Indivisible Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – No Commentary (PC)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music]Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00[Music]Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40[Music]Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20[Music]Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00[Music]Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40[Music]Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00[Music]Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20good morning grottyah what a lovely day to blow offpractice hey I know I know I wouldn'treally skip training but it's so early Ican't learn just as well in theafternoon can't I oh well I guess we'dWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40better head off before the old manexplodes maybe we can beat him therethis time[Music]Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00[Music]Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40[Music][Music]Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00[Music]Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20ha nobody in sightwho's slow now old man gosh nahWatch at: 07:20 / 07:40you're late you're lateyou're you're late enough nonsense childyou smacked methat's the nonsense this is traininghush now if you'd been paying attentionWatch at: 07:40 / 08:00you wouldn't have gotten hurt I waspaying attention I just didn't expect acheap shot for my dadcombat is rarely predictable warfare ohyeah then take this I've told you timeand time againWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20you must never project your attacks Iknow I just get all fired up one of yourbest and worst qualities yeah I'm ahot-blooded teen with a very strange oneat that well look who raised me Isuppose you have a point that's rightWatch at: 08:20 / 08:40score one for Archana what you should bescoring is hits against your old dadI'll score some hits alright with mom'sax Oh wash nah didn't I just warn youabout projecting your attacks looks likeWatch at: 08:40 / 09:00we're going back to basics when you havelearned to concentrate when you canactually block my strikes maybe then wecan talk about mother's axe reallyreally a solid defense is the root ofany proper combat strategy from thereWatch at: 09:00 / 09:20your true potential blossoms right thatstuff let's do it activate floweringdefense they should be good practicenot so fast[Music]Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40try harderwell how's thatnot bad huh hmm I expect better youWatch at: 09:40 / 10:00expect better who says that to their kidI just want you to improve our Schnurryou'll never reach your full potentialif you don't listen I listen arseniccalm down how do you expect me to talkWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20to you and you're like this you want toact like you can't talk to me when I'mlike thiswhen do you ever talk to me anyway oh noyou know what we're talking about thisnow must we go through this again okayhow about an easy one huh where are youfrom dad how old are you why won't youWatch at: 10:20 / 10:40even tell me that can't answer okaylet's increase the difficulty how didmom die I don't even know what shelooked likeyour mother and I weep now is not thetime then when is the time don't Ideserve to know listen child I am yourWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00father it's not for you to lecture meI'm the teacher here if my dad like ityour anger is getting the better of youwashed nur I'm going home you may joinme when you've cooled off and only thendad you can't just walk out on thisWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20conversation and he's gonegreat who's supposed to be the childhere he's so frustrating but I better goapologize yes dad wait upWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40[Music]you[Music]sure is fast for an old guyWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00wait is that smoke and it's coming fromthe village what's happening oh no dadcould be down there[Music]Watch at: 12:00 / 12:20[Music]Watch at: 12:20 / 12:40oh no this looks bad it looks really badhave you done so the old man had a childWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00I'll allow you to say your good-byes butyour life is forfeitHamilton pasta partner you're strong nothe best students I could have asked forand the best daughter I don't know I'vebeen hard on you I know I haven't beenWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20the kindest father but things are onlygoing to get harder you have to don'tworry about all that right now I justneed you to be okay I'm sorry you wereright there's so much I need to tell youdad save your