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    SearchThisVideo: Introductions | FFXIV: Shadowbringers MSQ Playthrough [1]

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    hey everyone i just wanted to give you
    all a quick heads up that this is not
    going to be your my
    usual type of heavily edited video type
    it's going to be a lot slower paced
    because there's going to be a lot fewer
    edits and it's going to be letting the
    story breathe on its own for a bit
    so yeah i just wanted to give you all
    that heads up before diving into it just
    in case that was or was not your cup of
    tea but before we get to the actual
    i would like to first give a very brief
    synopsis as to how i feel about all the
    scion so far
    so first and foremost
    warning for storm blood and heaven's
    you have been warned of spoilers
    miphilia oh crap she's a freaking
    goddess and she's pretty much hiding
    wow that's quite a big deal next you
    have yida and lise
    still not my favorite she just didn't
    get any better
    probably actually got a little worse
    ever since she became a more prominent
    but overall my opinions on her kind of
    me still papa limo
    my thoughts on him are uh somewhere
    along the lines of
    next we have ariane j and as for him my
    thoughts on him are uh along the lines
    of uh
    if i catch you doing that again i'll
    probably have to kill you mine apologies
    next we have yestala and uh yustola is a
    person who uh can ruin a man so hard
    that they named an entire freaking
    country after her so uh
    yeah i beg your pardon my thoughts on
    yeshola have only gotten better ever
    since i remember born because
    on top of being competent in knowing
    what to do when it comes to all this
    ether stuff
    she's also proven that she's not afraid
    to take a sword to the chest for you so
    yeah big props to you stoler for taking
    the initiative in a lot of things
    then we have thank rid who seemed more
    like a broken man trying to find his way
    in life
    and uh to that i mostly just like salute
    him and just try to let him cope with
    the way he does because he seems really
    lost and almost heartbroken about things
    the guy is like cranking his skills to
    overdrive it seems because the guy's
    already infiltrated like garlamald
    several times i could be a little wrong
    on that i could have read that wrong or
    my memory is hazy but i do believe he's
    infiltrated garland
    a few times already and i'm like wow
    what the crap dude so yeah thank red
    my opinions of him have changed for the
    better i really like him and i think
    now the most reliable person of the
    whole lot like it feels like he is
    the safest guy to go to in a political
    or action sense
    next we'll have the leviers whom are my
    favorite characters we'll start off with
    and i really appreciate the whole
    character development that you go with
    alpha now he
    starts off with a really really like
    overconfident brand and then he fails
    and gets humbled around by life a little
    bit on the dirt and uh he becomes a lot
    steady and more thoughtful about things
    than the uh he was before
    yeah and as for alissay
    she is my official favorite character
    out of the whole cast because out of all
    of the articles of the science of the
    seventh dawn i don't think you really
    have the same type of like
    heart-to-heart moments as you do
    with alisay and out of all the scions it
    feels like she is the most eager to get
    into the fight
    by your side she's a true sister in arms
    and i respect that heavily now when it
    came to the calling
    as the msq calls it when everyone starts
    fading away into
    you know their souls getting sucked off
    to another world i wasn't surprised by

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    at all um because i saw the
    shadowbringers trailer and i was like oh
    so we're just going to be going to
    another world i suppose we're going to
    go to where the warriors of darkness are
    so i was like oh so that's what's going
    it's already been set up however seeing
    alice say go was the one that got me the
    most because before then we had some
    serious bonding
    and we pretty much hugged it out because
    we were like the last ones to go and it
    it sucks
    having to see her witness all of her
    friends just her their souls getting
    sucked out
    including her brother and that that was
    that was kind of rough to go through and
    seeing her go
    was the one that got me the most because
    that one felt like i was watching my
    best friend just be sucked away from me
    yeah that's my thoughts on things so far
    and now we have to talk to tatru
    and make our way through from there so
    with all that said i will leave you with
    the play through
    starting with totoro so yeah we're going
    to start off with shadowbringers and
    this is my new look
    going with a new look it's generic as
    heck i know shut up good news
    we've had a stroke of luck in our search
    for that beacon
    apparently our colleagues have stumbled
    across a hidden path leading down into
    the hollows around the base of the
    crystal tower
    i'll just talk really quick that's a
    path i doubt we'd ever have
    found had the ironworks and the sun's
    not added their numbers to the party
    thanks to them we have eager we have
    eager eyes of plenty down there
    checking under rocks and peering into
    every nook and cranny still it sounds
    like there's a lot of ground to cover
    i better go give them a hand it sounds
    like tedious work but not as tedious
    waiting around so no we're gonna be
    optimistic about this
    let's give it a hand let's go
    my thoughts exactly the sooner we find
    this beacon the sooner you can travel to
    wherever it is that this mysterious
    voice is coming from
    and the sooner we can work out how to
    help our friends
    we have to find a way to wake them up
    and before the empire comes calling
    meaning we have no time to lose it's
    darn right
    there's a boat nor in north shiva tier
    waiting to ferry people to the site so
    let's be on our way wait wait
    wait wait
    time out what was that sound that's
    unlike any freaking quest except that
    i've heard before going to the circus
    yes we're going to the circus all right
    so take me take me take me there foreign
    heading to the survey said site madam
    it's on the eastern shore of the lake
    and the swiftest way to get there is my
    boat i
    find that hard to believe i literally
    just flew here
    all right let's go
    oh yeah i also did reshade things here's
    a reshade
    yeah here are my presets yeah we're
    gonna go we're gonna go like this now
    uh hold on to tar hey hori what are you
    yeah the search continues but i have no
    doubt we shall find this beacon of yours
    sweet how about you an ironworks
    the ironworks is out in forests okay hey

