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SearchThisVideo: How to use Word Online (Complete Overview)

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Watch video at 00:00

hi my name is city and welcome back to

the channel where we make educational

technology easy for you in today's video

we'll be looking at word online and I'm

going to give you a complete overview of

all the things you can do when using

that program so let's dive into it with

another flipped classroom tutorial now

the first thing we'll have to do is open

up our browser and log into our office

accounts if you do not have an account

you can sign up for free accounts word

online is available online for free and

anyone can access it so let's go ahead

and open up our browser here now you'll

see I have a number of suggested

addresses there but you can simply go to now we're going to go to in' and you'll see that at

the top we have a number of programs

these are the online versions of all

these office programs we are going to be

looking at word online so let's go ahead

and select word and this is your main

interface now this is where you're going

to be creating new files where you're

going to access old files but also where

you have a very important addition and

that's templates now if you're trying to

save some time online templates will

help you do that so here on the right

hand side you'll see there is a button

that says hide templates but you can

always show those templates if you want

to see even more templates simply click

on more templates and this will bring

you to the main template page now as you

scroll down you can find a number of

different templates and we're going to

open up the following MLA style paper so

we're going to click on that and this

now opens up in a separate tab and it

creates a document that I can now edit

now before we do anything it's always

important to make sure that you've

titled to your documents otherwise

you'll have a number of untitled

documents and copies of various other

documents now in order for you to title

your documents you're going to navigate

to the top are you going to click on

that drop down menu and when you click

on that you will see that you can give

it a file name now I'm going to give it

the name demo document and there we go

we're going to leave that as one word

and then you can also double check the

location where it's stored so if you've

organized your onedrive into separate

folders this is where you can organize

your documents into those different

folders I'm going to leave it as it is

and just worth noting this is also where

you can find your version history so if

you have a document that you've been

working on for a while you can always

click on version history and this will

open up the entire history of that

document when changes were made who's

made those changes and then you can

always return to a previous version now

I'm going to just leave this as it is

and I'm going to go back to my documents

and now in my document my document has

been given a name well let's start

editing our documents now the first

thing to note is that my toolbar here at

the top is a very large version you may

see a smaller version and that's because

this switch ribbons button has not been

pressed so if you see this version you

can always click on that little arrow

down there and then you see the full

toolbar version this gives you a number

of additional options that you can then

use to format your text but also to

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

insert different elements onto your text

so now let's go down and let's start

editing we're going to add our name here

I'm going to click on that and I'm just

going to type in my name and there we go

we have an instructor named course

number let's just make up a random

number and there we go and then we can

add a date now because this is a

template it's a very easy process of

just clicking on these placeholders and

then changing the text now as you can

see here at the top it says saved and

that's because everything in word online

is automatically saved just make sure

that you're online and then those

changes will be saved to the cloud this

is a huge time-saver and is great for

people like myself who often forget to

save their documents and then lose work

this is definitely something I enjoy

using now I am editing this document and

as you can see here at the top it says

editing and that's because I'm in the

editing mode you can always switch this

to a review mode where you can add

comments or a view only mode so if

you're worried about accidentally

changing things you can go into that

view only mode now because word online

has a focus on collaboration we also

have that share button now when I click

on the share button I will be presented

with the following menu this allows me

now to share this document and add

collaborators so let's go ahead and add

one of our other teacher accounts to

this documents we're going to add the

second teacher accounts and I'm going to

share that with that person I'm also

going to add a message

please find the documents and then we

can share it now before you share it do

check your permissions it's very

important to always make sure that when

you're sharing your documents that

you're sharing it with the correct

permissions at the moment anyone with a

link and edits

obviously that is not the most secure

way of sharing it so I'm going to change

that I'm going to change it to very

specific people and then they can edit

you can also see I can toggle the

following switch that says open and

review mode only that means they will

have to manually toggle that switch and

go into editing mode I'm not going to do

that and I'm going to click apply so

this now means that the second teacher

account will be given edit privileges

but nobody else can edit that documents

let's go ahead and click on send and

it's now sending an email to that