strengthI'll beat this guy and we'll get youWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40fixed up I want to tell you everything Iknow I should have from the start butdon't worry hush now death isn't the endgather friends around you becomestronger I'm sure you can you canWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00save your tears for someone who caresgirl your life ends now for the glory ofLord Ravana far as I should have avillage that interferes with Lord RavanaWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20Varis vision does not deserve to standthe people of Oshawa are strong willrebuild and your violence will have beenfor nothingthere will be no one left to rebuild itthere's me I've trained every day eversince I could crawl and if you want tofight I'm bringing it to youWatch at: 14:20 / 14:40[Music][Music]Watch at: 14:40 / 15:00[Music]give up while you can girl all those whooppose Lord Ravana vars perfect worldwill perish by my hand I so swear itburning innocent people's homes that'syour idea of a perfect worldWatch at: 15:00 / 15:20[Music]village girl like you couldn't possiblyunderstand this is part of a larger planwell your plan is evil and I'm stoppingit right nowWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40[Music]Watch at: 15:40 / 16:00not so big now that you're fighting oneon one are you you haven't bested me yetgirl what which with what magic have youWatch at: 16:00 / 16:19imprisoned me imprisoned come on andshow yourself coward you're the cowardspiriting me away with your villagemagic shut up that makes no sense andyou're so loud it sounds like you'rescreaming directly into my mind I'llWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40find youI just gotta concentrate[Music]what is this place I'm inside myself IWatch at: 16:40 / 17:00shut up but how and why are you herethat's what I'd like to know well thisdoesn't change anything I'm still gonnadestroy you try it what my fists won'tconnect wherever this is if I can't killWatch at: 17:00 / 17:20you I'm leaving you heregoodbye but I I told you to shut upWatch at: 17:20 / 17:40[Music]I'm backpoor Oshawott my village everyone whatwill we do what should I doI guess I guess I have to bury dadWatch at: 17:40 / 18:00[Music]father I'm so sorry I wasn't with youmaybe I could have helped maybe youwouldn't have had to die please knowthat no matter how tough things werebetween us I loved you anyway I'm gonnaWatch at: 18:00 / 18:20make you proud I'll get stronger I'llfind out what it is you wanted me tobecome believe that your father foughtbravely as a warrior I recognize you donot get to talk about him ever we'regonna find the soroban of our viewersnow he'll answer for what he's done hereWatch at: 18:20 / 18:40and you can either help me get to him oryou can rap in there rebuilding avillage will have to wait I'll bring youto himas a trophy we'll see who makes a trophyof who we're following your Army's trailtill we find himWatch at: 18:40 / 19:00[Music]Watch at: 19:00 / 19:20[Music]oh so you can come out after all undercertain conditions it seems I'd rathernot die stuck in your head so I proposeWatch at: 19:20 / 19:40a truce until I can return to LordRavana waarthis is so frustrating it can't get ridof you I can't kill you and now you cancome and go out of my brain as youplease trust me if I could leave I wouldWatch at: 19:40 / 20:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 20:00 / 20:20[Music]Watch at: 20:20 / 20:40well I've lost their trail where do wego now murderermy name is dar use it and I know mytroops they'll stick to the main pathsand you're no match for them on your ownif you mean to get to Lord Ravana waarWatch at: 20:40 / 21:00you should cut a path through the jungleI'd rather not let you group up withyour buddies again anyway so jungle itis[Music]Watch at: 21:00 / 21:20[Music]Watch at: 21:20 / 21:40oh there's someone out here hey are youWatch at: 21:40 / 22:00okay you look not okay look at my stupidhouse it's soldiers do this they mighthave all I know I move all the way outhere to the middle of nowhere to getaway from all the noise and then HereCome these idiots carrying on and takingWatch at: 22:00 / 22:20my stuff so I had to quiet them downmake them crispy Krishna my real goodwhere are they they're inside what'sleft of my house do you want to see nothanks I've been dealing with those guysall day too poor thing well I guessWatch at: 22:20 / 22:40that's it for me now my house is gone soI'm just gonna wait here to get even byavital or whatever what why maybe youcan come with us I'm trying to find mydad's murderers bossbut there's only one of you oh well theWatch at: 22:40 / 23:00guy who murdered my father is living inmy head right now it's kind of acomplicated situation you are