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    the archons need our help next to that
    even matters of the hearts don't seem to
    glad you have some type of leash going
    i've detected no slaverying beast in the
    vicinity my sister accepted
    yeah um hello
    that towering edifice is the outer wall
    of the crystal towers foundation
    the labyrinth of the ancients to be
    tall tower yup hey colton how you doing
    the air here weighs heavily upon me just
    a little wonder i suppose when standing
    in the shadow of such an imposing
    alright now we're talking to tater
    i've heard this song so many times so
    many times this is the wolves then
    there's some this is this thing that
    plays with the wolves then dagnabbit
    i s i've listened to this so much look
    how many people there are
    oh yeah there's a lot of people let's
    turn them off get to it then
    pick up anything that seems the least
    bit device-like and we'll make ourselves
    a pile
    well if it isn't the hero of the hour
    maybe he'll change our look
    we found bugger all without you that's
    your voice okay
    figs yeah aren't they great
    aye aye well we could hardly say no to
    call for aid from the scions
    jesse called the chief of some other
    business so we'll be working twice as
    hard to make up for his not being here
    yo thrice is hard even
    you guys are work to the bone as is both
    of you
    i'm sure we'll find that beacon in no
    time freaking love your voice actor
    it's a lot of rubble oh my what if we're
    working looking in the wrong place all
    the time we're not seeing anything out
    well if it's literally at the doorstep
    do you reckon you could squeeze in there
    and get stuck halfway no thank you
    do it i could try if you like
    uh tataru no we couldn't ask you to do
    oh i'll be fine this receptionist is not
    afraid to get her hands dirty
    oh i love that side dialogue with no
    subtitles i see something what is it i
    don't know like the camera is not
    panning correctly
    it's nothing oh it's freaky i meant to
    say the scholars haven't finished their
    preliminary assessment of the site yet
    we're not supposed to venture too far in
    all right that's so what's that you got

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    probably the thing we're looking for now
    that looks promising
    it does it looks like a freaking
    stopwatch isn't that the ironworks
    okay we're doing this again now i have
    you are right what's happening
    not exactly with me
    focus on my voice don't
    i mean
    the gates that we may pass
    i don't save journey warrior of light
    find our friends and bring them home
    i'm just gonna pass out aren't i
    okay we're back here again
    well it's rather spacious it's been it's
    been a minute since i
    wasn't standing on a ring
    and now we're flying sweet we're falling
    i can't tell anymore
    we did everything right everything that
    was asked of us and
    still still it came to this
    okay i'm breaking the fourth wall
    who am i falling to i don't trust this
    it almost looked like an ophelia
    that is rather heavenly looking with
    your time
    has not yet come
    oh did you like stop me midway through
    the transfer
    this doesn't seem like real life where
    am i

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    there's a mist a black mist
    is that that's the warrior darkness guy
    yup that's him
    i had a feeling i'd meet you again
    it is very bright
    neat place
    kind of fell from space though
    it is very bright from endless dreams i
    something vague yet urgent
    calls me to action once more
    the very heavy reverb in the music oh
    who was that
    what was that just gonna ignore it i
    who are to though
    hello oh hey
    there's a caravan guy rare to meet
    someone out here is not a peddler
    what brings you into the wilds this time
    of night
    what do you mean this time of night
    well if it ain't the oldest joke in the
    me god's rest is soul used to tell that
    one to the barman at kicking out time
    and when pray tell did we last have a
    dark night
    yeah rock no drunk yet he'd reply

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    i see
    so it's forever day here in the world
    consumed with light
    over 100 years ago
    so this is his world then the warrior of
    darkness is light
    place you got that look down to a tee
    i'd almost think you meant it
    got to you poor beggar
    that explains it then
    who who's got to me
    i'm fine with the drinks i have a bad
    experience with those
    well i've roads to travel and wares to
    but you you best hurry along to the town
    just head east through the trees and aim
    for the shining tower
    you'll find the place soon enough it is
    the biggest settlement for malms around
    huh go on now friend
    they'll take good care of you in the
    the crysterium huh
    who's they who am i going to be looking
    to exactly
    there's the theme
    to dizzying heights it rises the
    gleaming spire
    it's tip threatening to pierce the
    blinding canopy
    oh it's their crystal tower
    there it will all begin in you
    between dark and light the pure and the
    the one true struggle
    the happy medium
    here it is
    holt no why
    every face in this city i know yours i
    do not

