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How to Share video WITH Audio in Google Meet

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Answering a question I often get in the comments: How do I share a video with Audio in Google Meet. In this video I go through the steps needed to enable this.

Step 1: Using Google Chrome browser, Enable the Google Cast button (0:53)

Step 2: Enable the Google Cloud services to allow apps to 'talk' to each other. (2:05)

Step 3: Schedule your Meeting via Classroom. (Add conferencing Call)

Finally: Cast the Tab with video and audio to your Active MEET (This is important. The Meet has to be active.

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Comment (25)

  1. I understand the need to "cast." It is the calendar part that is confusing and frustrating. My studetns log into our Google Meet sessions via a link on their Google Classroom page. The casting does not seem to work with the Google Classroom login link to Google Meet.

  2. Helpful video. However I landed here by accident. I am desparately trying to fix this issue: I am having trouble with a teacher who loses her audio output to other members as they join the meet. The other members just hear buzzing. It is a Windows10 computer.

  3. I guess Google is trying to utilize its other applications like Google Cast and Google calendar thru this method. I guess during the development, the developers just integrated their existing casting service to their newly developed app, that is, Google Meet. That way, they're giving more leads to 2 other apps while making their development easier. Yes, Zoom is way better in terms of screen sharing. That's given. I guess the developers sacrificed the 'user-friendliness' of GM over their ease of development.


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