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    How to use the Whiteboard in Google Meet

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    The update we have all been waiting for! Whiteboards and more importantly, Collaborative Whiteboard in Google Meet are here!

    Jamboard is now fully integrated into Google meet and this will change the way you use your Online Meetings.
    Read more about the official announcement here: https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2020/09/jamboard-in-meet.html

    Online teaching and Learning playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11pfvBNsXkA&list=PLwXXOxvDboeYVNOaIqYYOyqoMHsLUght2

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    Comment (42)

    1. how to prevent students from returning to the meeting that was completed in Google Classroom.
      And Can we provide one frame on the jamboard for each student like a whiteboard fi?
      but to collaborate with more than 20 students?
      Or do you have other options for whiteboard collaboration with more than 20 students?

    2. I watch your videos. Thanks for updating us with new integrations. I have a free Gmail account and the whiteboard option is not available??

    3. I assign homework made from jemboard and share it in my google classroom. It is great but I don't like the background moves around. Needed to solve the problem because you cannot set up the background and can only insert an image so it moves。

    4. I once used MS Whiteboard as it facilitates an infinite canvas but the problem is that the students cannot see the cursor when the screen is shared for presenting MS-Wb.

    5. I noticed the option to select whiteboard, but as I hadn't used it, I thought it might disrupt my lesson. So thank you for clarifying this. I love jamboard and I use it to collaborate with my students, whether that be Maths, English or even Philosophy lessons. (I’m primary school trained in the UK- we teach everything! Lol) But, I would love it if you were able to change the background e.g. lines for English or squares for Maths. I also think it needs some docs/slide tools. E.g. Change font, be able to highlight specific words or phrases or change the colour of specific words/calculations. I hope Google update it with such features. Also you can’t copy and paste from frame to frame. An amazing and simple app, but I think Google didn't invest enough time in the tools provided. Thanks for the tutorial.

    6. Do you know how to make our camera works as picture in picture mode when we use presentation mode. Another thing is, I wish GM will have function to automatic slow down voice of students who are not in presentation. I don't want them to mute because I think presentation needs audience response spontaneously. Mute creates distance between presenter and audience. Reducing volume is important to make class look lively

    7. I prepare Jamboard (gBoard as I call them )before class with captureshot of our classical text book and exercises books that I cut in smaller parts then when teaching, when students have questions i use the textbox tool to ad some translation or type anoyher exemple. For all the exercises about filling the blank, i also use textbox tool. It very convenient when needing to urgently adapt from classroom teaching to online. It can't be one in gDocs so these new versions of gBoard are much welcome.


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