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    okay this is the threshold of the
    crystalline stranger
    and i am its gatekeeper if you would
    enter you will answer my questions
    okay you're the first viewer i've seen
    all game
    laura wise at least from where do you
    another world
    oh the source i technically am
    what caught gradania keep it smooth
    do you take me for a fool no such place
    okay had you given me an honest answer
    i would not have barred your way we care
    little here for a person's place of
    but instead you chose concealment i
    didn't and i will not suffer you to pass
    oh you're a dancer
    oh what a great showcase of both the
    race and the class
    i see what you did there square enix the
    ground is moving weird
    that one had eaten it must have gulped
    down the whole hand
    ring and all uh
    oh no no
    what you're gonna pull that on me so
    everything all right captain that voice
    quite all right my lord just the stress
    and eater
    and a weak one at that sin eater
    i see weak or not we should be on the
    lookout for more
    but i see you've met my guest i will
    escort her to the crystal myself
    if you've no objections yeah no
    objections huh
    another off your mysterious friends is
    it i should have known
    another so the other ones are here very
    i'll inform the others your guest is to
    be given the run of the city
    pray forgive my less than cordial
    welcome may the rest of your stay with
    us be a pleasant one
    i heard that melody
    come with me i will answer whatever
    questions you have when we are somewhere
    more private
    gosh you're like part crystal what the

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    i'm gonna freaking call it and say
    you're grow hatia aren't wait you don't
    have a tail
    right then before we plunge into the
    where's and wherefores let me first
    thank you for answering my summons
    i mean you kept really knocking on that
    door there it was getting real annoying
    i had intended to bring you directly to
    my personal quarters
    but i fear my aim was slightly off
    that you're still able to make the
    crossing unharmed is a great relief
    yeah there wasn't really anything in the
    way so yeah there's that and so
    we come to the question of where the
    realm in which you now find yourself
    belongs to one of the 13 reflections or
    the first to be precise even if its
    inhabitants are largely oblivious to the
    this is the first as to wherefore
    having been awarded the rather grandiose
    title of crystal exarch
    i in my capacity as caretaker of the
    thought to seek the aid of you and your
    music's a little loud compared to the
    balance here but it's all right
    so wait you're out there calling people
    from different worlds
    you have any idea how much trouble
    you've caused
    oh my lord i want to say this because oh
    lord you just no
    oh come on where am i
    what happened am i dead did i actually
    at last i found you okay listen you
    annoying freaking prick
    please there's no cause for alarm send
    me back but the place of our meeting is
    of no consequence
    like the war you wage win or lose
    the path you walk leads only to oblivion
    he doesn't care
    i remember whatever we're doing there
    doesn't mean anything
    are there other scions here
    ah that is a question with no
    simple answer but all shall be explained
    in due course i promise you
    let us begin with the glaring skies up
    above yeah i noticed that it was kind of
    blinding my face for a while
    you're blinding me some more with this
    camera angle the world has been all but
    consumed by primordial light
    it began a century ago by this realm's
    a luminous flood swallowing everything
    in its path
    more than nine tenths of this star was
    lost what
    and the fortunate few who survived are
    hounded by abominations born of that
    catastrophe even now
    so there you have a opposite version of
    the calamity
    but it was more grandiose we call them
    the creature you saw earlier was one
    such monstrosity
    sin eater so anything that's not made of
    pure light is a sin

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    they see
    it was to save the first from this
    menace that i learned to bridge the rift
    between worlds
    that i might call upon the aid of the
    greatest of heroes
    and so you called me in the middle of
    our war though it meant depriving a
    world of its champion
    i had to try for in saving the first
    you would bring salvation to the source
    as well
    how would this work
    ah but what manner of host who ranks his
    guests in the middle of the road
    let us continue our talk within the
    so the crystal tower is open in this
    world huh
    interesting is mr baja blast by chance
    part of this cristarium
    i enjoy this music it's very
    inspirational such a proud
    vibrant city
    the sole sanctuary for the living in the
    world all but resigned to oblivion
    each stone was laid with hope the town
    itself a symbol
    a monument to defiance in the face of
    no would-be hero could fail to answer
    its call
    for who among us does not yearn for
    it's quite a place
    and here we are welcome my friend to the
    timeout i don't want experience with
    this i want experience with something
    else give me the
    same eye
    and here i complete the quest
    that's a lot less bombastic than the uh
    stormblood version
    now what did you give me white oak