definitelygonna get Union by a Batala what's a bittaller anyway keep hanging around hereand you'll find out you know maybe weshould get going after all my houseWatch at: 23:00 / 23:20leaves anyway so you're coming with usgreat my name is Ashna maybe if you helpus we can again where do I goOh where'd you go there's a man in herewho looks extremely annoying yeah that'sWatch at: 23:20 / 23:40my dad's murderer I don't know what hisname is I have told you my name is dar Iam the newly appointed lieutenant to thegreat Navarre Army you in the fire ofthe ours now I hate himcan't even get a good fire going in herewhat are you trying to set him on fireWatch at: 23:40 / 24:00well thanks for trying so do I just livein your head now I guess I don't evenknow how this works yet but I seem to beabsorbing people hmmthat's gross my name is Rodney and myWatch at: 24:00 / 24:20Tiger friend here is Bom you step bonesbut now he doesn'tI keep his soul in my lantern and hemakes things crispy nice to meet you Rozme it's good to have some actual companyI object to shut up if I must[Music]Watch at: 24:20 / 24:40[Music]Watch at: 24:40 / 25:00Watch at: 25:00 / 25:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 25:20 / 25:40[Music][Music]Watch at: 25:40 / 26:00what my mother's axe I wanted this myentire life what a terrible way to getit more importantly what happened toWatch at: 26:00 / 26:20this soldier what was he doing this farfrom the village looting and pillagingobviously but my soldiers wouldn't dothat we had a missiondon't be so dense he stole my mother'sax and then he got killed it's as simpleas thatand whatever killed him is probablystill out there so we'd better maketracksWatch at: 26:20 / 26:40[Music][Music]Watch at: 26:40 / 27:00[Music]Watch at: 27:00 / 27:20[Music][Music][Music]Watch at: 27:20 / 27:40Watch at: 27:40 / 28:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 28:00 / 28:20Watch at: 28:20 / 28:40uh-oh that's a big boyWatch at: 28:40 / 29:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 29:00 / 29:20[Music]Watch at: 29:20 / 29:40my father once told me somethingterrible lives in these ruins somethingworse than the Bell ooh I guess that'swhat killed your friend back therehe was my subordinate not my friendthough I do feel for him feelings huhWatch at: 29:40 / 30:00first time for everything I guess[Music]Watch at: 30:00 / 30:20Watch at: 30:20 / 30:40[Music]Watch at: 30:40 / 31:00Watch at: 31:00 / 31:20[Music]Watch at: 31:20 / 31:40Watch at: 31:40 / 32:00[Music]Watch at: 32:00 / 32:20Watch at: 32:20 / 32:39[Music]Watch at: 32:39 / 33:00Watch at: 33:00 / 33:20[Music]Watch at: 33:20 / 33:39Watch at: 33:39 / 34:00[Music]don't surprises like that I'm sorry IWatch at: 34:00 / 34:20surprised youI've just never seen someoneconcentrates so hard on a clump of grassbefore it's not grass it's thevariable longa a famous medicinal herbfrom the Oshawott region or it might betrouble is it could just as easily bethe foliage of a kabandha monster theirWatch at: 34:20 / 34:40leaves the goal was the same even to atrained botanist lift myself Oh camFaria galanga like you know what thatmeansyou might know it by its colloquial namethe resurrection Lily Oh theirresurrection Lily anyway why don't youWatch at: 34:40 / 35:00just yank it up and find out[Music]and honey are healers not fightersthat's why I've just been stuck in placehere staring at this thing oh if it'sjust monster trouble you can leave thatto meyou sure you can protect us that is herWatch at: 35:00 / 35:20one and only strong suit yeah I may notknow about different kinds of grass butI know all about pounding on kabandhapull that sucker on up well okay let'sgive it a gothank goodness it's the resurrectionLily this is too much excitement for meWatch at: 35:20 / 35:40beautiful specimen I got all pumped uptoo well nice to meet you anyway whoeveryou areOh my name is ginseng and wait where areyou headed here and there wherever thewind takes a host of world travelersWatch at: 35:40 / 36:00like us east we're headed east saybefore you go could you help me outthere's a nice reward in it for you hmmwhat do you need help with pulling upgrasswell resurrection lilies but yes if youcan help me find three more batches I'llgive you something really niceWatch at: 36:00 / 36:20gosh no we should really move we'll doit get that reward good and ready[Music]Watch at: 36:20 / 36:40[Music]Watch at: 36:40 / 37:00[Music]Watch at: 37:00 / 37:20[Music]Watch at: 37:20 / 37:40[Music]Watch at: 37:40 / 38:00[Music]okay[Music]Watch at: 38:00 / 38:20[Music]Watch at: 38:20 / 38:40[Music][Music]Watch at: 38:40 / 39:00[Music]Watch at: 39:00 / 39:20[Music]Watch at: 39:20 / 39:40[Music]niceyou found her resurrection Lily thisWatch at: 39:40 / 40:00button this stuff is a piece of cakeonly two