account notifying them that they've been

given access to this file and then as

soon as they jump onto the file they can

start editing I'm going to close this

box now now once you're collaborating on

a file communication is very important

so let's say that you want that second

teacher now to action a certain item

within the documents well you can leave

a comment or an action item this

document is for editing and I'm going to

highlight the word documents now I want

him to action this word document and

start filling out all the information so

I'm going to right click on the

highlight and I'm going to select new or

follow up that means that I've now

requested the other editors to follow up

on this word and I can give them more

information in that comments window so

when I open up the comments window

you'll see the author has asked to

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

follow up and I can now add mention that

person so let's go ahead and add mention

the second teacher there we go we're

going to select a teacher - we're going

to ask him to add your content and then

you can send that message now because

I've mentioned him he will get notified

that he has to follow up and now once

he's done that he can click on those

three dots and he can either delete the

entire thread or he can resolve that

thread I'm going to resolve it now there

we go it still keeps a record and I can

always reopen the thread I can also

delete the thread and when I delete it

it disappears altogether now you don't

always have to add action

you can also let's say this word editing

here you can also add a comment when I

add a comment I can simply do the same

thing I can add mention that person that

mention teacher - there we go

and then we're going to say please

follow up on this sentence and we're

going to send it now these work in a

very similar way and as you can see here

they can then reply or respond to this

comments and you can start a

conversation about the collaboration on

this document we're going to leave this

comments open and we're going to close

it as you can see here there is a little

icon on the page and that comment is

visible next to the document this makes

sure that everyone sees the comments

that it's clear who has been at

mentioned and what needs to be done now

in terms of adding content to your

document is a very straightforward as

you can see here on the home button at

the top we have all our formatting

buttons we can change our fonts we can

add all these fonts here and these are

all available online we can add a font

size we can simply up the size of our

fonts we can grow our font size shrink

the font size or clear all formatting so

let's say that I have this Word document

and I'm going to grow that font size and

then after I've changed my mind

I can always clear formatting and it

goes back to the default you can also

add other formatting options now in

regards to the way your paragraphs look

we have these same options as many of

the other word processing software we

have left alignment we have center

alignments right alignment or we can

even justify our texts we also have a

number of line spacing options and this

allows you to change the line spacing to

whatever you prefer here is an example

of using line spacing there we go we're

going to select these two and now we can

change our line spacing so we can set it

to one or we can even go all the way up

to three and as you can see the line

spacing changes we can decrease and

increase the indentation we can add

numbering bullet points all your

standard options now one of the things I

like using within word on line is the

different styles because they really

save me a lot of time you can see here

we have a number of set styles I'm going

to click on that drop-down box we have

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

many more styles I can have a strong

style and this automatically applies

that we can also have an intense

reference style and as you can see each

style comes with its own formatting you

can also create your own by simply

clicking on apply styles and then you

can select any of these special styles

to a different style name and you can

create your own styles for when you're

editing and formatting your documents

we're going to cancel this right now and

I'm going to undo that last step there

we go we're going to go back to our

standard documents now I could have also

used the clear formatting button now

typing text is made very easy but you

can also use a speech to text option

within word online so simply click on

this dictate button right here and then

we're going to allow the use of our

microphone please demonstrate how speech

to text works on Microsoft Word online

full stop and there we go as you can see

here we have everything that is spoken

being transcribed onto word full stop we

click on a microphone to turn this off

and we can also change the settings so

here we can change your spoken language

and we can also select Auto punctuation

now Auto punctuation works really well

however in some cases is better to not

turn it on and then you can really have

your students focus on the punctuation

needed because they have to speak it and

they have to use their own thinking to

get that punctuation correct but turning

it on is certainly an option

I find the speech text to work really

well within word now the dictation tool

is not the only accessibility tool

within word online we also have access

to the immersive reader now in order for

you to find the immersive reader simply

go to the top select view and then on

the left hand side you will find that

immersive reader now we can click on the

immersive reader right here and then

this opens up the immersive reader we

can not only click on play demonstrate

how speech to text works on Microsoft

Word online but we can all

so change all of these settings that you

would otherwise change within the

immersive reader so at the top we can

