“I’ll Be Back” Vegeta Plays Terminator: Resistance – Part 1

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20well hello everyone it's your prints ofall the [ __ ] science it's blackI refused to do it anymore the print themother [ __ ] Saiyans has returned andit will stay that way forever screwYouTube I don't care anymore I am backand today your prints of all the[ __ ] Saiyans is playingWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Terminator resistance are you ready Ithought so so without further ado herewe go I want to thank everyone at Reefentertainment for sending me this gameswirl of warning for anybody that'swatching this this is going to containspoilers and story points of this gameWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00so you have been warned okay what'sgoing on here here's some lasers goingoff on August 29th 1997 Skynet acomputer system built to protect usbecame self-aware oh it did all right ifWatch at: 01:00 / 01:20you'd humanity is a threat to itsexistence and decided to act yeah yourthreat to your own existence as weeventually called it marked thebeginning of the war against themachines hmm Skynet attacks happenedalmost daily but the attack thathappened on that day it was like nothingWatch at: 01:20 / 01:40oh man oh that's the musicwhat's going on here come on who are youwhere's the rest of the resistance thehell if I know I don't know look outWatch at: 01:40 / 02:00behind you Oh God the Terminator isabout to terminate you oh oh oh he'sshot up at the diffic oh oh hey don'thurt me I'm just laying down here famyou know what I mean observing thegreenery no come on now no need todumbass owuse the Force if I want to live I'mWatch at: 02:00 / 02:20going over here then I'm ruling I'lltake thatoh come on move it I'm through this isprivate Jacob I know do you well who areyou I'll do that then looking around forWatch at: 02:20 / 02:40any kind of weapon but doesn't seem tobe any okay oh that's not goodokay okay I'm running I'm runningWatch at: 02:40 / 03:00oh [ __ ]I'm gone I'm running Oh broughteverybody oh my god you just got rektwhat are you doing Rawdon don't duck runoh oh oh my god I'm running I'm goingWatch at: 03:00 / 03:20left I'm going into the building rightnow oh [ __ ] Leo I am fine for now that'swhat I want to know so I use my meleeWatch at: 03:20 / 03:40what is that okay that's yeah there wego okay got a med kit up some moreresource yeah I already healed myself IWatch at: 03:40 / 04:00think yeah okay um what's this here it'sa more trade resource I do have time forthis and I'm coming to in more ways thanone there nothing's in here I won'tWatch at: 04:00 / 04:20I won't I hopefully will I don't knowwhere's that I'm moving I'm moving I'mmovingokay I'll make sure they don't see meWatch at: 04:20 / 04:40got it whoop okay he doesn'tWatch at: 04:40 / 05:00oh I can talk to my flashlight okayshe does likeWatch at: 05:00 / 05:20detection in detective okayI want to engage get rats up come to theprince I don't play games with theseWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40spider [ __ ] I'll take all that give meyour [ __ ] I am the princeI am the say Knight helping this [ __ ]come onso I thought [ __ ] give me a [ __ ] okayWatch at: 05:40 / 06:00what's there hello well great thanks forleaving me with my balls hanging outwell who's in there me Vegeta Prince ofWatch at: 06:00 / 06:20Saiyans from the resistance II Patrickhe's going to help us no they're goingto get all these you need to help me mylittle brother he just won't listen I'mnot going leave me aloneWatch at: 06:20 / 06:40oh you are going and I won't leave youalone I shouldn't leave me alone I saidshut up[ __ ] I will protect you quit crying kidI will protect you come with me if youwant to live no you're scared butstaying here is not an option I'llprotect you and your sister ok ok yesWatch at: 06:40 / 07:00thank you I'm Jennifer by the way wouldyou two heard there's an evacuationpoint you're here yeah I know my peopleare organizing it we're heading thereright now I'll take us there come onlet's go ok will you let me tap that asswhere's the rest of the resistance Idon't knowI don't know I came here looking forthem myself so it's just you thenWatch at: 07:00 / 07:20pretty muchthis way I'm following emptiness safe itwas until all the soldiers were pulledout from the area that's what happenswhen you mess with these damn cyberneticbeings believe me I've dealt with enoughWatch at: 07:20 / 07:40of cyborgs and androids okay i'ma seeyou later I got him hey Dominator comefight me you [ __ ] oh look at you youdumb [ __ ] oh look another one andWatch at: 07:40 / 08:00another one oh [ __ ]oh don't try it don't you try it youcan't oh I want to jump in so bad rightWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20nowalright guys let's get out of here let'smove itAaron said these attacks happen moreoften