make is how are

    you going to create your accounts now

    because I use Google a lot I'm just

    going to click on continue with Google

    now this is going to make it super easy

    for me to remember my login details and

    it's just going to use Google to do it

    for me

    now once logged in you'll see an

    overview of all your websites and we're

    going to create a brand new website so

    let's go ahead and click on create new

    site now before creating your website

    Wix is going to ask you what type of

    website are you going to be creating and

    we're making a portfolio and CV so let's

    go ahead and click on that and now we

    have two big choices we can either use

    the Wix Adi platform if you'd like to

    see how that works

    hop into the cards and you'll see a

    video on the Wix Adi platform now on the

    other hand we also have the Wix editor

    and other Wix editor is going to give us

    a lot more control over what our website

    looks like and so that's what we will be

    using today so let's go ahead and go to

    the editor and choose a template now as

    soon as you've clicked on that you'll

    get a range of different templates and

    you can go ahead and select one that

    really reflects your personality because

    if this is going to be your online

    presence and your online CV you want it

    to reflect you as a person so let's go

    ahead and do that here we're going to

    select resumes and see these and then

    we're going to scroll down until we find

    something that we like no I'm quite like

    this one so let's go ahead and click on

    view and once you click on View you get

    a preview of what that website could

    look like once you've added all your

    personal details so let's go ahead and

    scroll down and just see if we like this

    yeah download my full resume at the top

    and then there's some information there

    I actually really like this so if you

    choose to use this template well the

    next step now is to make it your own

    to personalise this website so we're

    going to go to the top-right corner

    we're going to click on edit this site

    so here we can see edit this site and we

    are now in the Wix editor the first

    things first let's have a look at the

    workspace now on the left hand side we

    have the different elements that we can

    edit and add and change and then on the

    right hand side we have our tools that

    are going to enable us to do that so I'm

    going to show you a couple of these

    tools here we have the copy tool we also

    have a paste we have duplicate delete

    all these tools will help us to really

    tweak the design but then again Wix is

    designed in such a way that it is very

    intuitive and so what you see is what

    you get and you can also just manually

    move elements around the websites this

    platform allows us to just build the

    website make it look good and then push

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    it out it has our websites so I'm going

    to just move that name down I'm going to

    change that and I'm going to change it

    into my name there we go and then we're

    going to put a title there I'm going to

    add a little bit of information so we

    now have a name a tech enthusiast and we

    can change the pages background now as I

    hover over all these elements it

    immediately tells me what type of

    element it is so this is a text element

    this is a button and this is an image so

    now let's scroll down and let's change

    this image so I click on it once and I

    can now change that image in addition to

    this I have a number of additional tools

    so you can also upload an image and then

    you can tweak that image with the magic

    wand so here we can add some filters we

    can even crop our image so let's go

    ahead and change this image so we're

    going to click on change image and I'm

    going to upload my own image so we're

    going to upload media now I can choose

    from various cloud services so you can

    see I have my Dropbox Facebook any of

    these platforms can be used to pull

    images in but I'm going to manually

    upload this image from my computer so

    let's go ahead and select the computer

    and let's upload from computer now I can

    choose any of these images I'm going to

    choose this one there we go the image is

    being uploaded and as soon as it's

    uploaded I can select it so let's go

    ahead and choose that image now you can

    see it doesn't quite fit the original

    image so what we're going to do now is

    we're going to change the crop

    so I'm going to double click on this

    image and now I can change how it is

    cropped so we're going to just move that

    image down we're going to zoom a little

    bit and then move the image down there

    we go once you're happy with that click

    on apply and our image now matches the

    shape of our template now let's say that

    you want to preview this website and you

    want to leave the editor view well at

    the top right corner you can click on

    preview so let's go ahead and do that

    now let's see what this website looks

    like after we've added those couple of

    changes we can see here we have our

    websites we have our name as we scroll

    down it moves up and then we have

    experience a couple of highlighted facts

    here you can see we can scroll left or

    right on these and I'm going to go down

    we've got some skills here there's an ID

    contact me I can change all these things

    and then at the top we have download my

    full resume so let's go back to the

    editor now and let's click on back to

    editor I'm going to go back to the

    editor and I want to change that

    background picture as well because it's

    a bit dark I want something a bit

    brighter so let's go ahead and change

    the background picture for our page

    you're going to click it once and then

    we're going to change the background

    picture now as you can see we can also

    have a video background this is

    incredibly useful when you've already

    got some video files prepared or when

    you want to make your website look a

    little bit more professional I'm going

    to go ahead and select a video as my

    page background because I like the

    little bit of movement on the web side

    so we're going to select one of these

    videos right here we're going to click

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    on this video right here this will

