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    How To Play Cartel Tycoon Basic Tutorial Guide | Cartel Tycoon Demo | Tips & Tricks

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    Download the Free Demo Here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1220140/Cartel_Tycoon/ *** Follow Loan4cards *** Twitch * http://twitch.tv/loan4cards ...


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    1. great guide i figured most of it out but i was irritated because they didn't explain much at all. You explained a lot and i can see how you played made me want to start over because the dea is on my head and my game looks hella confusing haha

    2. My advise is to pause the lab at start of game, let the game run to get the mission and than pause the game.

      Set up a Warehouse south of the airfield just outside the 100% weed efficient soil but where the soil of the 100% vegetables meet.
      Then above the warehouse putt 2 weed farms on 98%-100% spots, and run the game.

      Deliver weed from this warehouse to the lab that is still paused, than drive back and set a other delivery, soon as that one leaves for the lab start up the lab this should almost instantly get you the 40% needed to trigger the quest and allow you to build a lab. -Grats, now pause the game, pause the 3 original weed farms let lab and warehouse run till weed is empty and transport the joints to the the other warehouse and also pause the lab and warehouse.
      Also set up a lab next to the other warehouse to the side of the main road.

      ** Make sure that you set up the 2 weed farms close tot he warehouse and connect them directly. Build a asphalt connection between the road and the new warehouse just above the (new) lab. Also from the bridge make a quick asphalt connection to the airfield.
      * Do not send your guy to deliver joints to the airfield this will trigger the next quest.
      — Run the game should be around start of may that you hit around 100k legal cash, all you need to do is deliver cash from warehouse to the bank.

      Once you have decided to trigger this quest start of may or a bit later, doesn't really mater either way you get same amount of time.
      First step of the quest launder 25k dirty to legal money this is done quick, from here on out things pretty much will be easy just end with this set up

      Warehouse(w) 3 Weed Farms(m) 1 Fruit Farm(f) 1 Lab(l) 2 Workshops(s)

      s m m
      l w m
      s – f
      Roads directly between warehouse and all buildings separately. One long road from warehouse to the main road above the lab below the Workshop, do connect each workshop also to this main road.
      Place this south of the airfield where the soil gives 100% efficiency, this set up = max dirty cash bank can handle.

    3. I literally cannot figure out what to do with the first quest. Deliever Dirty money to areodome to Taxi or something like that but isn't my warehouse already sending my goods out so how is it not completing the quest?


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