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SearchThisVideo: How To Get Kirin Monstie Eggs In Monster Hunter Stories – Genes Guide / Tips

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Watch video at 00:00

hello everyone gadget girl Kylie ha and

welcome to a special monster hunter

stories tutorial video sir I feel like

with Master Hunter stories there's a lot

of misinformation confusing information

and trial and error when it comes to

certain things about this game so after

much frustration and my own trial and

error process I am going to be talking

to you guys on this video about the

easiest way that I found how to get

Corinne and also some other tips about

Corinne as well so this is my Corinne

and it had one lock slot so I did have

to use a I think I used an elder dragon

stim to open up that final locked slot

and I'm gonna put a link down below in

the video description to a really

awesome spreadsheet that lists all of

the genes that you can get from specific

monsters in the game so Corinne does

actually have some pretty decent genes

guys and one in particular that I want

to talk about which my Corinne doesn't

have yet so I will need to farm more

currents is this gene here which is the

kinship gene large so a massive shouts

out to Drew who is a patreon supporter

and also has joined my discord server

we've exchanged a lot of information so

thank you so much drew for this

screenshot but this is a screenshot of

the kinship gene large and as you can

see it has healing efficiency for and

also maps HP to it slightly caught off

the screen there but it does indeed have

those stats and the kinship gene

actually increases how quickly your

kinship gage will fill up guys so it's

pretty darn useful if you want to mount

your monster and obviously use your

powerful kinship attack so if you want

this gene you're gonna have to spend a

lot of time farming Koreans guy

which leads me on to my next piece of

information which is the easiest way to

get Corinne

okay so if you want to get Karen into

your game I highly recommend waiting

until you've finished of the storyline

so complete the game see the credits and

then that is where the kiran really

starts to appear so i've had a lot of

people in my comment section tell me

that you can get karen earlier but they

said it's like super super rare so i'm

just saying this to try and save your

sanity and protect you from endless

frustration guys because for me making

karen appear wasn't that difficult after

i finished the story but i did spend

hours and hours farming to try and get

karen eggs before i completed the story

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

and i had no luck so first of all i

highly recommend using the prayer part

and activating the finding charm which

increases the chances of getting rare

downs for 30 minutes and as you can see

it's up by 50% and what you want to do

is you want to head over to the moms on

planes the first thing to do when you're

in months on planes is to save your game

because this is going to come in handy

if you don't find a kieran egg in any of

the nests that you enter so now that

we're in mom some planes what i want to

do is i want to look for golden dens and

also the red high-ranked dance as you

can see we've got two here so i do think

there is a percent chance from the

different dance personally I found the

best yield of Kirin eggs from the high

rank golden dents so that's what I'm

gonna go for first of all I don't know

if this is high rank let's see and yes

it is so before you go in and down it

will pop up in the top left hand corner

of the top screen on your system and it

will tell you if it is a high rank den

or not so let's go inside and see if

it's the correct type of high rank

down because this is very important guys

this is perfect so this is what you want

you want the forest looking area and you

don't want the dry desert interior

because from my experience after hours

and hours of save scumming and reloading

my game and attempting to get a key

renege inside the desert type interior

of the dens you cannot get one I'm

telling you now or at least for me it

must be super super rare so what you

want to find is you want to find this

interior in a high ranked golden den I

don't recommend skipping the low rank

rare dens completely all the red high

ranked dens either because you still

have a chance of getting care in inside

it's just from my personal experience

the high rank golden dens where this

interior has the highest chance for a

key renege and from safes coming only

took me like one or two tries to get a

Kirin egg so let's go inside deeper

that's what she said and see if we can

get lucky and get a key renege on the

first attempt guys sadly inside this

nest we are not greeted with a Karen if

you see a Kieran inside the nest that

usually means you have a higher chance

of actually getting a care in egg but as

you can see we just have a grab yose

let's go ahead and see if I'm lucky if

not I will just use a screenshot guys

and I will also show on screen what the

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

Kieran egg looks like and what you're

looking for it's easy to spot it has

very distinctive patterns and colors

