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SearchThisVideo: How To Play Cartel Tycoon Basic Tutorial Guide | Cartel Tycoon Demo | Tips & Tricks

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Watch video at 00:00

welcome everyone back to the low folk

arts YouTube channel we are playing

cartel tycoon this is a demo that's out

right now and I have to say this is

actually a really really fun game you

should go download it and play this this

is gonna be a how to basic tutorial

guide since the game itself has a little

tutorials here and there but it's sort

of hard to figure out certain things so

I made this basic tutorial guide so you

guys can follow along and get you guys

started and that way you'd have to go

through a bunch of trials and errors

what I did so let's get right to it

so basically get into the main screen

and just go and create a new game


alright so you have your own map here

and then you have your building in the

efficiency tab here this is like your

task that it's gonna give you to what to

do so this is sort of the tutorial that

it's letting you what what's going on

and what did you hear upper left-hand

corners or question marks and all the

tutorial controls and tips and things

like that so this is really helpful too

to show you exactly what how to build

things how how what things are in the

rows so sometimes you know it takes some

people don't like reading a whole bunch

of tutorials and it's a little bit hard

so that's why sometimes a youtube video

guide is a lot easier just to explain

everything so basically what we have

here this is like you know Sim City like

you know like a building strategy type

of guide and basically you have your

lieutenants which is your boss you have

your warehouse which stores all your

things and then you have your farms

which you can create the different type

of products that you want okay and then

you have your lab that converts that

converts all your weed or your products

to the things that you want to make okay

so basically the way that you need to do

this is have a warehouse and connect

your farms to the warehouse and then

from the warehouse have a connecting to

your lab and this way the warehouse will

deliver your products to the airport

okay so the most important thing that

you need to know in this game is that

domain source is the airport to deliver

your goods

and the airport will accept any type of

illegal drugs and package drugs yeah so

I'll get that give explain a little bit

more later on so um so once you get the

roads and everything connected okay yes

you need to set your destination so when

you want to send the destination is that

once all the supplies are here you want

to do is click on the aerial destination

and you want to point it to the airport

okay so when it goes down so your guys

gonna deliver ten marijuana to the

airport and when the airport gets it

it's going to ship it out and you're

gonna make the money from the airport do

is we want to get a production I mean a

communications a warehouse you're gonna

go right here and then you want to build

your farms so you want to connect it and

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

also to check the level of the farms you

can actually see the different sides of

the map will show you the efficiency of

cannabis the different colors of shades

of green

the brighter green is a lot better okay

so that's that's where you want to do

that's the efficiency makes you produce

a lot faster same thing with cocaine you

can see the different levels in the

field along with you know vegetables and

coffee and spice so I'll show you the

map so wherever you place it it's gonna

be where you can get the most of out of

it but since you in the beginning you

only have this part of the map it's

really you're really limited at this

point so you can just you can either put

it here or just right at this point just

put them till you expand little bit

south or north or or the whole map all

right so when continue on we're gonna

build a farm and the one thing here I

notice you want to know is that it's

kind of default to the Tier one and the

cannabis once you upgrade your farm what

you have to do to other research you can

choose this before you place it down

because sometimes you place it down

either I'll shoot I didn't want a weed I

wanted vegetables then it's all gonna

mess you up and you have to go back and

it's gonna produce the weed until it

finishes alright so one is since we're

doing we'd wanna do is win a place three

all right and then once you place it you

want to do is create roads so you wanna

click on the road um I depending on what

road do you want I just choose the sandy

Road cuz it's a cheapest and just you

just want to just connect the three

farms see over else okay and then once

you do that we don't have the lab done

yet because you have to sort of finish

this part of it first and then you do is

we gonna do this and then want to

connect here alright so since we are

waiting for the this task to be done so

we can get to the lab well we're gonna

do is we're gonna get our dude and we

want to move them to your warehouse here

and then the warehouse will show you ten

thousand dollars of storage that you

have and what you can do is you're gonna

speed this up and then to move from your

guide you click on your lieutenant click

on deliver and they can deliver

different things you can actually move a

product to one place to another so when

is one get the cash and then we're gonna

point it to the bank and it's gonna

deliver the cash to the things so so

this weight to move things to so you can

actually move have this guy manually

move stuff so since this one we don't

have a lab and he has a storage so we're

gonna do to win and move this here when

it's get here and I'm gonna do it

deliver the the cannabis and I'm gonna

move it directly to our lab and that way

this can start producing stuff


Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

there goes so now we got the lab and now

we're gonna do is we're gonna build a

lab with them just pass through this and

then you want to place the lab right

