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hey guys my name is elena i'm a graphic
designer and this is my channel for
in adobe illustrator and in a graphic
and today is going to be paper cutout
effect tutorial
it's one of the trends last years and of
2020 if you interesting please
keep watching

okay guys let's start our tutorial at
first we need rectangle tool
hold shift and draw
the rectangle like this select black and
white gradient
here we need this color

and here these
okay let's look
yes i like it now select this
i know sorry this color and
draw rectangle here
now select ellipse tool
and draw ellipses

like this
it will be like your clouds or snow
something like this okay
now select here
in the empty places you need
more ellipses now select these

rectangle and ellipses and the finder
unite okay now select
this color and
one more time we need to draw
our clouds like this

yes i like it and now
select this tool here 0
and now select only
this color and select here and
again pathfinder unite
send to back background and new clouds
now select

this color and
ellipse tool okay
let's draw first ellipse
you need to turn it like me
all like you want
like this

a little down
turn it
don't worry about empty places
it's okay
now we need white color and edibles too

draw one more ellipse
and the last one here
let's move them a little make it
like this
okay select a little up
i think it's great
let's try to
up these ellipse no

ctrl z yes
step back okay
now i like it
now let's fix
our empty place empty places
draw here ellipse and here ellipse
and select

and one more here select
the new ellipses and
these and finder unite
now background and these clowns send
okay here we have one more empty place
select this
color and ellipse
like this and all these

sent to back
okay now
copy and paste background and select
these ellipse and pathfinder
intersect one more time copy and paste
and pathfinder intersect and one more
copy and paste and this finder
intersect okay now i like it

let's move on select
this shape and now
effect style
and drop shadow
here we need
15 here 0 and here
10 preview

now select this shape
effect style
drop shadow and here
0 0 10
okay these
bring to front yes i like it

now select this shape and again
effect drop shadow
and here we need
35 and here three
and here are 10 okay
yes i like it now
select this shape and effect
style drop shadow
and here 15 here

15 and here 10 okay
and this shape effect
drop shadow here
15 15 here 15
and here you can change the color
let's select dark blue color
for example this one

yes i like it now
let's draw the moon select this color
and edibles tool
and here our
moon effect
drop shadow shadow and these options
here 10

this color and okay
yes i like it
now let's draw
something like christmas tree or pine
here free
okay copy and paste our rectangle
and move the make the copy bigger
and move it down

like this again copy and paste
this shape and make it bigger and
a little down select it align
these option and this option
let's look i think
this shape a little down and this shape
a little up
select align again
okay i like it for finder unite

and this color
here our christmas tree
now copy and paste it and make it
and put it here this color
okay and one more time copy and paste it
and make it more smaller
and put it here

and this color and now
select no um
now let's add more christmas trees
just copy and paste it and put
in where you want
just in your taste now select
these shapes effect

drop shadow drop shadow
and here are these options but here we
need dark gray color
for example um this color
okay okay
yes i like it now this shape
bring to front and this and this
shape bring to front
now these shapes select

and select
cloud and background and
send to back okay
let's look yes i like it
okay now
select this shape
and copy and paste it

like this now here delete
the effect again copy and paste
the copy and move these
down and make the second copy bigger
select the first copy and the finder
and exclude ungroup and select
this part and delete unnecessary parts
and select this part and make it

white color yes now let's
create the snow we need create three
ellipses white color
first one second one
and the third one
let's look i think the third one
we need to make a little bigger okay now
let's create the symbols

okay new symbol okay
and the last one new symbol okay
now delete this and let's select
this symbol spray tool and
first one will be the smallest one
like this like you want it's the snow
and it's your choice

how to spray it okay i think it's enough
let's select the middle one
like this
yes i like it
and now let's select the biggest one

this is great
okay our snow is ready

now select rectangle tool
and draw something like this it will be
our clipping mask
select all and make clipping mask
okay now select egg and rectangle tool
and this color
draw rectangle
now select ellipse tool and draw

a lips
now align ellipse and
a little down and left
okay now finder
exclude and
style and drop shadow

these options okay
let's look yep guys our
paper cutout effect is ready
i hope you like it okay guys that's all
for today
thank you for watching my tutorial if
you like my tutorial please subscribe
and give me a like and see you in the
next tutorials in adobe illustrator
or in the next videos about a graphic

bye bye guys

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to create a simple winter paper cutout illustration. Paper cutout effect is one of the trends last few years and of course 2020.
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This's the Adobe Illustrator tutorial for beginners.
#adobeillustrator #adobeillustratortutorial #adobeillustratortutorialsforbeginners

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Hey, guys! My name is Elena. I'm a graphic designer and vector artist with 10 years experience in design based in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. My aim is to help you make first steps in Adobe Illustrator and inspire you to become a graphic designer . The mane focus here is based on Adobe illustrator tutorials for beginners. And also I have tutorials witch are called "Easy way to...". They are helped you to make something faster and easier in Adobe Illustrator.
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Comment (0)

  1. Hey! I am loving your videos and it helps a lot to practice (I am a beginner in Illustrator). I am just doing your video and I got lost at 5:40. Can you explain to me how exactly do you do the copy and paste and the intersections of the elipsis (what kind of key combinations do you use)? 🙂 Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

  2. That's beautiful! I would love to see more videos like this, maybe one for each holiday. That would make it easier to prepare holiday cards.
    – New Year
    – Christmas
    – Valentine's Day
    – Easter
    – St Patrick's Day
    – Chinese New Year
    – 4th July – Independence Day
    – Martin Luther King Birthday
    – Mother's Day
    – Father's Day
    – International Earth Day
    – Thanksgiving
    – Halloween

    I think that focusing on different holiday themes would make some good graphic design tutorials. It would be useful for making holiday cards and it would catch the attention of many people who celebrate the holidays. Also, focusing on different themes can teach a variety of graphic design techniques.

    Anyway, this is just my idea on what I think would be cool 🙂

  3. Спасибо за отличный урок! У меня к вам вопрос по поводу размера файла. Drop Shadow увеличивает размер настолько, что на стоках иллюстрацию с этой техникой мне не удаётся загрузить. Как вы решаете такую проблему? Буду благодарна за ответ.

    Я смотрю обучение по Illustrator, там нужно создть фигуру, но когда я это делаю она налаживается поверх иллюстрации, в внутри белый фон, как сделать только контур? Помогите пожалуйста!


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