unlike some of the other eggs in the

game which do seem pretty similar come

on game am I gonna be lucky or not

nope doesn't look like it of course the

moment I hit record is the moment I'm

not going to get a carry an egg

screenshot it is so as you can see here

this is the screenshot of the quirian

egg that I found earlier I do apologize

about the quality I used my iPad camera

to capture this and you can also see the

egg variations on this image as well so

now that you've got your keyring egg you

want to head over to the stable pour and

go ahead and hatch it my fingers are

crossed for you guys I hope that you get

some good genes and also all 9 gene

slots unlocked as well fingers crossed

but don't forget if you do want a good

quality egg you're looking for a really

heavy egg and also if memory serves I

think Nabi says something like my

whiskers and nose is twitching and he

reacts in like a really unique way

but obviously the heavier the egg and

the stinkier the egg the better so let

me go ahead and show you my Corrine and

also what work I've done on it so far

genes wise obviously I don't have a

carrion egg to hatch right now but the

screen shot that you saw earlier was

actually the quirian that I'm about to

show on screen so let me go ahead and

find it and I will show you what genes I

have put in my Kiran so here it is here

so all slots a lot I've actually taught

it souping song because something I

wanted to point out about carrion is it

is a natural healer guys so I do

recommend having a healing gene on it if

you want a good healer in your team who

is also fast and also a elder dragon

so the aubergine that I have which had

healing efficiency up is Kieran's kind

of like a signature gene from Karen it's

called thunder call so it has under

attack or by free and also healing

efficiency or by free which is why I

ended up teaching my Karen soothing song

now something I want to bring up in this

video is it might be interesting to you

guys it might not be so originally I was

using my pink ruffian called LC as a

healer so I taught LC soothing song and

I also had another gene on LC which when

added together actually gave healing

efficiency 6 so at the moment my Korean

has healing efficiency 6 as well because

it has free from saving song and also

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

free from fund call

so despite l see my pink ruffian having

healing efficiency 6 healing was still

pretty on her to be honest it

didn't heal by much but when I've tested

out this Korean in PvP online she can

basically when she uses soothing song

fully heal herself and me as well so

that's pretty darn awesome guys so I do

highly recommend Kiran as a healer and

what I will say is that if you are

trying to use a certain monster as a

healer don't even bother

and last one of their signature genes is

a healing gene because it just seems

like unless they are a natural born

healer then healing moves are just

pretty Nephilim at least from my

experience anyway so let's go ahead and

go through these over genes now so like

I said a funder call we have extend

paralysis large we have all status rate

plus medium which I want to switch to

paralysis rates large if I can and I've

also got flash so I might change my mind

on that you guys know I'm a little bit

indecisive because if I keep all status

rate plus medium on that means it's

actually increasing the chance of

paralysis and it's also increasing the

chance of blind as well which is a

status effects that can be inflicted

when I use this flash ability so that's

pretty cool I've also got paralysis Fang

which is a really good move to have on

Korean because it costs not that much to


and it's also a speed move as well so I

like to have that on there it's also a

low chance of causing paralysis but I do

have that all status rate up medium as

well so that is helping to boost the

odds of causing paralysis with paralysis

pang I have speed boosts large this was

already on my career when I hatched it

so this is really good obviously it

means that it's helping out my speed

moves because my Korean is a speed type

Monty and as I pointed out earlier I

also have a soothing song as well so

here are my Korean stats so it's got 19

elemental thunder attack and it's got

two water attack which is not really

important because I'm not using water

moves elemental resistance it's weak to

fire and weak to water but it does have

seven Thunder resistance

free ice resistance and also free dragon

resistance as well and if I skip over to

the next page it's riding action is jump

so press a on a stone platform to jump

across gaps and you can cross those gaps

obviously you can't cross them otherwise

without that ability and it's kinship

ability is phantasmal horn deals damage

to a single enemy it becomes one with

the storm piercing the enemy with

lightning speed it's a shame that that

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

kinship doesn't have the extra ability

to potentially cause paralysis that

would have been a nice addition to that

but oh well also these are the moves on

my Korean so soothing song costs thirty

of the kinship gauge and as you can see

restores HP to all allies flash is 15

has a chance to cause blind to all