more to go[Music]Watch at: 40:00 / 40:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 40:20 / 40:40[Music][Music]Watch at: 40:40 / 41:00Watch at: 41:00 / 41:20[Music]Watch at: 41:20 / 41:40[Music]Watch at: 41:40 / 42:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 42:00 / 42:20very[Music]Watch at: 42:20 / 42:40[Music]that's two lilies we found as soon as Ipicked it up I knew sure because itwasn't a Covanta yeah anyway let's goWatch at: 42:40 / 43:00find one more[Music][Music]Watch at: 43:00 / 43:20[Music]Watch at: 43:20 / 43:40[Music]Watch at: 43:40 / 44:00[Music]Watch at: 44:00 / 44:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 44:20 / 44:40Watch at: 44:40 / 45:00[Music]Watch at: 45:00 / 45:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 45:20 / 45:40[Music]Watch at: 45:40 / 46:00Watch at: 46:00 / 46:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 46:20 / 46:40[Music]Watch at: 46:40 / 47:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 47:00 / 47:20[Music]Watch at: 47:20 / 47:40Watch at: 47:40 / 48:00[Music]this web reminds me of something I cameacross in my research something theforest folk called the beast LordWatch at: 48:00 / 48:20pinda something you mean Penda yar thebeast Lord that feasts on travelers anduses human body parts to construct thisbody my dad talked about that thing yeahthat's it that's what we're looking athere I'd say the human limb collectorpindy are but I'm a humanWatch at: 48:20 / 48:40Watch at: 48:40 / 49:00shoot this web is too thick to cut andtoo wet to burn and too sticky to touchhow are we supposed to get out of here[Music]Watch at: 49:00 / 49:20cute little vittalawill get all your gross little lidsthat's the thing you were talking aboutbefore yeah they love eating stuff let'snot get eaten Rashmilet's keep our parts yeah okay maybeit'll be even cuter when it's on fireWatch at: 49:20 / 49:40[Music][Applause][Music]Watch at: 49:40 / 50:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 50:00 / 50:20Watch at: 50:20 / 50:40[Music]very[Music]Watch at: 50:40 / 51:00[Music]Watch at: 51:00 / 51:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 51:20 / 51:40sherryWatch at: 51:40 / 52:00[Music]Watch at: 52:00 / 52:20[Music]Watch at: 52:20 / 52:40[Music]pleasecan you go[Music]Watch at: 52:40 / 53:00[Music]Watch at: 53:00 / 53:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 53:20 / 53:40[Applause][Music][Music]Watch at: 53:40 / 54:00[Music]please[Music]Watch at: 54:00 / 54:20Wowwe really did it no more parts for youbeast Lord I still think it was cutethanks for your help everyone we make aWatch at: 54:20 / 54:40great teamexcept our yeah except our you'd all bedead if not for me you'd be dead if Icould get you out of my brain anyway canwe get goingI don't want to run into any more ofthese thingsWatch at: 54:40 / 55:00[Music]Hey look at that the whole patch ofthose resin frickin lilies Wow they werehere the whole timefantastic you know these things can curerheumatism and headaches and fevers andintestinal parasites cool cool cool soWatch at: 55:00 / 55:20what's that reward you were talkingaboutoh the reward it's our friendship whatwhat here we go we'll be your friendsand travel to exotic places with you andyou can protect us as we become thegreatest botanists in the world it'll beWatch at: 55:20 / 55:40perfectwe've got enough know-it-alls in thisgroup Thanks um um did I mention I'm ahealerI can heal you during your gloriousbattles hmm that's a good pointand our battles aren't pretty gloriousWatch at: 55:40 / 56:00are no no I concur we needn't take onextra baggage I don't like the looks ofthis child why are you even herethat's a good point well whateverif dar says no I say yes let's go tinyWatch at: 56:00 / 56:20weirdos yay let's go on a botanicalexpedition[Music]

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  1. 21:38
    Wait, was there a time skip I missed? Cause that is a little too cheerful for someone who just lost her family and village. Like damn, I'm sure she washed the blood of her relative off her hands a minute ago.

  2. Oh god the opening looked amazing but the actual game…? Ewwww 🙁 disappointing. Thanks for another lets play though! Maybe someone else can enjoy this more than I do!

  3. Honestly, I really expected the game to give us a tease of that strange "Heruka" or something form that Ajna was shown to have in the anime-opening trailer when her father closed his eyes and passed. You know where you think it's that kind of thing that only activates in moments of crisis, or deep loss and you'd expect her father (what I'm assuming to be her last family relative living at the time) dying to be the trigger and really kick the hell out of the general.


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