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SearchThisVideo: How to use Microsoft Teams for Remote and Online learning

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Watch video at 00:00

hi my name is city and welcome back to

the channel where we make educational

technology easy for you in today's video

I'm going to be looking at Microsoft

teams and how you can utilize it to run

your lessons online let's dive into it

with another flipped classroom tutorial

now Microsoft teams is part of office

365 but you don't need an office 365

accounts to use it now I've installed it

on my laptop and I'm going to

demonstrate some of the key features

that you can use to get online with your

class today the first thing I'm going to

do is open up Microsoft teens now I've

already got my account logged into

Microsoft teams but if this is the first

time that you're using it just create an

account with Microsoft and then you can

log in to this program now creating an

account is super easy you can even use

your gmail account to do so the first

thing you'll see here is on the side

there's a number of options now at the

top we have the activity and the

activity is going to show you everything

that's been going on in your teams now

underneath that we have a chat and these

are one-on-one chats with other people

that are members of your team this can

include video conversations and text

chats and then the next one down is

teams and this is where you're going to

be spending most of your time this is

where you're going to create teams or

classrooms and then everyone comes

together shares resources shares ideas

and also virtual meetups now under that

you see calls and files and files is

very useful when you've got files that

have been shared with other teams and

you can't quite remember which team

shared it

well files will give you a breakdown of

all the files in your various teams now

I've already gone ahead and set up a

demo team so I'm going to show you how

to do that let's click on that team's

button first so I'm now in my team's

overview and here on the left hand side

you can see my different teams now my

main team here is all under ng flip so

I'm going to go ahead and show you how

to create your own team well all you

have to do is scroll down to the bottom

and then click on that join or create

team here you can now create a new team

now you can either create it from an

existing office 365 group or you just

start from scratch which is what we're

going to do now now I'm going to create

a new team I'm going to make it a

private team and I'm going to call this

demo to going to click on create and my

team is being prepared

now obviously a team is not a team

without participants or members of that

team so the next step is going to be to

invite your students to your team here

you can now start typing their email

addresses or their names and then they

can be added to your team so I'm going

to add my demo account there we go

demo and we're going to add him to that

team once we're done we can select what

we want him to be a owner or a member

I'm going to keep it at member and then

we're going to click on close as you can

see now I have my second team so I have

my edge you flip team and then I have my

demo team and teams can contain multiple

channels now channels can be subjects

for example you have a team for your

middle school and then your channel is

your English departments your maths

Department and your computer science

department now in order to add a channel

you have to go to that general tab first

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

so let's go ahead and click on general

and then we're going to add eight

channels let's create more channels this

will now be a maths department we can

choose the privacy settings of that but

I'm just going to leave it at the

default and as you can see here down the

side we now have an extra channel now

within these channels you can have

conversations these can be video chats

meetups or you can share files for the

sake of this demonstration I've already

created a channel within my edge of

flipped team and so I'm going to open up

that channel right now here on the demo

video channel I can now see what's been

going on now here I've already put a

couple of examples and there's text that

can be shared in this files that can be

shared and that's what I'm going to show

you right now so at the bottom you can

see that you can start a new

conversation you can just start typing

so you can type hello everyone and then

just send it off into that channel now

everyone in the team can see what goes

on in that channel alternatively if you

click on this button right here you get

a lot more formatting options for your

message as you can see up here I've

added a bit of formatting to that and

this allows you to really stand out to

make your message stand out or also to

just add it a little bit of personality

once you're happy with that you can just

send your message off I'm going to

delete this because I don't need that

message right now the next option here

is to add an attachment now this allows

us to

share a file and again like I said this

is tied in with office 365 but if you

don't use that well you can still upload

from your computer so if you click on

that well then you can select a file

that you would like to share so we're

going to go ahead select a file and this

is now being shared with everyone in

that chapter now if I want to have a

quick overview of all the files that

have been previously shared well at the

top I can click on files and then you

get an overview of all the files that

have been shared you'll see when they

were modified and who is modified it in

addition to that we have our students

all-time favorites emojis give files and

a number of stickers but I'm going to

move to the next one which is the video


now let's say that you're running your

lessons online and you'd like to

organize a meet up with your classroom

well you can click on that button and

then you'll start a video meet so let's

go ahead and see what that looks like

now as soon as I click on this button my

video will pop up with a preview of my

camera now again this is the webcam and

this is the camera view that the webcam

is active just for me because we haven't

started our video chat yet I first have

to title this meeting and I'm going to

just call it a demo meeting so demo

meeting as soon as I click on meet now

all my participants can be invited and

then they can all join this meeting now

because this is a demonstration and I

want to make it as real as possible what

I'm going to do is I'm going to be

inviting myself and I'm going to invite

myself on my mobile phone but that way

you can see what it's like for different

participants and you can also see what

it feels like on an Android device so

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

let's go ahead and start this meeting

I'm going to leave my camera on and

click on meet now you can see I'm in the

meeting and I haven't invited anyone yet

because I want to make sure that

everything works so the first thing I'm

going to do is I'm going to check and

make sure that my camera is on or maybe

I'll turn it off I could also turn my

