I am crying | A Memoir Blue (Full Game Playthrough)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hello welcome to the video this is memoir blue a brand new feelsy indie game from what i have seen about it that's all i kind of know about it so i'm looking forward to this one this is a full playthrough let's dive in together to this water get it and please do hit that like button as we begin our adventure she doesn't look particularly happy about winning a medal is that bronze oh dear too much [Applause] everywhere i click is a flash bulb [Music] imagine how weird that is especially if you're like an introvert what a lovely jumper looks very comfortable perfect for the winter season [Music] this is published by annapurna so tempering my expectations but honestly they're pretty high because everything they put out is an absolute banger when it comes to indie games all right we're looking in our bag i got my goggles ah is each one of these gonna be like an adventure or something no okay can i take the cap off oh my god that's so fun i should have answered the phone i thought it would keep ringing until i was ready to be honest with you um i'm getting cedar wood and um i i don't know what perfume smells are um flowers water bottle i need a new water bottle water bottle water bottle people people always say that a wall bottle but it's water bottle can we read her messages huh [Music] shellfish shellfish starfish [Music] it's like the ocean is calling me the call of the ocean [Music] this cubes i'm wondering if this is going to be silent and told through action and music which reminds me of this game called virginia which if you guys are interested in something like that virginia is uh amazing great story told with only music and action fantastic story game what do you want me to do here maybe i take them out maybe i'm taking them out no or just oh oh i'm so sorry little fish sorry buddy i didn't sort of appeared out of nowhere i'll be honest sorry did it again i'm trying to get the other fish out maybe if i shake him out no i'm gonna have to let me just scooch on in here hang on just absolutely battered a fish over there [Music] so many truck fees what is this your trophy room why do i feel like this isn't her house um was that a ski lift train boat city some seaweed [Music] the fairgrounds is that a huge [Music] just wants to get that leak looked at when i was home i wonder if this is on phones it all feels very sort of touch and swipey [Music] pulling this around and touch lots of things [Music] this looks very peaceful do i do maybe uh open these cracks up [Music] oh that was satisfying oh sorry [Music] ah the underwater line yes i think this goes to waterloo londoners love that joke it's fine [Music] revealing [Music] memories there's a rip there ult a divorce running away [Music] what is this ticket machine so we say insert coin one adult no two coins one adult one child ticket please okay and then do we stamp you okay can i change these ah ah i bet it's this one where are you going going where it's blue baby stamp the other one too and then do we go in there into the box that's very satisfying noise water asmr i am in control oh so cute [Music] i think that's us as a kid did we go to the aquarium i got flashbacks to going to the aquarium with sherbet animal crossing and i immediately felt like crying oh no [Music] absent father trauma away we go [Music] out on the road alone sitting here [Music] hands [Music] a glimpse of the future when sea levels have risen fish this is like my nightmare honestly i have a fear of water for anyone who doesn't know are you afraid of water or do you like water let me know in a comment below the video yes morph i do i'm scared of water no morph i love water looks pretty bright down there like i'm not even expecting this to be in any way kind of creepy at all or scary but even just that open dark water gives me the heebie-jeebies [Music] that's so satisfying [Music] jellied xylophone [Music] i feel like this is just a little very peaceful and nice vignettes and we're going to piece together a story as we go through it so get ready to give me your theories [Music] hmm [Music] uh-huh let's pull this stuff through with us to create oh where's it going i've got to be more careful that one easy does it immediately falls through boat ticket money oh oh oh i'm never gonna meet me halfway huh well then we're gonna meet me halfway gonna make me do all the work wow okay snatchy i've never worn jeans like this but do your ankles not get cold i feel like if i went outside and my ankles were out like that i'd get annoyed at myself so we got on a boat with our mother [Music] now is this a boat to somewhere or was it like a sightseeing thing what if we're like seeing dolphins or whale sighting boat or something like that you guys ever do that i've done a dolphin sighting thing before in uh florida actually saw a bunch of them okay what do you do after you put a key in something you turn it i know how vehicles work you say roger roger [Applause] pull it pulling away now thank you this is your yes sorry this is your captain speaking uh please put your seat belts on on a boat and prepare to look out the starboard for the fish