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    How to use Forms with Microsoft Teams

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    In this video I will show you an overview of how to use Microsoft Forms in Microsoft Teams. Create Forms inside Teams or add them to your teams later. It's all possible with Forms and Teams Together.

    0:00 Intro
    0:35 Two ways of integrating Forms into Microsoft Teams
    1:00 Link Microsoft Forms to Microsoft Teams
    1:20 Create a new Form from inside Microsoft Teams
    1:40 Question types available in Microsoft Forms
    2:20 Preview your Forms (Desktop view and Mobile view)
    2:35 Immersive Reader inside Forms
    3:15 Edit your Form with multiple people
    3:26 Co-Teacher view: Edit the form
    3:55 Different ways of sharing (Link, QR, Embed or Email)
    4:35 Fill out the forms (Co-Teacher view)
    4:50 Get an overview of the Form responses
    5:25 Share a Form created outside of Teams
    5:40 Add an existing form
    6:23 Student View: Fill out the form
    6:55 View the Student Response in Microsoft Forms
    7:15 My Forms or Shared Forms (Where are they?)
    7:25 Summary

    Online teaching and Learning playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11pfvBNsXkA&list=PLwXXOxvDboeYVNOaIqYYOyqoMHsLUght2

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    Comment (27)

    1. Great videos as always! Has there been a fix so that we can make a Form in a private channel? Using channels for my special education speech groups and want to keep them private… any help or ideas would be appreciated!

    2. Thanks for the video, makes it alot easier to setup for first time users. Do you have another video or training session that covers how to consolidate the survey results (Sharepoint excel spreadsheet results) in order to create a summary of the feedback (pivot to grapsh etc.) to see the results at a high level?

    3. Great video! Thank you very much. How can I share a quiz with other teachers so they can collect their own responses and not have all the responses go to one account? Will adding Forms as a tab in Teams also work for that?

    4. You are an amazing teacher. Many of my doubts get cleared when I watch your videos. One request please show how to create Form quiz by selecting text n otr 2 options. Thank you very much sir.

    5. The form and quiz look nearly identical, and often have the same format, so it is really easy to think you are making a Quiz when in fact you are making a Form. There is no default color change or text at top of template that lets you know you what you are creating. It should be an easy matter to change a form into a quiz. I spent nearly an hour creating what I thought was a Quiz but it turned out to be just a Form. I thought, "Well no big deal I will just copy it into the quiz template." But it looks like that is not an option. Giving Forms the option to change from Form to Quiz would make this app much more user friendly. If that is not possible then Microsoft should at least change the default color scheme or add text to top of page alerting user of what type of doc they are working on. Form Or Quiz.

    6. Great work, many thanks. Can I ask, where is the response data for the questions held, is this in SharePoint? I'd like to use this to collect Helpline Data but need to access the response data for reporting.

    7. Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation! I have already seen your video about using MS forms to apply the online surveys while conducting online classes. If the company, where I work, doesn't use the ms forms (I mean, our license doesn't include the forms), could I use other sources to add the online survey in online teaching?

    8. Sir my test was going on , on microsoft team form and i submitted the form on time and my teacher is telling my that u had not submitted she cant see
      From my side it is submitted 100% sure viewed marks also but she is not getting marks
      And not giving me my marks and not even considering my marks screenshot
      Pls help what is the reason she cant see marks

    9. Thanks a lot for your great efforts to educate us to learn about each and every face of help that can help us in teaching. I realy highly appreciate your help. Stay blessed n keep safe healthy happy n united with ur love ones. Ameen. I faced kind of Little rights and lefts in following you. In this video. I moved step by step with your each steps but got lost in one thing which is copy the link and past. I tried several times to look fr a sign which says paste. Please guide me further if it's alright with you. To paste my question.

    10. This was great. One question. i've created a duplicate of a colleague's form. My duplicate of HERS doesn't show up as an option when I am in Teams and trying to load an "existing" form. My own duplicates and my own forms do. Just not that one. Thoughts?

    11. If I was working for a business and wanted to utilize forms for a public survey, would embedding that in a URL be able to capture public responses or do the people participating require a teams account?


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