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    turned by current i have this already
    you can't fool me with this go away
    aggressive x-ray has a request for me
    another white oak thing
    again with gear that i already outdo
    now a full and frank discussion in the
    privacy of my study what seemed to be an
    let's turn this off
    but i think our conversation would be
    more meaningful when you first
    go to gain a firmer grasp of the
    situation here
    to that end i would like you to visit a
    few of the crystarium civic leaders
    and glean something of this world in its
    predicament basically it's shining
    bright and everyone wants to turn the
    lights off
    is that it
    as you can see this path will take you
    directly to the etherite
    a convenience with which i am sure you
    are only too familiar
    being the rightful object of my
    summoning spell you should in theory be
    able to reach all the way back
    along your etheric trail and find a
    connection to the source
    believe it or not i strongly suggest you
    complete this attainment before
    venturing any further
    after you have done so to walk up the
    steps next to the ether right and head
    out to the left to arrive to the crystal
    line mean
    this is where you will find our
    collective of crafters and gatherers as
    well as their spokeswoman
    catalysts one of the people i should
    like you to meet
    runs down there another is more to reach
    him and his cabinet of curiosity
    you'll want to avoid the aforementioned
    steps and take the exit on the left and
    simply continue straight down
    straight along and down until you come
    to the large doors the end of the end of
    the path
    and on the right the third and final
    person i should like you to meet is
    a man in charge of trade and
    distribution used to be found in the
    markets which you can access from
    from the opposite side of the etherite
    in seeking out each of my colleagues you
    will visit the major
    districts of the city and hopefully gain
    a feel for the place i trust my
    directions were simply enough
    to write it down no it's crystal clear
    i get it puns
    very good i concede the layer that i can
    the layout of the crystalline owes more
    to historic necessity than planning
    but i'm sure you'll learn its twists and
    turns before long
    in all honesty the true challenge may be
    finding the right way to approach its
    as you discover during your encounter
    with the captain the people of this
    world are unaware of this existence of
    other stars and will struggle
    struggle to accept the truth of your
    that being the case when they ask you
    whence you hail as they inevitably
    inevitably will i suggest you claim to
    share a homeland with the crystal exarch
    there is an unspoken rule here about
    peering too deeply into that particular

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    oh i take it you're not pulling my chain
    there either
    when you finish making the rounds pray
    meet me in the large courtyard at the
    center of town
    until then
    it's [ __ ] guitar rift what happens if
    i teleport out right now
    no let's not do that that would be risky
    business all right gonna tune this
    i have a tune to the etherite by
    focusing your senses you detect the flow
    of vastly distant currents of ether
    the connection to these energies is
    faint but stable and should allow
    teleportation to eat right in the source
    ah i see hello
    are you the crystarium is home to those
    who choose to resist the light in the
    and the ruin it threatens to bring
    you've been invited into these walls
    which means you are now one of us
    will you ever find shade oh gosh [ __ ] i
    can only
    freaking imagine how blinding and
    terrible it must be just to be in the
    sun all day there's an ether right short
    shard over here
    oh clan nutsy
    wow okay these etherite shirts are nice
    concise with the way they look
    i have access to temenos [ __ ]
    there's the they're called nuts
    they're not hunts they're nuts these
    people are nuts what the crap
    backflip and sprint sprint
    oh right i forgot
    my sprint is not a thing that's
    currently available to me
    because the reasons and things
    give me a moment folks i will figure a
    thing out i'm having to stop right now
    because i'm listening to this giant
    crescendo part [ __ ] music
    oh my lord this music is really
    i skipped a etherite shot hey ethernet
    oh my lord
    hey quesh hi anthony yes may i
    help you find something with all the
    tones stored on our shelves i
    understand that searching for any one in
    particular can be a daunting task
    please let me know if i can be of
    service okay we'll never do
    oh i should probably get rid of this
    yeah um
    you don't exist anymore see ya nope see
    ya hello
    excuse me miss are you recently come to
    the city for a chance
    i'm quite familiar with our civic roles
    you see and well

