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    Humanity Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – They Don't Blink

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    Humanity Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - They Don't Blink SAVE HUMANITY, FIND YOURSELF. The year is 2156 and Earth has been decimated. All that ...


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    1. Hey, I subed a few days ago and i would like to say your very good at youtubeing. I really like this game so far and am looking forward to it. Also if you could play hydroneer that would be awesome! I think that game could also boost popularity on your chanel.

    2. 157 degrees my ass! The hottest place on the planet is around 140 degrees: that's Coober Pedi, Australia. People there don't live above ground because it's so hot. I live in AZ and the hottest it's ever been here was around 122 degrees. 157 would kill everything except thermophiles.


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