next door

create a road make it small as possible

so that the trucks can go by so your

trucks have three trucks when you

upgrade it you'll get four or six trucks

so depending on how many trucks you have

and how many wheat farms and lab it's

gonna use up the truck so the more

trucks you have it's gonna be better you

can also use your lieutenant to move

back and forth so here's the thing on

different things that you want to

complete so this is gonna give you a

little tutorial of how to do things and

one note is that you sort of want to

leave it the way that it is right now

and don't do anything else until you get

about a hundred thousand okay so

basically at this point if you go back

and forth using your lieutenant to get

the money delivered to your bank and we

got up above a hundred thousand which I

mentioned because it is really vital

that you do it this way because if you

play and you do the pay off the cops and

you don't have the money to bribe them

for a hundred thousand it's an empty

story building so that's a little bit of

a spoiler for you guys but I'm

preventing you guys from that happening

because if you play it in and it

destroys your airport then you're pretty

much screwed and you have to start over

so I'm sort of giving you little tips

here in advance that you want to have

this built here so you have your

warehouse three farms and your lap that

creates the marijuana and you set this

destination to the airports

okay as you can see here this isn't

interested in Airport and then your

truck deliveries will deliver the dough

marijuana and then it's gonna produce

3700 from the dry cannabis the wheat and

the trucks gonna bring it back to your

warehouse so you do it with the


use your your lieutenant and you do is

click on deliver and you do the cash and

you you deliver to cash the bank so you

do that back and forth at this point

until you get a workstation workstation

is good that it will make it more manual

so Windows we're going to complete this

so the next step here is to deliver the

dry cannabis so um you want to do this

at this point to deliver and so you want

to leave one of them open okay which

this is gonna be the one that you want

to leave open because other ones you

sort of have to do so this is a drug

cannabis one so you do is you want to

deliver to dry cannabis to the airport

and that's gonna complete this task and

then we want to do is will and open

unlock a workstation and I can show you

the more automation of that so here it

is so when that happens you'll get the

community of the National Police okay

and I'm gonna show you guys this because

a little bit go fast and this is gonna

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

be driving you the hundred thousand okay

so you're gonna have click on this then

the big bribe happens and then it gives

you twenty days will just skip through

this and it gives you 28 days to fulfill

the 100 thousand okay so because we did

this beforehand you don't have to sort

of stress on doing this now because

you're gonna be in the positive already

so so that's pretty much it for that

part of the first part of this and that

way I showed you guys to get the hundred

thousand before you hit the last task to

do the bribe bribe money so that way

you're already ahead


alright so when you complete your next

task on delivering the Dirty Money task

you'll get Alejandro Hector and he's

gonna be your second lieutenant that you

and a half this is gonna be easy now so

you're gonna be having close to this you

guys can just continue that and then you

have another person to move the research

center real quick and then now we have

the workshop so now we have this ability

now to do this so you wanna do is you

want to research the workshop right away

and then while that's going on now you

can use your your other dude and this

too in each warehouse and he could just

pretty much deliver the money to the

banks and just go back and forth and you

gotta remember you have to do this

pretty often because if you um if the

warehouse overflows with the storage

whatever overflows are gonna lose okay

so you have to sort of like pay

attention to that at this point of the

game so that way you know lose any money

even the drugs and stuff so that's if

you over produce if you have too many

farms or too many things that's going

through and over produce and you have to

manually use your guys to deliver to the

airport if so when we get the work

station I'm gonna show you exactly

what's gonna happen here so we've got

the work station here unlocked

so this is a good part you can always

pause the game too so you can stop

production so what you want to do now is

you want to create the work station

we're workshop sorry and you want to put

it close as possible to here

we'll put it right here so the workshop

we got the workshop here and it's gonna

be packaging the different contents of

the containers that you can put into

your drugs so since we're doing just the

cannabis right now you can package

vegetables coffee beans spiced chicken

consul and TV these stuff you can

research something on but the vegetables

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

coffee and spice and chicken you guys

really create the farms so once you

upgrade your farms you can change it and

you can actually have it produce the

different vegetables which it will

package it for you so since we're gonna

keep it simple we'll keep it at the drug

pack and now what you want to do is you

want to connect the roads connect the

roads to the to the to the warehouse and

you want to just connect this to the

main road same here and as you can see

that the dots will give you a good

explanation in and then you wanna finish

those food all right so now what we're

gonna do with the workshop is you want

to detonate where it's gonna go again so

this is gonna be your transport now

instead of using the warehouse you're

gonna use your workshop to transport

you're gonna use your gonna do this

click on that and go to the error or

aerodrome okay same thing here and if

it's close enough

if the workshop is really close enough