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    what i mean to ask is have you brought
    any books with you
    a rumble scroll even a scrap of script
    on parchment
    um my apologies literature is something
    of an
    obsession of mine as well as a
    librarian morin at your service and this
    humble collection is known as the
    cabinet of curiosity
    as your powers of perception have likely
    informed you my colleagues and i are
    responsible for curating all manner of
    tones documents and other vehicles
    for the written word
    as horrific as the loss of life and land
    drawn by the flood
    flood unquench unquestionably was the
    damage to recorded knowledge was no less
    we if you do all we can to preserve
    preserve that wisdom survived
    but tell me what brings you to the
    cabinet today looking for any tile in
    may have a spot of academic research i
    was actually recommended to you by the
    progressive exact
    oh also you have an interest in modern
    history splendid
    a thorough review of recent events can
    often yield novel perspectives i quite
    if you would prefer something visual to
    accompany their account then i think i
    can have an illustrated history book for
    children somewhere
    just a moment and i'll fetch it for you
    you're gonna give me a children's book
    okay whatever and here we are would you
    like to pull up a chair make yourself
    more comfortable
    home with a lesson then
    oh great he brought a children's book a
    hundred years ago or near enough not to
    or near not near enough not to matter
    villains known as the warriors of light
    slew the shadow keeper the steward of
    in the wake of this tainted deed light
    began to pour into the world as if from
    unseen cracks it pulled and swelled
    without cease
    until the day an enormous blinding wave
    rose up and swept across our star
    we called this calamity the flood of
    light everything it touched was a leech
    of life and vigor
    leaving notch behind by a luminous
    yet just when it seemed that all would
    be lost a savior appeared before us
    the oracle of light she stood twixed us
    into approaching doom
    and by her power did she stay in the
    flood thus was norvrond
    and norwant alone spared the fate of
    tragedy would however arrive in another
    form from the blasted emptiness
    horrors of strange and terrible aspect
    to be devil the new few folk who's
    arrived these sin-eaters were light
    and their effulgent presence stole the
    night from norron's sky
    even now they circle the remaining
    bastions of civilization

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    ever on the hunt for us ever hungering
    for our flesh
    and thus did the world become what it is
    should you ever wish to hear the tale
    again i would be glad to retell it for
    it to you
    or if you would rather i speak for of
    other matters that too would be my
    i should be glad of the company the
    exchange of the [ __ ] has taught you
    about the flood of light
    thank you for telling me what i just
    the contents of a book may be immutable
    yet depending upon one's perspective the
    lesson one learns may be
    different indeed in other words i am
    very much in favor of revisiting a story
    one has already read
    i see well
    okay let's see city of the first
    that is the place that we're at indeed
    wow what a way to
    twist that melody into something more
    positive hello cat
    catless catalyst
    oh you have a little orb thing over
    this place looks fancy and comfortable i
    want to eat here
    rare to see a place so well stocked with
    goods isn't it but not here
    i'm going to guess you're new to our
    fair city
    well for what it's worth you've chosen a
    fine sanctuary the x-ray can throw up a
    barrier if the cine eaters come knocking
    so it's a damn sight safer in here than
    it is out here out there
    safer and more civilized too thanks to
    us and the mean we work together to
    cure materials and resources and craft
    the goods which make the city life
    possible this is the place to visit if
    you need a coat minded or cattle forged
    just don't go thinking it'll all be
    handed to you on a plate like those
    you you mori you're [ __ ] you're more in
    layabouts here in the crystarium we work
    for a living
    well i see you're no stranger to honest
    labor you don't have that whiff of
    indolence about you like
    some [ __ ] i've met still i can't quite
    pin down your profession
    where is it you're from i am from where
    the crystal x arc is from
    one of the exorcs countrymen you say i
    well then i'll work twice as hard to
    make you feel welcome our city wouldn't
    exist if it weren't for him and any
    friend of his is a friend of ours
    it's really quite incred quite
    incredible when you think about it they
    say his grand magic sum of the crystal
    tower into existence
    pulled the entire thing out of thin air
    it wasn't long before droves of refugees
    began congregating around its base
    just before shelter after losing their
    homes through the flood
    and that's how the crystalline began at
    the xrx invitation buildings started
    growing going up
    and with the help of some curious relics
    brought forth from the tower
    the place gradually expanded into the
    thriving metropolis you see today

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    the city stood here for decades now yet
    the elders among us where the x-ray
    looks exactly the same as he did back
    then he is indeed a man of many many
    but for all his secrecy he has never let
    us down
    so if he and you wish to remain silent
    about your shared homeland
    then the folk here will respect you for
    uh your wish for privacy
    i am however more than a little curious
    to see any crafting talent you might be
    if you've ought to contribute on that
    front be sure to come back and visit
    once you've had a chance to settle in
    just ask for catalyst and i'll find you
    a niche here in the crystalline
    crystalline mean
    you can help us keep the cogs in the
    city greased and turning
    to exchange the catalyst to tell you
    about the life in the crystal
    oh boy i'm going to be told what i just
    learned aren't i
    feel free to look around at the
    workshops shops but try not to distract
    the artisans if they fall behind in
    their quotas other than everything one
    separates for it
    okay hello just calm down you got a
    recording node what are you here for
    okay fair enough i'm gonna go the omaro
    that's actually upstairs got a landing
    here aged amaro
    tamer oh
    i'm also looking to pro procure yourself
    in omaro
    i reckon you've come to the right place
    one second if you would and there we
    have it i've added it to your vet into
    our register
    pray come back when you're in need of a
    mount i don't need a match right now
    but i technically do but for the
    different different reasons
    i'm actually just gonna pour it out of
    here to
    the east right plaza i believe it's down
    here i think
    i hope it is there it is
    gosh this place reminds me of a place
    i've been to in real life and i can't
    put my finger as the witch
    very homely feeling
    look at all those particles the
    they're all over the place you to the
    city friend
    the spinning head and white eyes gave
    you give you away
    welcome my name is braggy and i'm the
    master of these markets
    they gave they gave this district
    another official title but i'm not in
    the habit of using it
    to floor it by half in any case our
    merchant stock a range of equipment
    equipment for humans such as yourself so
    find yourself in your
    cells find some finding something in
    your size shouldn't be a problem
    sorry did you say humans
    hi something wrong
    let's see if we can straighten this out
    see those two in front of us

