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SearchThisVideo: How to use the Whiteboard in Zoom

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hi my name is city and welcome back to

the channel where we make educational

technology easy for you in today's video

we're going to be looking at annotations

and in particular the whiteboard

function within zoom so let's dive into

it with another flipped classroom

tutorial now using the whiteboard within

a zoom meeting is incredibly useful but

there were a couple of things that we

need to be aware of and a couple of

settings you need to be aware of so

everything can run smoothly now let's

start by first of all creating a zoom

meeting now I'm going to go ahead and

click on new meeting now as soon as that

meeting starts you'll see here I have my

screen and it's connecting and

everything is getting ready to run now

I'm going to join with computer audio

and then I can start inviting people but

the first thing I'm going to do is

invite myself on a second device so I

can show you some of the features of the

whiteboard now in order for me to invite

myself I'll need a couple of things I'll

need the meeting ID and then I'll also

need this meetings password so let's go

ahead and click on this information

right here at the top and then this

gives me the meeting ID and the password

so now I can jump on to the second

device I'm going to go to join dot zoom

us once on this page I'm going to input

that meeting IDs click on join and then

I'm asked to input that password so

let's go ahead and put the password in

there and join this meeting and I'm

going to join without video there we go

we're now waiting for the host to start

that video now I'm going to start the

meeting so down here at the bottom I'm

going to admit this into this person

into my meeting and we can now start

having our zoom conference call now the

first thing I want to do is I want to

share a whiteboard and I want to quickly

demonstrate something and just draw it

out so what I'm going to do now is I'm

going to go to the bottom here and I'm

going to click on share screen now what

I'm sharing is the whiteboard so let's

go ahead and click on whiteboard and

let's share this whiteboard there we go

we now have a shared whiteboard this is

viewable on both devices and as I

annotate or draw on this whiteboard the

other person sees that as well however

as I haven't changed any settings or

haven't done anything the other person

can also draw on to my whiteboard and


is sometimes a bit disruptive during a

class so what you can do as a host is

you can change those settings so let's

go ahead and navigate to the top of our

window and we're going to click on the

three dots where it says more now here

we have two functions that are very

specific to this whiteboard we can

disable the participants annotations but

we can also show the names of the

annotator so let's go ahead and take

this on first and now as they are

annotating you will see that all their

names will show up on my screen as they

are making their annotations this is

incredibly useful if you are doing a

collaborative project and you do want

them to annotate and add their own

information to your whiteboard great for

brainstorming now during some sessions

you'll want to disable this so let's go

back to that more button and now let's

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

disable participants annotations as soon

as I click on that the other device will

no longer have the option to annotate

this whiteboard as you can see this

person can no longer annotate and now

even when they go to the top they do not

see the option to request that

annotation let's say that you've given

your instructions and you've left some

ideas on to that whiteboard well we can

now re-enable access so now let's go

back to the main window and we're going

to open up the annotations again so

allow participants to annotate as soon

as I do that they will see that they now

have those options at the top again so

when they go to view options they can

now select annotate as soon as they do

that they can begin their annotations

onto my whiteboard once again now this

is a great feature for classrooms and as

a host you have full control over who is

annotating and when now at the moment it

is only possible to either give every

participant access to the whiteboard or

nobody so you cannot select one student

in particular to then annotate and then

take that permission away I hope that

this will become available in the future

but at the moment I think the whiteboard

is an incredibly useful tool that you

can start using today if you found this

video helpful make sure to scroll down

let me know in that comment section

below on your way back up make sure to

hit subscribe and that bound

notification so you can be notified

future videos in the meantime thank you

for watching and I will see you in the

next one

In this video I will show you everything you need to know about the Zoom Whiteboard. How you can use it for demonstrations, How you can use it to collaborate and have students write on the same Whiteboard. And how you can stop them from writing on your Whiteboard!

All in a single video!

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  1. many thanks for this. so easy to use, I encountered a problem when I used a stylus pen to draw on the whiteboard, a straight line always connect the stlus pen contact poing to the mouse cursor pen, How do I solve this problem

  2. Great video! But there is one thing I've been wondering about: is it possible do let different participants interact with each other's annotations? If I divide my students into breakout rooms and have them work simulatenously on different parts of a whiteboard, I want to be able to walk around in the breakout rooms and then access their annotations and edit them directly. If they use the textbox to write, I would like to able to click on their textbox and edit the text they have written. So far, I've not been able to figure out how to do this. Do you know if it's possible? A video on this would surely be helpful to many teachers!

  3. In short Seth brilliant! Fried my brain trying to find the switch tools for students on and off. The named annotations too is brilliant. Have sent this to my colleagues. Many thanks. G


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