we have checked our buttons and everything is great [Music] [Music] hold me mommy dude i loved i just love games like this and how every little part of it is so different and almost like a mini game in itself do you know what it reminds me of it's like the modern video game equivalent of almost like kids books and like pop-up books you know [Music] okay that was very adorable so wait i wonder if i explore elsewhere if i can find more memories do we get more cutscenes [Applause] that time we found a movie we call it a boy here but if i said that time we found a boy you might think we found a floating boy [Music] that looks gorgeous wow [Music] uh-huh [Music] let's be honest she moves very weird but that's fine [Music] what is this i feel like i'm back at the blue lagoon in iceland let me move these out the way so i can see there's something underneath the leaves almost i could sweep my arms in here and get rid of them all at once i'm going to pull them away one by one also this games kind of feel like it would suit a vr at this point mobile and vr and [Music] i'm like developing photos my back in martha is dead [Music] so happy dude there's something so wholesome and moving about kids just being happy do you guys ever see there's like snowboarding kids and families on tick tock and they're like the cutest videos they're just so joyful they may be emotional how do i am supposed to shake this vigorously oh i think i just had to let go train ride [Music] last one [Music] losing a memory is this all like symbolic of the ocean of my mind and my memories i'm diving in to get them to remember i fish [Music] can you bring me that thank you buddy oh okay got those frog legs going on she knows what she's doing [Music] [Music] it's this place turning the lights off i gotta like blow it away with the wind if i click it once what happens ah yes i saw those straight away i was letting you play along at home and see if you saw them before me [Music] am i bopping away to music [Music] okay oh [Music] i'm starting to feel like this game's gonna make me cry [Music] like i knew it was gonna be somber and gonna try to but actually now with those little cartoons if anything happens i'm might be a mess i'm very sleepy i may get emotional it's very very late here it's like five in the morning i love how that looks so cute oh we got some umbrellas did we have an umbrella business point satisfying hmm you want me to do in here close it again maybe yes ass now you're gonna share that umbrella with me or just like let me get soaked wait are you supposed to like put your umbrella away when it's lightning umbrellas get you electrocuted ah is this moving into a new home moving day okay unpacking dlc wait how do i ah maybe yeah pull the tape that make i've unboxed things before okay why is everything when we're so young though why like what happened because i feel like if something happened to mum then it's recently but ah get the files who's this do you think mum having a job getting to be too busy for us maybe look at this i've been to work so hard and we're at home alone don't do it dude [Music] i said are we on the streets hmm ah what is this what is this an advert for had a fish on it aquarium and that was when i fell in love with the water oh my god are we going to the fun fair let's go kid [Music] so wait why was it a fun fair and then i was swimming oh this is the place was it a swimming baths this place looks crusty yo when was the last time you went swimming though actually like scratch that when was the last time you went swimming at a swimming pool like not even in the sea on holiday at least a decade ago for me more than that [Music] i'm liking how peaceful this is and how quiet it is and also there's no dialogue for me to talk over so that's always nice because i try not to talk over time [Music] you need what i am but i hide [Music] it's going down going deeper got a little nemo with us where you are [Music] i was feeling emotional and then she started to run and it made thing everything better oh that's satisfying though like is there a visual asmr is that a thing i feel like i don't really get it from the sound so much when i do something really satisfying like that where i like like cleaning something you know like power washing and stuff i'm like hmm so it is an aquarium right the first time [Music] wow your inner child dude whenever i see stuff about your inner child it messes me up so much i know i feel like this is an inner child game [Music] i hope we get an outfit change at some point [Music] get these out of the way shouting and stuff going on [Music] [Music] oh [Music] um she's overworked [Music] you know i feel like pennywise is about to pop out of this thing oh this is like uh a winner's podium [Music] the champ [Music] then she looked at our watch [Music] so she was missing a lot of stuff having to work but it's like she had to keep a roof over her head she doesn't look happy about leaving us it's not like she doesn't care are these jesus the anger [Music] nice oh see this is what i'm talking about oh that's satisfying i don't know the sound but yo how scary are showers like as swimming pools and gyms and stuff hey we aged up [Music] [Music] like