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    How to create a fillable text box in Google Doc (Make lines interactive)

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    Have you tried using a line for students to fill out in Google Docs? This is THE best way to make a line fillabel and turn your Google Document into an interactive Fillable text box!

    This Powertip will save you time and make Google Docs even better! Make sure to share this video with someone who will find it helpful!

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    Comment (42)

    1. This saved my life! I had to quickly send a required school document to my students. It was sent via Word, but my students use Google docs. So, I recreated the document and used the tips you provided. Thanks so much!

    2. Thank you! I'm transitioning from Microsoft to Google Docs and during Online Learning a la Quarantine, to say it's been a challenge has been an understatement. But I've learned a lot, thanks!

    3. Thank you for the useful video. Let me know, how to insert the different (consequent) page numbers in each columns if the page is divided into two columns or more.

    4. WOW!!! This is so cool!! MIND BLOWN!! Wish I had seen this video at the beginning of distance learning rather than the end! This will be VERY helpful next school year though. THANK YOU!!

    5. This is great! My district uses Canvas LMS, recently with Google integration, and we have been working on efficient ways to create writing assignments using Docs. I've discovered how to use tables to create answer fields for students, but your explanation about how to adjust the table borders is next level. I will be implementing this tip in my next summer school lesson. Thank you!

    6. Only issue with that aproach is if you use tabs to navigate and when you get to the last cell, it creates another row instead of moving to the next table. Do you know how to prevent that or create a "tab index" system?

    7. I love this simple solution. It will help keep things uniform and looking nice. I think I will also start using colours to on some workspaces to indicate responses of higher priorities.

    8. Your videos have really helped me do better with Google Classroom, because you explain everything in a logical and not too fast way. I can follow along and understand easier—instead of trying to chase a fast flying P-51!!!

    9. I was looking for a possible solution to automate my document which is essentially a contract and I couldn’t in any way and this will literally save pretty much all my issues with the document. Thank you so much

    10. This is awesome! I am using this as a teacher and in our virtual teaching world, I really need to be able to do this so students can take notes in a graphic organizer that I have created during a video or a lecture. THANK YOU!!!!

    11. Thank you. Great tip. What if I have multiple people accessing the same document. I'm assuming they will have to make their own copy and save; right? otherwise, people will see each other's responses and/or will overwrite?


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