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    How to use Word Online (Complete Overview)

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    If you want to use Word Online for Free and find out about its features. Here is a complete overview of what you get with Free Word Online.

    Sign up today and try it out. Many amazing features are all built-into this amazing text editor and Collaboration is at the heart of it.

    0:00 Intro
    0:20 Where to find Word Online
    0:50 Start with Word Online
    1:00 Word Online Templates
    1:30 Title your document and check Location
    2:00 Word Online Version history
    2:35 Toolbar with options (Switch Ribbon)
    3:25 Auto- Save
    3:45 Editing, Reviewing and View Modes
    4:00 Collaboration with Share settings
    5:25 Action items with Follow-up and communication with Comments
    6:00 @ mention to make sure a user is notified
    7:30 Overview of Formatting options (Text, Font, Paragraphs, etc.)
    8:55 Using Text styles for formatting
    9:40 Dictation with Speech to text in Word Online
    10:45 Immersive reader support in Word Online
    12:12 Reading View
    12:30 Accessibility Mode in reading View
    13:05 Navigation, Header, and Footer
    13:41 Insert Elements(Images, Files, Links, Tables, symbols, and More)
    16:17 Layout Options (Page orientation, Margins, Indentation)
    16:47 Reference Tab with Smart Lookup (Explore button for Word!)
    17:35 How does Smart Lookup work? (Reference, link, cite)
    18:10 Review menu with word count, accessibly checker and Editor
    18:55 An overview of the 'Editor' Function! Create better documents!

    Online teaching and Learning playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11pfvBNsXkA&list=PLwXXOxvDboeYVNOaIqYYOyqoMHsLUght2

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    Comment (35)

    1. As always, I appreciate all your efforts. Thank you so much for all that you publish. I still go back to old videos of yours as reference. You did a video years ago on how to password protect any document on google drive. I can't tell you how much this has helped me with protecting videos on the internet for my students. Thank you gain.

    2. Do you have a video about how to make an editable PDF template where you can write a list of questions and they are linked to different slides of a google presentation? With embedded fonts, etc? Thanks a lot

    3. I always learn so much from you, and I like that your videos pack such a wallop in a short amount of time. Question: I don't see "Open in review mode only" in the share settings. Is there a reason for this?

    4. Great Video! Question: I would like to simulate a classroom assignment in Word online. What I mean by that is if I were in a class I would hand my students for example a quiz and they would fill it out and return the paper to me. In Word online I can create a document and share it with a student but when I allow them to edit it, it then changes my original document. I would like to be able to share my document (for example a quiz) but have them be able to rename the document (to ex STUDENTNAME QUIZ) and then they type in their answers and then have them share their revised document with me so I would end up with their quizzes as multiple documents (STUDENTNAME1 QUIZ, STUDENTNAME2 QUIZ…) just as in a physical classroom. Can this be done and if so how????????? Thank you!!!!! BAppel@schools.nyc.gov

    5. Hi…
      I just found your channel,
      My question is, is there no ruler on word online? i can't find it.
      Thank you..

      I will look and learn more on your channel. Its great channel youtube.

    6. in the head and footer how i can change them in every page? like every even pages it gives the same footer 2 and 4 and 6 , and 1 3 5 are the same footer i want every page to have its own footer and header.


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