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    the the shorter one is a hume like you
    the taller one is an elf
    a sturdy individual over there is a
    plus the one with a horns is a drawn
    and then you have the large scaly chaps
    with the long tails and
    knack for raising livestock those would
    be the zoom
    which is apparently not the name you
    know them by now i'm curious to know
    which far-flung region you hail from
    i come from where that crystal x-ray
    comes from ah the same as the x-ray huh
    well that explains it
    you don't get much further flung than
    that you've had a few of your a lot
    passed through in recent years and
    despite their obvious learning they
    floundered over the simplest things
    but not to worry should you find
    yourself confused by the local language
    or customs i'll be here to answer your
    the exchange with broadcast taught you
    about the peoples of the first
    i see
    huh oh then
    i believe i have some of my things the
    bell does not seem to be function oh
    well that's no good okay oh
    it's nice and open in this area
    hello graham i'm assuming
    fellow how did you fare did my
    colleagues help you form a clearer
    picture of this world and its people
    oh the account of how this
    the exodus sum of the crystal tower the
    city built by the refugees who sheltered
    an account of how the warriors of light
    caused a flood which later
    led to the disa truth appearance of sin
    account of how the races of the source
    are known by different names in the
    yes it seems you were treated to a most
    thorough introduction
    i understand it was something of a chore
    but what's necessary that you grasp
    these things before we proceed
    as for the crystal tower's origin you
    may have noted that details were sparse
    structure is in fact the self-same one
    you know from the source
    transported to the first in its entirety
    oh really
    it was my attempt at breaching the
    boundaries between worlds
    some something of a trial run for your
    eventual crossing oh yeah
    and although i do not know which era i
    tore it from i do know that it's a rival
    serve to set the wheels of fate in
    i'm gonna accept this as dragoon because
    okay i thought that was gonna be a
    you'll lie to me crystal x-ray is
    finally ready to discuss the matter of
    comrades whereabouts oh man
    tell me where are they where are they
    you've done as i requested and i learned

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    something of the world
    of the world in which you find in which
    you find yourself
    now it's time i fulfilled my half of the
    bargain and explain what has befallen
    your fallen comrades
    oh not fallen that is a conversation i
    would rather have in the privacy of my
    quarters however
    i must go on ahead to the tower and
    organize a few things but i shall see
    that the guard note
    knows to admit here
    just like that then gracia is
    i am not familiar with that name is
    there something i should know
    oh oh
    just a friend an extraordinary to entail
    but i'm afraid i found no such
    individual residing in the tower when i
    had passed into my care may have we can
    re revisit that mystery another time
    for now i think it best that we focus on
    the present
    oh well now i'm sad what the crap
    man that was for sure that i thought
    that was graha tia
    greetings madam the ox arc awaits you
    all right we're here we go
    welcome to the ocular my private study
    we can speak here without fear of being
    okay oh right let's do this
    i have much to explain but the truths
    which i must touch upon in doing so
    would cause only distress and confusion
    to the people of this world
    pray keep that in mind
    now i am sure you are desperate to know
    the fate of your fellow science
    i am quite tell me put it simply they
    are here in the first
    okay their arrival however was not as
    recent as you may imagine
    here time flows at a different pace from
    that of the source
    in the space of a single hour in your
    home world an
    entire year might pass in the first and
    the reverse could also be true
    the pace fluctuates without rhyme or
    reason and it cannot be predicted
    are you that said we seem to be entering
    a period of near equivalence
    and thus for the moment you need not
    overly concern yourself with the passage
    of time
    um as for your companions however
    eustola and orionje have dwelt here for
    three winters
    watch while thank ritz count stands at

