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    Human Resource Machine Gameplay – #1 – Programming in the Mail Room?!

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    Human Resource Machine Let's Play!

    Join me as I climb the corporate ladder in this gameplay walkthrough of Human Resource Machine. This is a game about programming little office workers to solve puzzles for you. Let me hear your review!

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    Comment (27)

    1. I really enjoy watching you play this, I've seen another youtuber play this but he was too stupid to understand the jump mechanic. You play it like it's suppose to be played and it's fun to watch!

    2. Well, this seems like a perfect way to learn basic algorithmic thinking and assembler languages. Definitely stuff they should have at schools.
      btw: 3:55 A loop without termination condition? Doesn't this hurt your heart? 😀

    3. great video! I wanted to see how this game works to know if I wanted to buy it or not. I only watched halfway through because I didn't want to see all the answers! you were entertaining

    4. learnt about this game today. sorry to say i ruined the 256 comments number but as a programmer and getting into game dev this is incredible. i need this game!


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