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How To Get Rare Monstie Eggs In Monster Hunter Stories – Golden Dens / Egg Shards + More

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How To Get Rare Monster Eggs In Monster Hunter Stories. This includes demonstrations on how to get rare dens using the prayer pot, the paintball method on getting eggs and what armour to wear to help get eggs!

I have also done a Monster Hunter Stories ENGLISH Let's play / walkthrough / playthrough / gameplay video. 720P gameplay footage and high quality sound, Including live commentary containing thoughts / impressions and review. Also girl gamer face cam! This episode was recorded using a Modded 3DS XL capture card, OBS, Blue Yeti Microphone and a Logitech C920 webcam.

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●●●Donation Incentives●●●For STREAM LEGENDS OF $10 or more! If you want to name a monster you can donate $10 at the live streams only. You can name a monster as and when I find the monster egg only, not before then. The names can not be rude or insulting. Please write a comment with your donation to say which monster you are naming, and your chosen name. You can not name over a monster that has already been named. First come first serve●●

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Game Information;
What is Monster Hunter Stories?
Prepare to embark on an RPG adventure unlike anything the Monster Hunter series has ever known.

In Monster Hunter Stories, become a Rider and bond with monsters to raise their potential and unleash powerful combos.

Players can fly, swim and crash into new areas of the map, discover eggs to collect and hatch, and participate in turn-based battles with a party of multiple monsters.

*A vast world filled with uniquely skilled monsters to hatch, ride, and fight beside.
*Form a team of monsters and execute powerful combo attacks.
*Every monster's genes contain a unique set of skills and attributes. Channel genes from one to another to customise your own monster!
*The first ever turn-based battles in Monster Hunter series history!
*When a monster infected by the Black Blight attacks your remote village of riders, tragedy will thrust you into an exciting yet dangerous world, where you must bond with monsters on your adventure. As the story snakes along, you’ll encounter a wealth of side quests and hours of challenging turn-based battles where you must coordinate monster skills, rider skills and enemy attack patterns.
*Venture into monster nests to collect eggs and hatch a wide array of species with uniquely powerful skills. Form teams, battle alongside them, crush opponents with combo attacks, and ride into the sunset a champion!
*The instinctive rock-paper-scissors combat system is a series first, a breath of fresh air for veterans and newcomers alike. It's the perfect entry point into the popular Monster Hunter universe and a game unlike anything else in the series! You can even battle other players online, locally, or via the StreetPass feature!

Egg Guide -
^For a egg with good genes you want Navi to say it smells good and it's heavy

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Comment (38)

  1. This is one of the games of getting for Christmas and will be my first 'save to the SD card' game. I have a question involving that. Does this mean that every time I save a space will be gone from the card's memory? What about updates for other games? Pictures from the camera. How does this work?

  2. From my experience…but I could be wrong, golden/orange tinted bones or rare bone spots on the overworld seem to have a better chance at yielding egg fragments if you don't particularly fancy pvp, just clear the map of its nodes over and over again and keep doing laps and the rarer nodes will be more likely to appear, again I could be mistaken but it's in my experience

  3. just wanna point out, to be able to obtain a pink rathian, the kinship must be able to obtain rarity 4 monsties, if you don't, then you won't get a pink rathian. Instead you get a rarity 3 monstie.

  4. So i just had the normal Rider Armor, offered the finding charm, did a free prayer, and when i got out of the city, there was 4 gold caves. O_O Checked them all out. Went back and forth, exiting and re-entering the village and cave. Just full of gold caves. 😀

  5. What I was wondering about rare den farming, do I just leave the area and come back to try to get one? For example, Perennial Pass, do I explore it than run back through wintertide tunnel and immediatly pop back out?

  6. Honestly I got realllllllly damn lucky cause I had just entered that area with the trees and ended up seeing a rare monster den when I thought I’d just randomly look at the type of eggs I’d get and dirt damn egg I got was the pink rathian what sucks tho is I had too wait a while before I could add it too my party

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