to the airport you don't have to do the

automatic they do it for you so this

will be here here and now so once that's

done now you want to do is choose your

warehouse okay and you want to do is

click on this and then choose it to the

bank now it's kind of automatically

go to the bank so now you're not to

worry about now everything's gonna be

automated from now on okay so you have

to worry about your lieutenants I'm

going back and forth delivery now that

lieutenants and can just do other things

that you need if some if it's over

populating the airport with money or

drugs whatever you can use your you

lieutenants to transfer the money and

you can see your drugs in here that you

have that gives you the statistics okay

so we'll let this run and the last thing

I'm going to show you is the residence

okay so let's so wait for that alright

so we're going to do now is we want to

research the residency so we're going to

just go to your research from the bottom

and go to residence and then you want

just research this then give you four

days to research all right so we got our

residence one researched so now we're

gonna do is win a place our residence

I'm gonna place it close to the airport

here okay so what the residence does is

basically it launders the money for you

so when it is put a road connect into

the road here and we want to do is it's

gonna automatically detonate the

aerodrome so when is it when a we're

gonna attach this to the bank okay so he

has a one transport done what you do

okay alright so you got your your

residence dude so this guy it's gonna

get the money from here which that's

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

40,000 watches a lot okay and it's going

to deliver for you so it's kinda it's

gonna be another transportation of

moving the money from the airport to the

bank so it's good to have you here so

you have to do to destination so that's

this is the way to set it up so

everything's all automated at this point

now what's one good thing to do is I

would upgrade the the warehouse and the

farm so that you can produce other

things so but warehouse will be a little

bit more

to upgrade so you just go to research go

to warehouse and you want to do is

research co2 and once you researched or

two you're gonna have additional

additional transport that way it can it

can it can make your production a little

bit faster so that's pretty much it this

is the basic tutorial I don't want to do

anything more you can go through the the

task here but I just wanted to show you

guys how to get started so this is a

basic step set up that you want to get

everything going flowing without any

issues before the big bribe comes and

then you'll start getting police coming

to you and reading your stuff and

destroying things so that's it I hope

you guys like this content hit the like

hit the subscribe if you have any

questions or comments but place it below

and I'll respond back to you as soon as

you can again this is a demo this dam

was really good though even though you

complete the demo part of it you can

still continue on and keep on playing so

this is one of the best demos that I

have seen out there that you can

actually keep on playing it doesn't

doesn't stop you from playing so I put

in good amount of hours in this game I'm

playing this demo I'm hopeful you guys

like this you guys stay safe out there

see you guys next time peace out

Download the Free Demo Here: *** Follow Loan4cards *** Twitch * ...


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Comment (0)

  1. great guide i figured most of it out but i was irritated because they didn't explain much at all. You explained a lot and i can see how you played made me want to start over because the dea is on my head and my game looks hella confusing haha

  2. My advise is to pause the lab at start of game, let the game run to get the mission and than pause the game.

    Set up a Warehouse south of the airfield just outside the 100% weed efficient soil but where the soil of the 100% vegetables meet.
    Then above the warehouse putt 2 weed farms on 98%-100% spots, and run the game.

    Deliver weed from this warehouse to the lab that is still paused, than drive back and set a other delivery, soon as that one leaves for the lab start up the lab this should almost instantly get you the 40% needed to trigger the quest and allow you to build a lab. -Grats, now pause the game, pause the 3 original weed farms let lab and warehouse run till weed is empty and transport the joints to the the other warehouse and also pause the lab and warehouse.
    Also set up a lab next to the other warehouse to the side of the main road.

    ** Make sure that you set up the 2 weed farms close tot he warehouse and connect them directly. Build a asphalt connection between the road and the new warehouse just above the (new) lab. Also from the bridge make a quick asphalt connection to the airfield.
    * Do not send your guy to deliver joints to the airfield this will trigger the next quest.
    — Run the game should be around start of may that you hit around 100k legal cash, all you need to do is deliver cash from warehouse to the bank.

    Once you have decided to trigger this quest start of may or a bit later, doesn't really mater either way you get same amount of time.
    First step of the quest launder 25k dirty to legal money this is done quick, from here on out things pretty much will be easy just end with this set up

    Warehouse(w) 3 Weed Farms(m) 1 Fruit Farm(f) 1 Lab(l) 2 Workshops(s)

    s m m
    l w m
    s – f
    Roads directly between warehouse and all buildings separately. One long road from warehouse to the main road above the lab below the Workshop, do connect each workshop also to this main road.
    Place this south of the airfield where the soil gives 100% efficiency, this set up = max dirty cash bank can handle.

  3. I literally cannot figure out what to do with the first quest. Deliever Dirty money to areodome to Taxi or something like that but isn't my warehouse already sending my goods out so how is it not completing the quest?


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