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    what even our more recent arrivals
    alfino and alizay
    have lived in the first for almost a
    what really
    my intention had been to summon only you
    but the art of reaching across worlds
    has proven exceedingly difficult to
    thus it was that my fumbling hand closed
    upon those to whom your fate
    is most closely bound as well
    as they were not the object of my
    summons their transference oh my gosh
    incomplete though they may appear to
    corporeal bodies they are in truth
    merely spirits that one can see
    and touch consequently while you
    will be able to pass between worlds with
    relative freedom
    they will not much as it grieves me
    they are stranded here unable to return
    what what the [ __ ] god i can send them
    well they've been doing all this time
    that's a good question too but i'll find
    i'll find that out later when i ask him
    this is a question for him find a way to
    send them back
    we spent every waking hour searching for
    a way to reverse the summoning
    in the beginning at least
    as you may have surmised however our
    efforts met with little success
    and then we all but abandoned the
    endeavor once urianje
    shared with us the vision he had
    witnessed during his journey through the
    oh great what did he say see this time
    in that chaotic no man's land between
    time and space warp and blend in
    unexpected ways what urianje saw
    was the future that which would one day
    come to pass
    in his vision of tomorrow the first was
    rejoined with the source
    sorry this collision of worlds brought
    about the eighth
    umbral calamity and the deaths of
    countless multitudes
    time out those who perished urianje
    clearly saw the fall of the scion's
    mightiest champion
    he watched you die well uh
    just way to lay that on me
    and thus did the scions embrace their
    and began searching this world for a
    means to forestall the coming
    catastrophe in yours
    their souls are stranded in the first
    yes but they have fought on
    desperate to save their home and you
    from destruction
    nor have their efforts been in vain for
    it was they who finally established
    the elimination of the cinetas will
    indeed serve to prevent the calamity

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    considering these circumstances of our
    meeting you would be forgiven for
    doubting my version of events
    and so before all else i would suggest
    you track down your comrades and hear
    the tale from their lips
    i intend to shall of course be happy to
    assist in these reunions
    and you need not make any decisions
    regarding your involvement until you are
    certain of where you stand
    meanwhile i promise i will not rest
    until i have found a way to help your
    friends return home
    what say have i earned your trust for
    the moment at least
    but i'll see you keep that promise
    excellent you will not regret this
    with that settled we shall have to see
    about getting you ready for the road
    traveling across the rift has no doubt
    left you weary
    i will arrange for a room where you
    might rest in comfort
    while it's being prepared perhaps i can
    show you around
    don't freaking tell me they're stranded
    that's not what i want to hear hey look
    i found you giddy
    crystarium boasts a number of
    residential districts but i have been
    informed that the room
    has just become available at the
    pendants which as it turns out is
    a path there will take us past the
    markets and i was hoping to give you my
    own introduction of their wires
    come along okay you fade out of
    oh my gosh there's music
    this is the musica universalis the
    commercial heart of the christarium
    all you might need to prepare for your
    journeys can be purchased here
    cool any level 80 here can i have a
    couple of those
    ah yes you must be curious about the
    fear not the gill you carry will serve
    you well enough
    cool so each nation once painted its own
    coins but was all a jumbled mess
    following the flood
    after much debate the local merchants
    eventually elected to revert to the old
    ways wherein a coin's value was decided
    by the worth of its metal

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    as for a unit of measurement we agreed
    upon the term
    gill a word borrowed from coins
    uncovered within the crystal tower
    here and as our traders peddled their
    wares across the land
    so too did our usage of guild become
    common practice
    huh from what your stolen tells me
    a standard coin from the source equates
    to exactly one gil here
    or near enough not to matter
    our way of life has benefited greatly
    from the artifacts we recovered from the
    some of which may be familiar to you
    those aren't familiar to me
    are those iphones
    okay i might be missing something but i
    fear it would not be practical for us to
    provide everything to which you're
    accustomed you shall need a means to
    access the commodities of your home
    a van kermsen
    yes i'm here of course i'm here
    what amusements do you have for me today
    oh my
    my dear fellow paragon of pixie kind
    for you i have the most vital task
    this fine lady is a friend from a
    distant realm
    hello and we have need of a means to
    ferry things back and forth from her
    might you be able to assist us in this
    you came from beyond didn't you from
    beyond the rift
    yes how wonderfully exciting
    what a brave and reckless and marvelous
    thing you did
    you've the heart of a pixie you do
    after careful consideration i have
    decided to grant you my assistance
    make a pat with me and the fun can begin
    um but answer me this traveler did your
    garments come with you when you crossed
    over your teeth
    your nails yes
    i think just as i thought
    then you've a good stock connection with
    your home through which all your
    belongings great and small may easily
    from this moment forth i will be your
    his nephes
    and you my snay yak like the branch
    which sprouts from the sapling our bond
    will flow unbroken from
    one to the other i'm glad that was

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    raise your hand
    okay there's the hand
    what am i in for
    tuesday we are bound now dear sapling
    okay come then make your request tell me
    your desire
    i wish to visit this world of yours
    uh um may have her message to your
    friends in the source to inform them of
    your safe arrival yes do that do that
    please please please do that
    as you heard that was feo ool of the
    their kind possess an affinity for magic
    akin to that of arcane beings
    they rarely show themselves in populated
    areas but feo is insatiably curious even
    by pixie standards
    and seems to have taken a liking to the
    right we were going to organize a room
    for you weren't we come along
    okay yeah we were doing that
    as a result of your packs packed with
    failure you now have access to delivery
    mughals market boards and summoning
    bells within the first
    oh so that's how we activate it
    okay i was not expecting okay
    i'm a beautiful sapling apparently ah
    there you are i was just finalizing the
    matter of our
    accommodation you have a private room
    here at the pendants for the duration of
    your stay
    to make use of it as you see fit
    when you are ready to retire the manager
    will show you to your lodgings pray rest
    and recuperate and we shall reconvene
    on in the ocular anon i believe that
    covers all of the practical concerns
    where is the science thank you for
    answering my call lucia
    we are denied the comforting blanket of
    night but
    may rest may peaceful dreams attain you
    manager of sweets pleasure to meet you
    miss and welcome to your new home
    independence your roommates are ready if
    you care to retire
    sure why not here we go

