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    I'M A DRUG LORD AGAIN! – Cartel Tycoon Beta – Part 01 – Let's Play Cartel Tycoon Gameplay

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    LET'S PLAY CARTEL TYCOON BETA - Part 01: This Cartel Tycoon gameplay shows of the new Cartel Tycoon updates for you! Remember to SUBSCRIBE for ...


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    Comment (37)

    1. Hello from Russia, It is very informative and funny video about Cartel Tycoon. I am awaiting when be avaible final version of Cartel Tycoon. Thank you for this good videos about good games

    2. 7:30 “Five pounds of weed in a vacuum sealed bag, four of them bags fit in a Gucci brown sack, Westmoreland pass to Kingston air park, deliver to pilot and Cessna depart. Yo!

      Herbalist, high grade specialist, export green stash, import green cash. Build up a big house so ya money get washed, your hands feel like silk no more callus no rash!”

    3. yo when theres 2 Ls right after each other in spanish its not pronounced as L but idk how to describe it.. basically if theres a word BILLAR you would just pronounce its BIAR

    4. Wow this game looks really cool! I love the idea, I am a big evil genius fan and cant wait for the second one to come out. I really hope tiny build makes more of these type of games.

    5. OOooo I hope there is a level where I can kill innocent people for not wanting me in their town, beheading and dismemberment is a must for any quality drug empire game. I mean if you're going to play the part of an illiterate, piece of shit, then why not create the full experience.


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