have some grammar options we can

highlight all our nouns we can highlight

the verbs adjectives we can even change

the color used for these highlights so

if so let's say that you use rainbow

writing you have one color for nouns and

other for verbs what you can change that

right here to match up with what's being

used in your classroom we also have the

reading preferences this is where we can

change the align focus so you can see we

can select multiple line focuses so here

you can see we have our line focused

tools and then under the text

preferences we can enlarge the font size

or we can make it smaller we can

increase spacing reduce that or use

different fonts in addition to that we

have different themes and as you can see

here there are plenty of themes

available to make reading much easier

for your students so this is a great

accessibility feature built within word

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

online available for free when you're

using word online so let's just close

the immersive reader now and seeing as

we are already on that view page let's

have a look at a number of other options

within this tab so the View tab not only

gives us the immersive reader it also

gives us a reading view and this will

turn our documents into a read-only

document so we can preview that document

you can see as we scroll down everything

is previewed on different pages we see

what it will look like when we print we

again have that immersive reader and

there is the accessibility mode so when

I click on accessibility mode you can

see it turns our document into a clear

document of where a comment was left

also I can change what things look like

I can fill it in with I can draw on top

of this and the accessibility mode

allows me to draw onto my documents as

you can see here this is great for

highlighting different things and again

everything is built within Word we're

going to close the accessibility mode

now let's leave this page and go back to

our View mode we're going to go back

into edit document and then edit our

document online back to that viewer

window so here we have the navigation

where we are able to quickly look for

the outline of our document we can find

a replace words and we also have our

header and footer but the header and

footer can be added right here we can


footer or header to the first page or

footer and header to all the other pages

however this is not the only place you

can do this you can also simply click on

header right here on your documents and

that will allow you to change your

header as well now let's go into the

insert menu and let's have a look at

some of the different elements we can

insert into our documents now the most

common one that you will probably be

inserting into your documents is images

now we have two ways of doing this we

can either use the Bing search to do an

image insert or we can insert a file

that is already on our computer so here

you can see we have pictures when I

click on picture I'm going to upload a

file from my computer or I can simply

click on Bing and then I do an image

search right here I'm just going to

select a random Birds picture there we

go and we're going to click on insert

this image is now in my document and I

have additional features yet again so we

now have a picture tab but we didn't

that picture tap I can add an

alternative text for when the image is

not loading

I can give it various different frame so

you can see here can give my image

different frames we can have a drop

shadow or anything you'd like I can also

select the different wrap text options

so you can see it's inline or I can have

it behind the text this is great for

watermarks on different pages or I can

have it square right so there we go

we're going to leave that image there

we're going to make it a little bit

smaller make it part of our document you

can also rotate this image slightly to

make it look even better now in regards

to designing your page word has a lot of

great features and inserting images is

one of those because there are literally

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

numerous of different styles available

we can even have an automatic crop where

it puts it into an oval shape let's say

I want to link out the word demonstrate

and send someone to a website I simply

highlight that link and then I insert a

hyperlink so in the insert menu we're

going to select link and there we go we

can link out to any website

we can also add page numbers or various

symbols and then another one that

everyone loves is add some emojis so

here we have a number of emojis that can

be added you can also use these

shortcuts so you can

add windows full stop and then you can

also add emojis that way now in some

cases you'll want to add a table and

when you click on table make sure you

click on that drop-down arrow and then

you can select what style of table you'd

like to add so say you want a two by two

table it automatically adds a table for

you and again it gives you a number of

different table styles click on that

drop-down arrow and you've got even more

styles in addition to that you can also

change the colors of your table by

selecting the change color option we can

add some cell shading let's say we want

some green and the other one we want to

have some blue what we can do that as

well under the Layout tab we'll find the

different indentations and spacing

options and we'll also be able to change

the orientation of our paper so here we

can change it to landscape and you can

see everything is adjusted to be

landscape we're going to leave it as

landscape now I'm going to change my

margins I'm going to have narrower

margins but you can also add your own

custom margins by selecting the option

at the bottom once you've selected that

you can add your own custom margins and

that leaves us with two more tabs to

look at the reference tab and the review

tab but the reference tab this is where

we are going to add some footnotes where