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    yeah it's humbly enough
    oh it's quite a view
    it's a lot of purple in this world
    oh hello
    hi there i know you
    you're the warrior of light from the
    source i sure am
    how'd you get in here warrior of
    what did you just
    you can hear me i can hear you oh
    gods how long has it been
    i that was what i called myself in your
    the warrior of darkness my real name is
    i used an alias in the source a daft one
    looking back
    a bit
    if you recall my tail it was my comrades
    and i who caused the flood
    yeah i can only imagine what you must be
    going through in your head
    we thought our home doomed
    and so we listened to the aseans
    let them guide us to the source and try
    to hasten their god's damn daughter
    i remember when we fell defeated by you
    and yours
    i remember our audience with menphilia
    how she listened to our pleas
    and returned our souls to the first
    what happened after that yeah
    the flood was poised to swallow
    they surrendered what little they had
    left to hold it back
    just faded away
    leaving me to bear witness wait what
    tell me do you know the year
    how much time has passed since we caused
    the flood
    i i don't i don't know i'm guessing a
    little over a hundred years
    a hundred years
    a hundred long years

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    wait so you were sent back and
    you were banished into a weird realm
    where you just
    roamed around for a hundred years then
    my hands find no purchase my gestures
    catch no eye
    and my pleas be they whispered or
    screamed reach not a single ear
    i am a shade cursed do naught but drift
    i feel as if i've been walking forever
    i hardly noticed when my mind and body
    began to fray at the edges
    then bang my senses were sharp again
    i felt like a fish being reeled in and
    before i knew it
    i found myself in this room why is it
    that you
    can see me what are you even doing here
    come to that
    good question i got pulled in by this
    crystal xr guy and he wants me to just
    do things to fight the light i guess
    you were summoned to save the first
    yeah a waste of time this world is
    beyond saving
    like those who try to save it oh okay
    let's not jump to conclusions here
    muddled as my
    mind may be i've not forgotten that
    but if fate has brought me to you the
    one person in this god's forsaken world
    who can see
    and hear me then perhaps there is a
    reason i endured
    if i can find out why i was left behind
    then maybe
    maybe i can bring this journey of mine
    to an end
    well i'll be watching warrior of light
    but do me a favor be careful out there
    this world has had its fill of heroes

    And so begins my first attempt at a playthrough series of FFXIV! This is a much slower type of video compared to my usual stuff, but I'm wanting to at least archive ...


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    1. The thing she sighed about was the tomestones of poetics 😀 That Rowena uses as a currency (I guess memories of Rowena will still get warrior of light annoyed)

    2. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who didn't have the best feeling of Yda/Lyse even after Stormblood finished. It feels like most of my friends seemed to like her a lot.

    3. I FUKKEN LOVE THIS!!! HOW HAVE AI MISSED THIS UPLOAD!!!! Have all my upvotesssss!!!!!!!!!!
      I really love your editing style tho. I could watch your edited videos with FF14 content all day. Like just continue to do meme machinimas that are funny and I will upvote and share everything XD

    4. As someone who plays with the JP voice package, it's kind of jarring hearing what these characters sound like in English. Oh I don't speak Japanese I just prefer subs to dubs

    5. This is actually the exact kind of thing I was hoping to find tonight. I've been wanting to follow a shb playthrough again for the last couple of months.

    6. What you called "Iphones" were actually tomestones. That part of the scene was an MMO players' inside joke about grinding endlessly for progression currency.


      I can’t believe he got the identity of the crystal exarch in the first five seconds of meeting the guy… though to be fair I had not been through the crystal tower story line for like 3 years before I played this expansion.

      Really enjoying all these thoughts and impressions you share, while at the same time focussing on what is important and cutting in some jokes without breaking up the general flow of the MQ.
      Also the reaction to the Crystarium was very relatable.

    9. New sub here! Love your videos so far! I'd like to see you do your unscripted reviews of Heavensward and Stormblood (like you did for ARR). For me, Heavensward was really dang good and Stormblood was meh… but Shadowbringers … what can I say?! It really blew me away! Really puts FFXIV up there in storytelling, music, and just overall feels!

    10. Spoiler

      Am I really the only person that forgot who Graha Tia even was? I’ve done crystal tower quests such a long time ago. I literally had to google who he was, lmao.


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