    become our background and let's say that

    you have multiple pages on your website

    and you'd like to apply this same

    background to multiple pages well then

    you can click on apply to other pages

    and manually select all the pages that

    you'd like to apply this to I'm just

    going to apply it to my home page there

    we go

    how I going to just leave it as it is

    need to click on that and there we go we

    have our background now nothing is

    moving and that's because we're still in

    the editor if you would like to see what

    this looks like in real life let's go

    back to that preview so we're going to

    go at the top we're going to click on

    preview and now you can see the video

    plays in the background and I can scroll

    down this page this looks like an ink

    a professional website and it took me

    less than five minutes to build so let's

    go back to that editor and let's just

    scroll down and tweak this paragraph now

    I don't like the font of this paragraph

    so let's edit our text and change the

    font we're going to click on edit text

    and here we can now change these fonts

    so again it has everything in one place

    one page so I'm going to just quickly

    change the font I'm going to use a

    different font there we go hi everyone

    this is my online CV and as soon as we

    close that we now have our texts now

    let's say that what you see on the

    template is not what you want on your

    website then you'd like to add your own

    elements just navigating through that

    left-hand side so here on the left hand

    side we can add new things I'm going to

    scroll down and I would like to have a

    little gallery down here so I'm going to

    click on add and now we can add all

    these different elements we have images

    a gallery we have vector art shapes

    interactive buttons and slideshows and

    what I want to add is a gallery so I'm

    going to click on gallery and I would

    like to have a slider gallery I can use

    any of these styles here so I'm going to

    go with this one there we go

    I'm going to make it a lot smaller

    because otherwise it's going to really

    mess with my design I'm going to place

    it here now let's have a look at the

    preview and see if that looks the way I

    want it to look I'm in the preview this

    is exactly what I want and I have a

    number of images in there okay let's go

    back to the editor and now let's change

    the images in this slide deck so I'm

    going to click on change images and I

    can select the images that I want to

    keep so I'm going to just remove a

    number of images they're all done and

    I'm going to click on done now as with

    everything you can add your own images

    you can upload them or take them from

    your cloud storage now there's one more

    thing I'd like to show you now because I

    make a lot of videos on my youtube

    channel what I want to show you is how

    to embed one of those videos onto your

    page so let's say that I want to add

    another video so I'm going to go to that

    plus Add

    and I'm going to find the video now

    again here we can upload our own videos

    we can find some videos by Wix or we can

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    also embed a single video player I'm