we're going to make sure that all the

links are correct and where we can use a

function called smart lookup so when I

click on smart lookup you will see on

the right hand side it gives me a number

of different results so when I select

documents smart lookup will look for the

word documents is going to pull up

everything it can find on my onedrive

storage or on the internet you can see

here it has a number of different things

it gives me a definition of that word

some web results and even some help

files it also gives me a number of

pictures so the smart lookup is

definitely a great one to show you

students because it's going to save them

time to not only do some research but

also add in images links to websites and

really make sure that the document is

clear that all their sources are

accurate now let's say that I want to

add in a web result so we're going to

just scroll down and see if we can find

a web result there we go

products top office okay I'm going to

click on those three dots there and now

I can choose do I want to open this link

when I click on open it opens in a

separate tab

I can investigate this website see if I

like all the information on it I can

also click on those three dots and

insert a link to it there we go we now

have a link to that web results or what

I like is we can add a citation so I can

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

now click on citation and now we have

that citation onto our documents so

let's go ahead and close a smart lookup

menu and let's go to the review menu now

you will spend a lot of time in the

review menu because this is where you

will find all the information about your

documents so here you can see we can

click on word count we immediately get a

word count of our entire document we can

see the characters with no spaces

characters with spaces paragraphs but we

can also click on check accessibility

this again checks the entire document

and it will give us a breakdown of how

accessible this document is you can see

here this some missing alternative text

an image of an object is not in line and

a number of warnings about reading order

we can then recheck this after having

made some changes and now let me show

you one of my all-time favorite

functions within the review tab now this

is also available on the Home tab but

here on the left hand side you can see

the editor now when you click on the

editor it opens a side window and it

gives you a complete overview of your

document it shows you the editors score

okay I've got an 88% score and it shows

you why so it gives me 88% I'm missing a

number of spelling suggestions that I

haven't looked at I should also accept

or ignore grammar suggestions and I

should accept or ignore suggested

refinements I can go down you can see

there are three spelling Corrections

when I click on that I immediately see

the suggestions so I'm going to ignore

that because that's my name and then

here I can add a number of additional

spelling suggestions it has some grammar

suggestions but then the one I really

like is where you get a breakdown of

your refinements

so it shows you the acronyms in your

document yes there are acronyms my

clarity I only get a score of 1 because

this word could be a bit clearer for

students it's concise formality of the

documents it scans the text and it makes

sure that you're using formal language

is it inclusive

how are my punctuation conventions and

it gives you just that breakdown same

with vocabulary it gives you some

suggestions as to how you can change

your vocabulary on the documents to make

it clearer as you can see here we can

also check for similarities from online

sources we can check for similarities to

online sources which is very useful in

the classroom and then here it gives us

some scores so we have 171 distinct

words a readability score of 66 it'll

take about two minutes to read or three

minutes to speak and you can review two

uncommon words as well

these enhance enhancements give you some

suggestions as to how you can make your

document look better so overall I find

the editor an incredibly useful feature

when you're trying to make sure that

your document is accessible to everyone

in the classroom and that's a full

overview of word online and how you can

use it in the classroom if you want to

find out even more about various online

tools click on the playlist at the top

or click on that suggested video down

below I hope you found this helpful and

I will see you in the next one

If you want to use Word Online for Free and find out about its features. Here is a complete overview of what you get with Free Word Online.

Sign up today and try it out. Many amazing features are all built-into this amazing text editor and Collaboration is at the heart of it.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Where to find Word Online
0:50 Start with Word Online
1:00 Word Online Templates
1:30 Title your document and check Location
2:00 Word Online Version history
2:35 Toolbar with options (Switch Ribbon)
3:25 Auto- Save
3:45 Editing, Reviewing and View Modes
4:00 Collaboration with Share settings
5:25 Action items with Follow-up and communication with Comments
6:00 @ mention to make sure a user is notified
7:30 Overview of Formatting options (Text, Font, Paragraphs, etc.)
8:55 Using Text styles for formatting
9:40 Dictation with Speech to text in Word Online
10:45 Immersive reader support in Word Online
12:12 Reading View
12:30 Accessibility Mode in reading View
13:05 Navigation, Header, and Footer
13:41 Insert Elements(Images, Files, Links, Tables, symbols, and More)
16:17 Layout Options (Page orientation, Margins, Indentation)
16:47 Reference Tab with Smart Lookup (Explore button for Word!)
17:35 How does Smart Lookup work? (Reference, link, cite)
18:10 Review menu with word count, accessibly checker and Editor
18:55 An overview of the 'Editor' Function! Create better documents!

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