as the line gets closer this Aaronhas she seen the annihilation line I'veseen itshe's been on the other side of it yesWatch at: 08:20 / 08:40we did it we made it how gracious of youto finally join uswhere's your father he's not cominggod damn it tell Ryan that we need toleave nowlet's keep going thank you do have aWatch at: 08:40 / 09:00nice I know think what Jennifer thankgod you're herethat's good man oh you fund theresistance thank you for making surethat Jennifer and Patrick got here safeno problemare you the guy I spoke to on the radionah I don't think so I haven't been ableWatch at: 09:00 / 09:20to reach anybody for a while now butlisten I know that Colin wants us to gobut I don't know how I feel aboutleaving anyone behind Jennifer just gothere and you said yourself that youheard someone on a radio I dare be otherpeople out there don't you thinkWatch at: 09:20 / 09:40somebody should go and look for them Imean you guys let me guess I'm gonna beyour errand boy huh well my choicesmatter I'll search for the othersurvivors I'll search for othersurvivors good I'll get the bus readybefore you go talk to Erin she might beable to get you a med kit oh oh and takeWatch at: 09:40 / 10:00this you probably need it okay let's seewhat you got here oh oh I like how do Iswitch weapons actuallyokay switch weapons like that okay andWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20okaycool cool cool cool I dig this yo Aaronit's good fam Ryan told me that youmight have a med kit for me did he nowso I guess he's the one who rations outour supplies it's really needed you canhave it with our supplies are scarce andI'd rather keep it for a real emergencyWatch at: 10:20 / 10:40so you tell me do you really need it ornotno I know no I don't mean to managewithout it I'm glad you're more Bravesthan Ryan where's Jennifer there you arewell Jennifer I'll be back I'll be backWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00now let's go find out what thesesurvivors are chasing ghosts that's whatwe do now [ __ ] heroshut up you'll see I'll find someonealive I am the princeI'm not just some errand boy I am theWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20same ate up in here I eliminate sayinglow-class scum it's pretty much accuratethough I'm not even kiddingokay go to the other way go the otherway okay come onthis game's flawed man I like itWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40digging it like really I'm just sittinghere all immersed in [ __ ] I'm like manthis is the Terminator universe fam ohit's good good oh oh did you just try tozap me okay shout out to my littlefriendoh did it hurt sorry I don't careWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00punished no choice a bonus no J's[ __ ] where you atLou hello bye-bye thank you for thegoodiesWatch at: 12:00 / 12:20hello anyone there know what's here[ __ ] well it's all good I can get somestop for trade I mean this isn't gonnabe a complete wasted trip okay I mean wecan get materials we can get traderesources that's all goodWatch at: 12:20 / 12:40I mean come on okay good good good okaynothing hereI bet sorry GodWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00stupid scuffleWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20where are you [ __ ] let's get through nois anyone hereno-nobody that's unfortunateWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40but hey what can you do maybe someoneover here the last oneno no anyone in here me the Prince de LuWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00oh my hello baby I've come to get youthere's an evacuation point not far fromhere you need to get there fastWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20yes no I'm not leaving have you seenwhat's out there that giant spider Ikilled it get us you have to destroy itfine I already took care of it it's safenow let's go oh thank God thank you yesno come with me if you want the day comeWatch at: 14:20 / 14:40on anyone else I'm heading your wayjust get out of here we got places to goand robots to kill hopefully Laura Laurapretty sickWatch at: 14:40 / 15:00put his thick back then loyal Laurammhmm yeah oh yeah hold on let me getthat uh ammunition I see them we're allback thereyeah no problem wait a minutedo I have bullets yes I doWatch at: 15:00 / 15:20stay backyou're that type of reading they'regoing you I don't care I'll wreck themWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40with the privilege know your place grabthis hook a brother up grab walkWatch at: 15:40 / 16:00yes I just automatically haven't got himJennifer what's the holdup TK is comingoh boydaddy off let's go topple the beamsWatch at: 16:00 / 16:19where's Lauracould she get in[Applause]you feeling humiliated about thatWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40[Music]

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