    going to select YouTube because that's

    where my videos are stored so let's make

    it smaller let's put that right there

    let's change text in this paragraph here

    is my latest video there we go and I'm

    going to click on that video now

    obviously I don't want to have the

    default video playing I'd like to really

    choose which videos are highlighted on

    my website and so I'm going to click on

    change video so we're going to click on

    change video and now we can search for

    videos on YouTube now here we can also

    just select the address of the video now

    I already have a URL for a video copied

    so I'm going to just paste that in there

    let's go ahead and paste the URL for my

    video you can see it automatically

    changes and as I scroll down I have a

    number of playback options now because

    this is a website I do not want this to

    alter place so I'm going to leave this

    off but if you had a video let's say a

    welcome video well then you could tick

    this on and then your video will

    automatically play on your CV I'm going

    to leave this off I'm also not going to

    play it in a loop and I don't need a

    video description go ahead and close

    this and let's go to our preview there

    we go we now have our websites you can

    see the video is there its plays it can

    play within weeks but I don't like how

    it's misaligned let's go ahead and go

    back to the editor and let's just change

    that I'm going to move this up there we

    go and you can see those purple lines

    jump into place to show me exactly where

    this video lines up with all the other

    elements on my web sites this is very

    helpful when you're trying to design a

    good and professional-looking website

    and then the final thing I'm going to

    show you is how you can link to files

    that are then downloadable off of your

    website so let's go to that button at

    the top and let's just change what that

    button does so here you can see it's

    linked well I'm going to click on that

    and I'm going to link to a different

    file here I can now select do I want to

    link to a web address or do I want to

    link to an anchor which jumps it down

    the page well I want to link it to

    documents and I'm going to choose a

    different file we can now again upload

    our own media so let's go ahead and

    click on upload media and upload from

    computer going to upload that PDF and we

    can now link to that PDF add this to our

    page and this button now links to a very

    different file now when I do scroll down

    you'll notice that this template also

    contained another button down here these

    buttons are not linked to each other so

    you can link to multiple files by simply

    changing the files they link to after

    having clicked on that hyperlink now

    when you click on that Add button on the

    left hand side you'll see there are many

    many more elements available

    these range from buttons to full-on web

    stores that you can get up and running

    but seeing as we're creating our online

    CV and portfolio we're going to keep it

    to the basic elements of video images

    and lots of information now one thing

    that is important when you're trying to

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    create a professional portfolio or a CV

    online is that you have that contact box

    so let's just look at the contact box

    down below now here you can see it says

    contact me and this is a Wix form and so

    let's go ahead and jump into the

    settings of that Wix form going to open

    it up and here in the settings I can

    choose exactly what happens when

    somebody submits an entry so here I can

    email notifications and I can select the

    email their email too I can also add a

    special message I can even have a

    payment link to this so that means that

    we could pay for a service or anything

    like that but it's a portfolio so let's

    not use that right now I also have a

    number of automations that are linked to

    this and this can really save you time

    so you could send a thank-you email or

    you can create a special task or even a

    chat message on your websites now once

    you have your entire website created and

    you're happy with it well there's only

    one thing left for us to do and that's

    make it live make it go online and

    publish that website so in the top right

    corner you'll see publish now so let's

    go ahead and click on publish we're

    going to publish our website now as soon

    as our website is published it goes live

    so we can see our website is now live

    and I've been given this URL this is the

    free Wix URL you can use this and you

    can share this with anyone who wants to

    see your website live

    on the internet now if you do want to

    use a custom domain well then you might

    want to consider upgrading your account

    from a free account to a premium

    accounts now you can see here there's

    some information there about getting a

    premium accounts but we also have a

    special offer and that's a link in that

    description below where you will get a

    discount for one of these premium plans

    now if you do know someone who's trying

    to up their online profile or trying to

    create their own websites send them this

    video and tell them about Wix editor now

    I hope you found this helpful if you did

    make sure you scroll down into the

    comments section below let me know have

    you used wake so what are you using for

    your online CV and what are some of your

    favorite features in Wix now everything

    I've shown you today is part of the free

    Wix offering and if you'd like to see a

    video on some of the more premium

    features let me know in that comment

    section below and I'll show you those as

    well I hope you found this helpful

    in the meantime I thank you for watching

    and I will see you in the next one

    Get your own website today: https://www.wix.com/go/FlippedClassroomTutorials

    In this Video I will walk you through all the steps to build your very own CV website. Get your resume online today with a Wix website. It's intuitive and looks amazing! Timestamps are in this description to help you navigate the video and find what you are trying to do.

    0:00 Intro
    0:24 Navigating to the Wix website
    0:32 Signing into your Wix account or signing up for a new account
    0:48 Create a New website
    1:05 Wix ADI or Wix Editor
    1:29 Choose a template for your Website
    1:50 Preview each template
    2:10 Using a template to begin building your website
    2:24 Overview of the Wix Editor
    3:06 Moving elements on my page
    3:22 Element types
    3:32 Changing the images
    3:50 Upload your own images
    4:00 Upload images from Cloud storage services
    4:23 Change the crop of your image
    4:49 Preview the website
    5:30 Change the Background
    5:42 Video as a background
    6:50 Change the text font and formatting
    7:26 Adding in your own elements
    7:40 Adding an image gallery
    8:45 Insert Video
    9:50 Video Playback options
    10:25 Align your elements with guides
    10:45 Link to files for download
    12:05 Contact Form
    12:45 Automation in the Wix form
    13:00 Publish your website
    13:45 Please share this video with a friend: https://youtu.be/PMZ7x2vnDUU

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