some people are just comfy with that i can never get comfy with it gyms or anything else it's like nah you know what i'm like going home anyway i'll share [Music] okay it's a bigger podium i guess [Music] uh were you late she came though on look how happy i am just to see her [Music] everyone just calling family members after this to tell them that they love them [Music] i just wanted to let you know they're like what happened i watched a game on youtube and i like them [Music] [Music] [Music] is this stuff she's got like a memory that she has locked away you know pretty deep here is this what this is about i'm about to step into the vault of some buried trauma [Music] quite the turnout [Music] back at him oh no we took our anger out on the place not that fish [Music] not that thing whatever it was i'll take that chair stupid table [Music] oh don't smash these things they're away and they look kind of nice they might be expensive they might mean something to our god [Music] smashing next am i leaving i am leaving i smashed it all and then left [Music] [Music] [Music] alexa play bobby darren [Music] so this is the room that i got for myself i mean it's not bad i always thought these beds up here like this when you had space underneath are pretty cool honestly feels so harsh to leave mum behind like that because she was too busy for us you know but i mean kids don't know you know they're honestly so mean to our carers sometimes [Music] i feel like everyone has that level of guilt when you have awareness as an adult where you're like ah that time i said that thing hopefully they know [Music] i went to school oh my god a pencil case nostalgic my pencil case at school was so cool what are we learning about today class come in sit down dude i would have been the best teacher i would have been that teacher that's really nice but every so often just completely loses their mind [Applause] oh this looks cool the graphic suddenly went up a notch [Applause] edith finch vibes another annapurna title [Applause] [Applause] this is not how you swim you don't stop and breathe how did she ever win anything you breathe as you turn your arm like [Applause] this is simply not how it's done [Applause] i don't like that give me that jesus [Applause] [Music] like a darkness like a sadness that she has associated with swimming [Music] [Music] pressure [Applause] those trophies [Music] [Music] [Applause] now i just feel like i'm in the trash compactor in star wars [Music] so [Music] hmm do these fish represent her and her mum i'm trying to work out the significance of these now and one is big and one is small [Music] people watching this are probably like yeah i realized that straight away more welcome to the party it's an hour into the game but you know it's [Music] i'm not here to analyze i'm here to immerse okay [Music] there's that fairground [Music] see these things are fun but you know what's underrated and never get to look in those ones that were like this but they were swings in the air those were my favorite [Music] what's this i gotta piece it together i always feel like i'm doing a survival puzzle when i do this this one doesn't look too bad though in fact it's mostly already in place is that my core memories [Music] i feel like i want to go on one of these now [Music] um [Music] are you crying [Music] when you don't even know why she's sad and it just makes you emotional anyway oh now the kid's gone and she sees us [Music] [Music] [Music] wow [Music] like you kind of knew she was going to be dead the whole time but i hit pretty hard this looks gorgeous now [Music] oh my gosh why is this so emotional it's that inner child stuff man mess you up every time god thanks game family stuff messes me up dude uh what do i so it's like kind of my inclination at the beginning was like not in our house right so this her house she kept all of our trophies clippings and everything i wonder how long we ran away for [Music] i hope we reconnected before she died that would be really sad [Music] here it is yeah what was the phone call because it was like the call of the ocean what could that mean well that was pretty moving an emotional and beautiful and lovely design beautiful music wow you never quite know if these games are going to hit you but it's annapurna so why did i even doubt it for a second [Music] hugs you know sitting here the same thing with spirit ferret was always the hugs dude anyway i hope you enjoyed this game i really enjoyed it um hit the like button leave me a comment let me know if you were moved by it did it get you did you watch the whole thing did it get you and hit that like and subscribe and check out some more of the other content on the channel i love games like this and whenever they come around i will do my best to play them so hit subscribe if that's your kind of thing and check out what else we got going on and thank you for coming on this journey with me i'll see you next timeWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 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  1. I like water, but I am terrified of drowning. .-. I've had a few close calls in my life and it makes me nervous to be in water I can't touch the bottom of.

