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SearchThisVideo: How to use assignments in Microsoft Teams (Complete overview)

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Watch video at 00:00

hi my name is city and welcome back to

the channel where we make educational

technology easy for you in today's video

we're going to be looking at assignments

in Microsoft teams so let's dive into it

with another flipped classroom tutorial

now assignments can save you a lot of

time and they will really help you

whenever you're trying to push out

content and get some submitted work in

return first things first let's open up

our browser and go to Microsoft teens

now you can go to or you

simply type teens dot this

will bring you to your team's interface

we're going to dive into our team now

the team here is the edge of flipped

demo class and what I want to do is I

want to set an assignment for my

students to complete now you'll see I

have four channels here on the left and

one of these is the general channel and

a general channel that's where we're

going to be setting our assignments so

let's go ahead and make sure that we've

selected the general Channel and then at

the top you'll see that one of these

tabs here is assignments so let's go

ahead and click on assignments now once

you've clicked on assignments if this is

the very first time that you do this you

see everything is still empty I'm going

to click on get started and we're going

to start by assigning our first

assignments so let's go ahead and click

on get started now we're going to click

on create and we'll get three options

now these three options are assignments

quizzes and also reusing older

assignments now this is a huge

time-saver so when you've already

assigned something in the past and now

you want to reassign it or just tweak it

slightly you can use that third option

now because this is the very first

assignment we're setting we're going to

be clicking on the first option the

first option being assignments so let's

go ahead and click on that and now we

can fill out all the information I'm

going to go ahead and fill this out

together with you so let's just type in

demo assignment for let you flip and

then we're going to add some

instructions please add your work and

you can add any instructions you want

now as you can see here there is some

basic formatting now I would recommend

that you do that because it really does

help the descriptions stand out if you

make your title bold and and the actual

description of that assignment with

regular fonts it helps your students to

stay focused and it also it really draws

attention to the description now within

these instructions we can also link out

so let's say that I want to highlight

this work word I can click on the

hyperlink and this allows me to link to

any website so you could even reference

the sources you want your students to

use within the instructions of this

assignment one more thing you will have

noticed is that I can also add a

resource now when I click on add

resource I have various options here you

can choose any resource that you've got

on your onedrive and you can then just

simply add it to your assignments you

can also select your class notebook now

if you do not have a class notebook you

do have to create one first before you

can assign it we can also add a link

which is again a link to an external

website or we can also create a new file

now let's say you already have a file on

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

your computer well then you go to the

bottom and you upload from this device I

do not have a file so I need to create a

new one I'm going to click on this plus

icon new file I'm going to create a word

document for this activity and I'm going

to call this a demo assignment about

teams we're going to click on attach and

the next thing we'll have to do is give

the permissions to our students now this

file is shared with them by default so

that every student sees the file they

can view it but they can't edit it we're

going to change that I want them to be

able to edit their own version or their

own copy of this file so let's go ahead

and click on these three dots here and

now we can change it and students can

edit their own copy now these two

options these are very important because

this is how you can control rather they

all see a file created by you or whether

they will be creating their own version

and then submitting that back to you so

if you want them to create their own

version select that first option where

they can edit their own copy there we go

you can always double check that here at

the bottom and then we're going to

scroll down now we can add points to

this assignment I'm not going to add any

points but I am going to add a rubric

now adding a rubric saves you time when

trying to assess this work so let's go

ahead and click on add a rubric here as

you can see I do not have a rubric

available so I'm going to click on new


we're going to call this demo rubric

we're going to add a description

demo rubric now here at the bottom you

can see that we can add the different

criteria and then a little bit of an

explanation and I'm going to leave it to

accident good fair poor this is where

you can tweak it to use the exact

terminology that your school uses and

this way you can make sure that everyone

is consistent in their feedback you can

also add your own and let's say that you

wanted to add a description simply click

on that plus icon and then you can add

an extra row to add additional

information if you want to add an extra

column you go to the right hand side and

you click on the plus icon there and

then you can add a new category or

criteria for your rubric so this rubric

let's just give an example correct

punctuation and you've also finished the

work now for poor I'm going to say no

punctuation and incomplete work so we're

going to go ahead and attach this now we

can leave the other ones blank if we

choose to do so but I would highly

recommend that you actually fill it out

because that will make it very clear to

the students how you will be assessing

this assignment after they've submitted

it now we can choose who we want this

assigned to now here we can select to

assign this to all students or we can

select just those students we want to

assign this to now I only want to assign

it to one student and I'm going to show

you what that looks like

on the students side of things we're

going to set a due date now the due date

will be Thursday so we're going to set

that to Thursday and then we also have a

jus time now one more thing that I do

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

need to mention is that there is a

difference between the due date and a

cutoff date so even when it's past it's

due date students can still submit their

assignments now I love this because when

I am setting assignments for my students

it means that I value that work and even

when they're late I will still receive

the assignment I do keep track of those

students that are consistently handing

in work late however I do think that

handing in the work even when it is past

the due date can sometimes be valuable

now at times we do not want that to

happen we want to have a hard cutoff

date and we don't want anyone to submit

their work late

what we can do that within teams as well

simply go down here and then click on

this edit button now this button will

allow us to also add a closed date this

is the hard cutoff date that students

can no longer submit their assignments

so I'm going to add a closed date now

and this close date will be an extra two

days later so in other words my students