microphone on or off I can mute myself

now I'm going to leave myself muted

because I don't want to get any feedback

once I invites my phone I can also share

my screen which I'll show you in a

little bit but one more thing I want to

draw your attention to is a special

feature of Microsoft teens that I find

incredibly useful so when you click on

those three dots you

blur your background so here when you

click on blur my background it'll

automatically blur out the background

now if you are in a busy environment

let's say you're in a coffee shop and

you're having a meeting with your

students well that background can be a

huge distraction so this allows you to

blur out the background and just carry

on with your meeting now I'm going to

under this background I'm going to show

you some of the other actions you can do

here now you can enter the full screen

options or you can open up your meeting

notes now meeting notes are very useful

when you have a meeting where

information is shared and it's important

that notes are caps that you can then

later share with your students well this

allows you to keep those notes and then

that file can be shared later in

addition to that we also have the device

settings and this is what I meant about

double-checking everything before you

start inviting people because sometimes

there are some issues with your camera

or your microphone well this is the best

way to get everything sorted before you

start your meeting once you're happy

with everything you can close that and

then we can go to the participants tab

now the participants tab this is where

you get some suggestions and these

suggestions are pulled in from your team

members you can also manually just

invite them in there at the top now I'm

going to go ahead and invite myself I'm

now going to invite this demo accounts

and so I'm going to click on those three

dots and I'm going to ask them to join

our meeting it is now calling that

person now because I have it installed

on my mobile device I can see that I'm

being called so I'm going to click on

accept and then join this meeting now

that I'm in this meeting you will see

that I can turn my camera on and then

this is my mobile device now now as you

can see I have joined from my mobile

device and I can now see everything live

now because I want to make sure that I'm

not making it too complicated I'm going

to turn the camera off on my mobile

device so I'm going to tap my mobile

device and I'm going to turn off that


there we go now one more thing you can

do as the leader of this meeting is you

can assign different roles to your

attendees so I'm going to click on these

three dots here and now what I can do is

I can first of all mute my participants

but I can also make this participants in

a 10

because at the moment this participant

is as much a leader of the meeting as I

am that means they can present their

screen they can share their screen but

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

attendees can not do so so I'm going to

make this person an attendee I'm going

to change that and instantly you get

notified on your mobile device now the

mobile device is no longer able to now

share their screen that means that I am

in charge of what goes on now and let's

go ahead and have a look at some of

these sharing settings let's say that

I've started my lesson and I'd like to

share a presentation well what I'm going

to do then is I'm going to click on that

share button and I'm going to go and

find that presentation now because I'm

not using Office 365 you can see it's

not being pulled in under the PowerPoint

tab but again no worries we can just

browse for that file so I'm going to

click on browse and then I'm going to

browse for my computer I'm going to

quickly select that file we now have

this PowerPoint opening up in Microsoft

teams now as soon as this presentation

is opened up on my screen the mobile

device will also see that presentation

so that means I'm presenting the

presentation to them I have a number of

additional features here I can flick

through these and then as I progress

through the presentation it

automatically changes it on their mobile

device I can also go back to that share

button and I can load up a whiteboard

similar to some of the other

applications so here under the

whiteboard functionality I have the

Microsoft whiteboard and this is our

whiteboard we can now use to draw and

sketch out some ideas let's go back to

those sharing functions and let's now

share our screen now I can either share

my full desktop or a window now I'm

going to share my desktop there we go

and you can either include or not

include your system audio so make sure

that you take this if you are presenting

a video or something that includes audio

so I'm going to share my desktop and

there we go this is now being presented

to the attendees as you can see on the

mobile view they can see my entire

desktop until I click on this button

right here and this button is going to

signal that I no longer want to share my

screen so let's go ahead and click on

that and there we go we've now stopped

the screen sharing okay

brilliant we've had a meeting we've met

all our participants and our students

are happy let's end the meeting you will

see that the attendee is still in the

meeting room so that's something to be

aware of in terms of student safety

we're going to hang up on the mobile

view as well now as soon as everyone's

left that meeting you can see there's a

note there in our channel now at the top

you can see that part of our recent

activity we have that meeting this is

great to keep track of how often you've

met or who's met with who and when these

meetings took place now you can also

leave some follow-up or replies and you

can leave some messages to follow up on

what was discussed earlier so let's go

ahead and click on reply and then let's

just say great meeting thank you for

joining so we're going to type up create

meeting thank you for joining and there

we go we can send this and now everyone

will see that reply and these are some

of the basics and Microsoft teams that

will allow you and enable you to teach

your lessons online share resources

share files and brainstorm together as a

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

class now I hope you found this helpful

if you did make sure you scroll down to

that description and that you let me

know what are some of your favorite

functions within Microsoft teams what

would you like to see added to Microsoft

teams and do you have any questions

about using teams and schools I'd love

to see your comments I will do my best

to read and reply to every comment so

once you've left your comments scroll

back up make sure you hit subscribe that

bell notification to be notified of

future videos I will see you in the next

one and I thank you for watching

Are you ready to take your classes online? Want a single place to share work, files, resources and more with your team? Looking for a place to hold meetings and use video conferencing as well as chat functionality? Microsoft Teams might be just the one for you then!
In this tutorials I will walk you trough everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft Teams.

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