  2. I used to swim competitively and I teach and coach swimmers today. This really hit home but these aren't tears… the swimmer i coach, they just splash my face.

  3. For most half od the game I expected the character we play to,be the mom and the kid died or something and this was a trip down guilt train. I'm a bit disapointed it's just another dead parent game, but it's still beautiful

  4. My interpretation is that the mom actually isn't dead at all. The protag just hasn't talked to her since she was a teenager, or tried talking to her, but it always ended up in an argument and she misses her, especially on days like that, when she just won a competition, because those make her think of her mom.
    The person on the phone was her mom calling to congratulate her, but she didn't pick up at first, still upset about what she saw as neglect as a child, but that dream made her realise that just because her mom wasn't around a lot that doesn't mean she didn't want to be, so she forgave her mom, realised that she was being unreasonable and finally picked up the phone to talk to her mom again, possibly for the first time in years.

  5. I'm also afraid of water. When I was 5 a bridge broke on me while on a field trip and I feel into the water and about drowned. My mom said for about a month it was a fight every night to get me in the tub, and to this day I also cant go across a bridge without having a panic attack. Also this game hit pretty hard as a daughter who lost her mom. I dont thing i was exactly a "bad" kid but I wonder daily even after 8 years if i was a good enough kid for her.

  6. 3rd video I've watched all the way through. You play like I would. I subscribed. Your voice is very soothing too and ur not distracting from the game as u play. I love it.

  7. In the thumbnail it looks like adult Coraline is staring it her younger self. Especially since the adult is wearing the same yellow turtleneck sweater as Coralline in the movie.

  8. "there's no dialogue for me to talk over, so that's always nice cus I always try not to talk–" woman starts singing LOLL
    i'm making my way through all of your playthroughs while i study, and i always find myself accidentally chuckling out loud in each video either from your random singing or commentary that catches me off guard in serious moments. thanks for all the videos and i hope to catch one of your streams soon!!!!! <3

  9. I love that you find these beautiful games that I've never seen. Your voice is so calm and relaxing. I'm surely going to check out your reading channel. I have anxiety and have trouble getting to sleep at night.

  10. As another comment said, I also don't think the mom is dead. I feel like she is alive and finally calling her daughter to congratulate her on winning a medal. Her cartoon image was just in her mind of them reconciling before going out of the mind to actually say it. It's just a mother's hug is always there no matter what.
    The MC (daughter) going through her ocean of a mind to finally realize her mother didn't neglect her on purpose, but to keep a roof over her head and stomach full, so she is realizing despite the hardships BOTH of them went through, she accepts the call at the end.
    It's a great story of what it's like living with a single mom and pursuing your dreams, but also understanding some single parents didn't mean to traumatized their children even when stressed hit them. They are doing their best, and since the mom did the most in making sure MC pursue her swimming dream and have enough to go to college, she had to be gone a lot. It sucks, but better than being with an abusive husband who would have stunted MC's growth to becoming an Olympic swimmer. Children don't understand the sacrifices single parents have to make in order to make their dreams/good path come true.

  11. There were honestly so many triggers for my mental state in My Child Lebensborn that it took me 3 days to watch it all. It was the first video of yours I've ever seen and it was suggested by YouTube. I just finished it yesterday and had a day for an emotional break and now I'm here again. Another suggestion. Another "Feels Adventure." I'll be going through the rest you have, I'm here now. I'm here.

  12. When you started taking about the buoy, it reminded me of when I was younger and we went to the seaside. I saw this thing floating in the water and asked my mum if it was a human and she simply replied with “no, it is a buoy” and for a short while I thought my mum didn’t see boys as humans.


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