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    How to play Gundam Extreme VS Maxiboost ON – Basic Controls

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    A basics guide on how to get started in Gundam EXVS Maxiboost ON for PS4.
    Apologies for the black square on the lower left hand corner of the screen. I forgot to disable my webcam driver layer on my screen capture software.

    0:00 Start
    1:40 Basic Movement
    2:01 Button Layout
    3:04 Sub Weapon and Special Commands
    4:33 Boost Dash & Boost Dash Cancel
    6:01 Boost Step & Rainbow Step
    7:19 Charge Inputs
    8:04 Boost Dash Melee
    8:46 Explaining the different targeting icons
    10:46 How to guard/block
    11:45 Burst and Burst Attack
    13:15 Extra tips

    Thumbnail artist: https://twitter.com/240eukrante/status/1279798664706195457
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    Comment (30)

    1. I don’t even need to watch this video. I’ve been playing the versus series since ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Zeon’ and ‘Mobile Suit Gundam VS Zeta Gundam’. But, I love these anyway.

    2. game just launched and ive never played anything like this before.

      thank you so much for teaching me the boost step/rainbow step. that alone was so awesome

    3. Extreme Vs series is really a great game! Hard to learn and hard to master and really fun to play, friends of mine who live in Japan spend THOUSANDS of dollar to play this game in arcade every year. If you are a Gundam fans please must try this game.

    4. Always wanted to get into these games since I watch a ton of Gundam and play fighters/ZOE2/mech games in general and this was super clear. Thanks brother. 🙂

    5. Thanks for showing this tutorial! Came from gundam versus and the mechanics are slightly different here. Never played maxi boost on any arcade so this is a first for me and i kept losing to ais haha

    6. I hope you can do a video on how to unlock suit upgrades and how those work. Attacks, by and large seem slow as all get out so I'm really interested in what and how the suit upgrades work and if it will, at all, improve the plodding and clunky attacks. This game just seemed so much faster paced than having a melee-centric suit like Epyon only having a single attack at a time (with a "nice" cooldown in between). Also curious to know what, if anything, the mobile suit costs have on the game. You don't seem to have to purchase/unlock them.

      So yeah, the game needed a tutorial, and what bare minimum it had (the first few sp missions) were barely a tutorial at all. I could also stand to be able to turn off the freaking partner AI in the missions. Frustrating as hell to have them zipping around with their non-stop attack combos (because of course the AI would have access to abilities the player doesnt) racking up 9 kills on a mission and killing the boss before I can get a single kill. God this game makes me wish we could have gotten a Dynasty Warriors Gundam game for PS4 >< .

    7. One thing to note, the boost dash melee requires you to hold the up button also in order to execute the boost dash melee. So if you just boost dash and do for example XX Triangle, it will do just the neutral triangle melee. Or if XX left+triangle it will do the left/right melee. So in other words to perform boost dash melee, you will have to do XX up+triangle to do the slash through and vulcan into the stab for the RX78(in the video)

    8. I went to a convention once and they had cabinets of this game free to play. I tried it out bc i thought it was cool they made a gundam game that could be played on a stick. I had no idea and GOT REKT by some 12 year old lmao

    9. Can you explain why the controls change when you're charging Square? For example, I think while charging the L2 becomes flying….same with R2, sometimes when I press it, it puts me in the air (while charging or not charging ) and it's really annoying….obviously I'm new to this game….can you explain those mechanics?

    10. The three hit br>bd link you were trying to recall the name of is zunda if I understood what you were referring to.

      Glad to see this covered more. Hope your still playing!


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