enemies for free turns from the call

deals wander damage to a random enemy

five times it cost twenty two to use I

also have spread shock breath deals

wounded damage to all enemies has a

chance to cause paralysis for free turns

that costs me thirsty to use of the

kinship and also paralysis Fang deals

non elemental damage to a single enemy

has a low chance to cause paralysis for

free tunes and that costs twelve so at

the moment that

is my corinne obviously like I said

earlier I do want to put in that kinship

gene large onto this Korean so that she

has a faster chance of raising that

kinship and then I can use the awesome

kinship move so that's it for this video

guys don't forget to click the thumbs up

button if you liked what you saw because

it does really support my content

creation and shows me that you enjoy

videos like this and you want more

videos like this in the future plus it

supports Monster Hunter stories as a

series on the channel let me know your

own thoughts and impressions about what

I've said in this video down below in

the comments as always I look forward to

responding to those check out the links

in the video description to my Monster

Hunter stories let's play live stream

playlist and also don't forget I'm gonna

be doing Monster Hunter willed when it

comes out as well massive massive

monster hunter fan thank you for

watching and take it easy guys


How To Get Kirin Monstie Eggs In Monster Hunter Stories. This includes demonstrations on how to get rare dens using the prayer pot and finding charm. I also talk about good Kirin genes and give tips.

I have also done a Monster Hunter Stories ENGLISH Let's play / walkthrough / playthrough / gameplay video. 720P gameplay footage and high quality sound, Including live commentary containing thoughts / impressions and review. Also girl gamer face cam! This episode was recorded using a Modded 3DS XL capture card, OBS, Blue Yeti Microphone and a Logitech C920 webcam.

Buy this game from PlayAsia here using eShop points, codes are received right away! Use my coupon at checkout for $3 off any order $20 or more "GGKCOUP" (These are affiliate links)

●●●Donation Incentives●●●For STREAM LEGENDS OF $10 or more! If you want to name a monster you can donate $10 at the live streams only. You can name a monster as and when I find the monster egg only, not before then. The names can not be rude or insulting. Please write a comment with your donation to say which monster you are naming, and your chosen name. You can not name over a monster that has already been named. First come first serve●●

If you liked this video then don't forget to rate it with a thumbs up, favourite, share and comment! All these things help my channel grow. Go #TeamGGK

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Game Information;
What is Monster Hunter Stories?
Prepare to embark on an RPG adventure unlike anything the Monster Hunter series has ever known.

In Monster Hunter Stories, become a Rider and bond with monsters to raise their potential and unleash powerful combos.

Players can fly, swim and crash into new areas of the map, discover eggs to collect and hatch, and participate in turn-based battles with a party of multiple monsters.

*A vast world filled with uniquely skilled monsters to hatch, ride, and fight beside.
*Form a team of monsters and execute powerful combo attacks.
*Every monster's genes contain a unique set of skills and attributes. Channel genes from one to another to customise your own monster!
*The first ever turn-based battles in Monster Hunter series history!
*When a monster infected by the Black Blight attacks your remote village of riders, tragedy will thrust you into an exciting yet dangerous world, where you must bond with monsters on your adventure. As the story snakes along, you’ll encounter a wealth of side quests and hours of challenging turn-based battles where you must coordinate monster skills, rider skills and enemy attack patterns.
*Venture into monster nests to collect eggs and hatch a wide array of species with uniquely powerful skills. Form teams, battle alongside them, crush opponents with combo attacks, and ride into the sunset a champion!
*The instinctive rock-paper-scissors combat system is a series first, a breath of fresh air for veterans and newcomers alike. It's the perfect entry point into the popular Monster Hunter universe and a game unlike anything else in the series! You can even battle other players online, locally, or via the StreetPass feature!

Egg Guide -
^For a egg with good genes you want Navi to say it smells good and it's heavy

Monster Hunter Stories genes list spreadsheet

Watch the Source Video Here!

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  2. After watching this,I found a normal rare den and went in. It was jungle,and in the end I got a Kirin egg! And it was my first egg as well! And what do you know,It had the soul kinship(L) on it! It’s now my stronger full speeder(other was Barroth) and it partners well with the fatalis hunting horn. Just pull of the ska punk melody,then use thunder call! Also would use its kinship skill whenever you can! It could be 1,2,or the recommended 3! That’s all I have for the info so thank you for helping me out Kylie!


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