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SearchThisVideo: How to create a Donut – 3ds max tutorial

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Watch video at 00:00
to start off first create a torus as it
actually resembles a donut
then go to the modify tab and change a
few parameters such as the radiuses to
make it proportionally accurate to a
real donut
here are the values that i have used you
can use your own if you want
although this looks like a good size
donut there are some changes
that we need to make for example as of
now the donut is perfectly circular
to fix that with the donut selected go
to the modify panel
and in the modifier list add a noise
the noise modifier is used to add random
irregularities in a mesh
we can use it to slightly alter the
shape of our donut
here are the values that i have used for
scale and strength
as you can see now it looks more like an
actual donut
it is always helpful to rename an object
and change its color to ease in
now to create the icing on top of the
donut go to the modify panel
and add an edit poly modifier
and then choose the polygon selection
then select the polygons on top of the
donut like so
can deselect a polygon by holding the
alt button
and clicking on it
then select the transform tool
and while holding down shift drag the
polygons upward
this will create a copy of the selected
you can name the new object change its
color and position it on top of the
to make the icing look more natural go
back to edit poly modifier
and choose the vertex selection type
you will also need to set the constraint
to edge this will make sure
that the vertex move along the edge only
once all of this is done
move the vertex upward like so
do it to all of the vertices of the
bottom of the icing

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

at this point you can add a turbo smooth
with iterations of two to both the donut
and the icing
in order to smooth out the mesh
now we need to add a bit of thickness to
the icing
so with the icing selected add a shell
on top of the edit poly modifier
a shell modifier adds thickness to any
mesh however
here clearly some setting are required
to be changed
here are the values that i am using for
with thickness of the icing done it is
time to create the dripping effect
that is creating the drops of the icing
that are rolling down the sides of the
to do that go back to the edit poly
modifier and choose the edge selection
type now
select one of the edge at the bottom
make sure you have the constraints set
to none
then hold down shift and drag the edge
downward to create a new polygon
repeat the process for different edges
around the donut
click on the toggle end result button to
see the mesh with all the modifiers
applied to it
to make the drops look more accurate
choose the vertex selection type
and move the vertices at the bottom
closer to each other
repeat the process for each of the

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

to further enhance the shape of the
droplet select both the edges across a
single drop
and choose the connect option
this will create a new edge across them
repeat the process for each of the
now you can further move these newly
created edges and vertices
to create a better shape like i am doing
you can spend a lot of time in this step
if you want you can
add new edges as well as transform the
old ones in order to create a believable
also don't forget to do all of this for
the inside
it is starting to look good i have
changed the thickness of the icing again
you can do so as well and set it to what
looks best for you
here are my values if you want to use
at this point i have spent some time on
the icing to get the shape right
i recommend you do the same
now the last step is to create the
for that choose extended primitives from
the command panel
and then create a chamfer cylinder

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

change the radius height and segments to
make it look like a sprinkle
here are my values
now the first step is to add an edit
poly modifier to the sprinkle
then choose the element selection type
select the entire sprinkle
and rotate it to negative or positive 90
degree on the x-axis
we have done this because this is how
the sprinkles will be placed on top of
the icing
we would also need to move the pivot
point to the center again by going into
the hierarchy panel
then clicking on effect pivot only
button followed by center to eject
also move the pivot slightly downward as
this is the point of contact between the
sprinkle and the icing
another thing you need to fix is by
going to the utilities panel
and then clicking on the reset xform
button followed by reset selected
this will tell 3ds max to reset all the
transform for this new shape of the
chamfer cylinder basically do this
if the pivot point is acting a bit
strange finally add a bend modifier
since no sprinkle is straight
to duplicate the sprinkle and place all
of them on top of the icing choose
compound objects from the command panel
and then click on scatter
select the move option and then pick a
distribution object on which we want to
scatter the sprinkles
as you can see the sprinkle will be
randomly distributed on top of the icing
in the scatter properties you can
increase the number of sprinkles in
their sizes
here are my values
also select distribute using area to
evenly distribute them over the icing
to add a bit of randomness you can
change their transform

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

lastly add an edit poly modifier and
select the element selection type
press f for the front view
then z to center the object
then select and delete the excess
sprinkles as i have done here
from this point on you can add further
decorations to the donut
like these random sphere-like sprinkles
also to add a bit of texture to the
actual bread of the donut
you can add a noise modifier
we are done here you can spend as much
time as you want on this donut
and can do a lot more with textures and
sculpting if you would want me to make a
tutorial on how to add materials to
these sprinkles
please comment down below and i will
make a separate tutorial
on it as for now thank you so much for
please like and subscribe so i can make
more straightforward tutorials like

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


This simple tutorial will teach you step by step on how to create a donut without using any scripts or plugins in 3ds max. Please watch the video entirely as you ...


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  1. For those whose icing edge looks squarish, switch the order of the 'Shell' and 'TurboSmooth' modifier at the modifier list on the top right! Great video btw just what I needed for my project!!


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