have to submit this by Thursday but they

still have sort of an extra two days to

submit it I will get notified that it

was submitted late but at least they

have a little bit of extra time so I can

click on done and now we have a due date

and a cutoff date now let's say that you

want to prepare your assignments and you

want to start setting them up on a

Monday morning but you don't want them

to go out immediately where you can

schedule them as well so when you click

on that same edit button at the top we

can schedule our assignments that means

that we can schedule when this

assignment goes out and when it is

posted in their channels this is useful

when you're preparing a week's worth of

work and you just schedule it to go out

on the day you want it release to your

students we're going to click on cancel

because I'm not going to schedule this

assignments once everything is done I

can either save this and continue my

work later or I can assign it straight

away and that's what I'm going to do now

so I'm going to click on assign and now

under assignments I have an overview of

all the assignments that were set you

can see which ones are still in their

draft phase you can see which ones have

been assigned you can even see which

assignments have already been graded now

when I click on my assigned assignment I

get the information about the students

that have either not submitted their

work or still have to submit their work

I also get an overview of the grades

that I've assigned them and this gives

me an overview of who's doing well and

who was struggling now here you can see

this student has not turned this in so

let's go ahead and open up a second

browser and let's have a look at that

students view and here I am in my

students view now they can use that

general tab and they can go to the

assignments just as we've done and this

way they will see all the assignments

that have been set you can see here they

have the assignments and they can go in

they see an extra button there as well

and this is an overview of all their

completed assignments in addition to

that they can also go to the left hand

side and that's where they can also find

their assignments so here we can see

there is an edge of flip demo class they

can go to next and then here they see

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

the demo assignment so let's go ahead

and dive into this assignment let's see

what it looks like to that students so

we're going to go into the assignment

that you can see please add your work

the information is here on the right

hand side I see that there are no points

attached to this assignment and I see my

rubric now when I open the rubric I get

an overview of the different criteria

that were set by my teacher and so this

gives me an idea of how I have to

complete this assignment we're going to

close this rubric and when I open these

documents you will see I am now in my

very own version of these documents I

don't have to open up a separate tab I

don't have to open up another window I

can edit it straight from inside teams

and I can complete my work so let's go

ahead and do that now we're going to

click on edit documents and I'm going to

edit in the browser I'm now in my

browser editor inside Microsoft Word

within Microsoft teams so I don't have

to leave everything is easy and

accessible to me so I'm going to go

ahead and type thank you for sharing

this assignment okay I am done let's say

that I finished my work well at the top

I can now click on close so I'm going to

close this document and as you can see

my document is here I can dive back into

it I can have that view of this document

and I can go back into editing my

documents now in addition to having this

embedded editor we also have access to

the accessibility mode and the immersive

reader I've done a whole video on the

immersive reader but when I click on the

immersive reader it starts the immersive

reader from inside my browser that means

that I can now use this functionality

within Microsoft Word and betted within

Microsoft Teams incredibly powerful

let's say that everything is finished

I'm ready to submit my work well what I

do then is I click on close and then I

click on turn in again you can see that

immersive reader icon right here that

means that the immersive reader can also

help me with the information shared by

my teacher so let's go ahead and exit

the immersive reader and let's turn in

our work now as soon as I've turned in

my work

our teacher gets notified and then they

can grade this so you can see there's a

little animation here there we go I've

turned in my work I'm going to jump back

to the teachers view and the teacher can

now see that that student has turned in

their work so let's go ahead and give a

little bit of feedback we're going to

click on turned in we can see their work

on the left hand side and on the right

hand side we can open up our rubric we

can select the different criteria so

we're going to select excellent go to

the next one

incomplete work and we can enter our

feedback at the bottom please

revisit this we're going to click on

done let's add some additional feedback

here let's say well done

leave that feedback there and then

return this work to our students the

students can now find this assignment

under the completed tab and they will

also see that it has been returned to

them by the teacher they can jump back

in make some changes and then turn it in

again this means that they can not only

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

respond to the feedback the teacher

leaves but it gives them a chance to

have that feedback loop so they can

submit some work get feedback improve it

and then submit it again this can go on

for as long as you want it to go on for

now if I had points attached to this

assignment then I would also have to

grade it and then it would end up under

the graded tab and that's how you use

assignments in Microsoft teams now for

even more tips and tricks on Microsoft

teams click on that playlist you see on

the screen right now and meantime thank

you for watching and I will see you in

the next one

In this video on Microsoft Teams, we look at everything there is to learn about assignments in Microsoft teams. Check out the timestamps to find specific topics within assignments and share with a friend.

In this video:
0:00 intro
0:10 Why use assignments for online teaching?
0:23 Open Microsoft Teams and find Assignments
0:47 Find Assignments in the General Channel
1:10 Set your very first assignment (assignment, quiz, reuse assignment)
1:40 Fill out the assignment details (Title description, format the instructions)
2:20 Hyperlinks within the instructions (Link to sources)
2:30 Upload or add resources (Files)
3:08 Create a new file from within the assignment resource options
3:25 File permissions (View the File, Edit own copy)
4:10 Adding points or grading
4:15 Adding and using a rubric to save time when grading
5:35 Who gets assigned the work?
5:50 Set a Due date and Time.
6:00 Difference between Due Date and Close date
7:20 How to schedule assignments for publishing later
8:00 An overview of all your set, completed and draft assignments
8:10 See which students have completed their work
8:33 Students View: What does the assignment look like to our students?
9:15 Rubric to guide and inform the student
9:28 Opening a document from within the assignment in Teams
9:45 Edit the document embedded in Teams(Open in Browser)
10:15 Accessibility Mode and Immersive reader within Assignments
11:00 Students turn in his/her work
11:16 Teacher View: Grading work, returning work and giving feedback

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